US war against Vietnam basically a peasant country! Jews must break from US Imperialism NOW!

I have watched the latest video from Caroline Glick. It is interesting to me in this respect. Glick is so emotional she is almost crying. Glick’s biggest problem is that she feels that the US has betrayed Israel and this makes her almost cry in pain. (www.carolineglick.com)


But this tells us about the bankruptcy and utter danger to Israel of Glick. The US has never been the friend of Israel.


Is the US an ally of Israel?

A chronological look at the evidence


Historical and Investigative Research — by Francisco Gil-White

 [ this piece updated regularly ]



The basic problem which lies behind so many of these speakers on the pro Israel side is that they take a non-class or above class position on America.


The emerging American bourgeoisie was revolutionary and the Declaration of Rights still remains.


But the American ruling capitalist class has long ago betrayed those revolutionary principles


It would be absolutely lethal for Jews to put themselves in alliance with THAT. But Glick tries to do just that.


If Glick read this she would react “You are a commie”


Just read again what Gil White researched on this score.


However there is a large group of pople in America who remain supportive of Israel and of Jews, opposed to Islam. That is the great American people.


Glick should not be disappointed that the American ruling class has become the enemy of the Jews, because they were always the enemy of the Jews. Remember Antisemite Henry Ford. George Bush removed Saddam who although no friend of the Jews was still a major secular block to Iran. Bush put Hamas in power helped by Condi Rice who insisted on that election in Gaza.


I listened to Glick very carefully. I do not like her politics at all. She seemed to be almost in tears.


This is wrong. Israel and Jews are a powerful nation and all is possible in this war.


Israel simply has to do what Brian Boru did in Ireland. Brian took the ground on which the Danes were standing and held on to it. Same with Israel and Gaza plus Judea and Samaria. Israel must take the ground on which these Antisemites are standing and hold on to that ground. If these Arabs do not want to be full of hope for the Jewish state then help them to a wonderful life in Holland or in Germany.


The great mission of the Jews. Root Antisemitism out of the Jewish Homeland forever and do not let political pygmies like Obama or Kerry stop them doing so.






I think that Ted Belman who does not ever vet any on his site has got an agent (but probably not alone) in the form of a “Honeybee”, because this person (she or he) plays a very strange game and seeks to reinforce the insularism of out and out “fascist communist haters” like “Yamit 82”. The only evidence I have of this is what anybody ever has of such infiltration and it is what people say or do, and what measures of security are put in place. Belman puts no security in place.


This is not a separate issue, that is separate from the desperate war Israel is fighting on many fronts, but most of all on the Hamas/Obama/Kerry front.


What I saw on that thread noted below gets to the very heart of leadership today.


The enemy puts its agents into every website and into every committee.


Belman is unable to control these people quite a number of whom appear to be agents of the US State machine, that is the CIA


This all becomes clear once again in “IDF Unleashes New Thrust…” published on July 30, 2014


It takes the form of a person called NormanF making a serious criticism of Jewish leadership.


…As anybody supporting Israel and defending Israel and defending Jews must do.


He is leapt on by these CIA agents operating on Israpundit and there begins a process and campaign by which he will be driven off.




The biggest mistake of NormanF is that he is not Jewish. That is the biggest mistake as far as these Fascist types like Yamit82 are concerned. It is at that point that the CIA agents on Israpundit step in and stir the pot.


Belman stays silent always in these situations


Belman needs to understand that not only Jews are in danger from Islamic and CIA Fascists in this period. Also in danger are those who defend Israel, like I do.


Belman is a weak, weak person (character wise) and is a very weak political person also


That gives the space for CIA people and maybe even out and out Islamic Fascists to operate on Israpundit but the former is the more likely







Brian Boru sculpture outside Dublín Castle. Brian Boru took the ground that the enemy Danes stood on and held on to it. That is precisely what Israel must do with Gaza. Take it. Hold on to it.




There are key reasons why Israel is going to lose the war with Hamas. These reasons are contained outside of Israel in the outside world, inside Israel, and inside the “Palestinians” aka the Jihad against the Infidel.


OUTSIDE ISRAEL…showed to me just yesterday when a Jew owned radio station Talk Radio Europe did 2 things, one they adopted on a  discussion (Yesterday) programme led by Jewish person Richard Tindesley a position of moral equivalence between Jews (Israel) and Jihadists (Hamas). I emphasise this is a radio stationed owned by Jews and run by Jews. As far as I can gather Tindesley is Jewish. Tindesley ignored my attempted phone calls and ignored my email sent to the studio to protest against the moral equivalence of all the participants in the discussions, while the callers in were downright Antisemitic.


INSIDE ISRAEL…It is all about leadership. Polls show that the Israeli Jews will fight to smash Hamas. There is a great opportunity to smash Hamas and also the PLO and to root out Antisemitism from the area once and for all. No Antisemite to remain in the area. The Israeli leadership will not do this. If they cannot destroy Antisemitism in the Jewish state which means smashing forever “Palestinianism” the very spear of the Jihad, then they must compromise and give up the fight against Antisemitism aka the Jihad. That is defeat. A tunnel is made of concrete and does not speak. It is the Antisemites who make the tunnels and who kill Jews that are the problem. Israeli leaders go for the “appearance”. The essence is missed all the time.




This is the Jihad. The Palestinians arising in 1970 no earlier (Phantom Nation) is the Jihad against Jews in action. The meaning of the term “The Palestinians” is No Jewish State allowed. This essence is not grasped either. If it were grasped then Israel would take certain definite measures.




This is a time when all sorts of dregs appear. The Irish are NOT Antisemitic. The Irish are NOT an Antisemitic nation. There is no people on earth that are Antisemitic. There is no country on earth that is Antisemitic.


Hitler won power and carried out the Holocaust because he had a party which promoted an Antisemitic ideology.


That ideology won because there was no party of the left to challenge it.


All of these issues are about leadership.


The Israeli Jewish soldier’s deaths are all caused by lack of preparation and above all by hesitation by the leadership.


All rules of war are being ignored. In 1044 Brian Boru took the ground on which the Danes were standing AND HELD ON TO THE GROUND. The Danes were finished in Ireland. (Battle of Clontarf, most famous battle ever in Ireland)


That is what the IDF must do with Gaza. As Martin Sherman says Gaza Must Go.


What then would Israel do with a million Arabs or so? This poses it wrong way round. A million Arabs are not ever going to be Israel’s problem. The only problem Israel has is ending Antisemitism. If they are Antisemites they must go. It really is as simple as that. If they are wholehearted supporters of Israel they stay as honoured guests.


Say as an example…I am Irish, I wish to live in Israel. I am a guest if accepted by Jews as a guest. I am not an Israeli. Israel is only for the Jews as citizens. All else are guests.


The opposite to that concept is Antisemitism






It comes down now to the simplest of all questions:


Should Israel make a peace with Hamas under the hostile to Jews peace plan of Obama and the rest?


Or go on to smash Hamas and end with this Gaza si filled with Antisemitism?


It is of course and can only be the former. This life is not what people say or do, it is about what YOU say and do, and the truth is that the Gaza under the Arabs is a territory from which the killing of Jews takes place and will always proceed.


That is the only reason for the massive tunnel network in Gaza by Hamas. There are hundreds of tunnels running everywhere under this Gaza Strip. All the world was clamouring for Israel to send help to these poor Gazans, but a large part of the help was cement and electricity. With those the Gazans built the tunnels aimed at driving into Israel and killing Jews.


The PLO is exactly the same. That is why Abbas is a noted Holocaust Denier and is also why the whole discource on the Irish thejournal.ie is now filled with references to Jews in Israel being like the Nazis, which is the ultimate form of Holocaust Denial.


That is happening as Netanyahu and Israeli leaders hold back, go in fits and starts.


http://www.4international.me say they are going to call you Nazis anyway so why worry about that. Just win.


In order to defeat Hamas follow the strategy of Brian Boru in the famous Battle of Clontarf when the Irish King near Dublín defeated the Danes. What Brian did was simple and effective. He captured the ground that the Danes stood on and he held on to it.


That is the key thing to do in every war.


It was the exact same in the war of the Red Army of the Young Soviet Russia against the Whites in the Civil War led by magician political strategist Leon Trotsky (supported in the Civil War fully by Lenin and opposed by Stalin)…it was to capture the ground on which the Whites stood and hold on to it.


That forced the White Antisemites to scarper out of Russia which they did to join up with Hitler’s nascent Fascist Party.


GO ISRAEL! Take each section of Gaza and do not let go of it! Take as long as you need! Avoid Jewish loss of life where posible! But keep to that strategy. I send my best wishes to Bibi Netanyahu, Prime Minister. Do not be deflected from this strategic aim and victory.


4international.me answers the lies and defends Israel in Ireland against Hamas

Hungarian Jews are selected by Nazis to be sent to the gas chamber at Auschwitz concentration camp, May/June 1944.[1] from wikipedia

A new leadership which is in support of the Jews against Antisemitism must be created in Ireland. This is the only answer to be made to the ISM and IPSC demos held in Ireland on Saturday all opposing the Jewish state of Israel and supporting the Sharia Islamist Hamas. Hamas stands for the enslavement of women and I am sure I saw women on those demos in Ireland!


In fact the Irish people face many very difficult problems at the present time. There is mass unemployment, very high emigration of its youth, great poverty among the working class, homelessness


There is also lethal Antisemitism caused by lethal anti-Jew narratives pushed by groups which call themselves left but in fact are closer to plain Antisemitism. Some of these groups even call themselves Trotskyists but that is a ruse because Leon Trotsky was a defender of the Jews against Antisemitism, and pushed in the 1930s before his murder for the setting up of the Jewish state.


There needs to be a new party, a new leadership, created that will defend Israel against these obnoxious forces in Irish society and http://www.4international.me is committed to doing that


http://www.4international.me is active in answering these anti Jewish lies on the http://www.journal.ie website. We wrote the following this morning against the lies of a “DH”:


In 1948 Israel forced to defend

DH writes above “The state of israel was founded on what was palestinian territory so how are israel defending their country? “

As I said before there were no “Palestinians” before 1970. The first mention of them as a people in UN documentation was in 1970, proved in the book “Phantom People” based on a careful scrutiny of UN documents.

The statement above is absurd and all assertions by people like DH must be studied closely and researched into.

In fact the League of Nations in 1920 defined Palestine as also including the present Jordan. Israel has not grown but has shrunk since then. It is now less than the size of Munster but even that the Arabs want to shrink again, and Hamas want to obliterate it.

That so many Irish people would come out and support Hamas and oppose the Jewish Homeland is most troubling

This is very much the crisis of the left and their Alliance with Islam. There is no essential difference between Hamas and Morsi who was rejected because he pushed Sharia Law on the Egyptians. I thought everybody knew that!


was placed on http://www.thejournal.ie/demonstrations-gaza-ireland-1590926-Jul2014/#comment-2726718


4international.me takes on the Antisemites in thejournal.ie over school bombing Antisemitic attacks


This is apicture of how ISIL deals with captured Iraqi soldiers. 98% of Israeli Jews know now Hamas/Fatah is the same as ISIL and the “peace process OSLO” was a farce. Jews forcé Netanyahu to carry on to destroy Hamas. No truce until victory over Hamas and over Antisemitism
This picture is one of a posible thousand we could use to show that the Media Works with Hamas/Fatah to produce a Stalinist/Fascist Big Lie against the Jews
Note that the closest ally of Hamas/Fatah is Iran and their policy is to murder Gays a la Sharia. This image alone (and there are thousands more we could chose) shows how low the Fascist/Stalinist/Republican left in Ireland has sunk to. Iran supplied the rockets to kill the Jews.


Most Jews, about 98 per cent, know now that the Peace Process was a farce


The BBC is filled with images from the school (they say) but this is war and these kinds of incidents are always happening in war, in every war. Mary McMahon (one of the Israeli hating commenters) refers to how important children are for the future but what about children who are educated and trained in Jew Hatred from the earliest years. This is what McMahon leaves out and she also leaves out that Hamas is an army based on Jew Hatred, and it is an army which is no different in the slightest from ISIL.

Hamas has a very big problem indeed with Israel today. Most Jews, about 98 per cent, know now that the Peace Process was a farce, and that the “Palestinians” founded by the Nazi Hajj Amin el Husseini have only the one aim and that is to destroy the Jewish State of Israel. All of the Stalinist Republican Left in Ireland are very close to signing on to that project also, if not already there

These are issues that will be fought out politically in Ireland  by the building of the Trotskyist http://www.4international.me which DOES defend Jews and opposes Antisemitism.

