Therse are the issues that need to be covered

1. I am still reeling at the treatment of Pamela Geller on the Iranian youth hanging

2. The election of Klein to the ZOA, the hopeless position of Caroline Glick (this woman is useless) and the less than adequate and very less tan clear Martin Sherman (Sherman should clear up his writing style he is becoming impossible to read)

3. Meanwhile Belman continues to limp along on Israpundit, is now a really clueless website

4. And if all that was not bad enough Geller and Spencer on their sites are just single issue merchants and have not uttered a Word on the biggest issue of all, the Ukraine

5. Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the Islamist bombings in Madrid. It was disgraceful really. The Government and ruling elite made it an issue about “terrorism” when really it was a bout Islam and Jihad. The Spanish elites are afraid of calling attention to Islam. The Stalinist IU and the social democratic PSOE are traitors to the Spanish working class

6. And finally I entered into debate yesterday with Talk radio Europe because they too were hiding the possible Jihadist link to the Malaysian Plane Bombing, if it was that, or what it was. I said that all possibilities must be on the table and one fact on the table was the murder of Chinese by Jihadists on the streets of China a week ago. Why omit that?


It is clear everywhere but especially on this issue of saving The irish Hare that we must build the cadre of this website so that we can make our views more fully known

One of the biggest issues for me in recent weeks has been how I see the issue of “SAVING THE IRISH HARE”

There are good people in Ireland fighting to save the Irish Hare but they have been marking time ever since the Tony Gregory defeat in the Dail and that was decades ago.

The Irish Hare species will be wiped out not just by all its other problems but by the mother of all problems, it is being bred into by the invasive European Hare

A lot of the effort of will be devoted to the issue of saving our one really unique animal friend in Ireland that is left to us, the Irish Hare.

We must fight in solidarity with all friends of The Irish Hare but we must question everything too because we fight not for ourselves on a personal basis, but for our friends who cannot speak for themselves, they only live and are trying to survive.

If you are Spanish try, I think it Works by sticking the url of this article ino the space and press go


What is Zionism? The answer of is that Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jewish people and we defend it unconditionally.

But there is a problem with Zionist leaders as they presently are. They are totally in the pay of US Imperialism, at least all the blogs I read are so.

A very big name in these circles is one Caroline Glick.

Glick is Jewish, she defends Israel yes, but the problem is that she does so from a political position which is raging pro-Imperialist, that is pro-American Imperialist.

Position of Glick towards Obama…Obama is not Imperialist enough for Glick. Obama needs according to her to shake himself up and become more “Imperialist” on the world stage.

There is a lie here. Obama IS Imperialist. He is the President of the biggest Imperialist tyrant land the world has ever known, including the Roman tyrants.

The following advert on the David Horowitz Frontpagemag blog is a beaut and tells us all we need to know about Caroline Glick, because Frontpagemag are pure McCarthyites, pure and total “commie haters”

WMC – Caroline Glick

David Horowitz Freedom Center

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM (PDT)

Los Angeles, CA

WMC – Caroline Glick

Ticket Information

Ticket Type Sales End Price Fee Quantity
WMC – Caroline Glick Mar 25, 2014 $75.00 $0.00


The above information shows that Glick is dragging her sorry ass into that venue and even if it takes a real idiot to fork out 75 dollars to listen to her mess, the real lesson is that she is there, in the very centre of US Imperialism and hatred towards Communism.

Of all the places in the world Glick should choose Horowitz Freedom !!! Horor…witz Centre!!!

I think this woman Glick is very devious. The Ukraine issue has been raging now for THREE weeks and Glick (like Geller and Spencer) has totally ignored it, even though hundreds of thousands of Jews are involved directly. That is sinister! That is cynical!

But we can predict her position. Glick will oppose Russia right down the line. Why… because she is a Jew second and an American Imperialist first.

This is an extract from the KEY article on this

Glick writes:

From Russia to Iran, from Israel to the Far East, Obama’s foreign policy calls for the US to appease its adversaries at the expense of its allies. At its core, it is informed by the belief that the reason the US has adversaries is because it has allies.

By this line of thinking, if the US didn’t support Israel, then it wouldn’t have a problem with the Muslim world. If the US didn’t support Colombia and Honduras, it wouldn’t have a problem with Venezuela and Nicaragua. If the US didn’t sup – port Japan and South Korea, it wouldn’t have a problem with China and North Korea. And if the US didn’t support Egypt and Saudi Arabia, it wouldn’t have a problem with the Muslim Brotherhood and its terrorist offshoots, or with Iran and its terror armies.

The proper response to this worldview and its corresponding policy is a policy based on sup – porting US allies and opposing US enemies. It is predicated on the recognition that strong allies deter and weaken enemies.

3 short paragraphs above. Look at them!

paragraph 1…No the reason US has enemies is because the US is counter revolutionary in the extreme. By the way the US is an ally of Islam…all presidents were and thus are. Obama is no different fundamentally.

paragraph 2…Really is gibberish. Glick is generalising without having established any facts. For example Japan who was and is the aggresor against China, it is NATO and Ukraine which is the aggressor against Russia, it is the Muslim Jihad which is the aggressor against the Serbs and the Jews and all Presidents bar none have supported the Jihad

And so on…

paragraph 3…Glick simply wants the US to rule the roost.

In other words here we have a very prominent Jew in Israel who is in reality, and first and foremost, an attacking type Imperialist totally in the pay of US Imperialism

Bottom line pay 75 pavos to see this crock of shit in the David HORROR…itz Centre later this month. Imagine you can buy a Kindle machine for that!!!

Would not travel two centimetres to see her. Unless Jews throw out these US Imperialist people like Glick they are finished.

Cannot possibly win with US centric Imperialist Jews like this in the lead.


A few minutes ago I placed on my Facebook page

Through their lies they must try to soften up Russia but like Yugoslavia I think WAR IS INEVITABLE and this is Nuclear War. Is this true? Do you think so also? I think we are lagging behind events.and

Felix Quigley

23 minutes ago


Belman is all over this ZOA leadership contest between Goldberg and Klein…I mean who gives a fuck, they are both direct agents of US Imperialism…The issue Belman is Russia v Kerry and Barack Obama

and among other posts finally

Back to Belman of Israpundit. This man has tentacles in everything. He has on his FB page a reference to Putin as NAZI. Is this not the very worst betrayal by Belman of the Jews…IS IT NOT???
I have not seen ONE statement from any capitalist minded Jew or Zionist that reads this situation correctly. This is a matter of principle for Jews int he world. It is not at all whether Putin is pretty but that Putin is being attacked by US IMPERIALISMBelman is twisting this issue of principle. He is saying if Russia takes Crimea then Israel can take the West Bank.

But Belman has never once said that Russia is in the right here, that the takeover was a Fascist Putsch, that the order was already cooked for NATO troops and rockets to be stationed in Ukraine on the Russian border.

That is why Belman and Glick are so dangerous for the Jewish people.

Among all of these Bourgeois Zionist Jews there is not one thimble full of principle

They are toadies of US Imperialism.

Belman, Glick and a thousand others are TOADIES OF OBAMA. All their words (on Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer) mean nothing at all except they prove what lying bastards they are!


1. Stick with Israel as the Jewish Homeland

2. But needed new leadership and we only are really truthful

3. I intend to clear out all the scum crap from my Facebook page and will only have people there who have a missión. The missión is to fight Imperialism and to protect our animals and nature


DOZENS OF 302S Caught in time by israelí forces



“Israel’s elite Shayetet 13 (Flotilla 13) early Wednesday, March 5, boarded an Iranian Panama-registered cargo vessel KLOS C. Concealed in its hold under sacks of cement were dozens of 302mm rockets with a range of 150 kms, manufactured in Syria and destined by Iran for the Gaza Strip after being offloaded in Sudan.

The Israeli commandos seized the vessel in open sea on the maritime border of Sudan and Eritrea, 1500 south of Israel, and have set it on course for Eilat.

