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Campaigning to show that Srebrenica was and is a huge hoax, which is also the case with Racak, Qana and Mohammed el Dura/France 2. When people understand that these are hoaxes then they will begin to understand that Yugoslavia was destroyed, and most important that they plan to destroy Israel, because the US Empire plans to rule the world along with Islam, the latter being a very evil fascist ideology which is very close to the evil ideology of US and EU NATO Empire. Of course there will be adaptations but I am certain that is the general trend. Build4international!


The struggle for Israel is the oldest national liberation movement and all socialists must support it unconditionally

The election in Israel next Tuesday (March 17 2015) is an example of how the pressure of world Antisemitism (Muslim, Stalinist, Fascist Left and Christian) bears down on the tiny state of Israel and how the present leaders are not able to fight it but in many ways adapt to it.

The following two sides must be understood. Firstly the Jews are not responsible for one micro atom of Antisemitism in the world. Antisemitism is not the responsibility of a single Jew – ever! Secondly the Jewish people must find a leadership that can fight this Antisemitism or the Jews will be defeated.

Israel is a very tiny country. It is less than the size of Munster. Anybody who talks about a “Greater Israel” is therefore lying and is Antisemitic (patently obviously) through those lies.

Draw on your page a very tiny circle in the centre. Then around that tiny circle draw a very large circle taking up about half of the page and that is Muslim Antisemitism. Then draw a very large circle around that again taking up the whole page and that is World – Stalinist, Fascist Left and Christian – Antisemitism

There you have it. The great distortions in this election in Israel are an inevitable product of this pressure of Antisemitism on the tiny state of Israel

[Some like Livni say be nice to Mr Obama and his Muslims and they will in turn be very nice to you. The result of this as the 2005 Disengagement from Gaza showed is the opposite – the very opposite – and many Jewish and Arab also lives are lost]

[Some like Lieberman say do create a Palestinian state but do it on terms that the Jews can live with. This idea is very widespread. It has fatal results as the unfinished war against Hamas last year showed. No war can be left half finished]

[Then there are all of the roughly patriotic Jewish side sometimes misnamed as the “Right” and best known for Likud and Netanyahu and more lately Bennett. In general their heart is in the right place but they cannot ever translate any idea into action and the result is wild divisions in their ranks]

We are Trotskyists. We have a proud history. This election will solve nothing and yet is a serious moment. We say that the Netanyahu Likud and Bennett wing of Israeli struggle must be preserved by defeating the Livni/Peres axis. The hands of Livni and Herzog need to be kept away from state power because that state power as was the case with Barak and Sharon in 2005 (with a servile Media) can be a deadly weapon



Antisemitism today is spread by Holocaust Denial

This is the deal! Follows the horrific video of antisemitism in Britain see


Talk Radio Europe is owned by a British Jewish man called Martin Nathan. He owns the station outright. it is his station. He broadcasts from the Marbella región and in English.

On his station he is helped by other Jews and I know the name of one – Richard Tildesley.

They have on their station five nights per week on a show lasting two hours each night a man called Richie Allen who has worked closely with the horrific as far as Jews are concerned David Icke. David Icke is notorious for playing around with the notorious Rothchilde theme

Richie Allen lives in Manchesater and it is in Manchester that this recent example of British Antisemitism has come out.

see http://www.jihadwatch.org/2015/03/uk-video-youre-a-jew-not-a-muslim-jew-jew-jew-run

This does not make Richie Allen responsible for the video Antisemitism but it is connected because during the week past Richie Allen was attacking Israel and Netanyahu on the basis that Netanyhau was using the Holocaust “That is what he does” sneered Allen in his response to the Jeremy Bowen tweet. To say this about a Jewish leader is of course a dreadful attack on the whole of the Jews and especially on the memory of the 6 million dead.

By the way the Richard Tildesley I mentioned above argues on HIS 2 hour show that Iran is NOT interested in the slightest in producing a Nuclear Bomb. His evidence for this includes “Iran has said so”! Such absurdity!

What is with these people. They are Jews. Why is it me a complete national Irish person to have to defend Jews against them?

So Allen stirs up hatred against Israel. He takes on his show open Antisemites like Gilad Atzmon and many others.

All of this being broadcast out of Manchester by Richie Allen and broadcast immediately by Martin Nathan is BOUND to have an effect on Antisemitism in Manchester because the NEW Antisemitism is hatred of Israel replacing the ancient Antisemitism – hatred of the individual Jew.

So my challenge to Martin Nathan Jewish owner of Talk Radio Europe is to put an end to this continual Jew Hatred on his radio station and kick Allen off immediately.

End the association. Learn the lesson of this Antisemitism just published video in Manchester.