By the way those on this site should understand that there are many alternative explanations for this school explosion. I admire Israel for saying “We do not know. It could be. We will investigate” so different to the BBC who immediately accepted the Hamas figures and political line

Oh and one other thing. It is clear that Obama/Kerry/Cameron want to rescue Hamas. Perhaps even Netanyahu wants Hamas to survive. But they have to reckon with the great Israeli Jewish people who have had to endure 10 years of Hamas and Fatah rockets landing on their people, and this great Jewish people now know that it is a fight to the finish. No matter what the world does 4international and true Trotskyism stands with the Jews against Antisemitism






The big question for Jews, Israelis and for organizations like 4international is what will the great sacrifice of life and money be worth if this truce is agreed to and if Hamas escapes to plot for another day?


As Aaron Klein suggests the truce is agreed to in principle with Netanyahu. It involves two things both of which go against the need, the great need, to elininate this “Palestinian” terror and form of Jihad




A short term truce will stop the Israeli actions against the Islamists.


A long term truce will open the doors to a great strengthening of “Palestinianism”.


Both of these are a disaster for Jews because it will stop the Jews doing what 4international believe is necessary and posible, that is the rooting out of Antisemitism from the Land of Israel which will need to be greatly extended to maintain free from Antisemitism land and defensible área.


At present Israel is less tan the size of Munster. Ask how is it posible to defend “Munster” from such powerful forces of Antisemitisn in the world. It is truly a gigantic issue and one in which world socialist revolution only has the answerm because all forms of capitalism have proved unwilling and unable to defend ordinary people from Islamic Sharia-based terror


Klein writes on July 21:

By Aaron Klein The current version of a truce between Israel and Islamist forces in the Gaza Strip being brokered by Egypt provides Hamas with numerous concessions the Islamic group has been seeking since the start of the Gaza conflict, KleinOnline has learned.


* Among the concessions are the opening of a border crossing, the loosening of Israel’s naval blockade and talks about releasing terrorists captured in recent weeks. While Israel didn’t agree to all terms being discussed between Egypt and Hamas, it also didn’t immediately object to discussion on the specific issues, an Egyptian diplomat involved in the talks told KleinOnline.


* According to the Egyptian official, there are currently two deals being negotiated at the same time. The first deal calls for an immediate cessation of all Hamas rocket attacks and a halt to Israel’s military campaign targeting Hamas’s infrastructure in Gaza while a long-term cease-fire is discussed. Once a short-term truce is implemented, a longer-term cease-fire will be immediately negotiated with the goal of reaching a long-term truce within days.


* At first, Hamas objected to any short-term cease-fire and said it would only discuss a long-term truce. Egypt’s newfound willingness to host Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal in Cairo, however, worked to soften Hamas’ position, and the Islamist group agreed to the possibility of a short-term cease-fire, the diplomat said. Until now, Hamas has been frustrated that Egypt was not dealing with it directly in any of the truce negotiations. The truce is being negotiated with input from Qatar and Turkey, said the diplomat.


* The current version of the draft truce contains these concessions to Hamas:


1. Egypt’s reopening of Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip, with the border possibly manned by Palestinian Authority security forces. Egyptian recognition that Hamas is a regional player to be dealt with directly.

2. Qatar will provide funds to help pay the salaries of Hamas employees, a key concern for Hamas that may have helped lead to the current conflict in the first place.

3. Israel releasing some of its naval blockade of Gaza and enlarging a “fishing zone” by several kilometers to give Hamas autonomy in the Mediterranean Sea bordering Gaza.

PLUS An Egyptian pledge to talk with the Israelis about releasing 58 Hamas members arrested in the West Bank in recent weeks in response to the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teenagers. – See more at: http://kleinonline.wnd.com/2014/07/21/leaked-new-truce-deal-scores-wins-for-hamas-draft-of-cease-fire-with-israel-reveals-several-key-concessions/#sthash.30hGkeiN.dpuf




Imagine creating a special state within Ireland for the Black and Tans to murder the Irish. That is what creating a Palestine State is all about – to murder the Jews












When I read the following I asked myself what traitor (at least idiot to be kind) wrote the following and then I saw it was the Jerusalem Post editorial board:



But while focusing on the short-term, and admittedly limited, goal of destroying the tunnels adjacent to the border, our leaders should be looking ahead to longer-term goals, the most important of which is the gradual demilitarization of the Gaza Strip.

Plans like the one touted by Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz includes elements that are worth exploring by those international interests trying to broker the ceasefire.

The plan calls for the international community to oversee the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip using the same system that is successfully ridding Syria of chemical weapons. In return, Arab countries and the international community would provide the Palestinian Authority with $50 billion to rehabilitate refugee camps and build the Gaza Strip.

Obviously, this cannot be achieved overnight.

Not unlike Israeli foreign policy that over the years has raised international awareness of the Iranian nuclear threat, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and others in the government should be spearheading a campaign to garner support for and involvement in the demilitarization of Gaza. There will be no quiet until it is demilitarized. The flare-ups of Gazan attacks every several months will continue. As soon as Hamas is forced to give up its arms, peace will reign, because Hamas aggression is the source of the conflict.”


Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz is a traitor for putting forward such rubbish in a  time of war and the Post is worse for editorialising it.


To prove my point I quote from the above:


The plan calls for the international community to oversee the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip


And I stop right there and I state.


1. Who is this wonderful “International Community”…They are all pacifist enablers of Jihad snowed under like Britain, Germany, France and Canada from problems with their own Jihad?

2. It strips Israel of its Independence and Jewish hard won (through the Nazi Holocaust) experience that Israel must put its trust in nobody but its own armed forces and weaponry


This incident and this Editorial from such a leading Media organ shows how far the rot has gone inside Israeli politics and it shows that a new leadership must be built to lead the Jews to victory.


Jews should instead welcome all of this international pressure for a truce and tell them that it is OUR job, that is what national Independence meansm and WE will destroy Hamas and Fatah.


That is as bad as the world in 1920 advising Michael Collins and the Irish to place their trust in the Black and Tans, and rather than rooting the Black and Tans out of their country, to give the Black and Tans the province of Connaught to wage war on the Irish.


Just cannot happen.


It is totally not realistic. The Jews have to defend the Jews.


Can the people who run the Jerusalem Post not see this?








English: Palestinian territories (West Bank an...

English: Palestinian territories (West Bank and Gaza Strip) showing Israel’s 1948 and 1967 borders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The very important Jewish writer Caroline Glick has reported ona  conference in Jerusalem in which Mrs Livni has stated her innermost political ideas, thoughts and strategy…Yes Livni does have a kind of strategy.


Livni and this Brand of politician in Israel, Lapid is another, are like certain animals which can inject poison, and Livni and her like are always poised to lash out with their poison to try to disable real Jewish patriots.


I have included some points on the general situation surrounding Livni and these pernicious talks for consideration on Israpundit.


I do not mean these to be comprehensive. For example keep in mind the work done by Richard Landes in exposing Pallywood and how the Media including the Israeli Media actually works. But  these points are about leadership. I want to build a Trotskyist party, however small at first.


1. Livni is in conversation with the PA, but this PA, Fatah or Hamas, are the descendents of the Nazis and Hajj Amin el Husseini, who supervised the Holocaust along with Hitler, Himmler and Eichmann
2. For Obama there can be only one end result which is a Palestinian Arab State, but for all capitalist governments Jewish ideas pose a problem (Gil White)
3. Netanyahu runs scared of world opinion
4. Netanyahu considers all the time the attack on Iran to stop the bomb
5. Netanyahu thinks it is a valid strategy to quiet world opinion to give room for attack on Iran´s bomb
6. As capitalist economic crisis gets worse Obama considers need for one success, the “settlement”
7. Jews as scapegoat, Antisemitism, pushes itself to forward position in every country in the world
8. Key role of revisers of Marx, the present “Left”
9. Leadership needed based on perspective but also “boldness”
10. Need to hammer home a clear perspective, which is also a guide to every action, that Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem its unity, is not a matter for “settlers”, but for a united Israel
11. Refuse to be pushed into a corner
12. How to stop being pushed into a corner
13. As capitalist system collapses in on itself what will be role of left
14. What is the historical role of the working class in this present period?





By Caroline Glick, JPOST

For Justice Minister Tzipi Livi, all politics are personal.

She can be trusted, because she is good. Her opponents must be rejected, because they are evil.

In her speech at The Jerusalem Post’s Diplomatic Conference in Herzliya last Thursday, Livni insisted that the only “legitimate” basis for opposing a Palestinian state is ideological. Livni stridently rejected the notion that one can oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state – in the two-state solution framework – for security reasons.

As she sees it, everyone cares equally about security. And since she cares about security just as much as her political opponents do, the question of whose policy will better protect the country is illegitimate. She’s nice. She cares. So she’s just as competent as the next guy.

There’s just one problem with Livni’s claim.

She has a track record.

ISRAEL ENACTED two major strategic initiatives that have her signature on them: the 2005 withdrawal from Gaza, and UN Security Council Resolution 1701 from 2006 that set the terms for the end of the Second Lebanon War.

Both were massive failures. Both caused Israel’s national security to deteriorate. And in both cases, Livni’s political opponents warned that her strategies were wrong-headed, dangerous and unhinged from strategic realities.

Livni built her career on her support for the withdrawal of all Israeli civilians and security forces from the Gaza Strip.

It was her decision to jump on the expulsions bandwagon, and her fervent castigation and demonization of all her former colleagues and voters, that caused then prime minister Ariel Sharon to promote her from a the backwaters of the Absorption Ministry to center stage at the Justice Ministry.

Within months Livni became second only to Ehud Olmert in seniority in Sharon’s government.

As justice minister, Livni ignored the law and trounced democratic norms to repress opponents of the withdrawal.

Licensed buses transporting law abiding citizens to legal protests were unlawfully intercepted en route by police.

Protest organizers were subjected to warrantless, middle-of-the-night searches, unlawful seizure of private property and arbitrary arrests without charge.

13-year-old girls were arrested for participating in protests. They were jailed for four months without charges being brought against them.

And Livni, who since her 2003 ideological transformation from nationalist to radical leftist has presented herself as the guardian of Israeli democracy, oversaw the entire process.

We know what happened after Israel withdrew from Gaza. Just as all of Livni’s opponents warned, Israel was shelled by more rockets, mortars and missiles than ever before. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are now in range of Gaza’s terror armies.

Hamas took over Gaza, and transformed it into a hub for the global jihad, linking the jihad against Israel to the jihad against Egypt and the rest of the world.

Gaza, which before the withdrawal was never more than a tactical nuisance, became a regional strategic threat.

As the war the next year showed, Israel’s decision to cut and run from Gaza, and its willingness to forcibly expel ten thousand of its most productive citizens from their homes, was a profound expression of weakness. Just as the withdrawal opponents warned, it invited the aggression that Hezbollah visited on us.

As foreign minister during the war, Livni was responsible for organizing Israel’s diplomatic defense and managing relations with the US and Europe.

She chose a strategy of preemptive capitulation. Against the will of prime minister Ehud Olmert, Livni began negotiating the cease-fire in the early days of the war, vacuously insisting that there was no military solution to a terrorist organization’s war of aggression.

The result of her dubious efforts was 1701, which from Israel’s perspective is arguably the most problematic Security Council resolution ever passed. Not only did 1701 treat Hezbollah, a terrorist organization that fought an illegal war against Israel, as a legitimate party simply by ignoring it. It made Hezbollah the victor in the war by ensuring it would retake control of Lebanon’s border with Israel without any serious opposition.

THESE TWO strategic initiatives are Livni’s national security track record. As their failures show, whatever her intentions may be, she is totally incompetent to understand, secure or advance Israel’s national security.

From her egomaniacal insistence that she is The One who will bring the peace, it is apparent that Livni has never accepted responsibility for the damage she has caused the country.

But she does seem to recognize that she cannot defend her actions on their merits. Just as the only card she plays in her favor is egomaniacal self-aggrandizement, so the only card she plays against her opponents is aggressive demonization.

Sunday the cabinet approved the release of another 26 terrorist murderers from prison. The release is second of four tranches that will bring about the release of 104 terrorist murderers from prison. This is the price that Livni and US Secretary of State John Kerry convinced Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to pay for the privilege of having Livni sit across a negotiating table from Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat.