Sudan has been revealed by debkafile’s military sources as having been transformed in the last two years into a major Iranian weapons manufacturing and logistic depot, which supplies Syria, HIzballah and Hamas. Port Sudan is also the hub for the smuggling of Iranian arms to various Middle East locations.

The IDF said the Iranian missile cargo was destined for the Palestinian Hamas which rules the Gaza Strip. If this is so, it would mean that Iran had gone back to arming Hamas with missiles and rockets after a two-year pause during which the Palestinian extremists were cold-shouldered by Tehran for their animosity to Syria’s Bashar Assad.

By the same token, it is hard to believe the Assad would consent to relay Syrian-made missiles to this antagonist. Some Middle East military sources believe the shipment as not destined for Palestinian terrorists for use against Israel, but rather for Muslim Brotherhood activists fighting the Egyptian army from their forward base in the Gaza Strip. They don’t rule out the possibility of Al Qaeda affiliates fighting in Sinai as being the address. Western intelligence has recorded instances of Iran entering into ad hoc operational collaboration with al Qaeda elements when it suits Tehran’s book.”


1. Israel is being set up, as we all or should know, by Obama and Kerry who are threatening Jews with an “Intefada”…what is that you may ask, waken up and learn some history

2. Iran is on verge of producing a Nuclear Bomb. If you doubt this do some research into it. Jews would die int heir millions but you and your folks might die as well

3. The US and EU are planning to destroy Vladimir Putin and thereby also Russia. I would advise you to waken up on that one

4. The US and EU have caused havoc int he world by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood against patriots like Gadhafi, Gaghbo who is from Ivory Coast,and a ton of other situations

5. For years the US has been threatening Israel and supporting the gay murdering Mullahs of Iran

6. But on this rocket capture they help Israel, they say, so is Obama planning a new turn, perhaps war on Russia, bring Israeli bankrupt leaders along for the momento

Yres indeed folks it is complicated but reality is complicated. The bottom line here is that these rockets look to be to be very dangerous indeed

I find the US political ruling class the most devious it is posible to be. But remember where they came from. They liquidated the Native Americans and people like Bufflo Bill liquidated the Bison or is it Buffalo, or are they the same

In any case 4international will always summarise bowever briefly where we stand

With the Jews of Israel and for the Jewish Homeland.

The Palestinians only started in 1967 and before that date they were “Arabs”

With Putin and against the UN, NATO, US and EU and especially against Britain

I would say to stop the Ukraine becoming a NATO base for war Putin may have to take over a very large part of Ukraine. Certainly there will be no peace posible from those


4international declares enmity to those who do not defend Putin against Imperialism

What is Zionism? Zionism is in its essence the struggle for a Jewish Homeland. We on 4international defend that completely. Is Zionism different from the Irish (to give one example) national liberation movement down the centuries. It is more long lived going back 3000 years but in essence it is the same.

It is becoming clearer that the Capitalist Zionist leaders cannot lead to victory.

These Zionist leaders are now lining up WITH OBAMA and against the national rights of the Russian people, in Russia because that is what the Ukraine issue is all about. The US Government and the EU were up to their necks in intrigue in Ukraine in which they were supporting FASCIST communist haters, also by the way Jew Haters. We have a picture of Victoria Nuland the US Undersecretary of State handing out food treats to these Fascists in the Maidan Square

It is hard not to draw the severest conclusions about all of these Capitalist Zionist leaders from this experience.

4international is a fighter for Zionism but we are indeed disgusted and repelled by the support which Zionist bourgeois leaders are giving to NATO, Kerry, the UN, Obama and Cameron on this issue of Ukraine.

This was the time! This was the time when Jews had to take a principled stand, dismiss the Kerry BBC lies about Russia and Ukraine, and fight to oppose the Fascists who took over the Government of Ukraine illegally. They all failed in their own very miserable way. This is the end of the road for bourgeois Zionism.

This is a signal for all Jews of character to break from these leaders but/and far more important to build 4international as the alternative leadership for the Jews and for all of humanity.
Examples of these Capitalist Zionist leaders are: Israpundit, Jews News, Breitbart, Pamela Geller, Jihadwatch and Frontpagemag.

All of these are in support of Obama and are sticking a knife into the back of Putin on behalf of Obama

There is not ONE statement of principled support for Putin in defence of Russian Rights in the Crimea and indeed in Ukraine against a crisis hit US Imperialism.

Note how CRISIS DRIVEN the US is. They are preparing to take on and defeat a NUCLEAR armed power which is Russia.

Look at the risks they are running there. The US and EU are risking everything by taking on Russia and backing Fascists. The question is what then will Obama not be prepared to do against Israel, which is a far lesser power than Russia.

Yet the nature of Bourgeois Jews like above is that they are so wedded to Capitalism that they MUST drag their sorry bourgeois Zionist asses into the lobby behind the worst Antisemite on the Planet Obama and his Democratic and Republican flunkeys

The crisis in capitalism deepens and we face another major convulsion, we expect over the next 12 months it will be convulsion after convulsion. Warren Buffett is predicting a major economic collapse. That means dictatorship or moves towards dictatorship in EVERY country.

Spain is one of the nearest to dictatorship. Youth unemployment remains 70 per cent and perhaps even more. The Rajoy PP Government says that they are getting better “poco a poco” bit by bit. But the youth in Spain sense that this is a false hope and anyway too slow. Conclusion Spanish capitalism is bankrupt.

This crisis in capitalism means above all war with Russia so that NATO can defeat Russia and destroy Putin, thus breaking the country up into their planned regions. The defence of Putin now becomes as important as was the defence of Milosevic.

Putin meanwhile is caught in the world capitalist trap, since it is a world unified capitalist economy the Russian state is now highly dependent on the export of petrol and gas. But that export keeps on adding to global warming, and in turn that global warming is destroying the Arctic and will cause huge crisis in China, as they use up all available water including from the Glaciers. In California and Spain the water table is lowered continually by drilling and capitalist food production methods are a disaster for humanity..

It adds up to NATO war against Russia. Putin emerges as the Milosevic. He is continually lied against.

This is a major turning point. Any person on my Facebook Friends who does not take an ACTIVE position in defending Russia is going to be defriended by me rapidly. But it goes much further than this and we are not needing just words but the real creation of an alternative in leadership.

Meanwhile we will proceed to put together a real cadre of fighting Trotskyists. State your position now!

Truly a dangerous individual is this “Joe McCarthy in a skirt” Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller is a servant of US Imperialism and so she is at present totally silent on the Ukrainian issue. This means she supports Fascists. Silence here equals support. She also projects herself as an opponent of Islamic Jihad and in certain ways she is. But how can those two things go together, that is a servant of US Imperialism, and also against Islamic Jihad, remembering that Islamic Jihad is promoted by all branches of US and EU Imperialism? This is a big question for Jews who also face the Jihad of the “Palestinians”. This needs to be discussed.

The following will help us to see through this “conundrum:

Pamela Geller has opened up a big campaign against the NY Mayor Bill de Blasio. Geller calls him a “Communist”. Is that true or false? Can Geller be serious here?

Bill de Blasio from what I can learn is part of that Stalinist cum pro Islam and Antisemitic “Left”, by this I mean what is called the “Left”

The question that Geller must be forced to address is if de Blasio is Stalinist how is he Communist.

In other words is Stalinism the same as Communism?

Or is Trotskyism the same as Stalinism?

Or is what Lenin fought for the same as what Lenin and the Bolsheviks fought for.

Those are actually very basic questions and they are also questions which ARE answerable. It involves a Project in political life which is doable.

Geller and Spencer are “tricky” and an example of this is the way they use the “Sandanistas” to attack de Blasio, but there are a couple of issues here which they do not raise never mind answer. The first issue was the role of Reagan and of US Imperialism in Central America against the South American people. It is very telling that Geller and Spencer are hiding this. The second issue that these “tricky duo” do not raise is were the Sandanistas Communists or Stalinists, and if the Sandanistas were allied with the East German Stalinists does that not mean that the Sandanista Leadership was in essence a Stalinist leadership? Whatever the answer it is very clear that in Spencer and in Geller we are dealing with subterfuge which is indeed dangerous for us all, and also for Jews. As I said, “tricky”!

