The 3 Jewish boys were murdered because the murderers, probably planning a kidnap, panicked. The 3 Jewish boys would have meant nothing as humans because all of the literatura says that Jews are Dogs, and dogs in Koranic literatura teaches that dogs are the lowest form of life.

This whole episode raises issues which the Israeli leadership not only cannot solve but cannot even face up to.

The Jewish leaders are not very different to the leaders in any other country, such as British Labour, British Tories, Democrats or Republicans

They do not understand what is the Islamic Jihad.

Those who may understand it are using it for international capitalist (imperialist) purposes, as for example war on Russia (begun in Ukraine) and in China

How to understand what is Islam and what is the Jihad? Well first of all there must be a desire to understand.

If there is a desire to understand buy and study a few of the books that Andrew Bostom has either written himself or put together because much of his work is the printing of Islamic historical documents

History is not taught in schools

If you meet any young person and ask them what is Islam, what is the history of Islam, what is the history of Islam in Europe especially Spain, there will be total and complete ignorance

That is an issue for leadership. In essence that means a Trotskyist Party with a special youth movement to educate the youth.

Why that’ because nobody else will do that. It is a revolutionary issue of the first order.

So what can Israel and Israelis do today on the day after the finding of the bodies of the 3 youth in a Palestinian Arab village north of Hebron?

Understand about the Israeli leadership:

  1. Every Israeli leader from Ben Gurion through leaders with Militant and Jewish background on to Netanyahu today have failed to confront what is the Islamic Jihad against Jews and Israel
  2. They have also not confronted the Antisemitism of Europe and European leaders like Thatcher or Heath and this even though Europe murdered 6 millions of Jews in the Holocaust. That is sobering
  3. Also these Israeli Jewish leaders down through the years have stubbornly refused to accept and work on that the American people are friends of freedom and hope for Jews but that the American Capitalist System leaders are in the vast, vast majority the very opposite. And for a Jew today that is indeed also sobering

The basic policy of us Trotskyists is that Antisemitism is a great menace to Jews, today just as much as in 1939

The “Palestinians” are just the battering ram of world Antisemitism. The central fact and reality is that the “Palestinians” were founded and these Arabs given their present nature and identity by an Arab who worked closely in the Holocaust with the Nazis

There is and always have been 22 other Arab states. The Jews ask only for ONE state in which they can be safe.

The planned Palestinian Arab state would sit on the Judean plateau which overlooks the millions of Jews in the area along the Tel Aviv coast, with Ben Gurion Airport and flight path involved.

That could not work given, as I said, Islam

Understand Islam! Understand Islamic Jew Hatred!

This cannot be done by discussion alone, only by study. Study is primary to discussion.

This will not come about spontaneously. We need a Trotskyist Party. Helpp us to build a Trotskyist Party in the world




Netanyahu and his government have shamelessly exploited the disappearance of the boys to break up the tentative steps by Hamas and the Fatah organisation of Palestinian Authority President Mamoud Abbas toward forming a “national unity” government, ahead of elections next year. The agreement, struck in April and signed on June 1, was intended to end the current division of the Palestinian territories between the Hamas-controlled Gaza and Fatah-controlled West Bank.


Two German Jewish families at a gathering before the war. Only two people in this group survived the Holocaust. Germany, 1928.

— US Holocaust Memorial Museum





John Kerry who is the tool of Obama is trying to force Israel to accept the release of murderers of Jews in Israel. These murderers of Jews in Israel have been called “Palestinians” since the Arab defeat in 1967. He is doing this by dangling in front of Bibi Netanyahu, a really weak Jewish leader, the reléase of Jonathon Pollard who has been in an American prison for spying on America in order to help an ally of America which is Israel for a total of 30 years.


First of all Jonathan Pollard should never have been jailed and instead should have been given a US medal because he was helping Israel against Iran, and specifically against the danger from Iranian Nuclear Bomb. All Americans worth their salt must also recognise that Pollard was also helping the American people. That is the key issue that has to be fought out.


Pollard is now 59. He has been in American prison for those horrific 30 years while others who spied for friendly countries of America have been out in about 5 years.


This shows that America is a deeply Antisemitic country


This gives the lie to the Left Fascists such as on wsws who claim that the US is controlled by the Jews. They intimate that in everything they write.


Such is the depth of Antisemitism in America that the date which Kerry was “dangling” in front of Bibi was November 2015. That date is there because of the US Intelligence hatred of Israel and hatred of the jews


The Fascists in the PLO behind Abbas know very well that world opinión which has bought into the PLO Big Lie supports him


This guy Kerry knows this too. He leans on this. And he spent Monday and yesterday leaning hard on Netanyahu and thus using the Pollard issue to wring huge concessions out of Israel


But the US is weak because of these reasons


1. Pollard who is a true patriot will have none of this


2. The Israeli people and especially youth have at last realised that the US Governments of all shades are Antisemitic


3. And thus the traitor Bibi knows that if he were to give in to Obama then he Obama is finished as far as the Israeli people are concerned


The biggest enemy in the West is the Fascist Stalinist type left


This is why building is the way forward. Join us!


Netanyahu is a traitor to the Jews.

Absolutely totally it is not possible to have an agreement with the Palestinian Arabs because they are the Jihad. The name “Palestinians” equals Jihad!

It is in the nature of the Jihad to destroy Israel.

(See my other posts in recent days that Israeli leaders are ignoring the US and Fascist plans in Ukraine to destroy Russia. This post on Jihad is related not separate in any way)

The argument of Netanyahu and many others in the Israeli elite leaders is false to the core and is most dangerous indeed, involving millions of Jewish lives.

In its essentials Netanyahu is saying that these JIHADISTS called the “Palestinians” must recognize Israel.

That is a nonsense!

As is presented by Netanyahu on the eve of Merkel visiting Israel that is the most dangerous trap for Jews that Netanyahu is setting for the Jews.

It is written into the laws of the Koran and the Jihad that it is permissible to lie to the Kuffir.

So Netanyahu is placing the lives of millions of Jews on the line because he is disregarding this historical and contemporary truth.

It is a lie that the Jihadists, that is the Palestinian Arabs, can or ever will recognise Israel. Who is propagating the lie? Make no mistake at all it is Netanyahu and other traitors like Peres.

There is nothing at all to stop the Jihadists from SAYING that they recognise Israel. Indeed that is what Arafat did in the OSLO accords. Arafat said in English that of course he recognised Israel bla bla bla. Arafat said it hundreds of times, maybe thousands. But in Arab he said the opposite.

How are Jews today not absolutely clear on this issue!!!


Zahir Muhsein said this in 1977:

The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism.


For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.


The Israelis were mistaken ever to play along with this charade, but it may be too late to get back to reality on that. Netanyahu’s main point, however, is sound: the “Palestinians” won’t accept the existence of the State of Israel, so how can there be a negotiated settlement? Yet they can never accept the existence of Israel, because of the principle in Islamic theology that land governed at one time by Islamic law belongs by right to the Muslims forever. Barack Obama and John Kerry, of course, either don’t know or don’t care about that.


“‘I’m Ready To Accept Palestine, Why Not Israel?,’” by Ari Yashar for Israel National News, February 24:



Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke on Sunday night, emphasizing that the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) refusal to recognize Israel as the Jewish state is the fundamental factor preventing peace. “Recognition of the Jewish state is a necessary condition for peace,” remarked Netanyahu.


Speaking to a German television channel in advance of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Israel visit on Monday, Netanyahu praised US Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts to push through a peace deal between Israel and the PA.


“The only way to achieve peace is to express support for Kerry’s efforts,” claimed Netanyahu. “Together with the Palestinians, and at their head PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, we have to sit at the table and reach an agreement.”


“I’m ready to accept their existence in their country, why don’t they accept me?” asked Netanyahu, stressing that the refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state is a major roadblock to peace.


“The obstacle of the peace talks is this principle (of recognition), and not the issue of Israeli building in settlements that gets such wide criticism in the West,” argued Netanyahu. He further denied claims that construction is a key problem, saying it’s an issue that “will be solved in the talks’ framework.”


Last Friday, US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro declared the PA will be required to recognize Israel as a Jewish state in any framework agreement, a day after a PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) official claimed Abbas was ready to recognize Israel.


Abbas’s PA has previously said the Arab states “will never recognize Israel,” and as noted has repeatedly refused to recognize Israel. On Sunday, Hamas lawmakers warned that recognition of Israel would be a “death sentence” for the PA.


Kerry’s has reportedly proposed that Israel would be forced to “earn” PA recognition as a Jewish state by obligating itself through guarantees that it will not compromise the status of Israeli Arabs.

That is from Jihadwatch and we support Robert Spencer on this. he makes essentially the SAME points as we on But when you look at the comments there you will find total confusión. Please read them. You will understand how deep is the crisis in Jewish leadership.

What is the answer. Naftali Bennett in the Hard Talk interview made one key point above all, and that is that the Jewish youth today and in general the Jews overall are opposed to the Netanyahu programme.

Please understand me and act now before it is too late.

There is needed urgently a new and a revolutionary party in Israel. Please do not read this and then do nothing. Enter into discussion…what is the way forward. DO NOT HOLD BACK

Do read those comments I mentioned on


Muslim Brotherhood terrorists exploded a bomb on a bus travelling through Sinai to cross the border with Israel at the Taba border crossing, which is a short distance from the city of Eilat at the southern tip of Israel.


This exposes once again the real bankruptcy of Israeli leaders and especially Netanyahu. These Israeli leaders cannot protect Jews from terrorists and they cannot protect visitors to Israel either, in this case Christians from South Korea. Sinai in both Judaism and Christianity is a holy place.


Netanyahu makes a big mistake in trusting the Egyptian Government to keep order against Islamists in Sinai. This trust is linked to the fact that the Israeli leaders are still “lorrying” into Gaza huge amounts of food etc. paid for by Jews. What a farce.


Netanyahu also is betraying Jews and the army which opposed the Fascist Flotilla. He is going along like a baby with Obama who insists that Israel apologise and pays a huge sum of money to the arch Antisemite Erdogan of Turkey. What a betrayal.


Meanwhile Netanyahu is up to his eyeballs in the plans of Obama and Kerry to drive a stake into the heart of Israel through creating a Palestinian state.


Martin Sherman has pointed out continually the bankruptcy of these Israeli Jewish leaders. These leaders (as the Sinai bombing yesterday shows) cannot protect Jews.


The crisis in this Israeli Jewish leaders is widespread and is deep.


The hypocrite Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch claims to stand for free speech but bans my comments on Jihadwatch.


The confused Pamela Geller entertains Antisemites in her comment section


The blog run now by Ted Belman entertains as a main commenter on his blog Israpundit an open Fascist. Belman is a weak man and a foolish one at that.


Belman cannot defend Israel because he keeps a Fascist on his site who continually attacks Christians.


Think of the damage this bus bombing has caused to many people, Christians, in Southern Korea.


The security at the Taba crossing by Israel was the worst possible. They were relying on Egypt to look after security.


There needs to be new leadership, a Trotskyist leadership.


All these who attack Trotsky and Trotskyism we will answer. The Jewish movement has to clear its ranks of such Fascists, mostly inspired by US Imperialism.


The immediate consequence of the Taba bombing of the Korean Christian people on that bus means one thing above all.


Israel is being cornered by 1. World Antisemites and 2. Jewish traitors to Israel like I have outlined above.


There needs to be a revolutionary government in Israel. Israel must take control of Sinai and be prepared to fight a war to do so.