In a bid to block the cabinet decision, on Saturday night the Jewish Home (Bayit Yehudi) party released a statement saying that Israel mustn’t endanger the public just so that Livni can sit at a table with chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat.

The statement attracted a lot of media attention because it was on the mark.

Livni’s negotiations are endangering Israel’s national security. Hundreds of Israelis have been murdered over the years by terrorists Israel released early from prison for political reasons. More will certainly be murdered by those now being released.

And that isn’t all. The act of releasing terrorists emboldens other terrorists to strike. When they see these murderers welcomed home as heroes after serving a fraction of their life sentences, wouldbe murderers understand that they have a free hand to kill Jews.

Then there are the lessons the Palestinians have learned over 20 years of negotiations. They know that Israel deals with terrorism with kid gloves when negotiations are taking place. Out of fear of angering their Palestinian “partners” Israel’s leaders have consistently failed to take effective action against terrorist attacks that occur while the PLO is supposedly talking peace with us.

So just by sitting down with Erekat, Livni is constraining the freedom of action of the IDF to protect the country.

The recent spate of terrorist attacks, and the IDF’s timid response to them, made this clear, yet again.

The Jewish Home party’s statement neatly encapsulated all of these incontrovertible charges. Since she has no substantive defense against them, she responded with rank demonization and criminalization.

Speaking to Army Radio, Livni’s surrogate, Environmental Protection Minister Amir Peretz, said, “The Jewish Home party has become a messianic and extremist home. The incitement and hatemongering is egregious…. Angry statements like this… can lead to murder.”

AND THERE you have it. Livni, the egomaniacal failure, is competent because she says she cares; and her opponents, who were right about the Gaza withdrawal, right about 1701 and are right about the terrorist releases and the negotiations, are murderers.

Livni promised the audience at the conference last Thursday that she will never quit politics again. Let’s hope her word on that score is as solid as her national security credentials.






Note that in the 2004 elections in America the Iranian regime swung in behind the bellicose Bush and against Kerry who had been sucking up to the Iranian Regime for a whole year. Jerome R. Corsi who draws also on research by Ken Timmerman notes this strange happening in his book “Atomic Iran” (2005). Meanwhile Timmerman himself in his book “Countdown to Crisis”  the coming nuclear showdown with Iran (2005) also shows the friendliness between the Mullahs of Iran with Clinton, Kerry and Bush, in other words despite rhetoric with the whole of the US Establishment


This therefore brings us in touch with the role of the US State Department and their Ambassador Stevens in Ben Ghazi. They were simply supporting the Jihad against secular Arab leaders like Mubarak, Gadhafi and Assad. With dogged investigation such as Aaron Klein the noose is tightening around this Fourth Reich. But it is an issue of state control and state power.


This supports the contention made many years ago by both Jared Israel and Francisco Gil White that the US ruling class is in cahoots AGAINST Israel with the Iranian Fascists.


This also supports the points I have been making most recently in a ring in to the Talk Radio Europe that the key to understanding all events in the world situation is that post 1945 America recruited thousands of Nazi Intelligence operatives, thus establishing what Julia Gorin has recently called the “Fourth Reich”.


In short this may well mean:


  1. All of the palaver from US concerning Iran is theatre for the uneducated, that is those uneducated who followed the Media in electing Obama because he was black with two pretty children
  2. The US is really promoting Iran, the Mullahs, and ensuring that above all else they are being given the time to develop a working Nuclear Arsenal, with the capability to deliver same deadly cargo anywhere on earth.
  3. This is also linked to the firm belief of the Iranian Mullahs in the return of the “Twelfth Mahdi” also called the “Twelfth Iman) see note from wiki below, out of a state of chaos in the world will be created the new rule on earth. The present CIA who created Obama who came out of the Third Reich are well aware of this Shia Islamic eschatology.
  4. Jews are dispensable for the US Forth Reich. Economic collapse of capitalism will usher in simultaneously dictatorship over the working class. The banks will of course back this as they backed Hitler. Obama is either a member of the Muslim Brotherhood or else is very sympathetic, which explains his opposition to El Sisi and support to the end for Morsi, even though the biggest crowds in the history of mankind took to the streets in all of Egypt…with the everlasting image of Obama marching at the head of the Muslim Brotherhood against those millions representing that ancient people who pre-date Islam.
  5. Thus the overall aim of the “Fourth Reich” is going to run roughly along the lines of promote Islam as Fascist Control of Asian Masses, denude Israel in every possible way (Pali Jihadist State along with wipe out threat from Iran), all driving towards Nuclear showdown with Russia, India and China, the latter will use also the forces of Jihad in Russia, India and China.


{ In Islamic eschatology, the Mahdi (Arabic: مهدي‎ / ISO 233: mahdī / English: Guided One) is the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will rule for seven, nine or nineteen years (according to various interpretations)[1] before the Day of Judgment (yawm al-qiyamah / literally, the Day of Resurrection)[2] and will rid the world of evil.[3]}


Finally to support the case of Jared Israel above this sentence from Jerome R. Corsi fits right in based on the promotion of Antisemitism by the Fourth Reich:


“This begins to sound like a time warp, the 1930s all over again. But the anti-Jewish lies are being broadcast again, only today the transmissions emanate from Iran” (Atomic Iran page 53)




I PLACED A COMMENT ON A JEWISH BLOG “ISRAPUNDIT” and issued an appeal to gather precise information on the Iranian Nuclear Bomb activity. The following article appeared in the Jihadist Al Jazeera. I often use information from sources like this even though I disagree with them editorially. Note the date

14 Feb 2013 Al Jazzeera   14 feb 2013

So remember THIS FACT that the UN Inspectors were turned away from inspecting in February of this year, yet in September the whole of the capitalist world is swooning over those very same Mullahs in September, seven months later. This is the evil hand of Cameron, Holland, Obama, Bush, Clintons, as well as Soros and all of the present REVISIONIST Left and Stalinists.


BEGIN QUOTE…Seeking clarity on the UN and Iran I placed a search into google

“UN inspectors have returned to Vienna from talks in Tehran with no deal on access to Iran’s nuclear sites and no date for new talks.

“Despite its many commitments to do so, Iran has not negotiated in good faith,” said a Western diplomat accredited to the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna who was not at the talks.

“It appears that we now have to ask ourselves if this is still the right tactic.”

The deadlock is a chilling signal for a wider effort by six major powers to get Iran to curb a programme that they fear could give it the capacity to build a nuclear bomb.

The IAEA and Iran “could not finalise the document” setting out terms for an IAEA inquiry into possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear programme, chief UN inspector Herman Nackaerts said at Vienna airport after returning from Iran.

He said no new date had been set for talks that had shown no progress in more than a year, adding, “Time is needed to reflect on the way forward.”

The United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany are due to meet Iran for separate talks in Kazakhstan on February 26 to tackle a decade-old row that has already produced four rounds of UN sanctions against Iran.

But the Islamic Republic denies any military dimension to its work and is asking for acknowledgement that it is entitled to produce nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes.

With Iran heading towards presidential elections in June, it may make it hard for any official to be seen as making concessions to foreign powers, especially the US and Israel.

14 Feb 2013 Al Jazzeera   14 feb 2013

“On behalf of the Iranian nation, I say that whoever thinks that the Iranian nation would surrender to pressure is making a huge mistake and will take his wish to the grave,” President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Thursday, according to state television.

Iran is expanding a stockpile of higher-grade 20-percent-enriched uranium ever closer to levels where a critical mass of weapons-grade material would be only a short step away – something that Israel, the only country in the region believed to possess nuclear weapons, says would be a “red line” for action.

The US has also warned, in less direct terms, that it will do what it takes to prevent Iran getting the bomb.

Late last year it set a March deadline for Iran to start cooperating with the IAEA’s investigation, warning Tehran that it might otherwise be referred to the UN Security Council.

Tehran has said intelligence information pointing to nuclear weapons research in Iran is forged and baseless



That article was 14 Feb 2013…note this in above:

“…set a March deadline for Iran to start cooperating with the IAEA’s investigation, warning Tehran that it might otherwise be referred to the UN Security Council.”

So that was a March 2012 deadline

Now in today’s reports from BBC Iran is saying that a deal will be reached in 3 to 6 months with America over this

So from March 2012 to Feb 2013 to now plus 6 more months…That is the game of delay


Where are the clear facts… How many centrifuges are spinning? How much already at 20 per cent?

Clear sources for this information…Help get to the bottom of this with facts which we can source

Along with This information there is also a question to answer…why is uranium enrichment needed if only for energy?

These may seem simplistic questions but they need to be asked in simple form.

Goldberg is probably wrong…it is not the sanctions but the threat of attack by Israel, or a combination, with the emphasis on threat of attack. Also Goldberg adds to problem because he introduces the idea of another deadline. The idea of deadline is incorrect strategy. A warning open up now, then if not Israel strikes at time of its deciding.

America and Obama are out of the frame as Obama is Muslim Brotherhood, either member of or sympathetic to and it matters not which….

Any sources to above questions are appreciated very much by me…





Ted Belman who is a pro-Israeli blogger (Israpundit.com) referred to the danger to Jews and Israel from the present talks led by Kerry, backed by Obama

http://www.4international.me and http://www.themarxistblog.com agree with Belman that the situation facing Jews and Israel is most serious

This article will do 2 things

1. It will put down here our answer to Belman’s point as to how much danger Jews are in

2. It will also put down for readers the position of a group which wrongly calls itself Trotskyist. That is the group http://www.wsws.org

A moment’s perusal will show that our views are totally at variance with the http://www.wsws.org. This means that both us and them cannot BOTH be Trotskyist.


August 15, 2013 at 11:26 am


This is where NATO with the help of national traitors comes in.

What is always left out by idealist and anti-materialist thinkers is the overall crisis in the capitalist system, a system which drives towards dictatorial rule behind NATO. Capitalism is a system Ted in total decline. It is a system which literally threatens all life on earth.

At least that was the main lesson of the events which led to the total destruction of Yugoslavia. Yes the components of Yugoslavia were diverging but it surely took the intervention of NATO to fight not one but two wars to end it. The result was the extension of NATO and the side-lining of Serbs as an oppositional force.

In this regard the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt may have had a setback yesterday but this must be seen against the overall NATO plans, which is to control all of the world.

The view of NATO controlling the world would not be opposed by Netanyahu or by the bulk of the Israeli population. Inside that a powerless Jewish state may or may not survive, it would be all the same really to NATO

The Palestinian Narrative, based of course on lies, plays right into this overall NATO control of the world. “Palestinianism” has become like a religion and serves to block all critical faculties in people who are led by the nose everywhere by a Media which itself is controlled by NATO.

This is why it was impossible to get the truth through about Yugoslavia. Totally impossible as was seen even on Israpundit where most Jews could not recognise the overall NATO strategy.

Thus it is also totally impossible to get the truth through about Palestinianism. The power of NATO in closing down all knowledge of these vital issues is already complete. It again affirms capitalism as a system in its death throes where basic knowledge is not allowed. This gives new light on the campaign against the freedom fighter Geller and others.

Martin Sherman does not deal sufficiently with this overall control of NATO.

The United Nations in Yugoslavia played a subservient role to NATO. It was American and British NATO forces which placed the KLA in power and which drove the Serbs out of Kosovo. The UN had become a rubber stamp. Similarly Jamie Shea answered why would NATO be brought before the Hague, NATO WAS the Hague Shea said. Again capitalism descends into barbarity.

It would be unwise to underestimate Kerry and Obama.

This is why I see the emphasis at this early stage of the talks in which Livni is in a controlling position (everything private…nobody knows what they are agreeing on) is on deciding the borders of a Palestinian state.

As Sherman knows this is the issue that will crush Israel because it will be NATO troops which will move in to the large areas of Judea and Samaria, or as they call it Palestinian territory in which repeated by the BBC ten times a day every day the Jewish presence is illegal, and it will be NATO with the connivance of a large section of Israeli society which will cleanse that area of Jews. In a new way the PLO will move in behind NATO. No matter that it will be like Kosovo a land of misery, repression and international crime, the aims of NATO as the world policeman will be furthered. The Jews because of their central history in mankind will be neutered. That all depends on the promotion of traitorous leaders and all of them in one way or another are. Definitely includes Feiglin. The new parties of the last election have already sold out.