There are two main problems, Geller and 4international

1. Problem of Geller is that she labels people like Bill de Blasio as being a Communist. Geller thus is a big confuser of issues. She may sound good to some people but that is based on ignorance and offers no education. Geller and Spencer confuse, do not enlighten!

2. Problem of Geller for 4international is that she confuses and muddies, but in order to tackle this the 4international needs to engage in a “Project”. By this I mean that this understanding of what Geller is at, which is deliberately confusing Stalinism with Trotskyism, has to be struggled for. I am very sad to say thaat this kind of knowledge does not grow on tres and all that a Young person today has to do is reach up and grab a fruit (of knowledge). No sadly no!

Geller engages in anti-Jihad activity. But so do we on 4international. Islam is a Nazi ideology as expressed in the Muftí and Hitler coming together in the Holocaust against the Jews.

But Geller is also in that Hitler camp, because she is an anti-communist, like Diana West, another “Joe McCarthy in skirts”.

Her McCarthyism is leading her to support Fascists against Russia in a new World War.

Truly a dangerous individual is this “Joe McCarthy in a skirt” Pamela Geller

Dangerous especially to the Jews


Why is Ted Belman of Israpundit not totally in support of all of those who are opposed to the Fascist, Obama directed, coup in Ukraine?

Still not a cheep out of Pamela Geller. Brave Pamela Geller NOT!

No cheep either out of Robert Spencer!


These types above are ANTI COMMUNIST AND PRO iMPERIALIST TO THE VERY CORE. True they oppose Islam and oppose the Jihad. So do we on 4international without compromise and our considered view is Islam is pure evil.

Belman has crawled out of the undergrowth and at last said something on Ukraine, but part of what he says is to line up behind the worst sections of US Imperialism in war against the oppressed people of Ukraine and IN FAVOUR of the Fascist Coup engineered by Obama.

The world advances rapidly towards world war, and nuclear war.

It must be shouted out from every peak in every mountain range of the world that this was a Fascist coup AGAINST AN ELECTED GOVERNMENT. Everything follows from that.
The scoundrel Belman, and the scoundrels Geller and Spencer, have not addressed that, as if some day we would wake up and overlook that.

I ask most sincerely of all Jews..Can Jews be led by these kinds of scoundrels as are Belman, Geller and Spencer.


The US cum EU takeover of Ukraine and their backing of open Fascists in Ukraine is causing a direct threat to all the Jews who live in Ukraine. All Jews are being advised by rabbis to get out of Ukraine by all and any means posible. This is not only the fault of the Fascists, they do what they do, but is the total responsibility of especially the Obama and German/British Governments, who have spurred the Fascists into action, with top Obama agent Victoria Nuland handing out cakes to the Fascists in their notorious “Maidan” Square Protest

Anne Applebaum who is half Polish and is married to a Polish Minister was on the horrific BBC morning programme today and her hatred of Russia was overpowering. She is planning to use the Muslim Tatars in the Crimea as a battering ram (Jihad?) against Russia.

Nuland was caught on tape saying that the US was aiming at a takeover. The intervention of the US was as clear as daylight. Then she laughed it off at a later press conference and blamed Russia for taping her!!! They know no shame. the arrogance of this US Empire is incredible.

As we said in the first article we wrote, the Crimea and large sections of Ukraine will have to break apart from this US fascist led Ukraine. From there they will have to defend themselves from Genocide. This is already being done and we on 4international back these fighters totally and unconditionally.

This issue is being obscured and distorted totally by the now completely “outed” (by us) Imperialist in Jewish clothes Ted Belman of Israpundit.

The proven Fascist on that site one Yamit82 has weighed in and completely obscures the threat against Russia.

This Fascist on Belman´s site Israpundit must be answered by us the true Trotskyists in the world.

Of course Jews should get out of Ukraine urgently. But this is not just an Antisemitic coup, this is a fascist coup, and is directed against Russia.

Why would Belman obscure the threat against Russia? The reason is that Belman hates Russia.

Why Russia? because as we said Russia (although led by Bureaucrats) is still in essence something created by the Russian Revolution of 1917

This Fascist on Belman´s site hides that.

So does Anne Applebaum hired today by the BBC to spew forth her hatred of Communism

This goes hand in hand with the resurrection of communist hatred, al la Mein Kamph, as is shown in the recent writings of the “McCarthy in skirts” Diana West, supported by the communist hating Gates of Vienna

Meanwhile Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are still silent.

There are two major threats here in this situation. Threat one is against Jews, and Jews must get out. Threat two is against Russia and inside this threat lies the real threat of Nuclear War in the world directed against Russia. Note carefully, no threat at all against Iran, but against Russia. To follow this we must work to build this site


The President of the Government which was democratically elected may have fled to a city close to the Russian border.

If that is true then that shows the great peril in every country, including in Israel the Jewish Homeland, when the US and EU get together with ruthless Fascists on the Street

The following has happened

1. Fascists take to the streets and as is normal occupy a central square

2. The Fascists are backed immediately by the US, Britain, France, Germany and others. The Media such as BBC and CNN backs them

3. The Government is cautious and fearful of acting in the face of the Fascists backed by those imperial forces. This fearfulness and indecisión is felt by the pólice and army. The Fascists sense this indecisión and step it up

4. At this stage as far as the Fascists on the Streets are concerned the more martyrs the better. And if the Fascists kill that will be mentioned but not stressed by the BBC


In our article yesterday we noted the weakness of the Russian and Ukrainian leadership in the face of these totally ruthless Fascists.

Putin presents himself as a strong man, but the whole episode of the Winter Olympics has been a huge diversión from the grave dangers facing Ukraine

Weeks ago Putin should have simply HAVE MOVED THE RED ARMY into Ukraine and insisted on the arrests of the Fascists, while CNN and BBC should have been kicked out of the country.

Here I note a few other things on this fateful day in which the Ukrainian leaders and the Russian leaders have given the Fascists on the Street everything they wanted.

This will lead to the enslavement of the Ukrainian people by a Fascist led Government which is backed by the Nazi Germans, by the British and by the US

The country will be bankrupted, trade unions will b banned, and the whole shebang will be given over to international conglomerates for privatisation and pursuit of profit

There will inevitably be ethnic wars where teh Crimea will fight for separate Independence to protect themselves from these Fascists, as the Serbs were belatedly forced to do.

So in these conditions I note this:

1. The poseur Zionist Ted Belman who keeps Fascists on his site has not taken up any position in defence of the Ukrainians against these Fascists in Ukraine

2. Pamela Geller ditto

3. Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch ditto





The capitalist system is in deep crisis, getting worse, and is gearing towards Fascist forms of rule in every country int he world

Although Putin and Yanukovych are in political terms bureaucratic, afraid of the mass movement, they still have a connection however distorted that connection is to the socialist revolution of 1917

Just as Stalin set out to murder Trotsky and all opposition which was rooted in the 1917 socialist revolution, so from at least Reagan on the whole aim of the US and now the EU is to destroy every trace of the socialist revolution of 1917.

This also lay behind the war on the Serbs by NATO, by the UN, by the US and EU

It also in a different way, but definitely connected, lies behind Antisemitism and the present war of the US and EU against Israel.

Both are connected. The criminal is the capitalist system overall, and we emphasise again the capitalist system plunging into crisis.

There is a close connection between the US and EU which supports the Hamas and Fatah, and the same US and EU in support of the “Fatherland” bunch of Fascist hoodlums in Kiev, Ukraine

The “Fatherland” has its roots in the Holocaust of the Jews in the Ukraine. The Fatah and Hamas were founded by the Nazi Palestinian Arab Hajj Amin el Husseini, close relative of Arafat, and el Husseini was at least the equal of Eichmann in the Holocaust.