Gaza must immediately be taken under Israeli control and the Hamas Party broken up totally. Let the sponsors of Hamas which is the Obama Government take them all to America


Gaza Betrayal by Jewish leaders


The issue was really over the nature of the whole Israeli ruling class, whatever they may be called. The disagreement between Ted Belman editor of Israpundit and Francisco Gil White was about that.

Gil White had called Netanyahu a traitor. I agreed with him but I go much further because I call the whole of the Israeli leaders right across the board traitors. Big difference. But let us not stray. How did Belman react to Gil White? It is most instructive to see what Belman wrore:

I disagree with Gil-White’s conclusion.  Everyone involved with Oslo from the start knew of the Nazi connection and chose to ignore it.  I don’t see continuing it as treason but as stupidity or naivete.  Ted Belman


A strange response by Ted Belman



A similar situation is that your friend is being conned by a conman out of his life savings and you sitting there beside your friend while this is going on know he is a conman, but your friend does not, and you say nothing. If you do that you are not a friend, not naive, not stupid, but you are a traitor to your friend


The same applies with all these political leaders in Israel. Call them right call them left, whatever (AND if you do that just shows your political and historical ignorance)



The Jews are being continually conned here by the US Government. They were conned over OSLO, conned over the Gaza withdrawal, conned by Churchill over Jordan, conned by the UN in 1948.


But on this score the US Government would not have been able to con the Jews if it had not been for the Jewish leadership in Israel.


The Likud leadership knew exactly what Sharon was doing in 2005 and yet the Likud leaders refused to act against Sharon. There was lots of time and the very first thing the Likud leaders should have done was expel the TRAITOR.  (To add to my argument who emerged as the greatest traitors of the Jews during the Gaza removal? It was the rabbis and the Settlers leaders!)


While all this was going on Netanyahu was there but he basically was lying low, and he only put up a bit of a show at the very end, when it was too late, and moreover he knew it was too late. How do you characterise this kind of behaviour, naïve!!! No traitors to the Jews. All human activity is conscious.





Note that these are what is called the right

  1. Netanyahu made his name as a right politician
  2. Likud to a man and woman is opposed to socialism

Now since this is about Martin Sherman what about him? Well Sherman looks at the situation in Israel and does 2 things


  1. Sherman like Belman thinks that the Likud and Right are also naive
  2. While he sees the right as naive only Sherman then confuses the issue totally by referring to what he calls the “left” thus echoing the confusers supreme on this score Geller and Spencer.

Those therefore are two big problems about Sherman.


In his article Sherman makes this reference to Glick:

Regrettably, however, most of these are poorly thought through, and even if implemented, would leave Israel, as the nation-state of the Jewish people, in a situation hardly less beleaguered – diplomatically, politically and physically – than if it adopted the perilous prescription of the Left.

Typically, these alternative proposals fall into three broad categories. (a) Those that would leave Israel with a massive enfranchised Muslim minority (up to 40%) within its frontiers, critically undermining the ability to maintain the dominant Jewish character of the state, whatever the initial electoral arithmetic; (b) those that would leave Israel with excessively long and torturous frontiers, impossible to delineate (other than on a map) and to secure; and (c) those that entail both (a) and (b).

Most of these alternative proposals draw on optimistic (but not necessarily unrealistic) demographic assumptions as to the growth of the Arab population, but pay little heed to the negative effect the proposals might have on the Jewish population, were they to be implemented.

Lamentably, by insisting on blatantly flawed and clearly counter-productive political paradigms as proffered alternatives to the Left’s prescription of appeasement and accommodation, the authors of these proposals and their supporters only bolster the false perception that the latter is the only game in town

In the above Sherman is attacking Caroline Glick. You would hardly know but he is.

That is the good thing about Sherman…he is clear that the Glick proposals are the proposals of somebody who is betraying the Jews. Yes to leave 40 per cent of Muslims inside her Israel, that is a Glick betrayal right there and Sherman calls her on this betrayal.

At least Sherman is clear on the betrayal of Glick.

But there is no way forward at all with Sherman. Jews need a new leadership.


There is no way to minimise the present danger to Israel

It is absolutely vital that this present Netanyahu government is brought down without any delay.


If not done now Judea will go the way of Gush Katif thanks to betrayal of Jews by Netanyahu and his appointee Livni now talking with Antisemites


a Gush Katif beach

surrendered by Jewish traitors


There is not the slightest doubt that if Bennett and if Likud (especially Feiglin) wanted to do this they could bring this Netanyahu traitorous government down this very morning.


Every day that the Netanyahu Government stays in power is a day further that the Netanyahu person/agent  Livni continues talking under the guidance of Kerry WITH NAZIS, the Nazis being the descendants of Hajj Amin el Husseini in Fatah.


Jews are split on this…hopelessly split which means a new leadership must emerge.


On the Israpundit website the valiant blogger Ted Belman has led the way. He states in the clearest terms that Netanyahu and Kerry plan to pull every Jew out of Judea. But he has opposition on his blog from a person calling himself Yamit82


Yamit82 is opposing my call to bring this government down.


Then in the next day he is saying that that is a lie even though he stated clearly Keep Bennett in the Government


How to combat such lies? Such subterfuge?


A first step is surely an alliance between Likud, Feiglin and Bennet for them all to withdraw from the Government and fight for a new election, and then fight that election on an entirely pro-Jewish agenda, which means Israel is for the Jews and only for the Jews.


Jews in Israel must not be molested by Antisemitism. That is our Trotskyist position.


Aaron Klein is a very good reporter of Jewish affairs. This is a very good article which explains to the readers of some of the terrible things that Kerry and the US are doing against Jews and against Israel.


But the article, unlike a recent article by the very political savvy Martin Sherman leaves out a major element, that is the very poor leadership of the Jews of Israel itself.


Why are there not millions of Jews out on the streets demanding that Kerry is kept out of Israel, and opposing the smiling and ambitious (for himself) Netanyahu meeting with this fiend against the Jews?


The reason is leadership. Read it first. See our note at the end.

FLIP FLOP: KERRY CAVES TO ARAB PRESSURE. Considering demanding final status deal on all issues

Posted on December 27, 2013 at 1:04 AM EST


By Aaron Klein

The Israeli government may have been elated Secretary of State John Kerry’s bid to create a Palestinian state recently saw the U.S. drop several demands of the Jewish state, as KleinOnline reported yesterday.

However, the change of heart might have been short lived. Palestinian Authority diplomatic sources directly involved in the talks told KleinOnline yesterday that Kerry is now having second thoughts about a key shift in his plans and he may switch back to the Palestinian position.

Until recent weeks, Kerry has been steadfast in the U.S. refusal to accept anything less than a final status agreement on the main issues, repeatedly rejecting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request for an interim, multi-staged deal.

Yesterday, KleinOnline quoted informed Israeli and Palestinian diplomatic sources saying the U.S. had acquiesced to Netanyahu’s concept of an interim agreement of stages over a period of 10 years.

Now PA sources say that Kerry told PA President Mahmoud Abbas the U.S. will consider once again demanding a final deal on all issues – Jerusalem, so-called refugees, the West Bank, Jordan Valley and other areas.

The sources said Kerry will discuss the possibility of a final status deal in his upcoming visit.

The flip-flop came after Abbas threatened to lobby Europe and the Arab League to oppose the latest U.S. position on an interim agreement, the sources said.

Regardless of whether there is an interim or final status deal, some major U.S. demands remain in place. One of those demands is for Israel to relinquish its civilian neighborhoods in the strategic Jordan Valley.

The Jordan Valley cuts through the heart of Israel. It runs from the Tiberias River in the north to the Dead Sea in the center to the city of Aqaba at the south of the country, stretching through the biblical Arabah desert.

Wednesday, Israel’s Army Radio reported Kerry drafted a plan that would see all of Israel’s Jordan Valley civilian settlements dismantled. That detail was first exclusively reported by KleinOnline this past October.

Meanwhile, on Jerusalem, Kerry is asking for the international community to administer the holy sites in the eastern section of the city, while details are still being discussed about whether Palestinians will have some symbolic presence in the area.

KleinOnline first reported earlier this month on Kerry’s plan calling for an international administrative mandate to control holy sites in eastern Jerusalem.

The exact composition of the international mandate is up for discussion, but Kerry’s plan recommended a coalition that includes the Vatican, together with a group of Muslim countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The international arrangement is being proposed as a temporary solution for about two to three years while security arrangements in Jerusalem between Israelis and Palestinians are finalized, said Israeli and Palestinian diplomatic sources.

- See more at:


The great hopes of setting up their own Jewish Homeland in 1948 have been destroyed by really weak and downright bad leaders in Israel, many of whom have become rich, and have formed an elite. As well as becoming rich they do not defend Jews from the Jihad. The “Palestinians” (which 4international always call the “Palestinian Arabs”) is another name for the Jihad. This same Jihad is murdering Christian poor Blacks in Nigeria without Pope Francis raising a murmur. In Israel there is no exception to betrayal. There is not one leader, not one, who the Jews can pick to fight against the Jihad

IRAN IS A NUCLEAR THRESHOLD STATE SAYS TOP CIA MAN…can build several nuclear bombs in a matter of weeks

English: B57 nuclear bomb.

English: B57 nuclear bomb. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DEBKAfile Special Report December 2, 2013,

Binyamin Netanyahu's nuclear depiction caricatured

Binyamin Netanyahu’s nuclear depiction caricatured

The former heads of two of the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world, speaking Sunday, Dec. 1, in different parts of the world, were of the same opinion: Iran has reached the point of a nuclear threshold state and can build several nuclear bombs in a matter of weeks. By this diagnosis, Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA and NSA, and ex-general Amos Yadlin, ex-chief of AMAN, Israeli military intelligence indicted their respective governments of the US and Israeli for their failure to stop this happening.

Asked in a FoxNews interview in New York about the interim accord the six powers reached with Iran in Geneva, Gen. Hayden was terse: “Iran is a nuclear threshold nation and we can’t stop this,” he said. America has moved its red lines and “all but conceded Iran has the right to enrich uranium.” He went on to voice the hope that “We have hit the pause button. Now we’ve got to negotiate hitting the delete button.”


Yadlin, who heads a national security think tank, had this to say: “Iran is approaching breakout point to a nuclear bomb.” On the Geneva accord, he commented: “… this is only a first step, not a final agreement, although it contains elements which predetermine the final accord.”


Speaking in Tel Aviv, Yadlin said: “The fact that Iran is a nuclear threshold state is not the fault of this agreement. Iran spent many years developing this capability and no one managed to stop it. Iran is a step before breakout to a bomb. This is unfortunate but true.”

It was the first time that a former high-ranking Israeli intelligence officer had admitted the responsibility of successive Israeli governments, defense ministers and heads of its various intelligence agencies for the failure to pre-empt Iran’s drive for a nuclear weapon.

MK Tzahi Hanegbi , a senior lawmaker who has the ear of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, expressed concern that the interim deal with Iran would be left standing as the final accord, and so leave the Islamic Republic in place as a nuclear threshold state with the capability to assemble a bomb within six to seven weeks.

In Rome, Netanyahu was heard to say for the umpteenth time that Israel would not allow Iran to attain a nuclear bomb. He seemed to have forgotten the diagram he exhibited to the UN General Assembly in September 2012 accompanied by a resounding pledge not to let Iran accumulate enough enriched uranium for a weapon.

Hanegbi, in his comments Sunday, put the record straight: Iran has built a uranium stockpile of 7.2 tons, enough for several bombs.”

