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Campaigning to show that Srebrenica was and is a huge hoax, which is also the case with Racak, Qana and Mohammed el Dura/France 2. When people understand that these are hoaxes then they will begin to understand that Yugoslavia was destroyed, and most important that they plan to destroy Israel, because the US Empire plans to rule the world along with Islam, the latter being a very evil fascist ideology which is very close to the evil ideology of US and EU NATO Empire. Of course there will be adaptations but I am certain that is the general trend. Build4international!

Einstein 1929…Arab mobs” in Palestine, October 1929 Letter to the Manchester Guardian

Arab mobs” in Palestine, October 1929 Letter to the Manchester Guardian

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The cover of the French paper Le Petit Journal, September 8, 1929
Letter to the Editor Manchester Guardian 12th October 1929 It was with a wonderful enthusiasm and a deep sense of gratitude that the Jews, afflicted more than any other people by the chaos and horror of the war, obtained from Great Britain a pledge

Letter to the Editor
Manchester Guardian
12th October 1929
It was with a wonderful enthusiasm and a deep sense of gratitude that
the Jews, afflicted more than any other people by the chaos and horror
of the war, obtained from Great Britain a pledge to support the re-
etablishment of the Jewish national home in Palestine. The Jewish
people, beset with a thousand physical wrongs and moral degradations,
saw in the British promise the sure rock on which it could re-create a
Jewish national life in Palestine, which, by its very existence as
well as by its material and intellectual achievements, would give the
Jewish masses, dispersed all over the world, a new sense of hope,
dignity, and pride.

Jews of all lands gave of their best in man-power and in material
wealth in order to fund the inspiration that had kept the race alive
through a martyrdom of centuries. Within a brief decade some
£10,000,000 were raised by voluntary contributions, and 100,000 hand-
picked Jews entered Palestine to redeem by their physical labour the
almost derelict land. Deserts were irrigated, forests planted, swamps
drained, and their crippling diseases subdued. A work of peace was
created which, although still perhaps small in size, compelled the
admiration of every observer.

Has the rock on which we have built begun to shake? A considerable
section of the British press now meets our aspirations with lack of
understanding, with coldness, and with disfavour. What has happened?

Arab mobs, organised and fanaticised by political intriguers working
on the religious fury of the ignorant, attacked scattered Jewish
settlements and murdered and plundered wherever no resistance was
offered. In Hebron, the inmates of a rabbinical college, innocent
youths who had never handled weapons in their lives, were butchered in
cold blood; in Safed the same fate befell aged rabbis and their wives
and children. Recently some Arabs raided a Jewish orphan settlement
where the pathetic remnants of the great Russian pogroms had found a
haven of refuge. Is it not then amazing that an orgy of such primitive
brutality upon a peaceful population has been utilised by a certain
scion of the British press for a campaign of propaganda directed, not
against the authors and instigators of these brutalities, but against
their victims? No less disappointing is the amazing degree of
ignorance of the character and the achievement of Jewish re-
construction in Palestine displayed in many organs of the press.

A decade has elapsed since the policy of the establishment of a Jewish
national home in Palestine was officially endorsed by the British
Government with the almost unanimous support of the entire British
press and of the leaders of all political parties. On the basis of
that official recognition, which was approved by almost every
civilised Government, and which found its legal embodiment in the
Palestine Mandate, Jews have sent their sons and daughters and have
given their voluntary offerings for this great work of peaceful
reconstruction. I think it may be stated without fear of exaggeration
that, except for the war efforts of the European nations, our
generation has seen no national effort of such spiritual intensity and
such heroic devotion as that which the Jews have shown during the last
ten years in favour of a work of peace in Palestine.

