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Campaigning to show that Srebrenica was and is a huge hoax, which is also the case with Racak, Qana and Mohammed el Dura/France 2. When people understand that these are hoaxes then they will begin to understand that Yugoslavia was destroyed, and most important that they plan to destroy Israel, because the US Empire plans to rule the world along with Islam, the latter being a very evil fascist ideology which is very close to the evil ideology of US and EU NATO Empire. Of course there will be adaptations but I am certain that is the general trend. Build4international!


I have sent this email to a radio host called Pippa Jones of Talk Radio Europe

“In a radio programme 2 weeks ago, in an interview with a Pakistani writer, you said that Islamist rule in Spain was a good thing ad that the Christian King and Queen did a very bad thing in expelling the Moors. So consider the following since you are a woman and ask yourself where do you stand. Place this into google to find the source. There needs to be an urgent debate over your support for the role of Islam in Spain a la Karen Armstrong…Felix Quigley


“Allah’s Apostle once said to a group of women : ‘I have not seen any one more deficient in intelligence and religion than you. A cautious, sensible man could be led astray by some of you.’ The women asked: ‘O Allah’s Apostle, what is deficient in our intelligence and religion?’ He said: ‘Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?’ They replied in the affirmative. He said: ‘This is the deficiency of your intelligence’ … ‘Isn’t it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?’ The women replied in the affirmative. He said: ‘This is the deficiency in your religion.’


In the interests of historical truth it is important to consider urgently this question…Islam in Spain


I have found in the Reading that I have done that there can hardly have ever been any other place on earth and in the history of man on earth than the Islamic rule in Spain. It is not that they were better or worse tan the Nazis but they clearly in their extreme cruelty laid the basis for the Nazis


As part of this debate we on http://www.4international.me are publishing some very informative articles and the following is one:


(begin article fron Atlas Shrugs on Islam here)




Muslim lies consecrated in glossy new 1150-page Princeton encyclopedia

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 8.36.46 PM

“The Encyclopaedia of Jewish-Muslim relations from their origins to the present day” and the more modest English version, published by Princeton, promises to be the official academic encyclopedic bible (quran?) of Islamic revisionism and historical inaccuracy according to the sharia.

The great Islamic lies are being given serious treatment by serious quisling academics. Lies and distortions with gravitas, my friends. The bloody and brutal history of Islamic Jew-hatred is scrubbed with an iron brush. Brainwashing 4.0.

Won’t Sir Martin Gilbert be surprised by this vicious rewrite of history? Academics like him will be jailed at some point, if this adherence to the savage sharia continues.

One has to wonder how much the sniveling  12-member scientific committee that approved the outrageous lies pimped themselves out for.

A perplexing rewriting of history, Lynn Julius, Times of Israel, April 16, 2014

Maimonides, the great medieval Jewish thinker and physician, is famous for his Guide for the Perplexed. But readers of a glossy new 1150-page encyclopedia in English and French will be equally perplexed by accounts of Maimonides’ life that can’t even agree on the correct year of his birth.

The joint editors are a Tunisian professor at the university of Nanterre (Paris), Abdelwahab Meddeb, and Benjamin Stora, a Jewish professor of North African history and author of a history of the Jews of Algeria. The two men have been touring France, North Africa, Israel and Belgium promoting the encyclopedia.


“The Encyclopaedia of Jewish-Muslim relations from their origins to the present day” was launched in November 2013. There is a more modest English version, published by Princeton.

Critics such as the authority on Sephardi Jews, Professor Shmuel Trigano, have charged that the encyclopedia is nothing but a work of propaganda. It is all the more insidious because so much money has Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.54.17 PMbeen spent on its promotion. Unusually for a book, the encyclopedia has a website all to itself and was the subject of a TV series on the French channel Arte.

Among the sponsors are The Alliance of Civilisations, a front for the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, whose task is to change the ‘narrative’ by promoting the Spain of the Three Religions, the Andalusian Golden Age, and so forth.

Professor Trigano wrote:

An incredible publicity and ideological campaign is underway in France. Its target is world public opinion by way of the Jews, and more specifically Sephardi Jews – sorry, ‘Arab Jews’.

Dr. Rudi Roth, a mathematician and computer scientist who lives in Belgium, has spent hours combing through the Encyclopaedia, finding errors of omission and commission. He has contacted dozens of scholars and academics for their comments.

“It’s astonishing,” he says, “that an Encyclopaedia purporting to be precise and accessible, overseen by a 12-member scientific committee and more than one hundred contributors from the world’s top universities, contains major errors of fact and is sloppily edited.”

The encyclopedia variously lists Maimonides’ date of birth as 1135 or 1138 (the latter date is correct). Nowhere is it mentioned that his father was a Talmudic scholar, a mathematician and astronomer. On the other hand his son Abraham, like his father a physician and philosopher, is described as a Jewish ‘sufi,’ influenced by ‘Islamic mysticism.’

Aged 10, Maimonides was forced to leave his native Cordoba to escape the Almohad invasion. These were a tribe of fanatical Muslims who massacred Jews in Seville in 1147 and sought to forcibly convert Jews and Christians in Spain. But Maimonides’ flight is described as ‘an emigration.’ The family’s 12 years of wandering through Spain as it escaped persecution are passed over in silence. Arriving in Fez, Morocco, Maimonides was compelled to convert to Islam to spare his life. “It was only for appearances’ sake,”, claims Mercedes Garcia-Arenal on page 143. Yet when he later rose to become head of the Jewish community in Cairo, Maimonides came under suspicion both from Muslims and Jews for living as a ‘converso.’