Even further back, one step back from the Nazi Holocaust, the “Fatherland” has its real roots in the “Whites”, that is those Antisemites who Trotsky was fighting against (and defeating) in the Russian Civil War years following 1918

It was actually the defeat of these “Whites” in that great struggle from 1918 to 1921 which prevented the Whites winning control of the Russian state, thus triggering the “Holocaust” right there and then

Once again Yanukovych and Putin must stand firm. 4international and myself, Felix Quigley, stand totally behind them in opposition to Obama, Cameron and Hague


Please help us to campaign on these issues



Israel cannot simply sit and wait while Obama and Putin provide the cover for Iran to equip itself with 20% enriched plutonium.

We should say with a large quantiry of 20% enriched plutonium.

Say to simplify that quantity produces enough to make 20 or 30 Nuclear Bombs, then what has to brought into the picture is that Iran has made great progress in developing the rocketry to deliver.

Add to that the real certainty that Iran has been working on suitcase type Nuclear Bombs. This is certain because at the centre of Iranian thinking has always been and is suicide bombers.


Obama, the black man with the lovely daughters, so loved by the Media, has Split the world apart and his actions threaten the human race.

Israel and Netanyahu know very well that they cannot influence Obama in the slightest. They know that Iran is now home and dried with Obama and Netanyahu at the side of Iran.

They know that Iran now virtually has the Nuclear Bombs to threaten Israel.

Note NOT threaten Russia and NOT threaten America.

It would in the future but not now. Remember that Hitler was not stupid either. At times Hitler moved with caution and above all one step at a time. He was a clever instinctive leader. So are the crafty Mullahs.

With material at 20 per cent and with thousands of counterfuges ready to go that can be transformed into weapon grade in two simple runs, 20 to 40, 40 to 80 and so on.


The rocketry all set up and ready to go. All questions of ignition etc. already solved.


All that is possible and Obama is fully aware of this.


Part of this situation will be the Obama demand to strip Israel of its Nuclear defence.


Assad fights simply to survive. It has never been his or the Syrain tribes fault that they had to fight to survive against Imperialism and the Sharia…driven into a corner with Iran, and of course Assad still Antisemitic like almost all Arabs…but note his grandfather was not, he was pro-Zionist. This dramatic change has happened inside a generation or so.


The axis is not just Iran…Hizbullah…Assad, it is that PLUS Obama…AND THE FASCIST LEFT which latter includes Stalinism…that is Putin!


What to do…rest assured that Israel will strike against Iran and it will be assisted by Saudi Arabia. The BIG lesson in this is Mubarak. Abdullah will NEVER forgive Obama, Cameron and the Mullahs for the overthrow of Mubarak.


It is not that Netanyahu is brave, it is rather that Israel has no choice if it is to survive. In fact the Saudis also have no choice if they too want to survive.


Jews and socialists must prepare for Israel to make war on Iran and 4international alone on the left will back it unconditionally in every forum in which we have a voice.


As if that was not totally serious enough place it also takes place in the context of revolution against Obama in America. Speaking of revolution expect now many red scares such as that of Diana West and her much discussed book, the red scare of the Daily Mail, and this tempo is going to pick up. There will be many Red Scares and really strange subjects will be accused of being Commies!


That is our times! Accept that and prepare!


The danger to Israel from Iran is the danger to Israel from Islam and the pro Sharia Obama. The danger is contained in living experience in what happened to the peaceable people of Kenya in that infamous mall

relate this to Iran and the danger to Jews from Iran which has threatened to liquidate them (from Atlas Shrugs)

Mall kenya

Solemn: A Kenyan girl lights a candle to pay her respects to those killed in the Westgate mall massacre

The horror of this jihad is not being reported.

  Kenya terrorists used new tactic to spare some Muslims Gunmen used high-stakes game of 20 Questions to separate Muslims from non-Muslims during deadly attack on Westgate mall; survivor says victims were asked name of Prophet’s mom to sing a religious verse. (more here)

One man downloaded an Arabic prayer and wrote it on his palm.

Executed as she talked to her mother on the phone: Fate of 16-year-old victim of Kenyan mall massacre as it emerges terrorists shot some children five times By Ted Thornhill, The Daily Mall


Although a face to face between prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama is obviously worthwhile for both countries, the prime minister need not expect to deflect the president from his pursuit of a nuclear deal with Tehran when they meet Monday, Sept. 30. At best, he will come away with soothing assurances that any new intelligence he presents will be seriously looked into. But he can’t hope for real substance for two reasons:

1. Obama can no longer turn away from the path he has set himself, because he is driven by the ambition to prove that international problems can be solved without military force and solely by good will, negotiations and diplomacy.

2.  After convincing Russian President Vladimir Putin that he means what he says and is not planning to repeat his “mistaken” US military involvement in the 2011 Libyan civil war, Obama removed a major obstacle in the way of a US-Russian deal on Syria’s chemical weapons. It is now the turn for Washington, Moscow and Tehran to continue the process with a parallel consensual deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

This is very important. The situation has run away from the Israeli leaders. In essence they can no longer defend the Jews from Iranian Nuclear Holocaust.

Note the giveaway point in the first sentence of debka. To answer debka ask why would it be useful for Netanyahu to meet with Obama? No point at all. Why does debka obscure this. It seems that debka is keeping one foot in the past.

All is now changed. The world will now be divided between those who will defend the Jews and those who are seeking a new Holocaust of the Jews.

To show the extreme anti-Semitism of the Fascist Left it is wise for readers to study in detail the following article by the Left Fascist group in the website Please note readers that this so called socialist movement is friendly towards the Iranian Fascists.

Given that all the world is now based on Israel hatred, that is Antisemitism, that the Israeli leaders are bankrupt, and that this Fascist Left goes in for the kill (a new Holocaust)

That only remain on the left as a way forward for the Jews so therefore please read this wsws article in that light:


US and Iranian presidents talk by telephone

      By      Peter Symonds             30 September 2013 
from the Fascist Left website 

US President Obama and Iranian President Hasan Rouhani spoke by telephone on Friday, in the first top level direct contact between the two countries since the 1979 Iranian revolution. Few details over the 15-minute conversation have been released, but Rouhani said that it “mostly focussed on the nuclear issue.” Both presidents cautiously expressed the hope that a deal to end protracted confrontation between the two countries could be reached.

The telephone call followed international talks the previous day, involving US Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif that agreed to restart stalled negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. The previous meeting of the so-called P5+1 group (the US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany) with Iran in April in Kazakhstan broke up with no agreement and no proposal for further talks.

The Obama administration is now seeking to use the opportunity provided by the election of Rouhani in June to extract concessions from Iran. Rouhani, who campaigned on a foreign policy of moderation and dialogue, is pushing for a deal with the US to put an end to crippling US-led economic sanctions on Iran as well as the on-going threat of US military attack.

The P5+1 negotiations, which are due to begin in mid-October in Geneva, are to focus on the so-called end game—that is, what constraints Iran is prepared to accept on its nuclear program in return for the lifting international sanctions—with a one-year timetable for completion. Previous talks in Kazakhstan failed to agree on initial “confidence-building” moves.

The US already has a long list of demands, including ending Iranian uranium enrichment to the 20 percent level, the closure of Iran’s heavily-protected uranium Fordow enrichment plant, shipping 20 percent enriched uranium out of the country, and a more intrusive inspection regime. Other demands are likely to focus on the Arak heavy-water reactor which, when completed, could produce plutonium.

Speaking on the ABC’s “This Week” program yesterday, Iranian foreign minister Zarif declared that Tehran was willing to negotiate “aspects of our enrichment program”, but pointedly added that “our right to enrich is not negotiable.” He again denied US and Israeli claims that Iran is seeking to build a nuclear weapon, saying: “We do not need military-grade uranium, that is a certainty, and we will not move in that direction.”