When one travels through the country, as I had the good fortune to do
a few years ago, and sees young pioneers, men and women of magnificent
intellectual and moral calibre, breaking stones and building roads
under the blazing rays of the Palestinian sun; when one sees
flourishing agricultural settlements shooting up from the long
deserted soil under the intensive efforts of the Jewish settlers; when
one sees the development of water power and the beginnings of an
industry adapted to the needs and possibilities of the country, and,
above all, the growth of an educational sysem, ranging from the
kindergarten to the university, in the language of the Bible – what
observer, whatever his origin or faith, can fail to be sezied by the
magic of such amazing achievement and of such almost superhuman
devotion? Is it not bewildering that, after all this, brutal massacres
by a fanaticised mob can destroy all appreciation of the Jewish effort
in Palestine and lead to a demand for the repeal of the solemn pledges
of official support and protection?

Zionism has a two-fold basis. It arose on the one hand from the fact
of Jewish suffering. It is not my intention to paint here a picture of
the Jewish martyrdom through-out the ages, which has arisen from the
homelessness of the Jew. Even to day there is an intensity of Jewish
suffering throughout the world of which the public opinion of the
civilised West never obtains a comprehensive view. In the whole of
Eastern Europe the danger of physical attack against the individual
Jew is constantly present. The degrading disabilities of old have been
transformed into restrictions of an economic character, while
restrictive measures in the educational sphere, such as the “numerus
clausus” at the universities, seek to suppress the Jew in the world of
intellectual life.

There is, I am sure, no need to stress at this time of day that there
is a Jewish problem in the Wetern world also. How many non-Jews have
any insight into the spiritual suffering and distortion, the
degradation and moral dis-integration engendered by the mere fact of
the homelessness of a gifted and sensitive people?

What under-lies all these phenomena is the basic fact, which the first
Zionists recognised with profound intuition, that the Jewish problem
cannot be solved by the assimilation of the individual Jew to his
environment. Jewish individuality is too strong to be effaced by such
assimilation, and too conscious to be ready for such self effacement.
It is, of course, clear that it will never be possible to transplant
to Palestine anything more than a minority of the Jewish people, but
it has for a long time been the deep conviction of enlightened
students of the problem, Jews and non-Jews alike, that the
establishment of a National Home for the Jewish people in Palestine
would raise the status and the dignity of those who would remain in
their native countries, and would thereby materially assist in
improving the relations between non-Jews and Jews in general.

But Zionism springs from an even deeper motive than Jewish suffering.
It is rooted in a Jewish spiritual tradition, whose maintenance and
development are for Jews the raison d’etre of their continued
existence as a community. In the re-establishment of the Jewish nation
in the ancient home of the race, where Jewish spiritual values could
again be developed in a Jewish atmosphere, the most enlightened
representatives of Jewish individuality see the essential preliminary
to the regeneration of the race and the setting free of its spiritual

It is by these tendencies and aspirations that the Jewish
reconstruction in Palestine is informed. Zionism is not a movement
inspired by chauvinism or by a sacro egoismo. I am convinced that the
great majority of the Jews would refuse to support a movement of that
kind. Nor does Zionism aspire to divest anyone in Palestine of any
rights or possessions he may enjoy. On the contrary, we are convinced
that we shall be able to establish a friendly and constructive co-
operation with the kindred Arab race which will be a blessing to both
sections of the population materially and spiritually.

During the whole of the work of Jewish colonisation not a single Arab
has been dispossessed; every acre of land acquired by the Jews has
been bought at a price fixed by buyer and seller. Indeed, every
visitor has testified to the enormous improvement in the economic and
sanitary standard of the Arab population resulting from the Jewish
colonisation. Friendly personal relations between the Jewish
settlements and the neighbouring Arab villages have been formed
throughout the country. Jewish and Arab workers have associated in the
trade unions of the Palestine railways, and the standard of living of
the Arabs has been raised. Arab scholars can be found working in the
great library of the Hebrew University, while the study of the Arabic
language and civilisation forms one of the chief subjects of study at
this University. Arab workmen have participated in the evening courses
conducted at the Jewish Technical Institute at Haifa. The native
population has come to realise in an ever growing measure the
benefits, economic, sanitary and intellectual, which the Jewish work
of reconstruction has bestowed on the whole country and an its
inhabitants. Indeed, one of the most comforting features in the
present crisis has been the reports of personal protection afforded by
Arabs to their Jewish fellow-citizens against the attacks of the
fanaticised mob.

