Yes, I have just had time to look through the very influential blog of Pamela Geller.



Pamela Geller carries on her site an important article which deals with the murder and torture of the many Africans and Libyans who were supportive of Muammar Gadhafi




Pamela Geller does not explain how she said nothing when her buddies on Jihadwatch called for abstentionism in the Jihad against Gadhafi. In other words she allowed it to happen.




Geller NOW refers to the grisly murder of Muammar Gadhafi. But she does not deal with her own remark at the time “And good riddance too!”




Geller is just carrying on this rot inside the bourgeois Zionist Movement. I can find in her leading articles no defence of Assad in Syria who also IS FACING THE WRATH OF THE OBAMA/MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD/QATAR/QARADAWI JIHAD. That is Syria’s turn and Geller is silent.


You with me? There is something fraudulent going on here. None of them are defending Assad from the Jihad. Just as they did not defend Mubarak or Gadhafi unconditionally either.


You see? Basically all of these bourgeois Zionist leaders like Geller, and like Belman of Israpundit, and like Spencer, they condemn the Jihad AFTER the Jihad has been successful.


Can Jews be safe behind bourgeois Zionist leaders like Geller who will warn of the danger only after the danger has struck and the Jihad has been successful and all opposition to the Jihad has been put down. Then it is too late.


In the following report on Libya today with all of its torture and its planned Sharia Law Geller takes the daily mail Report.


The introduction by Geller at the beginning makes interesting reading. She is now correct. The Government of Gadhafi WAS largely secular. Nobody explained why Gadhafi gave such a welcome to Black and often Christian Africans over so many years, and that they all felt safe in Libya, but NOT safe in other Arab countries. Many of these Black Africans loved Gadhafi but hated other Arab states and rulers. And Gadhafi was NOT according to Jim Squires responsible for Lockerbie. He was bullied into taking the blame.


But why did Geller go along with Spencer and Shirk that she had no dog in this fight?


And why on the murder of Gadhafi did Geller say “And good riddance too!”


{In the Daily Mail report which Geller uses you will notice that these British imperialists and fascists in the mail keep up the black propaganda against Muammar Gadhafi}



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Obama’s Interventionism: Libyan Opposition Being Viciously Tortured


I wondered why Obama didn’t laud his human rights record in Libya, Egypt and Iran in his #SOTU….. /sarc tag off.

He didn’t mention the vicious sodomy and barbaric murder of Ghaddafi by Obama-supported sharia savages. Nor did his royal flyness mention the barbaric atrocities and genocide of blacks committed by anti-Gaddafi Muslims during last year’s Obama Libya moment.

Obama ‘s war against Libya unleashed hell on earth in Libya. Linda R queries, “Is it ethical for US/NATO to ignore the agony and massive suffering their unjust, illegal war created? And just walk away and leave HELL ON EARTH in Libya?

This is Obama’s slash and burn foreign policy, helping to destroy secular regimes in order to install jihadist rule. In this he has been completely and utterly successful.

Where are the media O-hos on this?


Pro-Gaddafi supporters in Libya are being tortured, says United Nations Daily Mail

  • 8,000 loyalists loyalists being ill-treated by militia men – human rights report
  • Medicins Sans Frontieres pulls out of Misrata
  • Amnesty International claim there have been deaths at Libyan detention centres

Britain and its NATO allies spent billions freeing Libyans from the evil clutches of Colonel Gaddafi, but what exactly has replaced him?

Democratic elections are still some way away, there’s serious unrest in several cities and today a United Nations report reveal that up to 8,000 pro-Gaddafi supporters were being held by militia groups in Libya.

Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay claimed they are being held in appalling conditions and are being abused and tortured.

While Amnesty International state that detainees have died after being tortured by militias in detention centres.



The organisation’s medical staff said they were were being asked to patch up detainees mid-way through torture sessions so they could go back for more abuse.

The agency said it was in Misrata, about 130 miles east of the Libyan capital and scene of some of the fiercest battles in the conflict, to treat war-wounded detainees but was instead having to treat fresh wounds.

Meantime, the UN’s Mrs Pillay said the problem was down to militias working outside of government control.

She added: ‘The lack of oversight by the central authorities creates an environment conducive to torture and ill treatment. My staff have received alarming reports that this is happening in places of detention that they have visited.’


Abuse claims: Ibrahim Mohammed says he was tortured at the hands of the Gharyan city forces earlier this month. His claims support assertions by the United Nations that torture and violence is widespread

General Director of MSF Christopher Stokes reinforced the UN assertions and said: ‘Patients were brought to us in the middle of interrogation for medical care, in order to make them fit for more interrogation.