It is quite amazing the hatred for Netyanyahu and how this hatred is really hatred for Israel and at the end of the day for Jews. Big issue really big issue over Jeremy Bowen’s tweets during the Bibi Congress speech. This was stream of consciousness stuff and tells us everything ABOUT THE BBC ALSO!

Before Bowen I make these points:

On a radio programme a station owned by a British Jew called Martin Nathan the most filthy Israel and Netanyahu Hatred is allowed nightly by a man called Richie Allen connected to David Icke. Station is called Talk Radio Europe. Please do not touch it….ever. It is lethal and remember it is owned by a Jew a British Jew and his name is Martin Nathan and he allows this hatred against Jews ie Israel on nightly on HIS station

The same station Talk Radio Europe had a guy called Richard Tindesley (big wheel there on TRE) claim that “experts” say Iran has no interest in Nuclear Bomb. Who are these experts? The whole Arab world is even afraid of Iran and the Nuclear Bomb and there is now a race to everybody getting the bomb. Thanks from us all ie rest of humanity Tindesley and very well done. Tindesley also is a Jew. So all you Jews in the world sit back and relax re Iran Bomb cause Tindesley says its all a hoax pulled by who???

Now at last to Bowen… He was tweeting like Billyo during the Netanyahu speech. Who is not obsessed here? Just pulled out two of Bowden’s tweets and rest are on https://twitter.com/bowenbbc

#NetanyahuSpeech Iran dominates 4 Arab capitals. Iran is not joining community of nations, it’s gobbling them up. 7th standing ovation.

There are a hundred others. That was though classic and typical BBC sneaky. I see this trick a lot by the Fascist Lefts. They will tweet a statement. And leave it there bare and standing. But Bibi was right and Iran is dominating 4 capitals which are Beirut through Hizbullah and UN suport for Hisbullah, Baghdad now too obvious, Damascus through Alliance with Sadat, and Bahrein capital. But even that does not give the full picture because Turkey even Sunni Turkey is added because remember Obama is in Alliance with Iran and Turkey and Obama are brothers. There IS an Arc!

Now to the tweet the very one the one that tells us all about the BBC and we conclude to let you the reader figure out what goes on here:

#NetanyahuSpeech He acknowledges Elie Wiesel in audience. Once again Netanyahu plays the holocaust card. don’t repeat mistakes of the past


Khomeini and his Fascist Islam hijacked the Iranian Revolution. Picture shows Kurds being executed by the Khomeini Fascists in 1979 some 36 years ago. How those Fascists have stuck on to their state power!

The first thing about the Obama speech in Congress yesterday as it struck me was how calm, cool, collected and totally at peace with himself, and even offering a hand of friendship to Obama was Netanyahu. He began like that talking about what Obama had done for Israel.

It was only when Netanyahu reeled off the facts about Iran, its thirst to destroy the Jewish State, its uranium enrichment facilities, its hanging of gays non-stop…that the chasm opened. And what a chasm!

While the “great one” was burrowed away somewhere in the White House panting that he was too busy to listen to the speech, Netanyahu was explaining how the arc of Iranian Fascist Antisemitic influence is now extending from Bahrein, through Iran, through most of Iraq, into Syria and on into Lebanon, even further south into Gaza and Sinai. Only stopped from complete encirclement by the firm action of el Sisi against Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood. An arc extending 2000 k and nearly a circle if it had not been for el Sisis and his wonderful Egyptian nationalists.

Thus a most dangerous situation for the whole world (Not just the Middle East and not just Israel) has opened up because of the Obama “10 year deal” with the Iranian Fascist Mullahs.

This is the new situation and Netanyahu spelled it out. It is simply the statement of facts. Obama and the Democrats with even a section of Republicans have contracted out the American role in the world to a bunch of complete Jihadists – which is the Iranian Mullah Fascists.

Therefore more facts from Netanyahu yesterday. This can only lead to a scramble for Nuclear weapons from the Saudis, Gulf States and above all Egypt. The blind and Antisemitic Stalinists of Russia and China will jump over each other in eagerness to supply those nature destroying arms. Come one come all will be the Stalinists motto in the next years. I expect even the maoist stalinists of North Korea to get in on this money profit but deadly caper as well.

Result…if a way to stop this is not found…the obliteration of all life and not just human life ALL … on the planet.

What a speech! What a man! What a Jewish man! He kept his cool, offered the hand of friendship to this White House fiend, but spelled out the facts of our reality in the world today.

Well done Netanyahu!

It was a pivotal moment and a historical moment.



you would think that all people would be defending Israel and Netanyahu against the Fascist Mullahs of Iran (seen above is pictures of Gays recently hung under the new “moderate” regime)…But no way and that can only be explained by total Antisemitism

Felix Quigley says…The reason that people attack Netanyahu for speaking to Congress about the danger from the Iranian Nuclear Bomb threat is all due to Antisemitism in the world.