I submit, therefore, that the Zionist movement is entitled, in the
name of its higher objectives and on the strength of the support which
has been promised to it most solemnly by the civilised world, to
demand that its unprecedented reconstructive effort – carried out in a
country which still largely lies fallow, and in which, by methods of
intensive cultivation such as the Jews have applied, room can be found
for hundreds of thousands of new settlers without detriment to the
native population – shall not be defeated by a small clique of
agitators, even if they wear the garb of ministers of the Islamic

Does public opinion in Great Britain realise that the Grand Mufti of
Jerusalem, who is the centre of an the trouble, and speaks so loudly
in the name of all the Moslems, is a young political adventurer of not
much more, I understand, than thirty years of age, who in 1920 was
sentenced to several years’ imprisonment for his complicity in the
riots of that year, but was pardoned under the terms of an amnesty?
The mentality of this man may be gauged from a recent statement he
gave to an interviewer accusing me, of all men, of having demanded the
rebuilding of the Temple on the site of the Mosque of Omar. Is it
tolerable that, in a country where ignorant fanaticism can so easily
be incited to rapine and murder by interested agitators, so utterly
irresponsible and unscrupulous a politician should be enabled to
continue to exercise his evil influence, garbed in an the spiritual
sanity of religion, and invested with all the temporal powers that
this involves in an Eastern country?

The realisation of the great aims embodied in the Mandate for
Palestine depends to a very large degree on the public opinion of
Great Britain, on its press, and on its statesmen. The Jewish people
is entitled to expect that its work of peace shall receive the active
and benevolent support of the Mandatory Power. It is entitled to
demand that those found guilty in the recent riots shall be adequately
punished, and that the men in whose hands is laid the responsible task
of the adminisration of a country of such a unique past and such
unique potentialities for the future shall be so instgrued as to
ensure that this great trust bestowed by the civilised world on the
Mandatory Power, is carried out with vision and courage in the daily
tasks of routine administration. Jews do not wish to live in the land
of their fathers under the protection of British bayonets: they come
as friends of the kindred Arab nation. What they expect of Great
Britain is that it shall promote the growth of friendly relations
between Jews and Arabs, that it shall not tolerate poisonous
propaganda, and that it shall create such organs of security in the
country as will aford adequate protection to life and peaceful labour.

The Jews will never abandon the work of reconstruction which they have
undertaken. The reaction of all Jews, Zionist and non-Zionist alike,
to the events of the last few weeks has shown this clearly enough. But
it lies in the hands of the Mandatory Power materially to further or
materially to hamper the progress of the work. It is of fundamental
importance that British public opinion and the Governments of Great
Britain and of Palestine shall feel themselves responsible for this
great trust, not because Great Britain once undertook this
responsibility in legal form, but because they are deeply convinced of
the significance and importance of the task, and believe that its
realisation will tend to promote the progress and the peace of
mankind, and to right a great historic wrong.

I cannot believe that the greatest colonial Power in the world will
fail when it is faced with the task of placing its unique colonising
experience at the service of the reconstruction of the ancient home of
the People of the Bible. The task may not be an easy one for the
Mandatory Power, but for the success it will attain it is assured of
the undying gratitude not only of the Jews but of all that is noblest
in mankind.

Albert Einstein

- Albert Einstein, About Zionism , pp 54-62


Head bowed in submission. Later he was on his knees in submission. Before he had been marched around under direction of a “Director”. Theme of Islamic State in this film production is SUBMISSION…submission to the on high! Most simple explanation is that he was promised he would live if he cooperated. He was shot in the head and flames were added by technology (this technology is really simple and according to Thomas Wictor in this case crudely applied) This explanation is OPPOSITE of conspiracy thought. It offers the SIMPLEST explanation! I fight Holocaust Denial conspiracists like David Icke by seeking the simplest explanation for phenomena.

FELIX QUIGLEY SAYS…This is the only explanation that makes sense about the burning of the Jordan pilot. The whole thing was staged by the Islamic State director (film director…or somebody with some knowledge of same). The question is why he did not fight back fiercely if he knew he was going to be burned alive. He was a military man. He was an Arab man. So why cooperate. That has never been explained until now…so give this a read.