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, after criticizing his successor for daring to argue with US President Obama, was of the opinion that Israel would not attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. He was saying that Israel has decided to accept a nuclear-armed Iran


It is all here in this article. As people go about their Christmas shopping 2013 the world is plunging into Nuclear abyss.

Obama, Cameron and Hague knew all of this. The “deal” in Geneva is a big lie. Set up by Obama to get him out of sanctions asCongress was planning to step them up against Iran.

These 3 politicians have rescued Iran, and made it now easy for Iran to get the Nuclear Bomb. We on 4international alone on the left said that Iran would use it to reorganise and to gather their strength for the final push.

What is at the base of this? Many things indeed, especially the economic and political crisis in the capitalist system, but underpinning this in all spheres of daily human living is Antisemitism.

Capitalism as a system of organising and living is VERY dangerous to humanity.

The Jews as ever are in the greatest and most immediate danger.

See the debka article and comments which are sometimes useful on


English: Flag of Israel with the Mediterranean...

English: Flag of Israel with the Mediterranean sea in the background, in Rishon LeZion. עברית: דגל ישראל בראשון לציון (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Iran deal is the greatest lie ever. Many people do realiZe this. But there are also many profesional liars, especially among the Media.


The issue is a question of power. The ruling capitalist class led by Obama and Cameron have the power in THEIR hands and they control the Media.


It is a repeat of the campaigh against the Serbs and Milosevic in the 1990s. That campaign has always been the benchmark.


They are all trying suddenly to make Iran into the moderates, and to make Netanyahu in to the “extremists”…in a programme on Tuesday on Talk Radio Europe the ex ABC journalist Nathan Thomas was playing this line of Netanyahu as bully


Yet the information is all there for people to study. Yes Ahmadinejad was straight out of Mein Kamph.


And above all it was not one call to destroy Israel but thousands from the Iranian regime, just like Hitler and the Nazis. Follow simply the link below this.


August 17, 2012

“The Zionist regime and the Zionists are a cancerous tumor. Even if the Zionists remain on one span (more like inch) of the Land of Palestine is dangerous, because they will come to have a legal and official government.”


That is just ONE. There are thousands more.


Even during last week the Iranian Supreme Leader referred to Israel as a rabid dog.


The French did object to this, but not Hague, not Cameron, not Obama


Look carefully at the position of the fake Trotskyist which is a Left Antisemitic Fascist-type organization


Its latest article contains the following paragraph and NO reference to the Iranian Nuclear Bomb directed against Israel…that is the key point…that is Antisemitism in action by the



On Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said Iran would welcome an invitation to the so-called Geneva II conference on Syria. “Iran is ready to utilize all its political capacity and power, along with other regional countries to help resolve the Syrian crisis,” he said.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (cen...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (center) shakes hands with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (right) as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (left) looks on at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem, Israel, on September 15, 2010. Department photo/ Public Domain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The talks between the Palestinian Arabs and Israel led by Netanyahu and Livni were forced onto Israel and Netanyahu by Obama and Kerry.

The essence of these talks is for Israel to give up land to create a Palestinian Arab state.

In all respects this is an outcome forced onto Israel. Even traitors like Livni! The situation is still created against Israel independent of the thinking of Peace Now people like Livni. She too is a victim.

But victim of what exactly? Essentially of Antisemitism!

We are in a new period of Antisemitism where capitalism following its own laws has produced a global world, a global capitalist world, a global Antisemitism.

Joseph Alexander Norland on Israpundit asked years ago … Why create a 23rd Arab state. Yes that is the truth. The Arabs have wheedled the world into 22 Arab States following Balfour. Jews try to hold on to ONE.

And that unjust set up is the essence of Antisemitism today. You see Antisemitism changes. It has changed.

Now in reference to Aaron Klein ( below, note these 2 points:

1. There is not ONE Jewish Prime Minister since 1948 (birth of Israel) who has not caved in to pressure from the US
2. The reason for that vital observation is twofold…one the nature of Judaism in the modern era and two the terrible power of the US Empire both physical and mental, both aircraft carrier and Media

And Klein also rooted in US Judaism tied to US Empire even though Klein complains has no answer and provides no answer…it is a crisis of leadership

During his visit here last week, Secretary of State John Kerry pressed Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to come to an accommodation to create a Palestinian state, with particular emphasis on current talks focusing on the strategic Jordan Valley, according to informed Israeli and Palestinian diplomats.

The diplomats told KleinOnline that Kerry rejected a proposal by Netanyahu for an interim deal, instead expressing the Obama administration’s goal of a final status agreement to create a state before 2016.

Netanyahu had proposed a five-year interim agreement in which Israel would give the Palestinian Authority sovereignty over one-third of what is known as Area C, territories in the West Bank currently under Israeli control, the diplomats said. Israel would still retain some security presence in those areas.
Netanyahu’s proposal further called for an official PA presence in Jerusalem, the diplomats added.

During the five-year period, the PA would be required to take steps to remove incitement from official educational and media material and fully dismantle the terrorist apparatus in the West Bank.

The Netanyahu deal also called for the PA to lead a public campaign that would clarify that a final deal would be achieved with Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people, meaning no so-called right of return, the diplomats told KleinOnline.

According to the Israeli and Palestinian diplomats, both Kerry and PA President Mahmoud Abbas rejected Netanyahu’s proposal.

Kerry also asked Netanyahu to not put any obstacles in the way of a U.S. plan for the Palestinians and international forces to assume control in the Jordan Valley.

Last month, KleinOnline broke the story that Kerry was pressing hard for Israel to give up the strategic Jordan Valley in a deal with the Palestinians.”

The current round of U.S.-brokered talks is attempting to hash out the details of a plan for the valley.

Kerry’s proposal calls for international forces to maintain security control along with unarmed Palestinian police forces, the PA negotiator said. Israel would retain security posts in some strategic areas of the Jordan Valley, according to the U.S. plan.
- See more at:


Yellow badge Star of David called "Judens...

Yellow badge Star of David called “Judenstern”. Part of the exhibition in the Jewish Museum Westphalia, Dorsten, Germany. The wording is the German word for Jew (Jude), written in mock-Hebrew script. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What strikes me as so abysmal about the above Klein correct and valuable analysis

1. There is nothing hidden. It is all out in the open. The reality that the US and Europe back Antisemitism, and Antisemites.
2. That the Media above all distorts and hides this reality of the Antisemitism of US and Europe by one strategy above all others…I could call this either silence by the Media like the BBC which is the expert Antisemite on the planet, or by selective reporting, or straight bias.
3. But that Israeli Jews in their leadership play along with his Antisemitism, as if it were a normal thing
4. And yet 80 per cent of American people and here I do not mean American Jews are also horrified by this Antisemitism against Israel and against Jewish rights

There is the basis here for a massive movement to defeat this Antisemitism but it needs a leadership which does not originate in Judaism. I defend Judaism but it is like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

The answer is Marxism, Leninism, Trotskyism, and the inspiration is actually the 1917 Revolution, because Lenin was rock hard and did not flinch.

Furthermore the Bolsheviks saved the Jewish people from Holocaust in 1917 (Klein through sheer ignorance) lies about this history

YAALON AS DEFENCE CHIEF WILL MAKE ENEMIES PAY WHO ATTACK JEWS IN ISRAEL has a vital analysis of the new Israeli Government starting today March 18, 2013. This analysis centres on 4 vital areas, almost 4 vital Ministries:


1. Ehud Barak’s successor as defense minister, commando and former chief of staff Moshe Yaalon: He has won a chance, which any professional soldier must envy, to remold the Israeli Defense Forces into a national army better suited to the exigencies of the first half of the 21st century and the wars of the future.
In line with his vision, he would scrap the present structure of corps, divisions, brigades and battalions in favor of an army based on compact fighting units – mostly of special forces – each capable of acting autonomously and independent of other forces.
If Yaalon gets his way, the massive ground forces and heavy theater tanks corps will be relegated to the past. The air force and navy, with their long range missiles, submarines and fast assault ships, will no longer be structured as professional corps but revamped as forces taxed with guarding Israel’s vital strategic depth by sea and air.
However, Defense Minister Yaalon may not get the time, money or trained manpower he needs for his program, given the rapid changes overtaking the Middle East and the advances Iran is making in the pursuit of a nuclear weapon.
For US President Barack Obama, when he comes to Israel for a visit Wednesday, March 20, Yaalon’s selection as defense minister is not altogether bad news, despite his pessimism about any dealing with the Palestinians: As Strategic Affairs Minister in the previous Netanyahu government, he insisted that it was essential for any Israeli attack on Iran to have the full cooperation of the United States.
2. The former TV anchor Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid – Future) has made his political debut with a leap to the top government echelon as finance minister and carved out plum spots for his previously unknown faction members, who are as untried in government as himself.
They campaigned vigorously for military service for all, including the ultra-Orthodox and Israeli Arabs, and benefits for the middle class.

Now he must sit down to the forbidding task of drafting the next state budget at top speed. Netanyahu jokes about heading a provisional administration, whereas Lapid speaks seriously of the government lasting eighteen months to two years at most before it falls and an early election which dumps the prime minister of today and installs him in his place.
This calculus presents the Yesh Atid leader with a dilemma: He could try designing a popular budget, but then Netanyahu would reap the same benefits as himself in the coming election. On the other hand, he might decide to prove he is a statesman and compose a responsibly balanced budget, incorporating essential spending cuts and painful measures for the very classes he pledged to promote.

But then, he would be a fool to face the voter precipitately.
His political fortunes in the foreseeable future are therefore tied to those of the prime minister he aspires to displace, like it or not.

3. Former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, came in from the political cold to join the government as Justice Minister claiming that all she really wanted was to promote and lead peace talks with the Palestinians. This mission is likely to prove elusive. Not a single Palestinian official of any rank is willing to talk to her. She would also have to overcome obstacles placed in her path by many of her new colleagues in cabinet. Such as he next new minister.

4. Naftali Bennett, a software tycoon, was able to revive the fortunes of the veteran National Religious Party and repackage it as the pro-settlement Habayit Hayehudi (the Jewish Home). For the horse trading with Netanyahu, he formed an alliance with Lapid and came away with a fistful of high-wire jobs: minister of industry, trade and labor, he is also tabbed to head the cabinet committees charged with finding ways and means of reducing the cost of living and breaking up the concentration of economic power, and even has also won a coveted place on the inner security cabinet now pared down from 15 to 7 members.
What Bennett has clearly demonstrated is that he wants a finger in every pie


So, a completely new army and approach under Moshe Yaalon. I think that this can have the most extraordinary influence on events. Yaalon will meet also extraordinary opposition from a bureaucracy.

The days for massing reserves a la Barak and then not following through may be over.

Yaalon may be entering a situation where the Israelis will not allow even ONE rocket from the enemy Palestinian Arabs fall on Israelis. That is the meaning of the autonomopusly acting special units that Debka is suggesting and the end to the British inspired battalions and all that crap which the Israelis under Barak were full of.

It is also the case in relation to the other 3 Ministries that Netanyahu gave very little to Obama and the EU Antisemites…he talked and talked…but gave no concessions. That is his style, not one I like, but better than sellout.

As for Livni…that is still the weakness of netanyahu. he is saying to the BBc, yes you can carry on interviewing Livni interminably and passing the Big Lie. The BBC will keep representing Livni as representing the majority, while she only is followed by 5 per cent of the Israeli population.

But stopping Antisemitism, just as stopping Hitler and Fascism was, is a task that only the revolutionary aims of the socialist revolution can solve. And here the left Stalinists and Revisionists must be smashed and replaced by a true Trotskyist leadership.




Hey Glick, that’s Begin grinning from ear to ear






In return for “peace” with Egypt Begin sold out the Israeli state.