Iran has repeatedly insisted on its rights under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which it has signed, to develop nuclear programs for peaceful purposes, including the enrichment of uranium to fuel its power and research reactors. The US pushed through UN Security Council resolutions calling for Iran shut down all uranium enrichment—a demand that, if pressed, would quickly scuttle the planned negotiations.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is likely to make precisely that demand when he meets with Obama today in Washington. In comments before he left, Netanyahu dismissed “the sweet talk and offensive of smiles” by Rouhani. According to the diplomatic correspondent for Israel’s Channel One, the prime minister will tell Obama that Israel would abandon the diplomatic path if Iran’s nuclear program was not completely dismantled—an implied threat of unilateral Israeli military action against Iran.

The Israeli government is also quite capable of mounting provocations designed to poison the atmosphere for talks. In collaboration with the US, Israeli intelligence agencies not only mounted a computer virus attack on Iran’s enrichment facilities plant, but were almost certainly behind the assassination of key Iranian nuclear scientists.

As Netanyahu flew out, Israel’s domestic security agency claimed to have arrested an Iranian spy, carrying photos of the US embassy in Tel Aviv.

When Rouhani arrived back in Iran he was met with a group of about 60 protesters who hurled eggs and a shoe at his vehicle to express their opposition to his telephone call to Obama. The demonstrators were outnumbered by some 200-300 Rouhani supporters. While the protest was quite possibly organised by so-called hard-line factions of the Iranian regime, it points to the broader distrust and hostility among Iranians towards the wars and criminal activities of US imperialism in the Middle East.

However, the small size of the protest indicates that Rouhani’s diplomatic initiatives are being supported, or at least tolerated, in ruling circles, including by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The key test will be the extent to which Rouhani can quickly negotiate the easing of sanctions that have halved Iran’s vital oil exports and cut Iran off from the international banking and financial system.

“Beyond the extreme and optimistic excitement, the suitcase of the Iranian delegation upon its return didn’t have much in it aside from a handful of promises on credit,” the hard-line Kayhan newspaper editorialised.

The rapidity with which the crisis over Syria and the threat of US military strikes has been replaced by negotiations with Iran demonstrates that Tehran has always been Washington’s chief preoccupation. Just two weeks ago, as he was announcing the US-Russia deal to dismantle Syria’s chemical weapon stockpile, Obama renewed his threat of military attack on Iran, declaring: “I think what the Iranians understand is that the nuclear issue is a far larger issue for us than the chemical weapons issue, that the threat … against Israel that a nuclear Iran poses is much closer to our core interests.”

In fact, US claims that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons have always been pretexts for pursuing a far broader agenda. American imperialism has never reconciled itself to the blow struck by the ousting of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in the 1979 Iranian revolution and has regarded the Islamist regime as an obstacle to its economic and strategic ambitions. Iran not only has substantial oil and gas reserves of its own, but is strategically located between the energy-rich regions of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Just weeks ago, the US was on the verge of bombing Syria, an act of aggression that threatened to trigger a broader conflict with Syria’s allies, including Iran. Confronted with overwhelming public opposition in the US and internationally, the Obama administration was compelled to use the chemical weapons deal with Russia to carry out a temporary retreat. While, for the time being, the Obama administration is seeking to exploit the “diplomatic path” with Iran as the means to advance US interests in the Middle East, the menace of war remains.


(we will continue our analysis tomorrow)


One of the main attacks by Leon Trotsky on Stalin and Stalinism was that they continually lagged behind the events of the day, in other words the speed of events was continually too much for the Stalinists. But that also applies to the political situation today in general. For example some Jews today in Israel are arguing about “gay marriage”, these stuck in the past and dogmatic religious reactionaries do not see the danger from events in the very present as fast moving events swirl around them, and Syria is one, where if Qatar and Obama succeed in their attention, to put Assad on the run, then millions of Alawites and Christians will be butchered, as this extract from shows.

If true it is most alarming:

(START QUOTE) Members of Bashar Assad’s Alawite sect, their inhabitants, mainly women and children, have been fleeing en masse from their homes in fear of rebel retribution. They are making for the coastal towns of Tartus and Latakia which are still under regime control.
The question is for how long. In the third week of March, Russian warships stopped docking at the naval port of Tartus after finding its piers and facilities crowded with Alawite refugees who came up to the Russian seamen begging for food, water and medical aid.
From March 21, Russian warships on the Mediterranean were ordered to avoid Tartus and relocate their visits to Lebanon’s Beirut port.

The Saudi operation for shipping heavy rocket launchers from the Balkans to Aleppo is complicated.
The rockets are fixed to vehicles weighing 43.7 tons each. The rockets themselves are 7.6 meters long and weigh 800 kilograms.

To arrange the transfer of this heavy artillery to the rebels in Aleppo, Prince Bandar contacted Hakan Fidan, head of the MIT-Turkish National Intelligence Organization. They agreed to set up an overland route from the Balkans via Turkey and across the Syrian border to Aleppo, under the protection of the Turkish army.

Our sources report that Ankara’s initial refusal of cooperation was overcome with a sharp reminder by Prince Bandar of the scale of Turkish exports to Saudi Arabia and the damage to the Turkish economy of their potential suspension.

The news that Saudi Arabia was supplying Syrian rebels with heavy weapons stunned the Arab League summit taking place in Doha, Qatar this week, bringing it to a clamorous end, debkafile’s intelligence and Middle East sources reveal.

Saudi and Qatari delegates were heard hurling shrill abuse at one another and exchanging blows in private meeting rooms down the corridors of the assembly hall. The conference proceedings were abruptly halted as Arab delegation members pitched in to separate them. A total blackout was quickly drawn down on the summit as it broke up in disarray.

We of 4international are on the side of Israel in everything, the small Jewish Homeland, still hanging on, but look here what the Jewish leaders of Israel are doing. They stood aside on the defeat of Mubarak, they praised the murder of Gadhafi, they are now aiding Obama greatly through the mechanism of (post Obama recent visit to Israel) Netanyahu aiding Turkey, and they are largely silent on the plight of Assad AND NOT JUST ASSAD ALSO THE ALAWITE MINORITY AND CHRISTIAN MINORITY.

And this is widespread. Look across the Internet and you will find only our group 4international insisting that Assad must be defended. We say if Assad falls then there is a massive slaughter of Alawites and Christians. How hard is that to understand?

And if there is such a massacre of the Alawites will the Jews be far behind (also getting massacred) because remember Netanyahu is tied to Obama in stopping the Iran bomb, which Obama will not do, is opposed to doing, because Obama no matter what he says in public sees Iran with the Bomb and a balance of power, really a state of extreme uncertainty, in the Middle East. That causes an immediate race for all to have the Nuclear Bomb.

The lesson of Gadhafi remains. Remember that Gadhafi made an agreement, he gave up his Bomb technology, and the result!!!

Most proceed in a daydream. But for action there is a reaction etc., the old dictum but true, and the result of Obama literally betraying gadhafi and the previous agreement will play itself out for a long time.

Just like the people who put deposits into a Cyprus bank and lost, then when the rules are changed, there is a total loss of trust in world affairs.


IS EUROPEAN COUNTRIES NOW EXPOSED TO THE IRANIAN NUCLEAR THREAT AS WELL AS ISRAEL? as far as 4international is concerned is the premier website of analysis and hard news. It mixes hard news with some speculation but such is welcome always if it is intelligent. Speculation by its very nature is a leap in the dark so do not hold it against debka if it is wrong or only partially correct at times. Distinguish between fact and speculation.

I listen each week to a discussion on a commercial radio station Talk Radio Europe and this discussion is always so far away from reality it is alarming.

So today I reprint the article which is today on debka. With comments by me. Interspersed.


Our commanders now authorized to open fire. Go home, Obama!

DEBKAfile Special Report March 17, 2013

The words and deeds coming out of Washington in the last three days bring little comfort to the Israeli government as it prepares for Barack Obama’s first visit as president Wednesday, March 20.
According to an authoritative leak, Washington has effectively cancelled the Europe-based missile shield system that was designed to protect that continent and Israel against Iranian ballistic missile attack. The cancellation was part of the plan announced by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel last week to install 14 additional missile interceptors in California and Alaska to build up United States defenses against a threatened North Korean attack.