I am very opposed to conspiracy theory. I seek always the simplest solution. And this is the simplest solution as to why the pilot ( brave man by very nature of his profession) did not fight for all he was worth

An extract “The terrorists had a Muslim pilot. They could make a statement about their own fearsomeness, the vulnerability of the aircraft they hate, and the danger of “betraying Islam.” It could be the greatest recruiting tool of all time—as long as the pilot were controlled. A military man, Lieutenant al-Kasasbeh would almost certainly fight if he were told he was going to be burned alive. What would he gain by cooperating?

His life. I believe he cooperated and mimed being burned to death because he was told that he would be spared and kept prisoner. Someone else suggested that he cooperated in exchange for a more merciful death by gunshot. I don’t think that would guarantee his cooperation.

Italian security contractor Fabrizio Quattrocchi was kidnapped in Iraq by al Qaeda. When they took him out on April 14, 2004, to murder him for a propaganda film, he fought, he tried to tear off his hood, and he shouted, “I’ll show you how an Italian dies!” before being shot.


The video of the murder was useless for propaganda purposes.

More recently, a defector from the Islamic State explained why he left the group.

He said he found the courage to attempt an escape after seeing a Kurdish fighter beheaded.

“I decided to risk my life to escape after I witnessed a wounded, captured Kurdish YPG fighter publicly beheaded. He was about my age, but unlike me he was extremely brave,” said Omer.

“He spat on every jihadist around him. He shouted slogans about Kurdish freedom and Abdullah Ocalan. I had never seen anyone so brave in my life. His fingers were cut yet he shouted insults against the jihadists. He was finally beheaded from behind to suffer, and salt was put on his half-cut neck to make him die in agony, but he did not give up until he painfully died,” he said.

Imagine if Lieutenant al-Kasasbeh had fought every attempt to put him in the cage. What if he’d spat and shouted insults? This couldn’t be risked, given that the Islamic State is not likely going to get another pilot anytime soon. Islamic State fighters are sadistic barbarians, but their leaders have rational, long-term plans. That’s why they staged the burning. It was the only way they could be assured that Lieutenant al-Kasasbeh would cooperate.

They wanted him to look penitent as he burned, holding his head in his hands, and they wanted him to sink to his knees in defeat, begging Allah for forgiveness. If they’d drugged him, he wouldn’t have been able to follow the director’s instructions. He had to be motivated, which means they promised him that he would live. Also, if he’d actually been burned alive, he may have toppled the cage in his involuntary death throes. Since they were going to use CGI flames, they needed to have the cage perfectly stationary.”


The crucifixion of William of Norwich depicted on a rood screen in Holy Trinity church, Loddon, Norfolk (picture from Wikipedia)

The attacks on Netanyahu by the Fascist “Left” today are not simply Antisemitism in a general sense. Rather they are the descent into the hell of the Middle Ages as the story below gives a glimpse into…

In England in 1144 Jews of Norwich were accused of ritual murder after a boy, William of Norwich, was found dead with stab wounds in the woods. William’s hagiographer, Thomas of Monmouth, claimed that every year there is an international council of Jews at which they choose the country in which a child will be killed during Easter, because, he claimed, of a Jewish prophecy that states that the killing of a Christian child each year will ensure that the Jews will be restored to the Holy Land. In 1144 England was chosen, and the leaders of the Jewish community delegated the Jews of Norwich to perform the killing. They then abducted and crucified William.[18] The legend was turned into a cult, with William acquiring the status of martyr and pilgrims bringing offerings to the local church.[19]


Mr Netanyahu took a noticeably hard-line on Iran on Monday at a ceremony ushering in General Gadi Eisenkot as the new army chief-of-staff, in place of the outgoing Benny Gantz, who is retiring.

“I promise you Gadi – you will not have a single day of grace,” he said. “The Middle East is disintegrating. States are collapsing. An empire is charging into this vacuum – Iran. It aspires to acquire nuclear weapons. It is trying to encircle us with four murderous armies.