But Begin was no ordinary Israeli or Jew. Begin was the man who led the struggle against the British Antisemites in the Mandate and who was hounded by the British Antisemites and would have been killed on the spot by the British antisemites of the Mandate.


But his action in handing over the Sinai to the enemy (shown in picture above) has come back to haunt Israel because another who claims to be Jewish (NETANYAHU) IS CARRYING OUT THE BETRAYAL EVEN FURTHER


This is the real meaning of Barak blathering about tactics and strategy. Netanyahu and Barak would not understand a strategy if it hit them up the gob! I am referring to this treacherous Jewish pair allowing Egypt to build up troops in Sinai.


We should reflect today: What happened to Begin that he set in train such a betrayal?

It is the old story, a bourgeois nationalist who becomes disorientated, and in that disorientation sells out.

Put it another way: His theoretical base to start with was not Trotskyism. Once then he was revolutionary and progressive but the lack of a theoretical revolutionary base meant that there came a point when he sold out the struggle.


This is why today Jewish politics is an absolute cauldron


Why the Jewish Israeli system is in such crisis? Answer because it was their hero, on the same level as Jabotinsky, that is Begin, who carried out the great betrayal with Sadat and Carter, a betrayal  which has come back to HAUNT Israel today




I mean every EVERY body, without any exceptions. The day when you belong to a tribe or a club is over. What I say as a non Jew and as an Irish man in this context has got the same relevance as the most Jewish of Jews, the most prayerful of Jews etc. etc.


Let us take that jewel of Jewishness, Caroline Glick


After the raid by Fascists last week on the Eilat Highway Glick wrote this paragraph


“It is to be hoped that Thursday’s sophisticated, deadly, multi-pronged, combined arms assault by as yet unidentified enemy forces along the border with Egypt will suffice to force the IDF to alter its view of Egypt”


I count this as political gibberish on a whole number of levels and I as a non Jew, Trotskyist, would drop dead rather than write the above hogwash.


For starters…As a trotskyist I am programmed not to write ever “It is to be hoped” anything


In politics hope has got nothing to do with anythjing.  You can hope all you like but it won’t change a dammed thing.


Consider this though:


1. Begin betrayed the Jews

2. Begin was the authentic Jew, the authentic Zionist, the Zionist of Zionists

3. And that betrayal is threatening Israel as never before today.



So why “is it to be hoped!!!” If Glick had made a sober assessment of the Jewish leadership since 1948 and today then the only conclusion that she would have reached was that the next betrayal by Jewish leadership was just round the corner


Nothing at all has changed since Begin. Begin relied on the US Imperialists AND on the Arab antisemites of Egypt to bring security to Jews and Israel. So he handed across the Sinai to Egypt.


What happened last week with the lives of many Jews lost was the pay off for that betrayal, a betrayal taking the form of trust in the enemy


And what was the reaction of the Jewish leaders in Israel today. The answer was totally predictable: IT WAS TO TRUST THAT ENEMY EVEN MORE.


In other words the more that Jews get kicked in the throat the more that the Jewish leaders trust the kicker.


And that is why Caroline Glick starts her paragraph with the words “It is to be hoped”!!!


It is interesting that Glick spends most of her time attacking the Israeli “Left”. Well just how dammed cosy that is! Glick knows pretty dammed well that Haaretz is left of centre in the way that the thugs of Joseph Stalin were left of centre when they went around in the Spanish Revolution and Civil War murdering all of the revolutionaries. Glick knows that. they all know that. But it suits them to label the problem as being the “left”


But Glick I got some news for you.




(In November of 1977, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat made his historical visit to Israel, igniting the peace process between Israel and Egypt. In 1978, in Camp David, Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty – the first between Israel and any Arab state. Both Begin and Sadat were awarded the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize for their work) 


WATCH THE LEFTIES Meeting of President Clinton, Binyamin Netanyahu, and Arafat in Wye Plantation, 15/10/1998.



It is clear that Netanyahu is now a key figure in whether or not the Israeli Jews and Israel will survive, or whether it will be sold down the river by a Jewish Israeli elite leadership, and Netanyahu is now that leadership.


That the secret service of the Israeli State closely linked to Netanyahu should raid the tent of the parents of the Israeli prisoner of Hamas, Shalit, seems to us on 4international as the most serious, alarming development


Now it so happens that we on 4international are in total opposition to what the Shalit parents want Israel to do, which is to let free thousands of Hamas/Fatah killers of Jews (in order to kill again, surely)


But to raid and search the tent where these poor parents of Shalit are campaigning for his life…that is an entirely different matter.


There is also the way in which Netanyahu used the dirtiest methods to shut up Feiglin. And this is the leader on whom the Israelis today depend.


In this material printed here one thing stands out: That Netanyahu was created in the United States, that he is a creature of the US intelligence community, Bush Snr., Shultz (George), those kinds of people.


There is the issue of Arens choosing of Netanyahu in an ambassadorial role to the United Nations


Literally from nowhere to leadership on the basis not of a programme, but a slick method of speaking in meetings, that sums it up.


Then there was the issue of GK (Gush Katif)…The patriotic Jews looked to Netanyahu to speak against Sharon, and they waited, and they waited, until essentially it was too late. The rotten deed could not be stopped.


Now there is this whole farce of the Obama lines speech, and Netanyahu emerging as an opponent of that Obama lines policy, but not really, because he is ALSO for the creation of a Palestine state, only perhaps on different lines


So his opposition to the anti-Semite Obama is not really fundamental, and is the opposition of say a Richard Perle.


So his opposition is really also the opposition of the Israeli elitist leaders in America, those same leaders who campaigned for Arafat to have his Jihadist State, and also those very leaders who supported Izetbegovic against the Serbs, and who supported the NATO/KLA takeover of Kosovo from the Serbs


Shine the light on Netanyahu!




By; Barry Chamish*


Two Fridays after Israel’s new Prime Minister was elected, the

newspapers were filled with bios of the new leader. The most indepth

research was undertaken by Orly Azula-Katz, Anat Meidan and Rami Tal of

Yediot Ahronot who produced a balanced portrait and Biranit Goren of

Kol Ha’ir whose story was a snow job.


Nonetheless, both reports agreed in most details, if not

interpretations. These two reports, combined with other public

knowledge create a most disturbing and mysterious caricature of

Israel’s leader for students of secret diplomacy.


The Conventional Story


The prevailing myth about Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is that he

grew up in a highly politicized, right wing household. Responsibility

for the presumption lies with his father Bar Tzion, a dedicated

revisionist who was a pallbearer at the funeral of Zeev Jabotinsky.


The facts are different. Netanyahu recalls,” My father did not want me

to enter politics. We were very non-political.” The founding families

of Zionism’s revisionist wing which produced two generations of leaders

like Menachem and Benny Begin and Yaacov and Dan Meridor, barely knew

of the Netanyahus.


What Binyamin inherited from his father was an obsession with learning.

His grades in junior high were all above average but he excelled in

only one subject: music.


When Binyamin moved to America at age fourteen after his father

accepted a teaching post in Philadelphia, his hero became JFK.

Netanyahu felt very alienated being away from Israel and took waitering

jobs to earn the money to spend his summers back home. There his

greatest pleasure was working on left-wing kibbutzim with his pals from

Jerusalem. They recall that he would always try to outwork them, even

when he had an injured knee.


Returning to high school in Philadelphia, Netanyahu shared close

friendship with only those students as imbued with love for Israel as

he was. He was a straight A student who graduated fourth in his class

at Cheltenham High School, one of the most academically competitive

schools in America. But he didn’t attend his graduation ceremony. War

broke out on June 5, 1967, and Netanyahu flew to Israel to volunteer

for the army.


A high school buddy, Ari Bintener recalls,”No one was surprised. It was

obvious his place was in Israel. I was pleased that he found a way to

help his country.”


Bob Trimble, Netanyahu’s soccer coach remembers,”Bibi was the best

player on the team, except for his brother Yoni who could have played

professionally if he had wanted to. The only problem with Ben was that

his political views were so far to the left of the other players.”


As a soldier, Binyamin rose to the rank of captain in the most secret

combat unit of all, the fighting arm of military intelligence. He took

part in a good number of legendary operations and was wounded while

fighting highjackers holding a Sabena passenger plane. On the Suez, he

almost drowned trying to swim with his heavy automatic rifle under

Egyptian fire. He became known as “the lousy swimmer from Jerusalem.”


Soldiers recall him as a cool but “square” officer who lost his temper

only once. That was when he found his men had been taking “souvenirs”

from operations in Lebanon. He put a quick end to what he viewed as



After five years of soldiering Netanyahu returned to America to study

architecture at either Harvard or MIT. He chose the latter because it

permitted him to begin an MA course load, as his academic advisor Prof

Leon Garviser remembers. “I told him that no one could handle the load

but he insisted that he had to make up for time lost while serving his

country. I agreed to add one extra course in the first semester and

when he passed all his courses I added another one. In the end he

finished his MA in two and a half years. Don’t ask me how. No one did

it before him or since.”


Once again, Netanyahu interrupted his studies only once. In October of

1973, war broke out in Israel and he flew back to fight in the Sinai.

When he returned, he became a student activist on behalf of Israel, a

fact that was noted by the Israeli consul of Boston, Collette Avital.

In one of the many ironies in his life, it was Avital, the dovish

consul of New York during the Rabin/Peres administration who arranged

Netanyahu’s first television appearance, a debate with PLO activist

Prof Edward Said.


The loss of his brother Yoni during the Entebbe raid put a stop to

Binyamin’s plans to become an architect. Instead he settled for an MA

in business administration and took a post at the Boston Consulting

Group. His boss was Ira Magaziner, the man who later was the

intellectual force behind the Clinton administration’s failed health

reform package.


As Moshe Arens notes, “Bibi is only the second prime minister who ever

had a real job outside the army or politics. Shamir was the first. He

once worked as an accountant in a glue factory.”


While working at Boston Consulting, Binyamin received his first

diplomatic assignment: he was sent to Sweden to advise the government

on efficient administration of public companies.


Already earning $100,000 and with a splendid career before him,

Netanyahu decided to give it all up and return to Israel to act as the

marketing manager of a furniture concern. As his colleague Barbara

Maclogan notes,”Anyone who claims Bibi planned to live in America

doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He gave up the opportunity of his

life in Boston to earn a quarter of his salary in Israel.”


In 1979, Netanyahu organized an anti-terrorism conference in Jerusalem,

dedicated to his fallen brother. Somehow, he managed to attract the

likes of George Bush, George Shultz, and Richard Perle (President’s

Reagan’s chief arms negotiator) to the meeting and was thrust briefly

onto the world stage. But when the conference ended, it was back to

work at the furniture factory.


That all changed in 1982, when Israel’s Washington Ambassador Moshe

Arens invited Netanyahu to be his deputy. This unprecedented career

rise has been a subject of much speculation. Many people have noted

that Bar Tzion Netanyahu was one of the few guests invited to Arens’

wedding and he was repaying an old friend. But Arens has a different

explanation. “People got a good laugh when they heard I phoned a

furniture factory to find a deputy. What sold me on Bibi was his

organization of the anti-terror conference and the strong impression he

made on American leaders who participated.”


In 1984, after two visibly successful years as Arens’ deputy, Bibi was

named Israel’s ambassador to the UN. In another of those ironies that

follow him, he was appointed to the post by Shimon Peres against the

objections of Yitzhak Shamir. Once again, it was a leader of the Labour

Party who promoted his early career.


This was the true turning point in his quest to become prime minister.