‘This is unacceptable. Our role is to provide medical care to war casualties and sick detainees, not to repeatedly treat the same patients between torture sessions.

The agency said it has raised the issue with the authorities in Misrata and with the national army.

‘No action was taken,’ said Stokes. ‘We have therefore come to the decision to suspend our medical activities in the detention centres.’

Rights groups have repeatedly raised concerns about torture being used against people, many of them sub-Saharan Africans, suspected of having fought for Muammar Gaddafi’s forces during Libya’s nine-month civil war.

Reports of the mistreatment and disappearances of suspected Gaddafi loyalists have embarrassed Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council (NTC), which had vowed to make a break with practices under Gaddafi and respect human rights.

They are installing a sharia government. Sharia is the opposite of humanity.

The allegations are also awkward for the Western powers which backed the anti-Gaddafi rebellion and helped install Libya’s new leaders.



The point of Libya being:


If these savages are also liars over the lies about Saif then why should we believe a single thing that they tell us about anything


The Kangaroo Court in the Hague also actually thought that Saif Gadhafi was captured. Problem is that it was a lie.


And to prove that it was a lie Saif Had to appear right at the hotel where all the foreign journalists are safely ensconced, thanks you know to the Gadhafi side.


And Saif had to take these bloody western journalists by the hand and escort them through a large part of Tripoli. So that their margin for lies was reduced just a little bit.


This is not at all a civil war in Libya. This is in essence the same war as took place in Kosovo, it is a NATO invasion in order to place an Islamofascist Government in power which will enact Sharia Law.


The real war criminals, Nuremburg style, are not at all Gadhafi but are Cameron and Hague, Sarkozy and Merkel, with the Chinese and Russian Stalinists in a supporting role to these Nazis.


As we said yesterday the defining issue is the bravery of the Gadhafi forces, and the Gadhafi family leadership.


The spirit of this fight by Gadhafi is contained in the phrase made at the beginning, and repeated yesterday to the bastardised British journalists:


“We are born here. We live here. We die here”


Whatever is the outcome of this, and there is little hope that the Gadhafi forces can actually take on NATO, because this is a life and death struggle in political terms for the likes of Cameron, who is also more and more disliked by the British on other issues connected with the economic crisis in British capitalism, people and especially the black repressed people of Africa will not forget.


4international is alone. From the very beginning we did not sit on the fence. We called for the victory to Muammar Gadhafi against NATO.


We also called for the victory of Slobodan Milosevic over NATO in the war which NATO conducted against the Serbs.


This does not imply political agreement, but in the choice between small nations and the George Soros inspired NATO then we do not sit on the fence.




“For the first time in the six-month war against Muammar Qaddafi’s regime, NATO troops, despite denials, are taking part in the fighting on the ground as British and French “military advisers” – members of special operations units – help Libyan rebels fight for control of the Libyan capital Tripoli. This contest is evolving into a war of intelligence, as debkafile‘s military sources disclose. Qaddafi’s counter-offensive aims at separating the Western troops from the small numbers of rebels – no more than 2,500-3,000.

Sources close to that contest estimate that if Qaddafi’s roughly 5,000 loyal troops in the capital can achieve this goal, they will have enhanced their chances of reversing the tide of battle.
Those sources refute some media claims that the rebels already control 80-90 percent of Tripoli and say they were left with no more than one third of the city by Monday night, Aug. 22. In the day and a night since they entered the capital, Qaddafi’s 12th Division has recovered some of the territory the rebels captured in their first push”


Thus it is clear that this is a Nazi type operation which is being conducted by NATO. Like the German Nazis in the 1930s the alliance is with the Muslim Brotherhood. Then it was with the religious fanatic and Jew Hater Hajj Amin el Husseini, and today in 2011 it is with the Nazis of the Iranian theocracy” .


Jews may think that Libya and what happens there is outside of them.


What fools! Jews are directly threatened by the NATO Nazi war against Gadhafi, aiming to put into power an Islamist regime.


The only chance that Jews of Israel have got is not to sit in their box in Israel like frightened political rabbits. (That defines Netanyahu and Barak)


They had to defend Mubarak. They have to defend Assad on their own terms. And they have to fight for the victory to Gadhafi. And the best way to aid Gadhafi and down NATO/Sharia is to strike the most decisive blows against Fatah, Hamas and Hizbullah, with the least possible delay in time.