Unless Yamit82 stops his vicious attacks on Trotskyism, stops his refusal to put forward a real programme to stop that, stops retreating when fought against to call for the intervention of God (why would he, that is intervene, did he intervene in the death camps 1939 to 45? NOOOO!) and not just Yamit82 but this whole tendency in Israeli politics stop this, then all is lost.

At least Ted has drawn the discussion back to the position of Sherman which is a correct position. I have always said Sherman must be given great credit. He has identified the problem most clearly. That is the starting point for a new discussion. But there are Fascists on this site who are determined to drive that discussion under.

On the basis of my knowledge of the crisis in the capitalist system, of the experience of how Kosovo on the basis of a lying narrative was cleansed of Serbs, Gypsies and some Jews, of the goings on in the Hague Court, then I find myself in almost total opposition to the complacency of NormanF above. He says there are so many hundreds of thousands of Jews in Judea and Samaria so that cannot be overcome. Sorry it most certainly can be overcome. As Yamit correctly says Bennett betrayed by not reacting immediately to the talks and pulling his party out of the Coalition. (Least said about Feiglin the better) For Bennett read Milosevic who also prevaricated in the face of NATO. As Sherman knows you cannot trick time, meaning when you take up a false position it is seldom you can recover that ground. Each false position is ground lost. They are moving relentlessly thanks to these false leaders to set borders for a Palestine state and NATO will be the weapon. You could well have troops from Australia in Judea and Samaria, think of that NormanF

(NormanF in point 3 had said:

There is not going to be a peace agreement! My guess is the PA will get slightly more territory and international aid to stay afloat. That is all that can be reasonably achieved for the foreseeable future. No hidden agenda here – that would imply true convergence. I don’t see it happening.

As for the last point, mass evacuation of the settlers is a fantasy. The Israeli army and police quite simply don’t have the manpower to remove several hundred thousand Jews and the Israeli government’s demolition of outposts is accomplished only with great difficulty and these are rapidly rebuilt afterwards. A permanent Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria is a fact of life and the bell cannot be unrung now.

An additional point was made by the writer, Felix Quigley, to the above analysis, as thus:

There can not be a solution for NATO which is separate from the internationalising of Jerusalem. NATO must do this because Jews hold a pivotal role in history. In order for NATO to expand its power through the Middle East and incorporating Africa, Australia and South America then that Jewish presence must be negated. This is why the greatest struggle of all may be the Jews to destroy the Mohammedan presence and rebuild the temple. This is the great significance of General Dayan surrendering the Temple in 1967. Dayan thought there could be an Israeli secular power distinct from religion but that is false. The Jews are their religion. Their religion is also the history of the Jews. You can see therefore why NATO has to destroy this aspect of the Jews, and they know if they do this, and with the Vatican at the side of NATO, then the road clears for NATO power through Africa, the Americas, Russia and China. Countries like Canada who some think a friend of Israel, but is not, will be in on this great expansion of NATO.

(end of our contribution, can be found on http://www.israpundit.com/archives/56959/comment-page-1#comment-286155, we move on to the position on th same issue by wsws)


New settlements on West Bank as Israeli-Palestinian talks begin

By Jean Shaoul
15 August 2013

Just days after the preliminary “talks about talks” between Israel and the Palestinian Authority began in Washington, Israel approved new settlement construction in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Palestinian negotiators have long insisted on a settlement freeze as a precondition for talks, walking out of previous talks in September 2010. Israel’s provocative move confirms that it has no intention of reaching a deal on anything other than its own terms. These include:

*The annexation of all of East Jerusalem, which the Palestinians consider as their capital, and of Area C—the two thirds of the West Bank temporarily entrusted to the Israeli military under the 1993 Oslo Accords, where Israelis outnumber the 100,000 Palestinians still living there 3 to 1.

*The demilitarisation of the West Bank, whose borders will be controlled by Israel.

*The recognition of Israel as a “Jewish State”, a de facto mechanism for preventing any”return” of the 1948 and 1967 Palestinian refugees and their descendants to their former homes, and ensuring the transfer of Israeli Arabs to any putative Palestinian state.

Such a state, non-contiguous and without sovereignty, would be unacceptable to the Palestinian people, though not to large sections of the Palestinian nationalist organisation, Fatah. It relies on exploiting Palestinian cheap labour—and on handouts from the United States, Europe and the Gulf States—for its own enrichment.

The Obama administration exerted heavy pressure on the Palestinians to restart talks, which aim to provide the necessary quid pro quo to encourage Jordan, Egypt and the Gulf oil sheikhdoms to support a war to topple Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad and isolate Iran. All these sclerotic regimes face a restive working class, for whom the Israel-Palestine conflict and US-led wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria are explosive issues.

The US-sponsored talks also serve to cover Israel’s ever more rapacious land grab. On Sunday, Housing Minister Uri Ariel of the pro-settler Jewish Home party gave his final approval to the construction of 1,187 apartments. Of these, 793 will be built in East Jerusalem, which was annexed by Israel in defiance of international law shortly after the 1967 War; 394 will be built in the West Bank settlements, including Maaleh Adumim, Efrat and Ariel. This last settlement, located in the heart of the West Bank, makes it impossible to create a contiguous Palestinian statelet.

Ariel issued a statement saying, “No country in the world takes orders from other countries where it can build and where it can’t. We will continue to market housing and build in the entire country.”

This came after the approval of hundreds more housing units in settlements and a new settlement in East Jerusalem.

A few days earlier, Israel published an expanded list of settlements (from 85 to 91) in the West Bank eligible for special government subsidies, including several previously deemed illegal—without official approval by the Israeli authorities.

The settlement expansion is part of a broader plan to drive Palestinians off their land and replace them with Israeli communities.

While this takes place, world media has focused on the release of a first group of Palestinian prisoners, 26 out of a total of 104 pledged. The US pushed for this as a”confidence building measure” to provide Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas with a fig leaf to justify returning to the talks.

Some of the prisoners had objected to their release. The longest-serving prisoner wrote to Abbas saying they “didn’t want to be used as a bargaining chip.” The letter continued, “You should not agree with the releases to give way in any way in these peace talks.”

The prisoner release is much less than it seems. As all except one of the prisoners were arrested before 1994, eight were due for release in the next three years and two in the next six months. Few are well known. Ministers stressed that “if one of those released returned to hostile activities against Israel, he will be returned to complete his sentence.”

Israel has already backtracked on its agreement with the Obama administration, saying it would release a further 78 jailed for attacks carried out before 1993 in several stages over the next few months, “depending upon progress in the talks”. Clearly, Israel anticipates that the Palestinians will pull out as Israeli demands increase, thereby justifying its refusal to release the prisoners.

US secretary of state John Kerry had earlier said that Israel would release, in phases, about 80 veteran Palestinian prisoners who had served more than 20 years in Israeli jails and that 350 prisoners would be released in phases over the coming months.

Both the prisoner release and the settlement construction were, according to the BBC, coordinated with US officials as part of the pre-talks framework agreed by Israeli and Palestinian negotiators in late July. Speaking during a visit to Colombia, Kerry said that Israeli announcements “were to some degree expected because we have known that there was going to be a continuation of some building in certain places.”

The US, European Union (EU) and UN issued standard, pro forma statements criticising the settlement expansion plans. However, Washington has long supported Israel’s expansionist drive, financially and diplomatically. It even vetoed a UN Security Council resolution backed by the 14 other members in February 2011 that would have merely “urged” a halt to settlement building.

Kerry’s comments make clear that Palestinians should expect a browbeating. He called on the Palestinians “not to react adversely” to Israel’s latest plans, urging the parties to move ahead with the talks.

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said that Israel’s plans for new homes on occupied land aimed to scupper peace talks that resumed yesterday, but he was optimistic that talks with Israel would continue. This all but confirms that the nod was indeed given to the settlements at the pre-talks in New York, with tacit Fatah support.

The current talks in Jerusalem take place in the aftermath of the army coup that overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood regime of President Mohamed Mursi in Egypt.

Encouraged by the US, Egypt’s new military junta is working closely with Tel Aviv, continuing the long-standing foreign policy of US imperialism since the Camp David Accords of 1978-1999. Together, they struck targets in the Sinai Peninsula last weekend in an apparently coordinated campaign against Islamist forces active among Bedouin tribes of the region.

The junta has also destroyed and flooded the tunnels linking Gaza and Egypt, used to smuggle goods and circumvent Israel’s six-year-long blockade, and is closing the border with Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, the Palestinian offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. In this way, it is acting to further isolate Gaza, divide the Palestinians, and thus aid Israel’s expansionist plans.



The claims were made by Ahmadinejad at the centre of the Jihad operation which is the OIC. Ahmadinejad KNOWS he is in an alliance with Obama,the Democratic Party and a good section of the Republicans as well, all of Europe (EVERY European Government) and backed up by the Antisemitic Left (Which includes all Labour Parties of Europe (an example being PSOE in Spain) and including Leftist Jewish Liars living in Israel such as Jeff Halpin.

This is a REAL alliance and it is directed against Jews and Israel.

The centre of this alliance are the constant calls for a Palestinian Arab state which will be the focus of armed attack on Israel. Ask who led the Palestinian Arabs from 1920 to 1950 aprox. and the answer is Hajj Amin el Husseini who with Hitler masterminded The Holocaust, and then the plan for the continuation of the Holocust was carried on by the close relative of Husseini (they share the same name) Yasser Arafat. Abbas ALSO is a Holocaust Denier. Hamas has in its Charter completely Nazi Genocidal calls for death to all Jews.

The centre of this alliance with Ahmadinejad are lies and the lies were showed clearly yesterday when the Minister in charge of “Justice” in Spain Gallardon said that Jews who could prove they were related to the Jews expelled by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492 could become citizens (of Spain). What a joke! What an insult! So Spain leads Europe in the Alliance with Ahmadinejad and yet insults Jews in this way. Are the Spanish playing this practical joke on Jews deliberately and consciously?

Also pay attention to Ahmadinejad’s reference to Assad and Syria. As we always warned as part of this alliance with Obama Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs will ditch Assad, the Alawites and Christians who support Assad.

(start statement from Ahmadinejad here)

Ahmadinejad is currently in Cairo at the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) summit with Hamas-CAIR’s Nihad Awad and the heads of 56 Muslim states and the Palestinian terror org.

Special Dispatch No. 5175: Iranian President Ahmadinejad In Interview With Editor Of Egyptian Daily ‘Al-Ahram': Iran Has Become A Nuclear State MEMRI

Ahead of his historic visit to Cairo (February 5-6, 2013) to attend an Organization of the Islamic Conference summit, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave an interview to ‘Abd Al-Nasser Salama, editor of the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram. In the interview, which was conducted in Tehran, Ahmadinejad reiterated the positions of the Iranian regime on various issues, and stressed that Iran had become a nuclear state despite Western pressures aimed at stopping it from doing so. He also spoke about Iran-Egypt relations, saying that they were gradually developing. He stressed that cooperation between the two countries could be expanded in many areas, and that rapprochement between them would lead to a solution to the Palestinian problem and to other complex problems in the region. He emphasized that Iran had no intention of attacking “the Zionist entity,” and clarified that his country had high defense capabilities.

On the subject of Syria, Ahmadinejad said that he was very sorry about what was happening there, and expressed his opposition to foreign intervention. He said that the best solution for Syria would not be the establishment of a sectarian government, but rather a solution based on mutual understanding among the Syrian people. He called on all countries in the region to unite into an economic and political power in the international arena, and noted that within a few years, the balance of power in the world would shift and the U.S. would lose its hegemonic status and concentrate on its domestic affairs.


Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered to withdraw from 97 percent of the West Bank and 100 percent of the Gaza Strip. In addition, he agreed to dismantle 63 isolated settlements. In exchange for the 5 percent annexation of the West Bank, Israel would increase the size of the Gaza territory by roughly a third.
Barak also made previously unthinkable concessions on Jerusalem, agreeing that Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem would become the capital of the new state. The Palestinians would maintain control over their holy places and have “religious sovereignty” over the Temple Mount.

These are facts. These facts cannot be negated. Yet within one year all of these facts were being questioned Edward Said style. There is a whole industry of lies that has sprung up among the Arabs and the leftist Antisemites who take their method from Stalin, especially Breznev Stalinism, and not from the noble tradition of socialism at all.