Netanyahu’s good looks, fluent English and controversial opinions made

him a media star. He became a frequent presence on Ted Koppel’s

Nightline and Larry King Live. As King observes,”Whenever he appeared,

the phones wouldn’t stop ringing. He especially made an impression on

women viewers. As a guest I’d rate him 8. If he had a sense of humor to

go with everything else, he’d have been a 10.”


During this period, Netanyahu wrote his book, Terror-How The West Can

Win. The book made a tremendous impression on the Reagan

administration. In fact, whenever George Bush visited New York, and

that was often, he would call on Netanyahu.


By 1988, Netanyahu had made powerful allies in the American media. He

received strong support from Charles Krauthammer of the Washington

Post, Abe Rosenthal of the New York Times, and Ellie Weymouth, daughter

of Katherine Graham, the publisher of Newsweek. When he returned to

Israel, he was too powerful a figure to be ignored and was appointed,

first Deputy Foreign Minister and later the Prime Minister’s spokesman.

In this capacity, CNN made Netanyahu an international media star during

the Persian Gulf War.


Netanyahu was ready to challenge the Old Guard of the Likud. The

combination of youth, determination and powerful allies abroad led to a

resounding victory in the Likud primaries of 1993 and in the general

elections of 1996.



Sent by Barry Chamish – Israeli journalist.

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The Konformist: The Chamish Files – Bibi Part Two

Subject: The Konformist: The Chamish Files – Bibi Part Two


Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 07:04:20 -0500 (EST)


Subj: ESSAY: [2/2] Natanyahu

Date: 97-01-31 12:51:08 EST

From: (Chamish Barry)

From: Chamish Barry


The Secret Life Of Binyamin Netanyahu


Even within the conventional story, it is clear that Netanyahu was

groomed for leadership by the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) in New

York. In 1979, twenty-seven year old Netanyahu called a conference on

terrorism and the ruling elite of the CFR, Bush, Shultz and Perle

answered to his summons. One word will suffice: why?


Yoni Netanyahu was undoubtedly a martyr but far from the only one in

Israel. He was not such a powerful symbol that the CFR would send a

delegation of its biggest guns, including CIA director Bush to his

unknown brother’s get-together.


Netanyahu’s decision to quit his lucrative Boston job is almost

inexplcable. Netanyahu sought a highpaying job at a prestigious

consulting firm yet not two months later, he gave it up to fly back to

Israel and sell sofas. He was barely settled in back home when he

decided to organize an anti-terrorism conference and invite the most

powerful people in Washington to attend.


It is possible that Netanyahu was told to quit his job, return to

Israel and arrange the conference. Perhaps there is a connection to the

fact that a year later Shultz later made fighting terrorism a first

priority of the Reagan administration and that Vice-President Bush was

appointed to head a front for illegal covert activities called The

Anti-Terror Task Force.


Arens’ offer of a deputy ambassadorship to salesman Netanyahu

made no political sense. Israeli diplomatic aides and deputies

typically rise slowly through the Foreign Ministry bureaucracy. They

are not thrust into the second highest position at the most vital

embassy in the world. It is far from impossible that Arens was

directed to bring in Netanyahu by the very people in the Reagan

administration who attended his conference three years earlier.


Once in New York in 1984, CFR-affiliated media such as CNN, the New

York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek and CFR members Koppel and King

turned Netanyahu into a major political figure; so much so that George

Shultz became a close friend. We again ask the succinct question: why?

What did Shultz, twenty years Netanyahu’s senior, find so amusing about

the Israeli UN Ambassador that he had to pay him a courtesy call every

time he flew to New York? In 1985, Shultz chaired another Netanyahu-

organized conference on terrorism, this time in Washington. The

resulting publicity and prestige was a significant factor in

Netanyahu’s fast-rising political career. Clearly, the secretary-of-

state had a major stake in Netanyahu’s future. Which means, so did

George Bush.


All that can be concluded from the conventional story. What then do we

make of Bibi’s secret life?


In 1987, Netanyahu applied for credit using his American social

security number 020364537. With that number, he or someone else made

the application under a phony name, John Sullivan, living at a false

address in Northern California.


Netanyahu used Sullivan’s name to borrow money during 1987-88. John

Sullivan does not exist, nor does Netanyahu’s credit file. Israeli and

American reporters who tried to dig into Netanyahu’s past using his

social security number discovered two other phony names used to apply

for credit in 1987-88 but were perplexed to find that his credit

records were completely removed. Only someone very high up in the

American government could have authorized the erasing of the file.


We return to the all-purpose question: why? Again, no one who knows is

talking. What is nearly certain is that while Netanyahu was the UN

Ambassador, he was either defrauding a credit company or on an

assignment involving money that required three identity changes.


Then there is Netanyahu’s close relationship with Congressman Ben

Gillman, head of the House Committee On International Relations. The

problem here is that Gillman was also a close associate of Shabtai

Kalmonovitch and shared business deals with him in Africa. Kalmonovitch

was, not long after, imprisoned in Israel as a KGB spy. This is not to

imply that Netanyahu was involved in spying, only that his closest ally

in Congress has mighty strange intelligence ties to Israel.


And what to make of the mystery of Netanyahu’s housing?. Before he was

even the leader of the Likud, two foreign businessmen, Jack Mandel of

Australia and Sandy Eisenstadt of the US each paid about $750,000 to

buy Netanyahu luxury apartments in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Again, no

one has a clue why. There is speculation that part of the reason may be

Eisenstadt’s stake in an Israeli oil exploration company, a shady and

hidden business, but no concrete connection has been discovered by the

Israeli media.


Netanyahu’s penchant for secrecy is not subtle. It is well-known among

the Israeli media that he had conducted a number of secret meetings

with the Jordanian royal family in London and Amman before he became

prime minister. Even the conventional Jerusalem Post reported in mid-

June that six secret meetings were held in the past two years. But when

Inside Israel just before the elections asked Netanyahu to comment on

the meetings, he denied they had ever taken place.


Perhaps the most secret and worrying ties concern what is supposedly a

high-tech services company. Yediot Ahronot relates how Netanyahu wooed

a local Likud leader. “He was invited by Netanyahu to a meeting in his

office at Systematics in Ramat Gan. The head of the company, Oded

Levental is a candidate for a financial post in the new government.”


Systematics is at the core of serious research by American alternative

publications, including the usually reliable Media Bypass. In short,

the allegations are that the National Security Agency had handed

Systematics stolen software called Promis that opened a trap door to

the world’s secret banking transactions. About 250 Americans, mostly

politicians, had their illegal foreign accounts emptied of over $3.5

billion in the operation. It is claimed that Colin Powell dropped out

of the presidential race after his account electronically vanished.

Leading figures in the operation included George Bush, Caspar

Weinberger and two Arkansas attorneys, Vince Foster Jr. and Hillary

Rodham Clinton on behalf of Clinton financier Jackson Stephens. The

research invariably concludes that Foster was murdered because he knew

too much about the scam.


A leading investigative writer, Sherman Skolnick, writes:


“Some contend Systematics is an NSA proprietary and spies on banks

overseas. Can Systematics rightfully deny spying actually done by

buffers or cut-outs between Systematics and NSA? Systematics, through a

spokesperson, vigorously denies Foster assisted it in any spying on

foreign banks but remains apparently silent on whether Hillary Rodham

Clinton assisted Systematics in some nefarious activities.”


Is it fair to ask why Systematics provided Netanyahu office space and

if this was the sum total of its involvement with him?


Since taking office, Netanyahu has fueled fears of international

control by his actions within Israel’s tiny anti-NWO community. They

were most intrigued by his refusal to give Ariel Sharon a sensitive

cabinet post. One possible reason is fear of Sharon’s own intelligence

arm in the US. Then for those people who fervently hoped that he would

rid himself of any connections to the Arye Deri scandal, with all its

implications of money laundering and perhaps murder, Netanyahu

appointed as his Justice Minister, Yaacov Neeman, a lawyer who is

currently being investigated for intimidating a key witness against

Deri in a London trial.


But the topper was Netanyahu’s decision to allow Yaacov Frenkel to run

the country’s economy single-handedly. Frenkel worked for the World

Bank between 1971-1990. After nineteen years away from “home” Frenkel

was unexplainedly appointed head of the Bank of Israel.


His policies mirrored the world-wide debt program of his previous

employer documented by numerous researchers. The plan involves raising

interest rates beyond what the public or industry can afford, and

forcing the government to borrow lots of money from American banks to

keep the populace pacified. When the debts have to be repaid from an

empty treasury, the International Monetary Fund bails out the country

with schemes guaranteed to impoverish the people.


Frenkel was a proponent of Israel borrowing $10 billion in loans

guaranteed by the American government and he kept his interest rates as

high as he could in the face of opposition from then-Finance Minister

Avraham Shohat who suspected Frenkel, “was playing politics with the

Bank of Israel.”


Binyamin Netanyahu, the man who Inside Israel hoped would save Israel

from the NWO puppet regime of Peres, appointed Yaacov Frenkel to be his

Minister of Finance. The only thing that prevented the disaster was

party opposition to an appointee who had never publicly supported the



Dan Meridor got the post instead. But as the Maariv headline read:

“Meridor Will Act, Frenkel Will Lead.” On his first day in office

Meridor announced that his policy would be to lower the standard of

living in Israel. Not a week later, Frenkel raised the interest rates

by a whopping 1.5% with Meridor’s “approval.”


Something is going on behind the scenes at the CFR. While Secretary of

State Warren Christopher must appear to be opposing Likud government

policies to keep the Arabs in line, the former CFR director is playing

some kind of double game with Netanyahu.


King Hussein made his accommodation with Netanyahu well before the

elections and refused to support Peres during the campaign. Netanyahu’s

victory clearly delighted him and on the surface, why not? The last

thing he would want is a PLO state on his border with control of the

Moslem holy sites. In time, it will become clearer what Netanyahu

promised the King during the secret London meetings. Included, most

assuredly, will be Jordanian hegemony over the Temple Mount.


There has been a transformation in Israel but the CFR is still running

the latest prime minister. And that is a good reason for intense fear

about Israel’s future.



Barry Chamish is the editor of Inside Israel, an investigative report

on Israeli affairs. For a free sample copy and subscription

information, write:



POB 579

Swindon, Wiltshire


Fax: 44-793-790722



Sent by Barry Chamish – Israeli journalist.

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John Bolton has written following the recent Netanyahu Obama battle:


The peace agreement between the Hamas terrorists and Fatah, brokered by the post-Mubarak government in Egypt, marks the effective end of any realistic peace process between Israel and the Palestinians for the foreseeable future. 

Obama has not yet grasped this reality, nor does he seem to understand that the Syrian dictatorship and Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorists remain Iranian pawns, threats both to Israel and to the United States.Accordingly, now is hardly the time to force Israel into unnatural efforts at “peace processing” with the usual suspects. 

Now that Netanyahu has spoken, it is time for Americans and Europeans concerned with true peace and security in the Middle East to carry the debate forward.


Bolton is right!


The end of the “peace process” is the new reality.


This end is highlighted in large letters by the PA and Hamas joining forces, and by the actions of the Egyptian regime in opening the border with the Gaza.


This was our main disagreement with the speeches of Netanyahu.


The new situation in Egypt is what Netanyahu should have focussed on. But it was precisely here that he pulled back from the necessary open confrontation with Obama.


Netanyahu could have pointed to the 84 per cent in the Pew Poll that wanted to have death for apostasy, with immediate effect towards the oppressed minority, the Egyptian Christian Copts. Like the coward he is Netanyahu did not mention the plight of the Copts.