This paragraph is worth repeating:

“Rather, he said, his purpose in addressing Congress was “to speak up about a potential deal with Iran that could threaten the survival of Israel.” Pointing to a map that he had arranged to have projected on the wall, Netanyahu described the terrorist operations that Iran was coordinating around the world. “As Prime Minister of Israel, I have a moral obligation to speak up in the fact of these dangers while there is still time to avert them,” saying Jews could never be passive again. – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/03/my-thoughts-on-netanyahus-aipac-speech.html/#sthash.VI5oLS9i.dpu”

Bibi Netanyahu must carry on and must not be put off by lies against him. I am a socialist and from Ireland and I see the struggle of the Jews against the Iranian bomb as being connected with all of our survival also.

This is the central issue.

There are many people who are attacking Netanyahu. I see this as pure Antisemitism. And in the ways of Antisemitism facts do not matter, that is facts about anything.

First of all there is a tradition for American Congress to invite people in to speak on issues that concerns Congress. The Congress elected Leader asked Netanyahu. He was within his rights.

But here is the kicker. If it was Congress who invited Netanyahu then why attack Netanyahu? That is where Antisemitism in the world comes in.

Netanyahu was asked and he agreed and that should have been that. Antisemitism does not allow that.

This issue of the Iran Bomb, the Mulahs, Obama, Netanyahu and a thousand other things in our life today is ALL about Antisemitism

Hatred of the Jew pure and simple.

It takes so many different forms. The crude form you can see plainly. It is the polite and “civilized” form that is most lethal.

Finally Netanyahu correctly told AIPAC that he has no personal problem with Obama. Or the Democrats. He was right to say that. The hatred is coming totally from the other direction.

He thus made my point: It is ALL about Antisemitisdm.


Soon now Obama will be standing in front of Congress of the great United States with all of its history in the air and will be fighting against Iran in its intention to destroy Israel and thus complete the Holocuast in our time.

On 4international.me which is the seeds of the future Trotskyist movement we send our best wishes to Netanyahu and we pledge to fight against Left Fascist Pro-Jihad Antisemitism.

Obama we now recognise and many people also realise has joined in an Alliance with above all Iran against Israel and against all of us freedom lovers, and also in an Alliance with especially Turkey, Morsi, Qatar, Fatah and Hamas, and with in short all reaction.

This just did not appear in the last few weeks. It has been brewing for some time.

Sharon who was in the leadership of Israel in 2003 took a correct position to the war on Saddam. Sharon was wise in many ways and he opposed this war because he felt that the main enemy was Iran and I think he sensed correctly that removing Saddam would strengthen Iran.

Netanyahu and Caroline Glick were far less savvy on this which is a great shame. To some extent they have learned from that experience – a hard lesson to learn.

With Saddam removed Iran was greatly strengthened.

Then with the arrival of Obama began the actions of removing really secular type leaders like Mubarak and Gadhafi. This was the work of Obama but remember the initial step to Obama was the Bush war on Saddam.

It is a thought that I have. One of the methods of rule by a US in severe crisis is CHAOS. That is also what the Iranian leaders in their Twelfth Iman aims seek also – CHAOS in the world.

It is the form that the historical crisis in this world capitalist system is taking.

4international stands behind Netanyahu in his Congress speech. It is absolutely historical. Netanyahu deserves credit.


This issue going to tear the British Imperialists and Ruling Class apart. Already the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust is highly implicated in Jihadi John apologists “Cage” and has given these Jihadists of “cage” up to half a million. British workers must urgently waken up.

The working class is asleep both in Britain and in Ireland. The trade unions in their down the line support including financial for Jihadist movemernts (who seek the destruction of Israel and a new Shoah) lull the workers to sleep and encourage indifference.

Surely it is time for conscious workers to take a close look at this dangerous group Cage Prisoners. How do you see this group? Any comments are helpful here if you have information share it NOW.

Campaign group Cage (short for Cage Prisoners) described Jihadi John as ‘beautiful’ person
-Lord Carlile, a former reviewer of anti-terror legislation said there are ‘serious concerns’ surrounding the group
-Added that he would never advise donating money to organisation
-Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust has given £305,000 to Cage

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2972757/Fury-charities-fund-ISIS-Jihadi-John-apologists.html#ixzz3T0UKGtL5

PS I am not a fan of the Mail but check is this factual and if it is it demands action.

First step therefore is to investigate this “Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust”

I would also ask that conscious workers in Ireland begin an investigation into Adams and Sinn Fein in their role in the promotion of Antisemitism and Jihad against Israel and their telling lies to the Irish people over the nature and role of Hamas and Fatah alike