But let us first consider Barak, because if the Jews are to be saved then they will have to do so by their own struggle and in this every aspect of leadership is and will be key.

I want to consider Barak as a type in Israel and in the world of the Jews. Of course we can dismiss immediately that Barak is stupid, he is in fact quite a brilliant man with a very capable mind and personality, with great grasp of detail in planning and sometimes in conversation. He is at the top of Israeli society and none of these people are stupid. So what gives then with this persistent trend to set up your worst foes in positions of power.

The first thing that must be understood is a comment that Trotsky made in relation to the Jews returning to Palestine during interviews he gave to the press in the late 1930s. This was not an article, this was a sentence or two in the midst of an oral interview, and of course it went over the head of the interviewer, and has never been heard of since.

I personally have never forgotten it. Trotsky said that in our modern world (by this he means modern barbaric world where capitalism is in its death agony) that just by stating something does not bring success, just by being right does not mean winning. I am paraphrasing wildly here but the issue is that these questions are fought out in a material and physical way.

The literature on Camp David is quite extensive for the following reason connected to those thoughts on Trotsky. Barak, with the imput of Clinton I presume, did come to the table with a final offer. Barak was in a position of authority and if he had reached an agreement then the Israeli Government would have honoured it, carried it out. Barak was clearly proposing to Arafat to rid the “West bank” of Jews except for a few places “on the edges” with concentrations of Jews living. Plus…an extended Gaza, making up for that 10 per cent by giving the Palestine Arab state MORE land, some safeguards for the Jews for a while as planes reaching Israel had to fly over the West Bank. (I use here the Arab term which is a concession…just for clarity)

He did make the offer. Arafat did listen and then walked. Arafat and his chums made no counter offer. Not we like this part…how about this. He walked and within a short time the “Intifada” began. The Israelis, the Jews, were following closely and saw immediately what had happened. It was so obvious and so truthful in that the experience got to the essence of the problem. The Israelis did not have to sell anything as the Leftist Antisemites like halpin later claimed, it was all there out in the open. The issue was not really about making peace, about reaching a settlement at all. The issue was about power. Then after a pause the leftist Antisemites in union with these Arabs began to rewrite what had happened and the Edward Said school of falsification stepped in, which we will indeed look at, but not here because I am focussed on Barak.

The Jews are battered by Antisemitism for Millennia so will grasp at any glimpse of peace with the Arabs. This aspect while it is obviously true and as proposed by Kenneth Levin (I saw it first in Francisco Gil White) does not cut it for me. It is dangerous because it makes Jews out to be exceptional. We are all battered one way or another. It answers nothing. Jews like all of us have to break and make a fresh start. There is no programme of action in Levin, just waiting, reacting.

I am a great fan of the book by Alan Dershowitz called “The Case for Israel” published first in 2003 (not expensive and available on Amazon). This is quite strange because there is not one single conclusion that Dershowitz reaches that I can agree with in respect to action or perspectives. But it is the same paradox as is Barak, very capable people, reaching false conclusions re perspective.

Pages 45-47 are worth a lot of study. The structure is this. The Leftist Antisemite Chomsky, who despite appearances sometimes is always an agent of the US Establishment, has accused the Jews of Israel as being “rejectionist”, hence the title of the chapter in dershowitz that the Jews are anything but rejectionist, meaning that they have always been for the two state solution.

Here is the value of Dershowitz. To prove his false argument he brings up the most important historical material, in this occasion the Peel Commission of 1938.

The main aspect of the Peel Commission to bear down upon is that it was a response to the violence of the Arabs (initiated by the soon to be Nazi Hajj Amin el Husseini who would travel about 4 years later to be with the Nazis in the carrying out of the Holocaust)

As a response to this violence this British Commission proposed a partition which the Jews accepted, the Arabs rejected. To understand this you need to see the map of this partition. Jerusalem is internationalised and the Jews are thrown a few scrappy acres in the North.

The Jews would accept anything. The Arabs would oppose everything so long as the Jews were there. It is so clearly Antisemitism.

What is so alarming is that Chomsky just argues totally a lie. Yes, Alan Dershowitz shows precisely how Chomsky simply lies and lies. But back to Trotsky…that is still not a decisive thing. Good people can lose.

What is also alarming is the outstanding truths contained in the analysis of the Peel Commission about the situation but its obvious bias in conclusion (what Peel proposed) against the Jews. They are basically saying, you have so much right on your side, but hey it was them who started the violence so you lose anyway.

And this sets the pattern for so much to folow, even in our present world down to this present day. Like say Mubarak…you have been an opponent of Sharia but hey these folks against you are very violent in deed and thought, so you lose Mubarak. You bugger off. Ben Ali in Tunisia the same. Gadhafi the same but in spades since Gadhafi because of his agreement with Bush and Blair was actually aiding VERY ACTIVELY in the hunt for Al Qaida operatives. Cameron says to Gadhafi “Yes I know you aided Blair and hunted down Al Qaida but these folks in Benghazi are very violent so you bugger off too”. The same treatment to Assad and the reason that Assad does not just fade away as did Ben Ali is because not only has he learned that lesson but there are definite political forces backing him, the minority Alawites, the Christians, the Kurds, the Assyrians (anybody who is a minority and will get short shrift from the genocidal Muslims)

To return to Barak and Camp David. No he was not stupid. He understood the genocidal nature of the Arabs. He proposed the suicidal state on the doorstep of Tel Aviv not because he was stupid but because he was politically bankrupt, a different thing entirely. It is that political bankruptcy (not wilful treachery) that is so important to understand.



WWW.4INTERNATIONAL.ME has always stood behind Israel and we have always said that the main intention of the Arabs was to destroy Israel. That is what the Antisemitic Leftists have been supporting, the destruction of Israel.

This article deals with how weak is the present Israeli Jewish leaders, not one leader, but them all…

The article points to the need for a qualitative different leadership.


Myth and Fact: Arafat and Camp David
Mitchell G. Bard

“Yasser Arafat rejected Ehud Barak’s proposals at Camp David and the White House in 2000 because they did not offer the Palestinians a viable state. Palestine would have been denied water, control of its holy places, and would have been divided into cantons surrounded by Israelis. Israel would have also retained control of Jerusalem and denied refugees the right to return.”
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered to withdraw from 97 percent of the West Bank and 100 percent of the Gaza Strip. In addition, he agreed to dismantle 63 isolated settlements. In exchange for the 5 percent annexation of the West Bank, Israel would increase the size of the Gaza territory by roughly a third.
Barak also made previously unthinkable concessions on Jerusalem, agreeing that Arab neighbourhoods of East Jerusalem would become the capital of the new state. The Palestinians would maintain control over their holy places and have “religious sovereignty” over the Temple Mount.

Mitchell G. Bard states above what is true. These are facts and are definitely verifiable.

Their importance is that they show the Israeli leadership on their knees begging Arafat and the “Palestinians” for a deal, and this Jewish leadership were prepared to instal them in a state, making huge concessions on security. It would have meant the withdrawal of all Jews from Gaza, the extension of Gaza, having a Palestinian Arab state within spitting distance of ben Gurion airport, and other such nonsence. And it shows the Arabs spurning Israel, for what, really for a one state in which the Arabs would have the majority, which is the same formula which the Muslim Brotherhood has fought for in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now Syria.

So there are two sides. One is the very faulty leadership on the Jewish siode. The other is the real intentions of the Arab Palestinians, who are always following the programme of genocide of the Jews, as laid down in the Hamas Charter, which is why it remains in place.

Here the link is created with the present, especially the present in Syria, where the same pattern as in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya is operational.

In all of these the West, including the BBC, is engaged on the side of these genocidal Arabs of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida.

The BBC anchor man this morning was calling the Mali Jihadists as “fighters” while their reporter on the spot kept calling them Islamists.

The so-called left as we know it today has surrendered to this.



The US in alliance with Iran

Obama style of politics represents the US and Obama drags the majority of Americans behind him, is that not a fact! Obama may win re-election!

This article by debka clearly shows the danger of the US to Israel. The Fascist Left is lying! The US is in an alliance with Iran and Islam.

That after all is why Obama the great friend to Islam and Iranian fascism is in power.

The Israeli leaders by keeping Jews tied to US Imperialism throw the Jews into great, great danger of liquidation by Nazi fascist Nuclear technology.

Meanwhile the Fascist Left keep on attacking Israel as if they were the culprit…pure antisemitism of the Fascist Left

My feeling and the feeling of www.4international.me is that Israeli leaders by dallying with US Imperialism are betraying, are hopelessly inadequate, meaning not up to the job in hand, despite the great heroism of the IAF, and that all Jews in Europe and the rest of the Diaspora have sold their souls to capitalist comforts.

I have direct experience of these kinds of Jews from where I live in Spain, also Irish Jews, and it is all bad. THEY ARE NOT FIGHTING FOR ISRAEL. SOME ARE ISRAEL HATERS.


Notwithstanding the hugs and personal friendship, Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak arrived in Washington Thursday April 19 to tax his host, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, with tough questions about the administration’s dialogue with Iran. They followed the lines of, “What’s going on? Is there a deal? Don’t tell me what you have settled with the Iranians, just your minimal demands, your bottom line.”
The questions reflected Israel’s concern at being kept in the dark about US-Iranian back-track negotiations and American concessions, including President Barak Obama’s willingness to yield on full transparency and international nuclear watchdog inspections at Iran’s nuclear sites.
debkafile reports: The Israeli minister had come to ask for the truth from Panetta’s own lips on the urgent instructions of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who himself had just received worried phone calls from French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron. They wanted to find out how far Washington had gone in concessions to Iran. You Israelis have more clout in Washington than us, they said. You have to try and stop the downhill decline. Concern was also registered from Berlin.
The two defense chiefs talked for more than an hour, joined for some of their conversation by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey.

According to our sources, they focused on the fresh intelligence reaching the US and the International Atomic Energy Agency that Iran had begun moving military nuclear facilities to secret locations not covered in the confidential deal evolving between the Obama administration and Tehran.  Our military sources say that this Iranian action indicates on the one hand that a deal wit the US is within sight but, on the other, that Tehran is already taking advantage of the US concession on oversight and transparency – for concealment.
Shortly after their conversation, Panetta and Barak spoke in separate media interviews. The US Secretary said that plans for a military operation against Iran were in place and he is sure that in the event of a clash, the American military would prevail.

Barak stated that the Israeli and U.S. intelligence findings regarding the objectives of the Iranian nuclear program are aligned, the comment he makes routinely after talking to American officials. The inference is that the two governments are aligned on intelligence but not on how to translate it into action for Iran.

He added that Iran was “clearly heading towards the objective” of building a nuclear weapon.

The Pentagon bulletin reported the Panetta-Barak meeting “to discuss the close US-Israel defense relationship including Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge, Iran, Syria and the Arab Awakening’s effect on the region. Secretary Panetta was honored to be joined by Minister Barak at the Department of Defense’s Commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day where they each lit a candle to commemorate the memories of the victims of the Holocaust.”

The meeting took place in the middle of a crisis hitting the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department over the president’s far-reaching concessions to Iran in another dispute, the one over three Persian Gulf islands close to the strategic Strait of Hormuz which the UAE accuses Iran of grabbing.  
The UAE backed by the GCC is up in arms over the visit Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad paid to Revolutionary Guards bases on Abu Musa island on April 11 at the same time as Saudi Defense Minister Prince Salman was talking to the US president at the White House.

The UAE called the Ahmadinejad’s visit a violation of its sovereignty, while the Gulf bloc saw it as a cocky signal to the region that Tehran calls the shots these days – not America.
Yet, instead of backing its Gulf allies, the State Department on April 19, issued a mild statement urging Iran “to respond positively to the UAE’s initiative to resolve the issue through direct negotiations, the International Court of Justice or another appropriate international forum.”
The Gulf governments had expected Washington to respond to Iranian threats to use Abu Musa for attacks on the Strait of Hormuz and their oil terminals. They are deeply concerned by what they regard as the extreme lengths to which the Obama administration is willing to go to appease Iran, even to the point of giving ground on America’s own standing in the region


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10 May 2008

The Mufti inspects the Muslim Unit in Bosnia, 1946. He met with
Hitler in 1941 to offer his services.