Also the result of the Obama approach to Egypt has been this new great danger to Israel. With an open border with Egypt, no need for tunnels, arms simply are driven in.


Again Netanyahu pulled back from confronting Obama. Coward Netanyahu!


Above all Libya. Here Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy are raining bombs onto Tripoli every single night, and the table tennis partner of Obama, Cameron, snarls that Gadhafi has to go.


Netanyahu not a single word about this. Coward Netanyahu!


Yet there was a confrontation between Netanyahu and the policies of Obama.


The answer to this is not the courage and bravery of Netanyahu, but that Obama and his clique like the Irish woman Samantha Power, are really the equivalent in power of the anti-Semites of the ISM


Any small step against that anti-Semitism made by Netanyahu we on 4international, it goes without saying, will support.


But rather than losing our heads, it is far better to keep our feet on the ground, and to make a very cool and sober assessment of Netanyahu


And how Netanyahu just does not weigh up in what is now open warfare against Israel.


It is this open warfare from Obama that the American patriotic people need to see, and be made to see.



The excellent DEBKAfile reporting agency has the following piece concerning the current visit of prime Minister Netanyahu to Obama in Washington. It is rivetting and vital knowledge, yet it still does not get to grips with the situation, because it offers no way forward for Jews in terms of leadership

The heading of the Debka report ( is that the talks today are stressing nuclear issues, Iran´s and Israel´s. But why should there be even one word spoken about the nuclear weapons of Israel? On the other hand there should be plenty about the nuclear bomb being built by Islam and Iran.
Even the Debka heading shows that for Israel US imperialism is nothing less than the road to destruction.
On this basis alone it would be much better for Netanyahu to refuse to meet with Obama at all. At the very least the agenda should be on the table in advance and every word spoken should be published by Israel.
The extreme minimum would be for Netanyahu to publish a statement in which he lays down the central requirements of the Jews of Israel, following their experience in 1939 to 45, then 48, then 1967 etc.
There is a precedent for this kind of situation. The Russian delegation under Leon Trotsky went to the Brest Litovsk Treaty, (Brest is a city near the Polish border in modern Belarus)
I am not suggesting there is an exact parallel between Israel of today facing Obama, and the newly formed Workers Republic of latye 1917 facing the powers around Germany, with the rest of the rabid Imperialist lands like Britain waiting in the wings, engaged in war to finish off the Workers Republic. But there must be similarities.
Lenin decided that the Workers State could not survive if Germany decided to invade Moscow. They signed in order to gain a breathing space. Once again I am not saying that the position of Netanyahu is so weak as that.
But what is certain is that: It is true that Obama has to be challenged. The question of how and when is also of extreme importance.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was assured of a much friendlier and correct  White House welcome for his fifth encounter with President Barack Obama July 6 – compared with the unmannerly treatment meted out to him on March 23. Still, five time bombs with short fuses are ticking under their seats on issues on which the US president’s internationalist, diplomacy-first attitude is far from Israel’s survivalist, security-first strategic outlook on a number of basic issues. Both will try to overcome their mutual mistrust.
Their respective approaches to Iran’s drive for a nuclear weapon and the future of Israel’s reputed nuclear arsenal are the most combustible of their five topics of discussion. The US and Israel clearly do not see eye on eye on how and when to take action against Iran.

On June 17, defense secretary Robert Gates said Iran was developing the capability to fire scores or hundreds of missiles at Europe. Ten days later, he reported Iran had enough low-enriched uranium to start building two atom bombs within two years. So by the time the new UN sanctions and the complementary measures Obama approved Friday, July 2 start biting and affecting Tehran’s decision-making, the last moment for halting the construction of a nuclear bomb will have come and gone.
On June 28, Adm. Mullen, Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff commented that the US and Israel are “in sync” over the time needed to find out if the sanctions are working or not.
debkafile’s military sources describe this assertion as a pious hope rather than established fact, because even the US president cannot be absolutely sure Israel will not launch a surprise attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities before it is too late. Until now, he applied the brakes on Israeli action by two means: One by a constant flow of senior American military and intelligence figures to Israel every couple of days and frequent invitations to security minister Ehud Barak and Israeli military leaders to visit the US; second, by a personal presidential pledge to Netanyahu that if Israel holds off from striking Iran, he will continue to back Israel on matters essential to its security.
One such matter is the policy of ambiguity with regard to Israel’s nuclear arsenal, i.e., never confirming its existence.
For Jerusalem, this pledge was cast in doubt by Washington’s decision, against Israeli protests, to support the resolution calling for a nuclear-free Middle East tabled by Egypt for the Arab and Non-Aligned blocs at the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference that took place in Washington in May. This motion demanded that Israel join the NPT and accept international inspectors of its nuclear facilities. Israel was further angered by the fact that Iran and its nuclear weapons program were not even mentioned in the resolution.

Although US officials explained that a vote for the motion was obligatory given Obama’s comprehensive quest for a world without nuclear weapons. Although Israel’s government and security leaders never said this in so many words, they felt the administration had let them down on a key pledge and freed them of the commitment to refrain from a surprise attack on Iran.

Debka in the above remarks has very clearly explained the situation. There is now deep distrust between all sections of the Israeli Government and all sections of the Obama Regime.

This is indeed something new. No matter how bad the previous Presidents of the US were, the fiction that they would stand by Israel was always, somehow, maintained.

That has been totally torn asunder. The Israeli people, and it is also certain the people around Netanyahu, NO LONGER TRUST THE AMERICAN REGIME OF OBAMA.

Netanuahu is NOT Livni. I read material put about on the net that Netanyahu and Livni are just different forms of poison. This is especially the political line put across by the so called “Jewish” website Israpundit

Such as the following ignorant comment from an obvious ignoramus in the field of political strategy

Actually he is probably a lot better than Livni would have been since she would have been a clone of BHO (Barry Sotero).

BB, Better than Livni is like a choice between Ebola and Anthrax

The above is the depth of analysis on that site!

What that leaves out, to put it simply so that those dolts can understand, Netanyahu is NOT the same as Livni, because a very serious election has intervened, when the vast majority decided that Livni would no longer be the leader of the Jews, and Netanyahu was put in Livni´s  place BY THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL.

That kind of confusion by Israpundit, whose political line is as farcical as it is dangerous, has to be consciously opposed.

We on 4international are far from saying that Netanyahu is our hero, but we are saying in opposition to this treacherous Israpundit, that there is a difference between the Netanyahu Government and the previous Livni Government.

As we said above the essence of the matter is distrust. Livni was full of trust for the Arabs, before she led in the pulling of Jewish civilians and military from the Gaza. Livni also trusted Sharon and Bush.

The great gain of the Debka analysis is that it pinpoints that this trust is no longer there between the Israelis and the American Government. This is not a small matter in the whole post 1948 relations between these two pivotal states.

The Israeli prime minister and US president, in their talks Tuesday, must therefore forge a new “nuclear accord” governing both Iran and Israel.

*(Here I must confess I do not understand the Debka method, or are they being a little ironic. As they said already the trust is gone)

Assent on this question could ease the discord on four other key issues:
1.  Netanyahu says the “proximity talks,” formally started two months ago, have never really taken off, and progress on the topics at issue with the Palestinians demand direct talks for which he is fully prepared at any moment and for which Mahmoud Abbas has pre-conditions. The Israeli prime minister will discuss with the US president various formats for getting this dialogue on track, including a US-Saudi “Marshall Plan” for a Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza Strip that came up during Saudi King Abdullah’s visit to the White House on June 29.

2.   They will also explore ways for Israel to go back to construction in Jerusalem and the West Bank settlements, even nominally, after the 10-month freeze expires on Sept. 26 to ease the pressure on Netanyahu at home. Several Knesset factions held off until after the prime minister’s White House visit a bill requiring the government to seek a parliamentary majority for any further suspension of construction. The US will demand closer monitoring of any future freeze.

The idea of seeking a majority before there is any future suspension of building in the “settlements”. Things in Israel move slowly but they do move. Reminds one of the English revolutionaries in the Cromwellian revolution. This issue alone is the most fundamental. At stake is the fact that to satisfy Abbas there will have to be at least 300,000 Jews moved out of the “West Bank” so that these Muslims can have their Muslim only statelet (like Bosnia, like Kosovo, like Armenia etc)

3.  The crisis between Turkey and Israel. So far, Washington had avoided guaranteeing to withhold its support from a UN Assembly motion calling for an international commission to probe the flotilla incident in which Israeli commandos boarded a Turkish vessel leading a convoy for breaking Israel’s Gaza blockade and ended in a clash in which 9 Turkish activists were killed and 6 Israelis injured.
Israel’s eased embargo on civilian goods to Gaza was widely welcomed.

The two leaders will explore a possible joint US-Israeli stand against Turkish Prime Minister Tayyep Recip Erdogan in view of his deepening bonds with the Tehran-Damascus-Hizballah-Hamas bloc.

4.  They will also discuss how the US and Israel can work together against the continued flow of heavy weaponry, including ballistic missiles, from Syria to the Lebanese Shiite terrorist Hizballah.


At the start of this month Caroline Glick came closest to the position of Trotsky and Lenin in the Brest Litovsk treaty talks

(By the way, the very first thing which Trotsky did when he made his appearance at the talks, he being preceded by other Russian members of the team, was to end the cosy and friendly relations with the Germans. Little things, like insisting that the Russian team had a separate place to have their tea breaks etc, on the basis that there were issues that needed to be discussed, were not little things at all. At the same time Trotsky was eyeing up the opposition, to see who were the front men, and to understand who were the real powers on the German side, concluding that it was the German Army High Command, not even at the conference. Netanyahu needs to have the same formality established)

It is on the issue of the inter play of respective forces that Glick is so correct and well worth listening to:

What this means is that Netanyahu is well placed to stand up to Obama’s pressure. If he plays his cards wisely, he can say no to Obama and avoid an open confrontation. For instance, instead of agreeing to extend the building prohibition, Netanyahu should say that he is willing to discuss that demand in face-to-face negotiations with Abbas. Rather than agree to Abbas’s preconditions, Netanyahu should say that he is willing to listen to Abbas’s position in face-to-face negotiations. And so on and so forth. Such statements by Netanyahu will take the pressure for making concessions off him and put Obama and Abbas on the spot.

Even more importantly, it will buy Israel time.

And buying time should be Israel’s chief goal with respect to Washington today. Since taking office, Obama has repeatedly demonstrated that he will not reconsider his fundamentally hostile view of Israel. Obama’s basic belief that Israel’s strength and size are to blame for all the violence and radicalism in the Arab world is not subject to change, regardless of how clearly and continuously events on the ground prove it wrong.

EVEN WORSE for Israel, Obama is not alone in this view. Indeed, as a report in Foreign Policy this week makes clear, Obama’s position on Israel is moderate when compared to the positions being staked out in influential policy circles in the US military.

On Wednesday, Foreign Policy published the content of a memo written last month in the US Military’s Central Command. The memo, a “Red Team” assessment of how the US should position itself vis-à-vis the likes of Hamas and Hizbullah, reveals that among key members of the US policy-making community, Israel is viewed with extreme hostility.

The leaked memo reportedly reflects the views of a significant number of senior and mid-level officers in Centcom, including large numbers of intelligence officers, as well as a significant number of area analysts stationed in the Middle East. It argues that it is wrong for the US to lump jihadist movements like Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaida and Hizbullah in one group.

Dismissing the significance of the identical religious dogma that stands at the root of these movements, the memo asserts that Hamas and Hizbullah are pragmatic and important social forces with which the US must foster good relations.