Harry’s Place is emerging as the central NATO organ on the British web space


These are the cretins who weighed in against the Serbs on behalf of the fascist Islamist Nazi Izetbegovic, and on behalf of the Nazi Tudjman in Croatia in Operation Storm


Yet the left opponents of HP are trying to drive this anti Nato feeling into anti-Semitism against Israel.


In the following exchange today a regular HP poster called “Lucy lips” is opposing one Jody McIntyre because McIntyre, rather like Chavez, is opposing NATO in Libya, but at the same time McIntyre like Chavez is filled with anti-Semitic hatred for Israel


As this makes clear:


Jody McIntyre, who wanted to see the streets of London set alight, evidently has little love for the jubilant masses of Libya who are now celebrating an end to 40 years of insane dictatorship:

Almost 1300 people have been killed in Libya in the past 24 hours; almost equal to the death toll of the brutal, three-week Israeli Operation Cast Lead massacre in Gaza. In the case of Gaza, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in cities across the world to demonstrate, but now, we celebrate for Tripoli.

McIntyre says he gets his news from Russia Today. This would be the outlet that yesterday was “reporting” the following…





The fall of Muammar Gadhafi in Tripoli last night is the start of a new era of Islamofascist dominance in the world, and Islamofascism which is now backed openly by NATO


There is in fact a pro Islamofascist President sitting in the White House, Obama, but unfortunately it is not just Obama, the list of pro Sharia politicians in America extends from George Bush, Carter, Clinton, now Perry and of course McCain. You have to add snakes like Joseph Lieberman to the mix.


Gadhafi came to power on the basis of a rebellion against the reactionary and despotic medieval kingship of Libya. Of course he did not have many answers but he did try to advance the interests of the poor Libyans, especially was progressive towards the role of women, tried to overcome tribal divisions, was especially sympathetic towards black Africa (which earned him the hatred of the racist Muslims). For confirmation of the latter look at the numbers of blacks from countries like Nigeria and Congo who were forced to flee by the NATO intervention.


Nothing was perfect but then neither was the despot Haile Selassie perfect in the 1930s. Despite being a religious despot Leon Trotsky did not hesitate for a second in defending Selassie unconditionally against the Mussolini invasion, and the defence of a poor country against Nazi Imperialism.


That is something that Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch could never and can never understand.


Not once during this terrible NATO intervention in Libya, on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood essentially, was Robert Spencer and the other reactionaries who comment on that site ever called once to defend Muammar Gadhafi against NATO and the fascist Muslim Brotherhood


I mean NOT ONCE!


And the fraudster known as Pamela Geller was really no different to Spencer. They seem to be cut from the same material.


Now they are silent (AS I WRITE) on the overthrow of Gadhafi. And of course it is too late anyway. No use in saying anything now. The damage is done.


Spencer would not defend Gadhafi during all of those months of NATO bombing of the Gadhafi forces in support of the Muslim Brotherhood of Qaradawi


But towards the end when Gadhafi made some statement about a Jihad against NATO (after the NATO air attack which killed scores of civilians and which NATO claimed was a rocket gone “wrong”) there was Spencer and his ugly brand of so called anti-Jihad politics ready to pounce on Gadhafi


What an ugly brand of politics is contained in this “anti-Jihadist” Spencer.


By the way we on 4international defend Spencer and Geller when they are attacked by Muslims. What we are saying here is that they betrayed the anti-Jihadist struggle by refusing to defend Gadhafi in a REAL WAR, not words but a war that was actually happening


I am going to now produce the entry that was made by Spencer at that time (You should remember that Spencer kept asking, as did Geller, why are we there, meaning why is US Imperialism there) but this entry shows that Spencer was part of the NATO war machine against Gadhafi, which in itself was part of the Jihad, and was part of the overall war against Israel as well.


Gadhafi calls for global jihad as NATO bombs Libyan civilians

Unfortunately for him, however, it looks as if the global jihad has already opted to replace his regime. “Gadhafi calls for ‘global jihad’ as NATO bombs Libyan civilians,” from the International Business Times, June 19:


You can see how Spencer is sneering at Gadhafi


And then there is this comment from one of the Jihadwatch regulars, “Kepha” which I now reproduce


Kepha | June 20, 2011 2:57 AM | Reply

Patriotism–the last refuge of the scoundrel [If you're British or American].

Jihad–the last refuge of the thuggish scoundrel [I you're Muslim]


You can see what I mean by turning to

And that leaves Spencer just about nowhere as far as principled politics are concerned.


We will deal with the website 4international in a separate article, and you will see that the similarities to this are close.


I maintain very strongly that the defeat of Mubarak, the defeat now of Gadhafi, will greatly strengthen NATO as it seeks to establish a Soros inspired New World Order, and that Sharia Islam is and will be at the centre of this New World Order


Israel is the ultimate target of this war.