On a pleasant Thursday in December 1948, Emilio Traubner, a correspondent for The Palestine Post, found himself near Abu Kabir, not far from Jaffa. Trenches and expended cartridges were strewn about, reminders of the fighting between units of the Irgun and local Arab forces that had taken place there seven months previously. There was a large Arab villa from where Traubner recovered a diary. It turned out to be the daily record of Yusuf Begovic of Pale, a town near Sarajevo in modern-day Bosnia-Herzegovina. In it Begovic had described his activities as a cook for the “Arab Army of Liberation.” 

Traubner described who Begovic had been serving: “35 Yugoslav Muslims who had a good reason to expect to be among the first to occupy and loot Tel Aviv, were part of a group of some thousands who came to the Middle East to join the jihad against Israel.” 

What were Yugoslav Muslims doing in Jaffa in 1948? How had they managed to get themselves all the way to the Holy Land? What had motivated them? Who had recruited them? What was the Bosnian or Albanian connection to the Palestinians, if there was one? 

There was a Bosnian connection: Haj Amin al-Husseini, the mufti of Jerusalem, had been in Bosnia in the 1940s. Had he recruited these men? What had become of them? 

It turned out that in 2005 a Bosnian had given an interview in Lebanon to a Croatian newspaper and claimed to have fought in the 1948 war. The story began to crystallize. 

The Long Shadow of Haj Amin 

In October 1937, Haj Amin al-Husseini, mufti of Jerusalem and leader of the Arab Higher Committee, was hiding from the British authorities in the Haram al-Sharif, the holy sanctuary atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. On October 13, disguised as a Beduin, he fled to Lebanon via Jaffa. In Lebanon he received sanctuary from the French mandatory authorities but he fled again with the outbreak of war in 1939. This time he made his way to Baghdad disguised as a woman. In Baghdad in 1940 and 1941 he increased his contacts with Germany, offering to aid the Nazis in return for their help in gaining independence for the Arab states. The Italians helped him enter Turkey, and then he made his way to Rome on October 11. He met with Mussolini and then with Hitler on November 28. After the failure of various schemes to create an Arab military unit he eventually settled for recruiting Muslim volunteers to aid the Nazis from the Balkans, Bosnia and eventually Kosovo. 

In speaking to potential recruits, Husseini stressed the connections they had to the Muslim nation fighting the British throughout the world: “The hearts of all Muslims must today go out to our Islamic brothers in Bosnia, who are forced to endure a tragic fate. They are being persecuted by the Serbian and communist bandits, who receive support from England and the Soviet Union… They are being murdered, their possessions are robbed and their villages are burned. England and its allies bear a great accountability before history for mishandling and murdering Europe’s Muslims, just as they have done in the Arabic lands and in India.” 

Three divisions of Muslim soldiers were recruited: The Waffen SS 13th Handschar (”Knife”) and the 23rd Kama (”Dagger”) and the 21st Skenderbeg. The Skenderbeg was an Albanian unit of around 4,000 men, and the Kama was composed of Muslims from Bosnia, containing 3,793 men at its peak. The Handschar was the largest unit, around 20,000 Bosnian Muslim volunteers. According to the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, “These Muslim volunteer units, called Handschar, were put in Waffen SS units, fought Yugoslav partisans in Bosnia and carried out police and security duties in Hungary. They participated in the massacre of civilians in Bosnia and volunteered to join in the hunt for Jews in Croatia.” Part of the division also escorted Hungarian Jews from the forced labor in mine in Bor on their way back to Hungary. The division was also employed against Serbs, who as Orthodox Christians were seen by the Bosnian Muslims as enemies. 

The Handschar division surrendered to the British army on May 8, 1945. As many as 70,000 Bosnian Muslim POWs and their families were moved by the British army to Taranto in Italy. The creation of Marshal Tito’s Yugoslavia at the end of the war meant that former Bosnian Muslim volunteers in the German SS units could not return home for fear of prosecution or internment. George Lepre, a scholar on the history of the Handschar and author of Himmler’s Bosnian Division: The Waffen-SS Handschar Division 1943-1945 describes their fate: “Those Bosnians who elected to remain in the camps eventually found asylum in countries throughout the Western and Arab worlds. Many of those who settled in the Middle East later fought in Palestine against the new Israeli state.” 

But first they had to get to the Middle East. 

The formation of the Bosnian unit in 1947 

The Bosnian Muslims, usually referred to as “Yugoslavs” in period newspaper accounts as well as in intelligence reports, remained in DP camps in Italy until 1947, when it was reported in The Palestine Post on April 18 that there was a “request from the Syrian government for the transfer of 8,000 Bosnian Moslem refugees at present in Italy. Yugoslav quarters here say that the Arab League has written to all Arab states, urging them to assist these Moslem DPs, and that some financial help has already been received. Yugoslav officials say that they too want these 8,000 Moslems back, as they are the Handschar Division of the German Wehrmacht which surrendered to the British… The Yugoslavs state that they view with the gravest concern the possibility of the transfer of this group to the Middle East.” 

By December 1947 a nucleus of former Handschar officers had made their way to Syria and were beginning to reconstitute their unit in Damascus. A report by Israel Baer in the Post noted that “the latest recruits to the Syrian army are members of the Bosnian Waffen SS… It is reported that they are directing a school for commando tactics for the Syrian Army.” 

No doubt the fledgling Syrian army which had been born in 1946 was in need of officers and trainers with experience. Emilio Traubner, writing on December 3, 1947, noted that the International Refugee Organization (IRO) was even convinced to fund the travel of Bosnian Muslims from Italy to the Middle East so that they could find homes since they refused to be repatriated to Yugoslavia. 

In January 1948 Arab agents were working to recruit Bosnians for the fight in Palestine. On February 2, it was reported that 25 Bosnian Muslims had arrived in Beirut and were moving to Damascus to join 40 other Bosnians already there. A report by Jon Kimche on February 4 further noted that up to 3,500 were being transferred to Syria to fight alongside Fawzi Kaukji’s Arab Liberation Army (ALA) in its invasion of Palestine. On March 14 a party of 67 Albanians, 20 Yugoslavs and 21 Croats led by an Albanian named Derwish Bashaco arrived by boat in Beirut from Italy. They were hosted by the Palestine Arab Bureau and made their way to Damascus to join the ALA. In the first week of April another 200 Bosnians arrived in Beirut. 

A lengthy report by Claire Neikind on March 2 described the procedure by which Arab agents were recruiting volunteers among the DPs in Italy. Men between 22 and 32 were sought and in return they would receive free passage to Beirut and their families would receive maintenance. According to Neikind, 300 men had already arrived and 90 Croatian Ustashi were also making there way. Fifty-seven were sent to Amman. Between December 1 and February 20 a total of 106 were sent to Syria. Neikind noted that “as soon as their families are settled, they enter Arab military service.” 

If one accepts merely the low totals from newspaper accounts it appears that there were at least 520 Bosnians, 67 Albanians and 111 Croatians in Syria or Beirut, as well as 135 Bosnians on their way to Egypt and 57 Bosnians in Jordan. Thus 890 volunteers from Yugoslavia and Albania were in the Middle East by April 1948, before Israel’s declaration of independence on May 15, 1948. 

Upon arrival the volunteers found their way to a camp at Katana, a military base west of Damascus that the Syrian army had provided for use by the Arab Liberation Army being assembled to invade Palestine. Here they met their commander, Fawzi Kaukji for the first time. Kaukji, 58, was a former Ottoman soldier who had fought in the Arab Revolt. Hagana intelligence estimated as many as 4,000 volunteers had joined his army. 

In December of 2005, Hassan Haidar Diab, a journalist in Bosnia, was able to locate Kemal Rustomovic, a Bosnian who had served with the Yugoslav volunteers. He claimed to have been a member of the Arab Salvation Army where 150 of his fellow Bosnians served under a Bosnian officer named Fuad Sefkobegovic. 

The Role of the Bosnians in the War of Independence 

Since the fall of 1947 Arab forces under Abdel Khader Husseini and other locals had harassed Jewish traffic and supplies moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. A mixed Bosnian-Arab unit of the ALA had been dispatched to aid in the siege of Jerusalem and this unit found itself embroiled in the battle for Castel between April 3 and 8, 1948. This battle was part of the Hagana’s Operation Nahshon which was intended to relieve the siege of Jerusalem. It is not clear what became of the Bosnians who fought at Castel. Some may have retired to Ramallah, where it was reported on April 16 that Muslim foreigners including Yugoslavs had taken over the best hotels and “molested” the local population. 

The next battle that the Bosnian units participated in was at Jaffa between April 25 and May 5. Jaffa had been allotted to the Arab state in the UN partition plan, but it was surrounded by territory allotted to the Jewish state. The battle began when the Irgun launched an attack on the city. According to the Hagana, there were 400 “Yugoslavs” and 200 Iraqis defending Jaffa. On April 28, Michel Issa, the Christian Arab commander of the Ajnadin Battalion, received orders from Kaukji to move from the Jerusalem foothills to relieve the siege of Jaffa. On the same day, Hagana intelligence noted that there were 60 “Yugoslavs” among the defenders of Jaffa. Issa arrived in Jaffa on April 29 ; the commander of Jaffa, Maj. Adil Najmuddin, deserted the city on May 1, leaving Issa and his Yugoslavs. According to Issa’s telegram to Kaukji, “Adil left [the] city by sea with all [the] Iraqis and Yugoslavs.” Prior to their departure the Yugoslavs had been billeted at local homes and their unit even included a cook. 

Kemal Rustomovic recalled in his interview that he had first been at Nablus, then Jaffa and finally at Jenin. Between the evacuation of the Yugoslavs by sea from Jaffa and their reunion with the ALA, the State of Israel was born on May 15, 1948. On the same day five Arab armies invaded Israel and the war became much wider. 

The ALA became a disorganized and largely spent force by the time it saw fighting again around Nazareth again in July. During the fighting in the North, Kaukji’s army of 2,500 men was reduced to only 800 and it was driven from Nazareth into northern Galilee. Rustomovic was one of these men according to his interview. The Post reported that the ALA still included “Yugoslavs.” On July 18 the Post reported that the British government’s intelligence had acted to “systematically sabotage [the] Palestine partition scheme” and provided as evidence the fact that England was aware of the presence of Bosnian volunteers in Syria. 

During the fighting in October the IDF conquered the entire Galilee and parts of Southern Lebanon. A report on November 1, detailing the capture of the Galilee, noted that some “Yugoslavs” had been captured during the fighting that had driven the ALA and the Lebanese army from Palestine and actually found the IDF in Lebanon. 

The Bosnians and the 1948 war, strange bedfellows? 

It is not known what became of the Bosnians who served with the Arab forces in the 1948 war. Rustomovic, who was born in the village of Kuti in central Bosnia in 1928, joined the Lebanese army in 1950. He served his adopted country for 30 years, married a local woman and had seven daughters and five sons with her. He was granted Lebanese citizenship, unlike the Palestine refugees who fled to Lebanon, and retired from the army in 1980. According to him, none of the Bosnians who had served in the SS ever returned to Yugoslavia. Some ended up in the US, Australia and Canada. It is assumed that some also settled in Syria or elsewhere in the Middle East. Today many would be in their 80s and 90s and it is doubtful that many of them survive. 

In the 1990s during the Balkan wars, Arabs would journey to the Balkans to participate in war between Bosnians and Serbs. In a strange twist they would be repaying the debt incurred when 900 or more Bosnian Muslims gave up their homes and past to come to the Middle East to serve the Muslim Arab cause. The involvement of these Bosnians may be seen as an early version of the linkage of Muslim conflicts throughout the world. This has gained increased exposure lately due to the involvement of foreign Muslim volunteers in the Algerian, Lebanese, Kashmiri, Sudanese and Afghani conflicts among others. 

The writer is in a doctoral program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his MA thesis was on the Christian Arabs in the 1948 war.



We on 4international believe the answer to the above question is no!

Only if Israel takes independent military action against the Iranian Nuclear Bomb can it be saved. To place the safety of Israel in the hands of the US and of the Saudis is very wrong strategy.