The memo calls for the US to support the integration of Hizbullah forces into the Lebanese military. It also calls for the US to encourage and permit the integration of Hamas forces into the US-trained Palestinian security forces.

As far as Israel is concerned, the memo blames the Jewish state for the US’s failure to date to adopt these recommended policies. Moreover, the memo’s authors condemn Israel’s maritime blockade of Gaza as keeping “the area on the verge of a perpetual humanitarian collapse.”

The Centcom memo also condemns Israel’s July 2006 decision to respond to Hizbullah’s unprovoked bombardment of northern Israel and its unprovoked cross-border attack against an IDF patrol in which five soldiers were killed and two were kidnapped and subsequently murdered.

Denying Hizbullah’s subservient relationship with the Iranian regime, the report claims that Israel’s decision to use force to defend itself against Hizbullah’s acts of war served to strengthen Hizbullah’s ties to Teheran.

What this memo shows is that Israel has little hope of seeing a change for the better in US policy in the near future and its best bet today is to play for time. Next week at the Oval Office, Netanyahu should capitalize on his advantage four months ahead of the congressional elections and put the burden on Obama and Abbas to show their good intentions.

Playing for time is what Glick suggests should be considered. This is what the Bolsheviks did clearly at Brest Litovsk. And was Lenin a conservative???

That idea is laughable but instructional, especially when one looks at this unchallenged comment on Israpundit, from a commenter who claims to live in the Negev:

Glick has lost it. We know she is still in BB’s tank but her advice is to stall for time avoiding confrontation? BB can’t avoid confrontation w/out conceding the kitchen sink and he’s already close to that.

What is to be gained by avoiding the inevitable confrontation that will come like a tsunami after the elections, no matter what the results?

Israel should tell Hussein to go Fuck himself and take on Obama personally with everything we can throw at him. We have lot of cards and leverage but chickenshit BB and Barak too cowardly to use them.

Glick did raise a key point BB and Barak are scared out of their gourds of the Israeli leftist media and that’s what they fear most, more than Hussein. They both want power for it’s own sake along with greed and personal megalomania.

OK, we might have to pay a steep economic price. So I’ll herd goats till it blows over. No big deal.

You can see how utterly subjective is the comment above.

It goes without saying that there is no examination of the real correlation of forces between the US and Israel. For example, where are the American ordinary people, especially the American Christian community, on the issue? Are the Christian Evangelized well organized. What about the American Jews? Where do they stand. And many other issues need to be analysed. But the writer above makes it all subjective in the thought that he will herd goats. Big deal that!

Certainly Glick is right. But the real question to follow up on Glick is “waiting for what”? Who can come to the aid of Israel in this coming periood? That is the central question to which 4international will return


by Felix Quigley

March 11, 2009

The position which Netanyahu faces is this:


1. He knows that Israel has to fight a war with Iran in order to delay the Iranian Nuclear Bomb threat to the lives of 6 millions of Jews


2. He knows that the US Nazis, under the possible CIA creation Obama, are determined to see Israel destroyed and the Jews massacred in another Holocaust


3. He knows that the decisive factor in all of this is the world economic crisis in capitalism. Netanyahu is no slouch when it comes to things economic since he was the man who modernized the Israeli economy, a modernization that laid the basis for much recent capitalist development. He knows how capitalism works and he also knows that the world system is in a deadly crisis. It will not be a surprize to Netanyahu that the US Nazis are in league with Islam Fascism. He is not stupid. He has seen Holbrook actually in bed with Muslim Brotherhood member Izetbegovic, associate of Hajj Amin el Husseini in the Holocaust, and he knows that Obama is directing affairs on the same plan


4. Thus Netanyahu though he cannot say it publicly has no illusions in the US Government


Hence Netanyahu is right. He knows that in the next 6 months Israel faces ALONE the war of its life, for its very existence.




He is right.


Spelling the issues out like this is only tending to expose the corrupt and personal nature of Livni´s political approach to Israel.


His natural ally is Lieberman. But see the note I add below about the moves of the Israeli traitorous Court System to Lieberman.


This report from DEBKAfile confirms much of my analysis above


Having failed to draw Kadima and Labor into a unity government, DEBKAfile‘s political sources report that Israel’s prime minister-designate Binyamin Netanyahu is planning to settle for a provisional administration serving six months before calling another early election.

Loth to rest his government’s stability on right-wing and religious parties (61 out of 120 Knesset members), Netanyahu prefers to take his chances on a new ballot. But he rejected the recommendation from of his close advisers to notify the president next week that he is throwing in the sponge in the belief that he can use the extra six months to good advantage.

His main consideration is that Israel expects to be embroiled in a major military confrontation in the next few months with Iran, Hamas or Hizballah – or all three at once – a compelling scenario for a national emergency government against which Kadima and Labor will find it hard to hold out.

With this eventuality in mind, the Likud leader keeping the senior portfolios of security, treasury and justice open for members of those two parties or deposited with Likud ministers who will step aside and make way for them in an emergency.

A prominent example of this tactic is the new Likud legislator, the former chief of staff Moshe Yaalon. He is penciled in for defense in the interim administration on the understanding that if Labor joins, he will step down and accept the No. 2 position. Uri Yogev, a former treasury official, likewise expects to stand down for a Labor or Kadima candidate in finance.

Netanyahu is not waiting for a war emergency; he is quietly pursuing Labor and Kadima in informal conversations with defense minister Ehud Barak of Labor and Kadima’s Shaul Mofaz and Tzahi Hanegbi.

His offer of the foreign ministry to Israel Beteinu’s controversial leader Avigdor Lieberman is not yet signed and sealed. The prime minister-designate calculates that if the ongoing police probe into his financial affairs culminates in an indictment, Lieberman will have to withdraw, but his party will continue to support the government.

Lieberman’s exit will ease the path of Kadima and Labor to government.

Netanyahu closest circle of advisers, our political sources report, consists of his wife, Sara Netanyahu, the lawyer-politician and former justice minister, Yaacov Neeman and Likud lawmakers Reuven Rivlin, Gideon Saar and Gilead Erdan.

Netanyahu may settle for interim

 government until early election

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis

March 12, 2009

[end of DEBKAfile report here] 




Yet there is no way around this central question. There exists in the ranks of the Peace Movement in Israel, and in the ranks of many Jewish organizations in America and Europe, a downright traitorous group of people.


It seems to be to be the ultimate in treason for law officers in Israel AT THIS TIME to be bringing a law case against Lieberman. It is on the most dubious of grounds. It is a matter of hounding this patriotic Jew who hails from Russia. It is a total scandal.


This is in Israel a time of national emergency.


If Netanyahu actually had the balls he would in fact be out there in a major campaign to defend Lieberman.


All of this traitorous carry on is shown in this report from that traitorous newspaper Haaretz which is covered here by an Australian paper. Read it please. It is of great moment.

[Begin report about hounding of Lieberman here]


John Lyons, Middle East correspondent | March 07, 2009

Article from:  The Australian

ISRAEL’S prime minister designate Benjamin Netanyahu has been handed a dilemma as he prepares a new government, with the publication yesterday of a major investigation into the financial affairs of his key coalition partner and the man being considered for foreign minister: Avigdor Lieberman.

The influential Israeli newspaper Haaretz yesterday published the first part of an investigation into Mr Lieberman’s financial affairs, in which it said he had allegedly received a large amount of money from a company established by his daughter when he was a member of the Knesset (MK) and a minister.

The paper said Mr Lieberman, leader of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, had allegedly received about $1.1 million from the company since its establishment in 2004. That included a large severance payment after working for the company for two years.

Mr Lieberman told the newspaper: “I never engaged in private work concurrent with serving as an MK.”

He said that after he was elected to the Knesset a retirement agreement was signed between him and the company by which payment was transferred to him, spread over five or six instalments.

While he said all the money he received and the retirement agreement itself was reported under the law to the state comptroller, he was unable to provide those to the newspaper and said he was not in possession of them.

It was already known in Israel that Mr Lieberman was under investigation by the police for possible money-laundering and fraud, but the new investigation puts pressure on Mr Netanyahu as he chooses not just his new government, but his new cabinet.

While Tzipi Livni’s Kadima party received the most votes of any party, the Right bloc, led by Mr Netanyahu’s Likud, received more votes nationally than the Centre-Left bloc, led by Kadima.

After Ms Livni declined Mr Netanyahu’s invitation to be partof a unity government, Mr Netanyahu was left relying on Mr Lieberman and Yisrael Beiteinu to form government.

Yisrael Beiteinu, an ultra-nationalist party, on February 10 became the third-largest party behind Kadima and Likud.

Mr Lieberman and Mr Netanyahu were once colleagues, both originally from the Likud party. When Mr Netanyahu was prime minister in the late 1990s, Mr Lieberman was one of his key advisers and considered his “gatekeeper” – access to Mr Netanyahu was considered almost impossible without approval from Mr Lieberman.

But Mr Lieberman, who migrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union, helped form a new party, which originally relied heavily on the votes of Russian immigrants in Israel.

In recent years, its appeal has gone beyond the Russian community as it has appealed to many Israelis who want to see a separation between Jews and Arabs inside Israel.

Haaretz reported that the company established by Mr Lieberman’s daughter, Michal Lieberman, in 2004, called ML1, had received at least $4.4 million from abroad in the 4 1/2 years since its founding.

The paper said: “A police investigation is trying to find out who gave the money (to Mr Lieberman) and why.”,25197,25149235-15084,00.html


by Felix Quigley

February 25, 2009

It is a great betrayal that Netanyahu is carrying out…seeking an allaince with the arch traitor Livni when Netanyahu has been given a majority by the Israeli people if his votes are counted with parties on the patriotic Jewish side.

Livni represents the most dangerous and reacionary side of the Israeli elite. It is totally hostile to Jewish nationalism, to Zionism, and is prepared to seek alliance with Fascist Arab forces rather than advance Jewish nationalism.

Livni represents a big danger to everything Jewish in Israel.

Livni and Sharon split Likud in order to pull every Jew out of Gaza. Livni handed Gaza to Hamas on a plate.

Then Hamas proceeded for 8 years to rocket Israel.

This is a betrayal so grievous that Netanyahu must have nothing to do with Livni.

Now I can understand some of the thinking behind Netanyahu. Let us look at his situation with realism and without dogma

1. He sees the main issue as the Iranian bomb existentialist for Jews one. If Israelis not successful in that then the game is up for the Jews of Israel.

2. Netanyahu and any Jew must be extremely worried by the position of the US elite, as shown int he Obama team role in Durban 2

3. Netanyahu rightly feels Israel totally on its own. Rather than help from the US elite which is Nazi the oppsoite. Obama like Brown is heading into support for Islam land

4. Because Israel and Jews are so on their own against this mortal Iranian threat then it is natural to feel let us Israelis all unite together.

But still the Livni section of Israeli politics is so totally and ciompletely traitorous.

All of this was admirably put a few days ago by this report by DEBKAfile.

I have always argued that Fatah and Hamas would come together on a tactical basis to destroy Israel. Francisco Gil White took this position, his memorable phrase was that they are all cut from the same cloth.

And netanyahu must seek out the patriots in Israeli society and try to convince the best of the rest to go along. Livni is not a patriot I feel. She seems to me to be foremost a personal careerist.

[Begin report from Debka here]

DEBKAfile‘s military sources report that Sunday, Feb. 22, the Palestinian Authority on orders from chairman Mahmoud Abbas began releasing Hamas terrorists detained as part of his commitment to join forces with Israel to combat Palestinian terror. Abbas did not consult Israel before freeing the first batch of 21 prisoners.