“It vows openly to destroy the state of Israel in one way or another. We will require every tool, every person, because there’s no mercy for the weak in the Middle East. Only the strong ones survive.”


We Trotskyists on 4international were openly critical of Netanyahu in the past in particular of his allowing Jihadist scum of Hamas and Islamic Jihad to hit Sderot in Israel with rockets over a period of not weeks but many years. That was our criticism from the Trotskyist and Patriotic pro-Jewish side of a leadership which sadly too often fails the Jews.


BUT…The decision of Netanyahu to speak to the US Congress on March 3 2015 is different and very different. Completely different. To the nth degree of difference!


In this case we urge Netanyahu to do just this – to go to America and to explain to members of Congress (and through them to the great American people including  American working class people) what is the GREAT DANGER OF IRAN and the great danger of a NUCLEAR ARMED Iran. First to Jews and Israel…Second to the whole of civilization.


This position of ours is so unusual on the present day “left” that we need to give a little note of explanation. We cannot do this fully here as books would need to be written to thoroughly explain but some will and can understand … just as the history of Israel has been lied and distorted so has the history of Trotskyism been lied and distorted. We will of course come back to this.


We will be covering this visit closely over the next 2 weeks and I wish to here reaffirm the words of Netanyahu as reproduced above by The Telegraph


The Middle East is disintegrating. States are collapsing. An empire is charging into this vacuum – Iran.


This will be the central content of our articles


El Sisi is different. Unlike Netanyahu he is not simply a talker. I will never and can never forgive Netanyahu because he watched Hamas and Islamic Jihad bombs rain down on Sderot for 7 years without acting thus sacificing Jews. El Sisi acted the next morning after the horrific murder of poor Egyptian Copts in Libya by Islamic State savages.

I support el Sisi and call on all of Ireland and Israel to also support el Sisi.

I wrote 3 days ago the following:

“Libya was a relatively settled and prosperous country with many improvements made on the basis of its oil development market by Colonel Gadhafi, who also to his credit had a strong line in assistance to the impoverished Africa and Africans south of Libya
That all came to a shuddering end when NATO, America and leaders like William Hague attacked Libya placing Jihadists in power. The above and much more is the result.
We as a Trotskyist organization said at the time that leaders like Gadhafi had to be defended against the Jihad. There is no if and but. To block the deadly Jihad it is necessary to defend all secular leaders against the Jihad.
This certainly applied to Milosevic, but also much wider, namely the Shah against Khomeini, Gaghbo in Ivory Coast, Ben Ali in Tunisia, Mubarak and now el Sisi in Egypt, Assad and of course Gadhafi
Under Obama, under Cameron, under Sarkozy – we descend into a dark night.



Pictures from the Pamela Geller website interposed by picture of the murder of the American Ambassador.
Libya was a relatively settled and prosperous country with many improvements made on the basis of its oil development market by Colonel Gadhafi, who also to his credit had a strong line in assistance to the impoverished Africa and Africans south of Libya
That all came to a shuddering end when NATO, America and leaders like William Hague attacked Libya placing Jihadists in power. The above and much more is the result.
We as a Trotskyist organization said at the time that leaders like Gadhafi had to be defended against the Jihad. There is no if and but. To block the deadly Jihad it is necessary to defend all secular leaders against the Jihad.
This certainly applied to Milosevic, but also much wider, namely the Shah against Khomeini, Gaghbo in Ivory Coast, Ben Ali in Tunisia, Mubarak and now el Sisi in Egypt, Assad and of course Gadhafi
Under Obama, under Cameron, under Sarkozy – we descend into a dark night.
These corrupt leaders and their bankrupt capitalist system cause enormous sufferings to humanity
Pamela Geller says it all (Pamela banned from Britain by Teresa May!!!) while this happens in the suffering world:
The Muslim fighters of the Islamic State kidnapped a dozen Christians and executed them because they were Christian – but Obama say, the Islamic State is not Islamic. Terror in the White House. Obama armed and aided these savages.
Libya – this is the poison fruit of Obama’s handiwork in that once stable country. Look at the world in 2008 and look at it now. Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Egypt, Syria, Iraq ….. and Obama’s obsession is his hatred for the Jews and the arming and legitimizing of the world’s largest sponsor of terror, Iran.
Why is it the enemedia never questions Obama’s Libya catastrophe? – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/02/the-islamic-state-kidnaps-and-executes-12-christians-in-libya.html/#sthash.MsselKLi.dpuf