This is how DEBKAfile sees it:

Ex-CIA chief Hayden: Military action against Iran “seems inexorable”
DEBKAfile Special Report July 25, 2010Ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden said Sunday, July 25, that during his tenure (under President George W. Bush), a strike was “way down the list” of options. But now it “seems inexorable” because no matter what the US does diplomatically, Tehran keeps pushing ahead with its suspected nuclear program.
Talking to CNN’s State of the Union, Gen. Hayden predicted Iran would build its program to the point where it’s just below having an actual weapon. In his view, “That would be as destabilizing to the region as the real thing.”
debkafile’s sources take this as affirmation that neither Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf states nor Israel will be willing to live on constant edge with an Iran which can build nuclear bombs or warheads whenever it likes. They note that Hayden has added his voice to a growing number of leading American figures and publications which have indicated in the past fortnight that the military option against Iran has climbed the top of President Barack Obama’s list of priorities.
According to our Washington sources, the US president switched course after hearing Saudi King Abdullah assert explicitly: “We cannot live with a nuclear Iran.”
Abdullah added he no longer believes diplomacy or sanctions will have any effect and made it clear that if the Americans continued to back away from direct action to terminate Iran’s advance on a nuclear bomb, the Saudi and its allies would go their own way on the nuclear issue.
Today, therefore, the White House is no longer willing to countenance Iran’s nuclear development advancing up to the threshold of a weapons capacity and stopping there.  And since Tehran will never cede its prerogative to determine every stage of its nuclear program without outside interference, the only option remaining to the United States is military.
(This radical change in the Obama administration’s outlook was examined in depth in the latest DEBKA-Net-Weekly issue 454 published July 23.)
debkafile’s Washington sources add that the White House was finally brought to the point of seriously considering military action against Iran, as Gen. Hayden noted – not as a result of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s efforts at persuasion – which failed, but because of the Saudi ruler’s ultimatum. 
The Middle East can therefore expect far-reaching military shifts and redeployments in the coming weeks -but Israel is not likely to gain any kudos for this new development because it has lost considerable traction under the incumbent government.


The following is the recent article by Phyllis Chesler

A secret admirer, perhaps a critic, has sent me a gift subscription to Time magazine. I leaf through its pages, stop at the two page layout of “The World” which displays Israel as one of ten world hot spots this week. Israel’s “easing of the Gaza blockade” merits 176 words and comprises a column which is 5 ½ inches by 2 ½ inches. By contrast, China’s “easing” of its financial currency restrictions (which may have major world repercussions) merits only 89 words; the refugee crisis in Kyrgyzstan which has displaced 400,000 ethnic Uzbeks merits only 82 words and a photo. Obama’s Patients’ Bill of Rights is only 65 words;   America’s additional resolutions sanctioning Iran merit only 58 words.

Am I crazy, counting words? Not really.  Propaganda works, word by word when it is repeated day after day, year after year. The aim of such propaganda is to render Israel a pariah among nations–so that proposals for its elimination will seem reasonable and will achieve as welcome a reception  as have the narratives about Israel murdering little Muhammad Al-Dura, committing a massacre in Jenin,  harvesting Palestinian organs, and attacking non-violent humanitarians on a boat.  We also understand how propaganda fulfills its mission by counting, literally, how many words are being used to focus attention on one subject, one special country. Obsessive attention versus benign neglect is also a propaganda tool.

But, some might say that Time’s editors chose Israel for praise, not blame: they viewed Israel’s “easing” of the “controversial” Gaza blockade as a positive accomplishment. On the other hand, Time ties this “easing” to “the Israeli raid on an aid flotilla which killed nine and drew international condemnation.”

In other words: Lean on the Jew. It works. The fact that the “aid flotilla” bore hired assassins, shahids; that the so-called humanitarians knew they were aiding Hamas, an organization deemed a “terrorist” group by the United States; and that Israeli soldiers killed them in self-defense, is not acknowledged here as a contending counter-narrative.

Thus, all the other areas and issues chosen by Time: Severe Brazilian floods which left thousands homeless, the rather serious Uzbek refugee crisis, the sentencing of Somali pirates in Holland, the violence which continues, unabated, in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe over the “blood diamonds,” Obama’s Patients’ Bill of Rights, the “loosening” of China’s currency restrictions, the arrest of a major drug lord, etc. deserve fewer words.

Finally, guess which country is shown first, in the #1 position, onTime’s map of the world? Tiny Israel of course.

So much for what Israel is up against in terms of the allegedly neutral Western media.

Israel is also up against Israeli Jewish critics and Jewish rabbis. There are so many examples that it is hard to pick and choose any one. Well, here’s one. J Street just published a full-page ad in the July 2nd edition of The Forward. It is signed by too many American rabbis to even count. While acknowledging Gilad Shalit’s captivity and Hamas’ rockets, it nevertheless remains committed to a “democratic Jewish state—a nation that upholds the highest human and Jewish values.” It “hopes” that Israel will end the “counter-productive” Gaza blockade and remains proudly hopeful about “the possibility of two states, Jewish and Palestinian, living as neighbors, in peace and security.”

The J Street rabbis absolutely refuse to understand that dealing with Hamas (or with Arafat’s heirs) is a little like dealing with Hitler or with Al-Qaeda, that evil does not negotiate, nor does fascism, that Israel has tried their approach over and over again only to have “peace” and a “two-state solution” rejected by the Palestinians. What is it that they don’t understand? Or is it that they are far too frightened to face an evil which is not fathomable, not receptive to appeasement, not even to surrender?

Since many of the rabbi-signatories are women and/or feminists, I wonder if they would give a battered woman or a rape victim the same advice: Sit down with your batterer, reason, compromise with him, forgive him, act non-violently, show the world that you are more ethical than he is.

Finally, over the weekend, an acquaintance sent me an article and implored me to read it with an open mind and open heart. She is an educated and religious woman who wrestles with the narrowness of Judaism. Like many writers and intellectuals, I usually first go to the footnotes and bibliography. I need to know whose shoulders a particular work is standing upon. Idly, I glanced at the recommended reading list at the end of the article. It consisted of Jimmy Carter, Norman Finkelstein, Ilan Pappe, Tanya Reinhart, Baruch Kimmerling, the early Benny Morris. This told me all I needed to know without reading the article which, indeed, turned out to be a trite one-sided critique of Israel but one launched in a soft and “healing” voice.

Hark! A new kind of propaganda.

I wish I were part of a Ministry to Combat Propaganda in the age of post-Orwellian Newspeak. Well, maybe I already am.

Here is another piece that Chesler wrote, in 2008, carried on the Julia Gorin Blog, who I will say something about later. The piece is totally self explanatory

On my way to Penn Station on Friday afternoon, (on West 29th St. to be precise), there seemed to be some kind of demonstration going on. When we got closer we saw that it was a large Islamic prayer service which had spilled out onto the sidewalk and into the gutter. It was mainly a mass of prostrated men but women in hijab walked nearby. The driver, a silver-haired man of Greek and Bulgarian background, launched into a non-stop monologue.

“I wouldn’t mind it if they came here to become Americans like I did. But no, they hate America. They want to stay the way they are but they want to take over America. You ought to see it in Astoria, Queens! Far bigger than this. You know why they’re on the sidewalk and in the street? Because they are really protesting not having larger and larger mosques.”

Well, their prayer service, (and it was that), did somehow seem like a protest. There was an aggressive rather than a humbled feeling in the air, more anger than love, a separatism but one right in-your-face.

Upon my return, several brave members of the LiberalHawks listserv group, including Pamela Hall, Tom Dolan, (of Gathering Eagles), Pamela Gellar of Atlas Shrugs, and others from the United American Committee were discussing the Muslim Day Parade. I watched a very disturbing Video and read personal accounts of what happened at yesterday’s parade. Unlike the Hispanic Day Parade, which also took place yesterday, the Muslim Day parade was aggressive, angry, confrontational, and did not seem very happy or joyful. No one was celebrating Islam’s many cultures and ethnicities. One sign read “Home of the Free Shari’a Movement.”

A number of super-angry bearded men tried to charge a small group of women who were holding signs which read “We Will Not Submit.” The men called one woman: “A fu–ing bitch,” “You whore,” “Your Talmud says you can rape a three year old,” “You baby murderer,” “The Jews kill little children,” “Rothschild was a Zionist,” (!). The background was a continuous roar of “Allahu-Akbar.”

One woman, (who prefers to remain anonymous), a member of the LiberalHawks listserv group, was threatened by a Muslim man. He threatened to “rape her fifty times.” He, and several other men, walked right through the barrier that had been erected to separate the two groups. Muslim parade marchers also photographed the protesters — a method of intimidation, a threat that they are being watched and might be stalked or worse. The police ended up having to protect the small band of protesters. In my time, it was the police who photographed the demonstrators, the demonstrators and counter-demonstrators did not photograph each other (unless they were FBI or CIA agents disguised as demonstrators or protesters).

Perhaps perfectly peaceful Muslims are paranoid about not being allowed to pray in the public square and are therefore aggressive about it. Perhaps their leaders want to claim public, secular space as Islamist religious space — just as they’ve enjoyed it in the Old Country. Perhaps Muslims who really want to pray have only seen Muslims marching in anger or even rioting in public and believe that this is what Muslims “do.”

This is an ill wind and it’s blowin’ right here in Manhattan and Brooklyn and Queens. The March for McCain on Manhattan’s upper west side elicited a solid, ugly wall of hoots, jeers, boos and rage. (Kudos to Pamela Hall who took the footage). When I asked some liberal friends of mine to view it, they were non-plussed. Indeed, they said that the hoots and jeers were proof of a flourishing First Amendment. “The marchers can march and we can express our views of their views.”

When I and others had to be protected by police officers when we spoke on campus about Islamic gender and religious apartheid and about Islamic imperialism and pro-slavery views, many of the students looked and acted a lot like the upper westsiders — but that too was defended as the First Amendment in action. I have been a radical feminist for most of my life and have always voted Democratic. I voted for Bush once and reaped the whirlwind. However, I have not seen conservative students boo, jeer, and move menacingly against speakers who opposed the military, the War, etc. Have you? They just seem to wear their bow-ties and behave in civilized ways. Why? (Needless to say, I do not agree with many items on the conservative and Republican agenda but I do appreciate their civility in these times).

The Muslim Day parade in Manhattan seems to be another example of the First Amendment and freedom of religion being used to censor other views in an ugly and threatening way.

I am afraid for our country. There seems to be an escalation, an acceleration of Islamist aggression in many of our cities, and not just via prayer-protest but also via lawsuit. Even now, the United Nations is preparing a truly racist document against the Jews, (Durban II), and yet it’s being promoted as an “anti-racist’ document. Why is the mainstream media so silent about all this? Why are the intelligentsia silent, why do they once again make common cause with totalitarians and fascists? What will it take to connect the dots?

Julia Gorin had introduced this as “an account of the day by fair feminist Phyllis Chesler — an increasingly conservative-friendly Democrat who is increasingly freaked out by jihad and her liberal friends’ non-response to it”

At the end of that piece by Chesler above Gorin went on to write this:

Chesler deserves credit for the honest intellectual road she has traveled, including recognizing the lack of civility that her fellow Democrats show conservatives. She also deserves credit for trying to find her way through the Balkan morass after initially penning — like everyone else — a piece repeating the ubiquitous Bosnian propaganda upon Radovan Karadzic’s arrest (I couldn’t stomach the read, but here is the link).

If you followed the link above supplied by Gorin you will have found out that Chesler engaged in Serb hating, comparing Serbs to Nazis, attacks on Serb leaders, glorification of the Muslim Jihad against the Serb Christians.

Where Gorin refers to Chesler “trying” we have this from Chesler

Who can understand Balkan history–that cursed region whose fiery nationalisms led to World War One? Not I. East Europeans remember how especially brutal Muslim Nazi- and Arab-empowered soldiers were during World War Two. Yes, there once were some pockets of European-style assimilation and sophistication among Caucasus-based Muslims, Jews, and Christians in the region. Has anyone read the incomparably charming and popular novel, Ali and Nino: A Love Story written by the very Jewish Lev Nuissimbaum whose pen name was Khurbain Said? The romance captured everyone’s longing for operatic harmony between Christians and Muslims. (For the Jews, it was always more complicated). Tom Reiss has written a must-read biography of Nuissembaum titled The Orientalist: Solving The Mystery of A Strange and Dangerous Life.

But fiction and exceptions aside, ethnic and religious feuds have simmered and boiled over between the Christians of different nationalities in the Caucasus and between Christians and Muslims in the former Yugoslavia.

I have now received and posted the most challenging comments in response to my piece about the capture of Radovan Karadzic.