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas began releasing activists of Abbas’ Fatah.

Our sources reveal that, under pressure from Washington, prime minister Ehud Olmert and foreign minister Tzipi Livni agreed to their transfer to the West Bank, where they took part in a conference of the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s executive committee last Saturday.

DEBKAfile‘s military sources warn that the reopening of the covert corridor to terrorist traffic between the West Bank and Gaza Strip is a recipe for the revival of Palestinian attacks against central Israel, Hamas’ long-held goal.

While Israel’s unity talks stumble forward, the rival Palestinian Fatah and Hamas are on a fast-moving secret track towards a power-sharing accord.

It is Abbas’ intention to unveil his Palestinian unity administration simultaneously with the presentation of Binyamin Netanyahu’s broad national government. By this means, he expects to maneuver the Americans into non-cooperation with Israel unless its new government swallows the Hamas component of a legitimate Palestinian government.

Hamas, for its part, is making hay. Not only are the Islamist fundamentalists not asked to meet international demands and give up their avowed aim to destroy Israel, they have cornered Abbas by requiring him to give up his security partnership with the United States and Israel. He has responded with a directive to Fatah negotiators to promise that their joint regime will in time edge out of this partnership.

The undercover Palestinian moves climax Wednesday, Feb. 25 at a formal Palestinian reconciliation conference in Cairo chaired by Egypt’s intelligence minister and senior Palestinian negotiator Gen. Omar Suleiman.

Cairo has reopened Gaza’s Rafah gateway for three days as a gesture to Hamas.

Abbas is therefore moving along his own underhand track unrelated to the Palestinian pretext Kadima’s Livni is using to opt out of Netanyahu’s coalition government. She wants him to commit to the two-state solution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict as his government’s top priority. Netanyahu argues that the Olmert-Livni talks with Abbas over many months got nowhere, while the perils posed by Iran and its advance on Israel’s borders are immediate and existential.

Some of Livni’s key associates in Kadima have launched their own freelance approach to Abbas. It aims at discrediting the Netanyahu administration from the moment he presents his lineup to the president. At that moment, on their advice, Palestinian Authority leaders will announce the break-off of contacts with Israel until the new Israeli prime minister publicly states his commitment to a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel and a halt to settlement expansion.

Livni’s close circle is thus hoping to use the Palestinians as a blunderbuss to beat the Netanyahu government into accepting Kadima’s point of view or face international condemnation.


I feel that Netanyahu needs support. We are well aware of his past betrayal over Hebron, but now he must have the feeling that groups like Israpundit etc are fighting (not just endlessly talking) inside the American ordinary people to rally behind Israel, on the clear understanding that the US elite are setting out to create a kind of havoc in the Middle East, in an attempt to emulate the old British Empire maxim, divide and rule. Obama will try to play off the Jews against Iran etc. The result for Jews could well be Holocaust. As serious as that.


by Felix Quigley

January 13, 2009

A great article by Netanyahu

He is one of the clearest thinkers in Israel and he is also a great speaker. I do not think he holds the key to the survival of Israel because he embodies a contradiction. On the one hand he knows well the great danger to Israel from US Governments. On the other he cannot see any alternative to relying on US Governments.

He has an understanding of the key role of the ordinary American people, and their possible antagonism with their Government in support of Jews, but cannot see how to bring that about.

Basically Netanyahu waits for some development abroad that will come to the aid of Israle. He is correct on almost everything. Still does not have the answer. It is not a simple proposition being a leader of Israel and facing horrid world antisemitism.

[start Netanyahu article here]

Imagine a siren that gives you 30 seconds to find shelter before a Kassam rocket falls from the sky and explodes, spraying its lethal shrapnel in all directions. Now imagine this happens day after day, month after month, year after year.

If you can imagine that, you can begin to understand the terror to which hundreds of thousands of Israelis have been subjected. Three years ago Israel withdrew from every square inch of Gaza. And since that withdrawal, our civilians have been targeted by more than 6,000 rockets and mortars fired from Gaza. In the face of this relentless bombardment, Israel has acted with a restraint that other countries, faced with a similar threat, would find hard to fathom. Israel’s government has finally decided to respond.

For this action to succeed, we must first have moral clarity. There is no moral equivalence between Israel, a democracy which seeks peace and targets the terrorists, and Hamas, an Iranian-backed terror organization that seeks Israel’s destruction and targets the innocent

In launching precision strikes against Hamas rocket launchers, headquarters, weapons depots, smuggling tunnels and training camps, Israel is trying to minimize civilian casualties. But Hamas deliberately attacks Israeli civilians and deliberately hides behind Palestinian civilians — a double war crime. Responsible governments do their utmost to minimize civilian casualties, but they do not grant immunity to terrorists who use civilians as human shields.

The international community may occasionally condemn Hamas for putting Palestinian civilians in harm’s way, but if it ultimately holds Israel responsible for the casualties that ensue, then Hamas and other terror organizations will employ this abominable tactic again and again.

The charge that Israel is using disproportionate force is equally baseless. Does proportionality demand that Israel fire 6,000 rockets indiscriminately back at Gaza? Does it demand an equal number of casualties on both sides? Using that logic, one would conclude that the United States employed disproportionate force against the Germans because 20 times as many Germans as Americans died in World War II.

In that same war, Britain responded to the firing of thousands of rockets on its population with the wholesale bombing of German cities. Israel’s measured response to rocket fire on its cities has come in the form of surgical strikes. To further root out Hamas terrorists in a way that minimizes Palestinian civilian casualties, Israel’s army is now engaged in a ground operation that places its soldiers in great peril. Carpet-bombing of Palestinian cities is not an option that any Israeli leader will entertain.

The goal of this mission should be clear: To end the current round of missile attacks and to remove the threat of such attacks in the future. The only cease-fire or diplomatic initiative that should be accepted is one that achieves this dual objective.

If our enemies assumed that the Israeli public would be divided on the eve of an election, they were wrong. When it comes to exercising our most basic right of self-defense, there is no opposition and no coalition. We stand united against Hamas because we know that only by defeating Hamas can we provide security for our people and hope for a future peace.

We fight to defend ourselves, but in so doing we are also fighting a fanatical ideology that seeks to reverse the course of history and throw the civilized world back into a new dark age. The struggle between militant Islam and modernity — whether fought in Afghanistan, Iraq, India or Gaza — will decide our common future. It is a battle we cannot afford to lose.

Mr. Netanyahu, Israel’s ninth prime minister, is the chairman of the Likud Party and its candidate for prime minister.


by Felix Quigley

December 17, 2008

The coming General Election in Israel is the most important in its history. Everything in this election centres on the issue of the creation of the Palestine Jihadist Jew Hating state engineered by US and EU Imperialism out of Israeli land. These Jew haters have been aided by traitors in Israel itself. The question in the election is can these Fascists and Jew Haters be stopped since they are backed by huge swathes of international opinion which has been taken in by the “Palestinian” myth and lies, and how it can be stopped.


4international is based in this election on learning the lessons and opposing the absolutely criminal and traitorous policy of Barak, Livni and Olmert, carrying on from the Sharon betrayal over Gaza, and the need to expunge this reactionary excrescence out of Israeli politics.


We call for an unmistable vote for Netanyahu, and for the slate of Netanyahu. This does not mean that we are fully in agreement with Netanyahu. But in this election it is vital to form a United Front with Netanyahu and his team and against those who would sell out on the issue of the Palestine state issue.


If there is any ambiguity on this call then it allows in again the reactionary political line of Sharon and of Barak.


On the question of Feiglin… We are opposed to the administrative moves made by Netanyahu against Feiglin. But we oppose the general divisive and sectarian politics of Feiglin who tries to preach that the only good Jewish fighter is a religious Jew, that is a Jew who believes in a supernatural being. With every fiber of our bodies we oppose this concept and we see this as an insult to the millions of patriotic Jews who are either agnostic or atheist. A moment’s reflection will show just how divisive and downright counter productive are these politics of Feiglin. We need fighters for Israel, not Holy Joes who are lost in the clouds of prayer etc. So Netanyahu is wrong he should not for a second try to suppress the Feiglin politics, he should welcome it, and have the fight on ideas with Feiglin right out there in the open.


Above all the situation needs the building of a revolutionary Trotskyist Party in Israel which will take the fight on against the betrayals of Labourism represented by Barak, and against Stalinism represented by Os and Pappe etc.


Although the world economic crisis in capitalism predominates in the world and also in Israel and the Arab countries, this election is really about the national rights of the Jews.


Will the Jewish nation represented by Israel become an independent power in the world?


This means these things


  1. A definitive break of Israel from the US and EU Imperialists and total independence especially from the US bullies who have been led by Bush and Rice and now by Obama and Clinton. The US spying on Israel forces lodged in the Negev must be immediately expelled from there. They are there on the pretext of warning against an incoming Iranian rocket. Such a defensive approach by Barak since Israel can well defend itself against the Iranian Fascists given boild leaders! In fact Barak has allowed a major spy mission by the US Imperialist class to be lodged on Jewish soil. This is potentially worse and more dangerous to Israel than was the Israeli association this year with Fascist Butcher of Georgia Saakashvili. And Israeli patriots still lie in US jails!
  2. Israel under a new government must refer back to the US military assessment of the 70s regarding Israeli security. It must take total control of Golan, Gaza, Judea and Samaria (for its vital high ground and strategic depth) and present day Israel itself. This area must be administered as one unit. A new propaganda team must be assembled by Netanyahu which points out that the surrounding land mass of the Arab and Islamist states out does Israel by about 5000 to 1. All the peoples of the world including the Irish must be made fully aware of these realities. All minorities in this area will have full social and religious rights, but not political, as laid down in the League of Nations treaty of San Remo 1920.

4internal is opposed to all those who are silent on this election. Where are those like Francisco Gil White? What does Jared Israel have to say? Where is Nathan Pearlstein and Peter Robert North?

Meanwhile those on Israpundit under Ted Belman, on Frontpagemag and on other sites such as Jihadwatch are following a programme essentially of support for US Imperialism. The key factor in all of this is the support given by Israpundit for the attack by Saakashvili on South Ossetia and on the destruction of the Jewish Quarter there.

People like Belman and Yamit82 are incapable of calling for a clear vote for Netanyahu. Who then does Belman call on Jews in the election to vote for.

Especially Yamit82 is a religious bigot. He demands that all who fight for Israel be a believer in the supernatural etc. What then about the millions of Jews and of other nationalities who will fight for Israel yet be either confirmed atheists or as in the case of most youth be unconcerned about such issues.

The other issue which 4international is most opposed to is calling the traitors in Israel, such as Pappe or even Olmert, of the “Left”. This is an Imperialist and British Intelligence strategy. Confuse people over the difference between revolutionary socialism which is this movement, and those such as Stalinists or Labourists who have long been traitors to socialism.

It is in the cunning and reactionary interest of people like Sultan Knish to label all together as “The Left”, or as “Leftists”. Knish fools nobody but his own reactionary self. Jews will not find correct leadership from this fraud!

In opposition to these labels we ask all of these people what is their concrete political position on the burning issue of the day, on who to vote for in the coming General Election in Israel. This will be the most vital event in the history of the state of Israel. On 4international we say, speak now or forever hold your peace. We want to know what your position is on this election and why…

In future articles over the next period we will be looking sharply at the position of the likes of Yamit82, Belman, Pipes etc etc. We cannot wait!


by Felix Quigley

What actually happened in the murder scene itself has been described in great detail by Israel National News website. Continue reading