Mass at Beit Jala Palestinian Christians attend an open-air mass at Beit Jala as part of their campaign asgainst the route of Israel’s barrier along the West Bank. Photograph: Musa Al-Shaer/AFP/Getty Images

The above outlandish photo shows well the extraordinary attacks being made on Israel. It is quite impossible to discuss the barrier Wall outside the context of the thousands of Israeli Jews who died as a result of Jihadist palestinian Arabs carrying out suicide attacks against Jews. Involved in the above was not only the Catholic Church but also the British Government, especially William Hague

NGO-Monitor.org is a very important organization indeed for the future of Israel and therefore for the future existence of all Jews. It deals with the way that Israel is being attacked on a world stage today. Nothing similar in any way exists in relation to any other country in the whole world although it is possible to see shades of the same thing in the attacks being made today against el Sisi and even more against Putin of Russia. Just stating that and including those two shows me also that the attacks against Israel are never casual or in anY way happenchance but are directed from the very highest government levels.

There is a report just our from this excellent and necessary organization which highlights these attacks from NGOs against Israel and I wish to deal with it.


In this report NGO-Monitor writes:

Among the groups to comply with the financial disclosure directives were B’Tselem, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, HaMoked: Center for the Defense of the Individual, the Geneva Initiative, Yesh Din — Volunteers for Human Rights, the Coalition of Women for Peace, MachsomWatch — Women against the Occupation and for Human Rights, the Adalah Legal Center, the Mossawa Center, Rabbis for Human Rights, Physicians for Human Rights — Israel, and the Alternative Information Center, to name a few. NGO Monitor noted that some of these groups “are directly or indirectly involved in BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) campaigns, lawfare, delegitimization, and lobbying against the State of Israel.”


Those are only a few of them (these NGOS attacking Israel day in day out), that is the thing!

These external attacks on Israel can only happen because they are reinforced by internal questions and moreover often there are people inside of Israel, Israelis, who are joining and helping these NGOs attack.

As a Trotskyist I have to seek the causes of this phenomenon.. On the face of this evidence it looks as if there are quite broad sections of Israeli society and especially its political parties and groups who must be involved in this warfare against the state of Israel. These centre around the Labour Party and around the outgrowths of Stalinism inside of Israel.

It is necessary to take these groups and to trace their origins. Did their origins arise in countries in the west like America, Norway, Britain? Did their origins arise inside of Israel? Or inside of the Palestinian Arabs?

But also at the bottom of all of this warfare against Israel is the “narrative” by which I mean the narrative of lies – which has grown into the monster of today

Alan Dershowitz has done a lot of the ground work in refuting the lies behind this “Narrative” in his great work “The Case for Israel”

That is a great positive. But it is one thing to write a book and it is quite another to make this live inside of the minds of masses of people.

As a Trotskyist I believe that what has always been missing and what is missing is a Trotskyist Party which will campaign actively on these issues in every forum

This will not be a small group but will be a mass party based on an understanding of the world capitalist crisis and the way that this crisis is reflected inside each country.

We can say that the main reflection in Israel are groups and individuals who spend all their lives attacking the legitimacy of Israel. That is what is unique. There is nothing like this in any other country on earth – including Vatican City, including the extreme savagery of the state of Iran, and that tells its own story.

The main feature of the work of NGO-Monitor is the challenge it makes to world Antisemitism in which many agencies are involved. But it does this work without a real knowledge that it is rotting capitalism that drives this Antisemitism forward, similar to the way that the Nazis were turning to Antisemitism as a result of the failure of world capitalism to give a decent living to millions of Germans following the 1929 Wall Street Crash.