Not only has the Obama administration reduced its missile defense commitment to Europe and Israel, debkafile notes that Washington persists in overlooking the tight coordination in tactics and diplomacy on nuclear issues between Pyongyang and Tehran.

The European-based missile shield has been put forward by Moscow repeatedly as a major obstacle to Russian-US cooperation on nuclear arms reduction and “other issues” – meaning the really hot-button ones of a nuclear Iran and the Syrian civil war.

By meeting Moscow’s complaint, Barack Obama was gambling heavily on coming out of the understandings he reached with Russian President Vladimir Putin with an acceptable settlement of the Iranian nuclear controversy and the future of the Assad regime in Syria.

So far, his winnings are slim.

Russian officials are not rushing forward to welcome the reshuffling of missile shields between Europe and America. Kremlin circles were quoted Sunday by The New York Times as commenting stiffly that there would be no reaction until they were fully briefed by American officials next week.

In any case, Tehran wants no part in the diplomatic softball game the Obama administration is playing with Moscow. Indeed, Iranian officials are behaving exactly like their North Korean partners – with threats.

{Before dealing with the Iranian reaction to this let us pause. On the TRE discussion recently a man called Steve who is from Liverpool attacked Netanyahu as “that fella in Israel who wants to start a war”. Note the disrespect for Netanyahu and thus for Israel and Israelis, I would say too disrespect for Jews. And he attacked Netanyahu but was silent on the Iranian threats to Israel. Why was he silent on those threats? Did he mean to say that Iran is NOT a threat? The answer to his thinking because the leader of the discussion a man from Glasgow called Steve Gilmour did not say “Hold a minute what do you mean there?”

To continue on consider that if Iran has nuclear bombs deliverable and if from the above on debka Obama and Russia are removing defences from Europe where does this man now stand?

Europe also is exposed to threat from Iran.

Can this fact not get through to such think skulls.

Can it be that bias against Israel and their enthusiasm for the Palestinian narrative of history blind them to seeing reality.

So will theya rgue that Iran is never a threat? Will they continue to argue this? Will they change?

but if they ever accept that iran is a threat to Europe what about Irana s a threat to Israel.

Will they say then they do not care. But that is OPEN ANTISEMITISM!


Saturday, March 16, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brig. Gen. Massoud Jazayeri broadcast two bellicose messages on the Revolutionary Guards website

1 “Our commanders have been authorized to respond to any kind of hostile move by the enemy.”
debkafile’s military sources note that this message appeared two days after Iranian Air Force fighters tried to shoot down a US Predator drone flying over the Strait of Hormuz. It also comes at a time that Iranian officers are found on field combat duty in Syria and Lebanon as well.

2. The Iranian general went on to declare: “Mr Obama, do not make a mistake: we too have all our options on the table. Before you get deeper in the region’s quagmire, go back home!”

This was Tehran’s answer to the US President’s comment Thursday in an Israeli TV Channel 2 interview:

“I have been crystal clear about my position on Iran possessing a nuclear weapon – that is a red line for us. If we can resolve it diplomatically that’s a more lasting solution, but if not I continue to keep all options on the table.” Obama added that Tehran is “over a year or so” away from getting a nuclear bomb.

In Tehran’s tightly controlled publicity environment, General Jazayeri would not have dismissed the prospect of the US activating its military options with such contempt without authorization from the highest level, i.e. supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

He was effectively telling the US president that, after pulling American forces out of the Middle East and relegating the handling of the Syrian issue to Moscow, “Mr.Obama” had burned his military options in the Middle East and should go home.
Our Iranian sources add that that Jazayeri’s remark was addressed equally to Israel. If Obama’s main purpose in his visit is to hear what Israelis have to say – as he himself has stressed – then he is wasting his time. , In Tehran’s view, the Israelis too have no place in the Middle East and should get out – as Iran’s leaders often declare..



“The Unmitigated Horror”

Posted on March 10, 2013 by Baron Bodissey on the gates of vienna website

The Moroccan apostate Kassim al-Ghasali left Islam and became an atheist, and is now a political refugee in Switzerland. As reported by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, he spoke at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy last month. The following interview with Mr. Al-Ghasali was published by Die Welt, and has been translated by JLH.

Elisabeth sends this introduction:

In February, I had the pleasure of listening to Kassim’s speech at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy. He is a young man from Morocco who dared to speak his mind and received death threats as a result. He currently resides in Switzerland, seeking asylum and hoping for the best. As JLH succinctly notes (and whom we thank for the translation):

“A quite sophisticated understanding of what the Enlightenment did and why it was able to do it, versus the amorphous situation in Islam, with no temporal central authority to institute reform.”

The translated interview:

“We Atheists Are Creating a Parallel Society”
by Olivier Jeges

In his blogs, Moroccan Kassim al-Ghasali openly and assertively professes his atheism. Because he can no longer believe in Islam, he receives death threats and had to leave his homeland.

Two years ago, in February 2011, Kassim al-Ghasali fled to Switzerland. He had to leave his homeland, Morocco, because he no longer believed in Islam and had publicly professed atheism. Since then, he has continued to receive death threats. Now the 22 year-old is writing two blogs with a worldwide readership from exile — one on political Islam and one on human rights subjects.

Interest in his essays is great. More than 13,000 users on Facebook follow him. At the summit on human rights and democracy in Geneva this year, he gave a talk about his experiences as an atheist in Morocco. In an interview, Kassim al-Ghasali talks about his life in Western society, his criticism of Islam and what it means, that he has had to leave his homeland for political reasons.


Scarcely any Moroccan will profess his atheism as self-confidently as you. When did you decide to turn away from your religion?


Essentially, it was less a moment in time than a process. Belief is often the result of a particular culture. Religion is at the center in our countries, or to put it better, it is the heart of this culture. I turned away from Islam when I began to question this culture. It is a culture that controls everything: our personal relations, our thoughts, even our imagination and our dreams. A culture that does not allow us to be different, or think differently. A culture that sticks its nose into everything.


What do these thoughts mean for you?


When I became aware of this problem, I concluded that religion — not just Islam — is one of the greatest obstacles on the path to modernity. That is, it makes no sense, on the one hand, to call for respect for human rights while, on the other hand, religious texts call for the killing of infidels, bullying women and oppressing minorities.


How did your family react?


It was a shock for my family. All of them were concerned. They didn’t really know what was happening. They were all of one opinion, but no one stood up for me. Not even when protest demonstrations against me were organized in front of my house. So I had to leave my home and my town and go into hiding until I had the entry permit for Switzerland.


Are you still in contact with your family?


Yes, there is communication, But is it positive communication? Unfortunately not. The only positive conversations are on the telephone with my mother when I ask her about recipes.


You have been living in Switzerland for two years. Have you found a job? Do you have friends?


I am not an economic refugee. Finding a job is not a priority. I would like to study. I get a little money from the Swiss state and that is enough to pay for books, food and an internet connection. Yes, working and earning my own money would mean being independent. But first, I want to study. I am frugal. I am not even thinking about buying a car, renting a big apartment or sending large amounts of money to my home country, as so many refugees do.


Could you or would you like to travel back to your homeland?


I will certainly travel there if Morocco has healed itself of the cancer of Islamism, whose adherents want to kill me. And if my country accepts me and does not wish to take away my right to live as an atheist. If Morocco respects universal human rights and becomes a secular state, I will consider visiting there or even living there again.


Do you have any estimation of how many people in Arab territory share your view of religion?


Because atheism is such a great taboo in Arabic countries, it is hard to say how high the number of atheists there is. Sometimes, atheists are not even acquainted with each other. Everyone thinks of his own life and safety first, before he openly admits to being an atheist. Yet recently some voices have been heard. Most of them use the social networks to exchange thoughts and talk openly about their lack of faith and their views on Islam and religions in general. That sends a good signal to the West, which has thought for years that all the people in Arab countries are alike and are satisfied with one another. Nonetheless, we atheists are a parallel society which must stay in hiding out of fear.


What do you think of the so-called “Arab Spring? Can you discern positive changes?