What I do know about the recent warfare in the former Yugoslavia is that many girls and women were brutally and repeatedly gang-raped. I know this because I spoke with their lawyers and with feminist counselors and I read everything about their plight that I could find. Had there been funding enough to protect the raped women witnesses, I might have testified to the Court in The Hague about Rape Trauma Syndrome.

Other than this, and like everyone else, I believed that, although atrocities were committed by all sides, that the Bosnian Serbs were the ones who mainly committed genocide, “ethnic cleansing” and the gang-rapes. Now, Mr. John Peter Maher writes here that the massacre in Srbrenica was a Big Lie propagated by masterful Muslim deceivers. Several other commentators, including Felix Quigley here compare this lie to the lie about a massacre in Jenin which never really took place. They claim that in fact, most of the allegedly dead Muslim boys and men made their way to Tuzla where they joined or were protected by Muslim jihadists.

I have begun to ask my sources whether any of this is true or whether none of this is true. So far, I have been told that “some” of this might be true; that “none” or “little” of it can be true; that this might be the beginning of a masterful disinformation campaign to support Karadzic’s testimony at trial; and that the disinformation campaign was begun long ago by Islamists who are covetously eying Europe.

Friends: This is not my area. Do I have any Balkan experts out there? If so, please weigh in.

So under “trying” Gorin has Chesler now stating that “this is not my area”. The problem is that it was late, because she had already as we have seen made it very much her area. Her attacks on Karadzic and the Serbs, her identification with the Muslim Jihad was total in both cases.

Under the link “find”, that is Chesler finding her way, Chesler asked around and came up with material published by John Bostom and Srdja Trifkovic and before she took herself “off fishing”, and  I have not heard from her since on the issue, she penned these lines:

Folks: I am getting many articles on the Balkan Mess. I am still no expert but what must be admitted is this: The West, including America, has been “had” in terms of signing on to only one acceptable narrative: The Christian Serbs are the evil aggressors and the Muslim separatists and imperialists are the innocent victims. (Where have we heard this before?)

The truth: That all sides committed war crimes but not genocide is apparently too complicated to bear. Anyway, I am reposting an entire article that has just appeared. Once again, dear reader, tell me what you know and what you think about this.

READERS PLEASE NOTE: I will post no comments that insult other commentators or that insult me. Good will must be assumed or I must assume an absence of civility on the insulter’s part. Also please note: This is not a legal tribunal. And calls for “evidence” must bear this in mind.

What are the lessons we must learn from the article? Please read the Comments posted at the Trifkovic article below.

Source http://www.chroniclesmagazine.org/?p=673

So after much reflection by Chesler she comes up with these conclusions:

1. One side is as bad as another

2. It is a mess, and as we know if it is a mess then it is very dificult to understand, maybe even impossible to understand, hence her remark about “going fishing”.

3. Chesler´s formula “That all sides committed war crimes but not genocide is apparently too complicated to bear” well that is really too difficult indeed for anybody to bear, because how would Chesler address the truth, that it was ONE side which was creating and carrying out the war crimes

4. And that one side, Phyllis Chesler, was your beloved “West”, that is US Imperialism, and their agents and “babies”, why that is Tudjman, Izetbegovic and Thaci, just as Hajj Amin el Husseini had been the baby of the British Imperialists in the Mandate, just as Bin Laden had been the baby of the US imperialists post 1945 (see John Loftus and see also Christopher Simpson explanation in “Blowback” of how the US foreign policy became that foreign policy of Hitlerian Nazis)

5. Then having done that Phyllis Chesler you might consider what the US ruling class is really doing to Israel at the moment. Having created a continuation of the Holocaust as far as the Serb people was concerned from 1990 to the present, especially the Holocaust Continuation in the Krajina in August 2005, they are now preparing with Iran, Hamas and Hizbullah, plus Syria and Turkey, with the US elite ruling class in the lead, the same continuation of the Holocaust as far as the Jewish people are concerned.


Instead of goodwill, Gaza-bound flotilla featured knives, terror connections

Yoram Ettinger

Tell me who are your supporters/organizers and I’ll tell who you are!

Israel’s Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center sheds light on the nature of Turkey’s IHH, the chief organizer of the flotilla to Gaza: This radical Islamic, anti-Western organization poses as a humanitarian relief fund, while supporting Hamas and several Jihadist organizations in Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Algeria, Chechnya, etc.

The IHH initiated a number of “humanitarian aid” convoys to anti-US Islamic terrorists in Iraq’s Fallujah Triangle. According to the Danish Institute for international Studies, the group is connected to al-Qaeda and global Islamic terrorism. The Istanbul office of IHH was raided in the past by the Turkish security services. Explosives, manuals, weapons and Afghanistan-oriented documents were confiscated during the raid.

According to a French intelligence report, Bulent Yildirim, the president of IHH, recruited “Jihad warriors” and transferred money, firearms and explosives to al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists in various countries. IHH also produced documents that facilitated air travel by Islamic terrorists, posing as relief workers.

In respect to the IHH-organized Gaza mission, Israel’s aim of cooperation was demonstrated by Jerusalem’s offer to allow the flotilla to reach its destination (in spite of the daily flow to Gaza – via Israel – of food, oil, cement and multitude of products) following a thorough examination of its content.

The flotilla’s aim of confrontation was demonstrated by its rejection of Jerusalem’s offer and by the handguns, knives, screwdrivers, and iron pipes employed by terrorists on board.

Clash of civilizations

Israeli soldiers were prepared for a peaceful takeover in face of (erroneously-assumed) civil disobedience. Therefore, they were equipped with paintball guns as the primary weapon and handguns as an emergency weapon, to be used only if facing death. They resorted to handguns in response to an attempted lynch by scores of terrorists, who assaulted the soldiers with iron pipes, knives, and screwdrivers. Handguns were snatched from soldiers by the lynching mob and directed at troops.

Overall, five boats were taken over peacefully and one (with 600 passengers) became an arena of confrontation between Israeli soldiers and terrorists. Israeli restraint in fact minimized fatalities among terrorists.

Would NATO allow a “humanitarian aid” convoy, organized by the radical Islamic anti-Western IHH, to travel unchecked to a Taliban stronghold?! Would Germany, Italy or France allow such a convoy to reach “Baader Meinhoff”, “Red Brigade” or “Action Direct” terrorist strongholds?

On a final note, the “Gaza Flotilla” highlights the role of the Jewish State as the outpost of Western democracies in face of Islamic terrorist offensive. De-legitimizing and weakening Israel – the role model of counter terrorism – would be a tailwind for Islamic terrorists – the role model of international terrorism – facilitating their assault on the Free World. It’s not a clash over Gaza; it’s a clash of civilizations!

from an article called The Ship of Horrors on


by Jim Stephens

June 2, 2010

These are the issues that have to be sorted out and rather quickly at that:

1. Do the Jewish people after being persecuted for 2000 years and unable to defend themselves because they did not have a homeland, today need and deserve a Homeland?

2. Are the “Palestinians” a real people or a Media, Islamic and Imperialist US creation? They certainly did not call themselves “Palestinians” ever in history, they called themselves Arabs of Souther Syria. The change came after 1967. How many in the population in any country know this and know the history?

Do these “Palestinians” deserve a state? If they do then it is right and proper to reward antisemitism and terrorists and that has to be the modern trend in the world.

I have listened to British antisemites on the station run by Dublin Jewish man Maurice Boland over the past week as they ring in and in their arrogant fashion attack the Jewish state of Israel.

Since Britain due to the British White Paper (Law) of 1939 closed the doors of Palestine to the frantic Jews trying to escape the Nazis

We on 4international say to these British scumbags and one Irish that:




It is vital propaganda to get across these points and urgently. You always need a plan and a framework. The following is a list of some points we will keep in mind. They relate to our own experience here in Spain, but remember please all the ingredients of crisis and leadership are contained in just this experience.

You will see and understand this if you think a little about these ingredients.

We will begin today with Hamas

But the following are the general points we will keep in mind as we go forward. Please do follow these. Look out for these special articles. We will mark them “Part 1″ etc and of course we will be publishing other general type articles.

These articles could very well run into a serious consideration of leadership and a sharp and critical look at Jewish leadership, involving one site in particular, Israpundit.

But for now…All the issues of leadership are posed here in these following points or structure:

1. The nature of Hamas must be ascertained with accuracy

2. The nature of Fatah, the PLO, the PA, Arafat and Abbas must be ascertained with accuracy

3. The nature of IHH, this shadowy group which organized the Flotilla from Turkey, must be ascertained with accuracy

4. The nature of the contacts of George Galloway with this IHH, AND with Hamas, in the Viva Palestine convoy which preceded and laid the groundwork for this latest flotilla, must be ascertained with accuracy

5. The nature of the website Palestine Telegraph and its relations with Hamas must be ascertained with accuracy.

6. The role of Peter Eyre on this Palestine Telegraph must be ascertained with accuracy

7. The role of Peter Eyre with special reference to and on the radio station mentioned above, owned and run by Jewish man Maurice Boland, must be ascertained with accuracy.

Look out for these articles over next days. As promised we will mark them. today is part 1 for example

As also promised above today we are beginning with the nature and role of Hamas, which Israel decided it had to impose a blockade upon, and which blockade (breaking of and arming big time of Hamas) this Flotilla is all about.

Bit by bit my friends we will get there.

First a word about the Flotilla. I just watched some scenes broadcast on Spanish television showing pictures of these flotilla antisemites and by appearance to me desperadoes returning to Turkey.

One of the signs read “Global Intifada”

Well I hope that this Global intifada does indeed reach Britain and that it is rammed up the collective arse of Blair, Brown, Cameron and the right honourable William Haig. That will repay them for the hurt and harm that they have done to the Jewish people since 1920.

Let us get a few simple facts about this Flotilla situation.

These do gooders who joined with the Muslims from Turkey and Yemen to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, what are they supporting?

(By the way I want to see Arab kids getting toys etc but that is NOT what this flotilla was about. Think that and you are a hopeless fool! But who really would think that!)


They are certainly trying to break the blockade of Gaza which Israel imposes as part of its effort to stop Hamas arming. So what again is this creation Hamas? Let us consult the charter of Hamas and here I intend to call in some help!


Another blogger (not us but we published it before) took this from the Hamas Charter:

Then I took a look at the Hamas Charter, just to see what this is all about. It’s somewhat long, but I’ve distilled a few choice parts:

Art. 2: Islam is the comprehensive doctrine for every single aspect of life. (They’re pretty clear – their view of Islam is that it’s a totalitarian doctrine.)

Art. 7: The Islamic resistance movement extends over the entire globe, it applies everywhere, and Jews are to be killed.

Art. 11: Every last bit of Palestine is Islamic, a non-negotiable point.

Art. 13: No peace negotiations, no compromises, ever. Jihad only.

Art. 15: An individual obligation… kill, kill, kill. (Yes, stated three times.)

Art. 17, 22, 28: The Masons, Rotary Clubs, and Lions Clubs are the enemy too. (What the hell?)

We published this some months ago on


This study of the Hamas Charter adds (punctuation is a bit out here…PDF never does come through for us):

The document also includes anti-Semitic myths taken
from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (mentioned in Article 32) regarding Jewish
control of the media, the film industry and education (Articles 17 and 22). The myths
are constantly repeated to represent the Jews as responsible for the French and
Russian revolutions and for all world and local wars: “No war takes place anywhere
without the Jews’ being behind it” (Article 22).

The charter demonizes the Jews and
describes them as brutally behaving like Nazis toward women and children (Article


The above url by docstalk is especially worth looking at.

These analyses tend to stand for themselves but to discuss this flotilla without dealing with the illegality of Hamas seems to us on 4international as absurd.

It is well not to obscure these facts as to what is Hamas because that gives a clue to the thinking of all those who joined in with the flotilla against Israel.

Note, none of these on this flotilla, such as Mairead Maguire, will ever say “Look, we know about Hamas but…

They never qualify their support…They actually hide the reality of Hamas and the reality of Islam.

I remember on a website in Northern Ireland run by a Northern Protestant David Vance arguing with a guy called “Colm”. This was 5 years ago. Colm insisted the Hamas Charter was an archaic document.

What do you our reader think?

My point is that people like Colm have all kinds of arguments to make.

And essentially it is not only about words, this is why I appeal to you the reader to write to us, below, mark private if you want, because we intend to build, and do please help us to build this organization.

I appeal to you to do this, especially if you did work for us before.

Now IS the time surely.

We need to radically transform this work and this website. Nothing for us is ever set in stone.