The decay of capitalism, the inability of capitalism to carry mankind forward in a productive manner, creates the conditions for millions to turn to all kinds of outlandish theories. An example, a small example, is the theory of David Icke of interstellar mixing of lizard blood with humans. Antisemitism this outlandish theory is also in that category.

Thus it is not a simple matter to combat this Antisemitism being directed against Israel and is certainly not a matter of entertaining individual protest action against these NGOs. What they raise is the issue of leadership at a government level in Israel itself. If Israeli leaders themselves talk about “Occupied Territories” and such other historical nonsence then they too are the problem not the answer.

Since Israel is in essence at war on many fronts for its existence there needs to be a law which simply forbids attacks on Israel of a physical and propaganda nature.

There is a right to free speech but there can enver be such a right to attack your country when it is in a war

I feel there needs to be a process of education to deal with such people but if it persists then expulsion may be the right solution.


‘We’re leaving Britain – Jews aren’t safe here any more’

FELIX QUIGLEY SAYS…This is an absolutely key article. It touches on the collapse of British capitalism and the drives towards dictatorship as exemplified in the ban on Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from Britain. It also mentions the Fascist Left SWP types in British politics which along with the pólice drove the English Defence League (which had a Jewish section) off the streets. Right to get out!

(from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/11393427/Were-leaving-Britain-Jews-arent-safe-here-any-more.html)

After watching the rise in anti-Semitism in this country, the Gould family has taken the radical decision to emigrate to America. They tell Angela Epstein why


Honey and Simon Gould with their daughter Angel, 16, at home in Crumpsall, Manchester.

Honey and Simon Gould with their daughter Angel, 16, at home in Crumpsall, Manchester. Photo: Guzelian

Simon and Honey Gould, married for more than 20 years and with two children, live a seemingly peaceful life in their handsome five-bedroom house in a quiet British suburb.

Simon, 52, is a successful businessman running his own property company. Honey, 49, has pursued a career in marketing, while also raising son Arron, now 18, and daughter Angel, 16. Their wide circle of friends, close family and other relatives lives nearby.

Yet this summer the Goulds will leave everything behind – their north Manchester home filled with memories, their lovely, rambling garden, their busy social life – and leave the UK for good.

It may sound dramatic – incomprehensible, even. But the family, who are Jewish, no longer feel safe in this country. They believe they have no choice.

“It’s a terrible wrench,” says Honey, who admits that even emptying a single drawer “takes hours” as, bit by bit, she packs away the pieces of their life, ready for transit to their new home in the US state of Arizona.

“I’m proud to be British. My parents live in London. Simon has lived his whole life in two streets of north Manchester. Our house is the only home our son and daughter have ever known. But we have to do this, not least for the sake of our children.”

She is not the only member of Britain’s 300,000-strong Jewish community to feel things have reached crisis point. Since the gun attack that killed three people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels last year and the murder by radical Islamists of four Jews at a kosher supermarket on the outskirts of Paris last month, the chorus of concern has been growing. The actress Maureen Lipman recently revealed that she, too, is considering leaving the UK because of the rising number of attacks on Jews.

A poll by the Campaign Against Antisemitism last month found nearly half of Britons thought that at least one anti‑Semitic view presented to them was “definitely or probably true”.

Then, yesterday, annual figures from the Community Security Trust (CST), which monitors anti-Semitism in Britain, showed a record number of anti‑Semitic incidents in 2014 (1,168 incidents were recorded, more than double the 535 incidents logged in 2013).

London and Greater Manchester bore the brunt of the increase, with Manchester seeing a 79 per cent rise. One incident cited in the report involved the daubing of swastikas and the term “Jewish slag” on gravestones at a Jewish cemetery in Manchester. Greater Manchester Police says it has stepped up patrols.

The findings are borne out by the Goulds’ experience. “The other week, I was standing in the queue at a large supermarket in Manchester when the man in front of me said, ‘F—— Jews, they’re all over the place. They’re thieves, they are taking over our property. They’re everywhere,’ ” says Honey. “I’ve no idea if he knew I was Jewish or not, but I was absolutely terrified, and fled.”