The beauty of Spring comes from various colors. Unfortunately, the supporters of the Arab Spring do not know these distinctions. They want everyone to think the same, dress the same and pray at the same time. Most of the supporters of the Arab Spring do not believe in human rights as the West understands them. For them, democracy is just a ladder for the climb to power. Then they fasten knives to the treads so that no other political parties can climb the ladder. What is happening in the Arab World now is comparable to what Europe went through in the 17th and 18th century. The difference is that this phase at that time brought forth enlightened philosophers and thinkers. In the Near East, on the contrary, the supporters of divine laws and the followers of Islam are coming to power.


But couldn’t Islam reform as happened with Christianity?


In my opinion, there can be no reformation or enlightenment in Sunni or Shiite Islam, because there is no church to be reformed. In Islam, we are subject to the power of a sacred book and the instructions it gives. Identity and understanding of self come from the Koran. If Muslims could use their reason without the instructions of a book which is recognized as the Word of God, then we could talk about enlightenment. But today most Muslims are against the ideas of the Western Enlightenment. And they do not know that Muslims would be capable of achieving the same rights as the people in Western society. Historically, there were several attempts at reform in Islam, but they were not welcomed. Any moderate Muslim who would like to reform Islam should admit to himself that terror and violence are in the Koran. The unmitigated horror. But no Muslim could admit that the Koran is a politically- and historically-determined book — and not the word of Allah.


What are your plans for the future?


I hope for and dream of the day when religious freedom and human rights come to Arab lands. I am working for that. I have dedicated my life to that. And in the meantime, I will drink a couple of beers every week with my girlfriend.



Israel and the Jews of Israel are being threatened as never before, comparable only to Hitler and the Holocaust. You will remember that all of the nations of the world especially Britain and America refused to allow Jewish emigration to escape the Holocaust. It is very like that today. The Jews have set up their Homeland in Israel but they are being isolated AGAIN by Obama and Cameron. This new threat of new Holocaust takes the form of Obama BACKING a Nuclear Armed Iran, which also means a Nuclear backed Muslim Brotherhood!


Understand what the left is. It is NOT Trotskyist. It is a ragbag and is more influenced by Stalinist and Revisionist thoughts.

The left is bitterly the enemy of Israel, that is ISRAEL THE Jewish HOMELAND

Why would the left be opposed to the Jewish Homeland? Because the left has become totally Antisemitic. This was led by the Moscow Stalinists following the 1967 war, which was a defensive war by the Jews of Israel, to defend their country from Egypt’s Nasser and other Arab countries which were attacking…HISTORY SPEAKS FOLKS…


If the left is antisemitic what then?
The answer to this is that this left which is antisemitic is not Trotskyist, that means not based on the Lenin and Trotsky principles of socialist revolution.


1. This antisemitic left is no use to workers and it is no use to Jews in such danger as we describe
2. A new alternative must be built
3. That alternative is already well underway
4. How do we know? We know this because of all the political groups and individuals in the world only has called it correctly on the Jihadist cum Imperialist war on Yugoslavia, and on the Muslim Brotherhood drive to Fascism inside the Arab Spring which was obviously directed by Imperialism


They go wrong and seriously because they are STILL placing their faith in a capitalist system which is in its death agony. What part of “death agony” pamela and Robert do you not understand?

It was Leon Trotsky who described this stage of the capitalist system as being the “death agony of capitalism”

Please tell me this then the two of you and I narrow the focus to make it understandable: Why is the unemployment among young people in Spain about 60 per cent, not getting better but growing? Why are animals such as the tiger and lion being wiped out in the world? What is this system which cannot guarantee the existence of such species?

V ery simple questions Geller and Spencer please answer and urgently.


Like Geller and Spencer they place their trust in the same world capitalist system. Hell Netanyahu even places his trust in Obama who is coming to Israel in a week or so to ram home upon the Israelis this Nuclear Iran and this Nuclear Power which the Muslim Brotherhood will have.

They lead the Jews of the world in supporting and defending capitalism

netanyahu often comes under attack from the left and in that case we defend Netanyahu from the left. An example of this is a Jewish man called Barrie Nathan on the talk radio europe station and this Jewish man Nathan is always attacking Netanyahu because Nathan would prefer Livni or somebody.

No barrie Nathan the fault is not with the Jews the fault is with the “Palis” and the left who want to have Israel obliterated and Jews homeless which adds up to Genocide of the Jews.

We will defend all Jews under attack from Antisemitism. Barrie Nathan why do you not do sol and you call yourself a Jew. What gives Barrie Nathan?


This means in concrete terms the building of 4international.meI

Please urgently help and urgently get in touch. It is not hard write to me below and sign private…no problemo!






This is the political DNA of Yesh Atid, and as such it is incompatible with that of Bayit Yehudi – despite the alleged like-mindedness said to prevail between the parties on other issues.

Thus, while Bayit Yehudi issued a very upbeat announcement Thursday, declaring complete consensus and coordination with Yesh Atid, I would be highly skeptical as to whether such consensus/coordination extends to the cardinal issue at the center of the respective DNAs of the parties: The issue of Palestinian statehood.

This seems to confirm my central thesis on the other thread.

There is a mountain between Bennett and Lapid.

Meaning…the people who voted for Bennett voted for a man who stood for the fight against the Jihad against Israel, specifically the Palestine Arab State issue and how to halt that in its tracks. (Very simply those for the Palestine State are for the Jihad, both the Jihad against Israel and the Jihad in general.

The article above is masterly in showing that many who voted for Lapid were people in Israel without any firm foundations, for example, he refers very specifically above to people voting against all politics, that is nihilism, or last minute voters, that are swung into action by latest tv reports. These are the chaff of political life.

The strength of the Bennett vote remains and may increase, as it is certain to me anyway that Obama will get together with Abbas and Hamas to actually INSTAL Hamas.

Thus the fear and hatred of Lapid will grow, and the position of Bennett will be stronger.

People here can counter oh but Bennett is this and that, he did this and that. I KNOW THAT. You may know it better than me because you may simply be better informed.

But my fundamental point is unchanged…it is the movement of the key people behind Bennett’s new party that is all important.

The conditions for a great advance in Jewish consciousness is there. All is needed is the independent revolutionary party.

Here I have not yet touched on the need for the arming of the Jewish people and for the complete overhaul of the IDF so that the IDF is answerable not to careerist bureaucrats but the Jewish people



The Israeli Government and every Israeli Government since Independence in 1948 has refused to face the reality of Arab and International Antisemitism. But it is never easy for them because world Antisemitism is a reality ALWAYS facing Jews. That is what 4international is facing up to in our campaigns.

More and more the fight against Antisemitism is going to be the task of the Trotskyist movement as represented by 4international and 4international Young Socialists. We are beginning a campaign to bring the truth of the Antisemitism that Jews in Palestine (we use the historical term here) have faced from Arabs since 1920 especially covering that 1920 period, the 1929 massacres in Hebron, the Nazi link-up of the Arabs, the role in the Holocaust of the mentor of Yasser Arafat Hajj Amin el Husseini and much more.


In a recent article on Indymedia Ireland they make reference to “franchised international Jewish cult of holocaust” from an article in which they horrifically title “Holocaust Whose Holocaust?”

The Irish leftist scene is totally Antisemitic and all of these Leftist Antisemites have to be exposed.

But the big issue here is that all of the Governmental Parties in Ireland are Antisemitic.

The big issue of the day remains Iran.

Obama has been in league with the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab Spring counter revolutions. As have Europe.

This is an extension of the EU defence of the Antisemites in the Arab Palestinian movement whether Hamas or Fatah, they are all based on Jew Hatred.

And Israel sadly is not in good shape to meet these challenges. Economically and culturally Israel is in fine spirit but its leaders on the issue of Antisemitism in the world have no answer, and Netanyahu remains too tied to other world governments especially the US Government as opposed to the US people and their Congress.