Israel is just as much a target of this war as was and are the Serbs.


There is where 4international separates from all of these so called leaders, such as Atlas Shrugs, Jihadwatch and Israpundit, but there are a thousand others.


They all represent in one way or another NATO, and the western Imperialist system. Spencer and Geller in fact use their anti Jihadism as a cover for their support or NATO and for US and EU Imperialism.


That is the big, big lesson of the war against Gadhafi and the refusal of these frauds to defend Gadhafi against NATO


We warned and warned again that in such a war you cannot sit on the fence.


Sitting on the fence was what Pamela Geller and Spencer did during the whole long 6 month course of this war. Their arses must be seriously sore by now.


So did the political rabbit Belman of Israpundit and a thousand other political rabbits who spout about being oh so Jewish etc., in fact their historical role is to betray the Jews, and their allowing Gadhafi to be crushed is the biggest betrayal of all time


What will happen now to Gadhafi and his sons is totally secondary, and in fact these brave fighters said as much at the beginning of this NATO/Sharia war on them, 6 months ago. Saif, who Spencer has been sneering at,  stated in the clearest manner that they would not submit:


We were born here. We lived here. We die here


What a contrast they made to the sneers of Spencer, Geller and Belman, plus a thousand other of these so called Jewish “leaders”.


As regards the “left” fascists, they in the main all weighed in on the side of NATO against Gadhafi. That is for another article.


But the only political tendency in the planet who based our position on the historical position of the real 4th international in defence of Haile Selassie against the Nazi Invasion was ourselves.


And we did not start doing this recently. We did this from the very start of this NATO/Sharia war.


And that has got great historical significance, and will continue to have even more as time goes on.


We are small, we are ineffectual, but we got this right, and we were not afraid to say so.


As for these others, who claim to be friends of the Jews, by their refusal to defend Muammar Gadhafi and his historical and brave struggle, I class them here and now as enemies of the Jewish people


There is a huge difference between words, and appearances, and presentation on the one hand, to actual deeds on the other.


And in deeds they all supported the putting down of Muammar Gadhafi, by the combined forces of NATO and Sharia Islam


That is a heavy charge to lay against Geller and Spencer, as well as Belman and the others, but it is true and we will not withdraw.


March 26 2011

This is from a Russian website. It does not name the source. However in the absence of knowing what they talk about in these secret CIA/MI5 meetings we also asserted from the very beginning that the forces of what we call the “Empire Sharia Alliance” would place their forces on the ground and would eventually murder Gadhafi:



Mar 26, 2011 10:23 Moscow Time

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The international coalition may launch a ground operation in Libya as early as in one month’s time, says a high-ranking source in the Russian Intelligence Service.

According to the source, NATO is drawing up plans to that end in an effort that involves the UK and the USA.

The operation may start unless airstrikes at the Muammar Gaddafi forces will fail to make him surrender.

It transpired a day earlier that the US started transferring more than 4,000 seamen and Marines to the Mediterranean to reinforce the coalition’s Operation Odyssey Dawn.


I have been attacked for publishing detail on Julia Gorin, why she wrote nothing on Libya.

Is that attack on me fair? I defend Julia Gorin and support her campaign to expose the lies against the Serbs. But I do not operate as part of a clique in any area of politics.

In one respect I may be unfair to Gorin. She may be ill and unable to write or something like that. In any case time will tell.

Note I and 4international will never operate as `part of a clique in any area of political life.

I have answered the attack made on me, I was accused of dumping on Julia, by stating that the Srebrenica Lie against the Serbs was carried out by precisely other cliques of people.

It is my opinion that the great killer of free speech in our period is silence.

It is far from being just orin. We have attacked the whole of the present Jewish leadership in the world on the issue of their position towards Gadhafi, which is really all about their position and political relationship towards the “Empire Sharia Alliance”, my term, and I stick with it because it sums up the essence.

What is happening in Libya?

What is happening in Syria?