Then a Jewish neighbour’s son who was wearing his kippa (skull cap) was slapped in the street by a white Polish man, who “just sprang forward and hit him”.

Honey says: “I know there are plenty of people who simply want to live a peaceful coexistence. But there is so much anti‑Semitism in Britain, and it’s coming from all sides. Our local Jewish schools look like prison camps. They’re surrounded by wire fences. There are guards on patrol, some with dogs. On Saturdays, you see police walking the street with members of the CST. I don’t want to sit at home panicking when my husband goes to the synagogue. I just want to live in peace.”

Radical Islam, agrees Simon, is not the only driving force behind the rise in anti‑Semitism. The far‑Left habitually conflates Jews with Israel and Zionism, he says. The far‑Right, meanwhile, may be “happy firing salvos at the Muslim population, but I know we are only one step away from their wrath,” he says.

Having spent 10 years on the northern board of the CST, he is acutely aware of how bad things have become. “I’ve been exposed to, and become familiar with, spiralling anti‑Semitism,” he says. “Eggs hurled from passing cars, swastikas on Jewish headstones, messages of hatred. Last summer, central Manchester – a place I love and have always lived in – became a flashpoint for virulent anti-Israel demonstrations. It was terrifying to see this on the streets of my home city.”

He praises the Government’s response to the problem, but doubts its ability to stop it.

But how does a family like the Goulds start a new life where they know almost no one? (Honey has a grandmother in California, but the family will be living many hundreds of miles away from her.) One wonders why they don’t make Israel their home. Instead, they are relocating to Scottsdale in the Arizona state capital of Phoenix. Home to more than 100,000 Jews, it is a community they believe is large enough for them to feel comfortable in.

The Goulds admit that moving to America is far from easy, however, not least because of the need for a visa and subsequent Green Card. It was only after long hours of research that Simon discovered a little-known scheme called the EB-5 Visa. This awards a Green Card to those who invest in projects in rural regions or areas of high unemployment. Simon is meeting the requirements by making a five-year loan to help fund a large hotel development in Vermont.

“There seems to be a tacit belief that the only place for Jews to thrive and flourish is Israel,” says Honey. “But in America you get every kind of American: African-American, Chinese-American. We’ll be British-American. I’m taking my patriotism with me.”

In fact it will not be the first time Honey has been uprooted. Born in Manchester, she moved at the age of eight to Iran, where her father had a job as a commodity broker. The family occupied an airy apartment in Tehran and mixed freely among the vibrant Jewish community. But life changed overnight with the overthrow of the Shah in 1979 and the introduction of martial law. Arriving at school one day, 12-year-old Honey and her nine-year-old brother were told they had to go home immediately. Their mother was waiting in tears at the front door and had already started packing their belongings. Within hours, the children were on a flight to London, where they were sent to boarding school. Honey didn’t see her parents for a year.

“I’ve known what it is to flee in fear,” she says. “I don’t want to do that again. I want to leave the UK now on my own terms.” But she adds sadly: “This was the place where I finally felt safe, that I could finally call home.”

Now her own daughter will also be uprooted. But Angel, a thoughtful and circumspect teenager, is in favour of the move. “Of course it will be hard, but there’s always Facebook to keep in touch,” she observes. “I’m looking at the bigger picture, how things are changing. I want to live in a place where I won’t be judged by my religion, where I can hold my head up high.”

Arron, meanwhile, has already taken a place to study political science at the University of California, Berkeley. Honey will use her marketing background to look for work, while Simon will pursue business opportunities in the US. He admits he is taking a chance financially, but he is so evangelical about the move that he has set up a website, http://www.emigrate-to-america.co.uk, offering advice to others on how to make the move.

“I am the fourth generation of Jew in my family to live in Britain,” he says. “Britain offered a safe haven, a chance for them to raise a family, build a home. I am eternally grateful for the refuge Britain and its government has given to the Jews. But I can’t help feeling that the future is no longer here. The grandfather of one Jewish friend said ‘It’s time to leave when you are no longer free to sit on a park bench’. I think that time is fast approaching. I’m leaving before I’m told that I have to go.”