Israel has to make clear that it reserves the use of all methods to defend itself, included is definitely the use of nuclear weapons to strike and destroy totally the Iranian Nuclear Programme. That is the reality for the world. The situation is the same as stopping Hitler in 1939.


The Israeli Government and every Israeli Government since Independence in 1948 has refused to face the reality of Arab and International Antisemitism.

More and more that is going to be the task of the Trotskyist movement as represented by 4international and 4international Young Socialists. We are beginning a campaign to bring the truth of the Antisemitism that Jews have faced from Arabs since 1920 especially covering that 1920 period, the 1929 massacres in Hebron, the Nazi link-up of the Arabs, the role in the Holocaust of the mentor of Yasser Arafat Hajj Amin el Husseini and much more.



…recent weeks, reelected Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has repeatedly stressed he wants a broad government coalition for the critical objective of preventing Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon.
The question is how does he propose to achieve this when tough US and European sanctions have not just failed to stop Iran in its tracks but accelerated its nuclear progress. Iran is now estimated to be within four months of a nuclear bomb capacity from the moment a decision is taken to build one.
Those months are critical: On February 25 the five UN Security Council’s permanent members plus Germany sit down with Iran in Kazakhstan for a fresh round of negotiations. Former rounds in this format led nowhere and no breakthrough is expected this time either beyond, at best, a date for a continuation.
On March 20, President Barack Obama arrives in Israel for the first foreign trip of his second term. The purpose of his visit is plain, except to Netanyahu’s domestic rivals: Facing a 50 percent cutback in military spending, the Obama administration cannot credibly threaten to go to war against a recalcitrant Iran. But the US president may still wave the Israeli military option in Tehran’s face.

Not that the ayatollahs are likely to be impressed. Khamenei and Ahmadinejad have both dismissed talks with Washington “with a gun” at their head, meaning that they are not scared of the Israeli gun the Americans are putting to their heads.
In fact, the Islamic rulers of Tehran are reported by debkafile’s intelligence and Iranian sources to be fully confident that they are home and dry as a nuclear power after a secret US Pentagon research study was leaked that “casts doubt on whether the multibillion-dollar missile defense system planned for Europe” (originally by the Bush administration) “can ever protect the US from Iranian missiles as intended.”

In a recent article on Indymedia Ireland they make reference to “franchised international Jewish cult of holocaust” from an article in which they horrifically title “Holocaust Whose Holocaust?”

The Irish leftist scene is totally Antisemitic and all of these Leftist Antisemites have to be exposed.

But the big issue here is that all of the Governmental Parties in Ireland are Antisemitic.

The big issue of the day remains Iran.

Obama has been in league with the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab Spring counter revolutions. As have Europe.

This is an extension of the EU defence of the Antisemites in the Arab Palestinian movement whether Hamas or Fatah, they are all based on Jew Hatred.

And Israel sadly is not in good shape to meet these challenges. Economically and culturally Israel is in fine spirit but its leaders on the issue of Antisemitism in the world have no answer, and Netanyahu remains too tied to other world governments especially the US Government as opposed to the US people and their Congress.

Israel has to make clear that it reserves the use of all methods to defend itself, included is definitely the use of nuclear weapons to strike and destroy totally the Iranian Nuclear Programme. That is the reality for the world. The situation is the same as stopping Hitler in 1939.


The Israeli Government and every Israeli Government since Independence in 1948 has refused to face the reality of Arab and International Antisemitism.

More and more that is going to be the task of the Trotskyist movement as represented by 4international and 4international Young Socialists. We are beginning a campaign to bring the truth of the Antisemitism that Jews have faced from Arabs since 1920 especially covering that 1920 period, the 1929 massacres in Hebron, the Nazi link-up of the Arabs, the role in the Holocaust of the mentor of Yasser Arafat Hajj Amin el Husseini and much more.’s-defense


The British website Harry’s Place has come down on the side of the British state and police in their persectution of Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League.

Basically Harry’s Place is supporting the police arresting over 50 members of the EDL not at a demo but before (as they intended to attend) a demo.


This is very like what the British State did to the Miners as they planned to attend meetings and pickets. They arrested and stopped miners from travelling on the public roads of Britain


The horror show which is Harry’s Place lines up with all of that.


i reject this term of the “left” to descrine these police snitches in the so-called “United Against Fascism” and others and this sentiment of my rejection of this term, which is very misleading, is contained in this comment which I placed this morning on Harry’s Place:


Will Defens

You really must give more attention to your use of words to describe this new phenomenon. These people such as United Against Fascism are NOT the left.

You write:

“The lefts response to Islam is, a few blogs that the main stream press and Guardian types totally ignore. At the same time Islam is gaining a very powerful political base in this country. The people running Tower Hamlets are linked to the IFE. Nothing, not a peep from the left. In fact the left are actually in cahoots with them.. The left is actually helping racists and genocidal manics to oppress their won people.”

You are very wrong there in calling these “the left”. They are not in any way left, and are not standing in the traditions of the great socialist thinkers and practitioners. NO WAY!

But I have no ready answer as to what to call them. So I appreciate your difficulty.

The first thing to appreciate is that there is actually no left in existence, none at all.

These whom you call “the left” are as you point out in alliance with Islam which is a most reactionary ideology, and they are now also in league with the capitalist state, and with the police, no doubt therefore behind the scenes with the Special Branch.

They are certainly agents of the state machine which itself is in league with Islam for reasons which have not yet been consciously identified.

There is one obvious link to the arrest by the state aided by these folk whom you call the left, and that is the arrest of the miners at the edges of the British motorway system, on their way to rallies or pickets during the decisive Miners Strike.

Here just as in the Miners Strike the state is moving to attacking the INTENTION to demonstrate etc.

I would say that many of these in the UAF etc. are paid by the state (given the loose and undisciplined nature of these groups the infiltration must be enormous).. Also as Britain slips into crisis even more these precedents of arrest before an event will be used against all kinds of workers’ organizations.

I am at a loss to know what to call these people. I used to call them “left Fascists” but I am now rejecting this term. The left part is misleading.

The best I can come up with is “Pro-state provocateurs”








Patrick Hayes on “Spiked” has referred to “anti-fascists” preparing a police state. Hayes is right. Yes they are preparing a police state. But Hayes is also wrong. These are not “anti-fascists” and certainly not of the “left” but these are indeed fascists. Groups like the SWP are Fascists. Not to be called ever “Left Fascists”.


Hayes is right on t he following report:


The modern anti-fascist left has provided plenty of justification for increased state control over political to and fro in modern Britain. It has strengthened the use of public-order laws over political freedom, and it has empowered the state to govern all forms of political speech. That control extends not just to the statements and actions of ‘fascist’ groups, but also to the statements and actions of left-wing groups and anti-fascists, too.

So for the next 30 days, any group – regardless of its grievance – is banned from marching in Walthamstow and the rest of the borough of Waltham Forest and in the nearby boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Newham and Islington. This blanket ban is directly down to the campaigning efforts of left-wing anti-fascist protesters, who have spent the past month taking to the streets to get people to join local Labour MP Stella Creasy in signing a petition to ban the EDL from entering Walthamstow. The successful campaign for a ban was celebrated by Creasy who, ironically, claimed it meant ‘our community can get back to its normal, peaceful and tolerant state’.


hayes is absolutely correct to draw attention to this Labourite Creasy. This very much reminds me of the Stalinist Comintern which insisted that Hitlerism was not all that bad in the months leading to Hitler grabbing state power in 1933.


Sure there are differences. It is a different historical situation. But in both cases the moves of dictatorship by the capitalist state are not being opposed but are being sanctioned by people like Creasy.


I nearly said, out of habit, “people like Creasy on the Left”


But that is precisely what I am challenging on. These are not people of the “left” at all. These like Creasy are Fascists. Everything today is reversed.


Just yesterday we on 4international wrote about this very issue. We are challenging the term “left” fascists. These people like Creasy with their hatreds of Israel and their joining with the state forces against the EDL, are not of the left but are Fascists.


In our defence of Tommy Robinson we are challenging the concept that people like Creasy are of the left.