To see what is happening consider this:


The attack on Gadhafi by the “Empire Sharia Alliance” can only be compared to Hitler and the Nazis, Czechoslovakia and beyond


The centre of the Arab opposition is laced by the Muslim Brotherhood, and by antisemitism as was the Nazis


It is all orchestrated by the Empire and goes hand in hand with the Empire Sharia Alliance continual campaign to delegitimize Israel and to make the Jews a hated people big time once more


These are the New nazis, those who are waging war on Gadhafi and on Libya

It is in essence an Alliance, where these modern state and international Nazis like Obama and Cameron, are in alliance with the Nazi ideology of Islam. (Note these are NOT Nazi states but they carry on a Nazi type policy abroad, and the two are connected…we move towards Fascism at home also, note that Obama went to war without bothering about Congress, the centre of American democratic life)

It is all laced with Antisemitism , Jew Hatred, which is why they will NEVER attack Iran, or Syria. Syria and Iran will be allowed carry on murdering oppositionists

But they will murder the essential anti-Islamist and tribalist Gadhafi in order to create an Islamist, fascist and Jew Hating state on the Med.

It is a firm alliance on a world scale between world capitalist governments in crisis, and the essential Nazi ideology and practice of Sharia Islam

They thus are a great menace to all Jews, these Jewish elite leaders who support and defend this Empire.

The position of all these blogs and leaders who we attack here has not really been explored.

In supporting this Empire they are supporting the New nazis. Why do Jewish people support this Empire? THAT is what has not been explained!

More on this later





We on 4international hope for a Gadhafi victory over the forces of the Empire/Sharia Alliance


Gadhafi is fighting for us all, all of us who oppose this Alliance of the Evil.


We as Trotskyists stand TOTALLY with Gadhafi. And we ask all of our friends among the Jewish patriots, and we have many friends, to stand with us along with Gadhafi

The future of this very battle, in which we must defend Gadhafi, is going to determine if Israel will continue to exist. In short, Obama, Cameron, Zapatero and their likes must be defeated because the Empire/Sharia Alliance must be defeated.

No matter how the Media talking heads spin it Libya is a tiny country of a mere handful of millions


America has 300m millions


Britain about 60 millions


Spain about 40 millions


France about 60 millions


Add all of the rest and you soon arrive at a figure of at least a billion actively involved in this war against Libya


The opposition to Gadhafi concentrated in Eastern Libya is laced with extreme Islamists. This area sent more suicide murderers into Iraq to carry out suicide murders than any other area in the world


Al Qaeda is involved and has been involved ever since Islamists came back from Afghanistan and tried to assassinate Gadhafi. The Muslim Brotherhood, the extreme Islamist organization, is heavily represented and is tightly organised.


These countries, Britain, America, France, and Spain who are leading the charge have insoluble economic problems in their own economies.


Why should they, and what is their great interest in helping such oppositional forces to Gadhafi.


We on 4international have been opposed to these so called oppositional forces since the very beginning. We are unique in the world in that respect. I mean others have come round but we never had a moment of hesitation!


It is not that we are against democratic rights. The opposite, we are foremost in defending democratic rights. But what rights did the American journalist Lara Logan have when she was stripped naked in Cairo by these “protesters” and repeatedly raped, with the bob calling “Jew Jew” to her (Actually she is not Jewish.)


So where are we?


Actually, in all truth, 4international is the only force on earth which has a clear position. We defend Gadhafi and his forces unconditionally, in the same way that Leon Trotsky defended Haile Selassie against Nazi attack in the 1930s


We are independent from Gadhafi; we have different policies and different approaches to life; but our defence is unconditional; against the murdering Imperialists our defence is (that important word again) unconditional; we wish for Gadhafi to survive and for the attackers of his country to be defeated and we will do everything in our power to do just that.

This is a real testing situation for leadership


We on 4international know very well that the best elements out of the Jewish leadership will come forward in a principled way and defend Gadhafi against these enormous odds


That is already happening. That affirms the truly great, historical and progressive nature of Zionism, as the millennia old striving of the Jewish people to live in Zion, which is the centre of their Judaism, a religion and political philosophy which has guided this people through thick and thin.


Why should they abandon or throw that off? We on 4international respect it.


We already have much evidence of this Empire/Sharia alliance. The great historical record is of how Islam and the Nazis came so closely together that they were indistinguishable.


Then just 40 years or so after the end of the Holocaust the whole dirty history was being re-resurrected first with the Holocaust Denier Tudjman, then most remarkable with the Clinton Alliance with Izetbegovic, a confirmed and admitted (Islamic Declaration) Nazi Islamist. Then the body snatchers of the Albanian Nazi Islamists in Kosovo.


While all this was happening in the 90s we had reactionaries like Oliver Kamm (Now The Times of London) rabbiting on with his lies trying to hide the truth, especially from Jews


Then there was and is the totally disorientated “Left”, some of them even calling themselves “Trotskyists”, and take it from me that later claim needs to be looked into!


As we speak Matgamma and WSWS are joining with the Imperialists (in differing ways)












We believe that in these great historical events you cannot be a hurler on the ditch!