In his famous Epistle to the harassed Jews of Yemen (c.1172), Maimonides proffers advice. But Yehoshua Frenkel’s entry in English makes no mention of the persecution which the Yemenite Jews suffered. Similarly, no mention is made that Maimonides himself fled to Akko to escape Muslim persecution.

Maimonides died in Fostat (Old Cairo) in 1204, but Suzan Youssef (pps 1005 – 13) insists that he was also buried there. Yet historians are unanimous that his tomb is located in Tiberias.

Apart from the minimising of Jewish links with the land of Israel, Dr. Roth has identified inaccuracies and omissions that exaggerate Arab Muslim influence in culture and science while downplaying the Jewish contribution.

For instance, the academic Gad Freudenthal writes in the entry about Algebra: “Some fields of mathematics remained totally unknown to the Jews, such as Algebra.”

Dr. Roth has found at least four Jewish mathematicians missing from the encyclopedia: Savasorda (Abrahim bar Hiija al Nasi (1070 – 1136)), author of the earliest Arabic Algebra written in Europe; Abraham Meir ibn Ezra (1092 – 1167); Levi Ben Gherson (1288 – 1344) and Ibn Yahya al Maghrebi Al Samawal (1130 – 1150). Oddly enough, Freudenthal himself wrote a book about Gherson.

Also missing are events such as the 1033 pogrom of Fez, the earliest known pogrom of the second millennium.

As far as Arab collaboration with the Nazis is concerned, Dr. Roth accuses Henry Laurens, the author of the two pages on the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, of minimizing his role. There is no mention, says Roth, of the pro-Nazi Palestinian leader Fawzi al Qawuqj, or the Mufti’s broadcast calls for genocide on Radio Berlin, nothing on the Mufti’s creation of the SS Handschar division staffed by Bosnian Muslims, nothing about the part he personally played in condemning 20,000 European Jewish children to the death camps, and nothing about the Mufti having contact with the Nazis as early as 1936.

Regrettably, the Encyclopaedia is typical of the politicization of the study of Islam and its treatment of non-Muslims. Young minds are being brainwashed by a sanitized version of history with a huge promotional budget – replete with distortion, minimization and omission. Are we going to sit back and let it happen?

- See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/04/muslim-lies-consecrated-glossy-new-1150-page-princeton-encyclopedia.html/#sthash.YM2gpEOy.dpuf


We will call it from now on the Party of War or the “War Party” and everybody will know. This is what the United States has becomem from a haven for liberty to the Party of War against its own American people and against all freedom lovers world wide. The Party of War maintains great friendship though with the Muslim Brotherhood (Morsi)


Hannity/Fox had a large segment tonight.


Those Fed’s no longer deserve our respect, they are becoming Fascist Stormtroopers.

 I wonder if they realize what kind future they are bringing to their children and family.

(a comment on Gates of Vienna)


In Nevada the War Party sent its Feds down to the Bundy Ranch where there was a dispute on grazing rights. The Bundies are probably not native Americans (sarcasm)


BUT AT THE SAME TIME the US, their Fascist underlings in the Ukraine Kiev takeover merchants, Germany and Putin gathered  in order to avoid war.


They reached an agreement in order to try to avoid war which could be a nuclear war.


The ink was not even dry when within minutes of the agreement Obama was polluting the air with his threats again against Putin and Russia  “You better carry this out and if you don’t there will be trouble!” kind of thing


Yes the Party of War. Against its own American citizens and against World Peace because…


There is a total crisis in world capitalism. Many are saying that the whole economy of the world is like a deck of cards liable to collapse at any momento with unbelievable amounts of CREDIT splashing around


This superstucture is totally unstable and this gives great ímpetus to the drive to dictatorship. The good people of America who travelled to support the Bundys at their ranch know this as well. They also fear the Party of War.


4international calls for the reléase of general Mladic fromt he Hague Court and the Hague Prison and we call on all class conscious workers and youthm and also all Jewsm to support us in this calle.


The war on the Serbs was a major link up between US and EU Imperialisms with the Jihad against the Christians. This trial against Mladic is the result of that.


Over next weeks 4international will be publishing articles on this Jihad against the Serbs and the role of the British and US Imperialists in helping the Islamist extremists in Bosnia under Izetbegovic. These are the real war criminals. Racak and Srebrenica are part of the Big Lie technique used in so many countries by the US and EU Lie Machine


The following article by the BBC is part and parcel of the same. The BBC state as fact that Srebrenica “happened” but the research carried out by 4international indicates that it was all part of the Big Lie and that it did not “happen”.


(start BBC article here)


Ratko Mladic trial blocks move to drop genocide charges

Mladic in court Ratko Mladic says the charges against him are ‘monstrous’

Judges at the trial of former Bosnian Serb army chief Ratko Mladic have rejected arguments for dropping the most serious charges of genocide.

Mr Mladic faces 11 charges, including genocide and crimes against humanity, dating to the 1992-95 Bosnian war.

He is specifically accused of a hand in the massacre of more than 7,000 Bosniak men and boys at Srebrenica – Europe’s worst atrocity since World War II.

Mr Mladic denies all charges and has denounced the UN tribunal as “satanic”.

At the session on Tuesday, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia ruled that there were still good grounds to try Mr Mladic on two counts of genocide.

The charges relate to the killings at Srebrenica, and to the expulsion of the Muslim Bosniaks, Bosnian Croats and other non-Serb populations in a wartime campaign that came to be known as “ethnic cleansing”.

Lawyers for Mr Mladic had argued that there was not enough evidence linking him to the most serious of the crimes.

However, Judge Alphons Orie said “that the accused has a case to answer on all counts”, citing material presented by prosecutors, including video footage of Mr Mladic calling on revenge against the Muslims of Srebrenica.

Mr Mladic is also charged in connection with the 44-month siege of Sarajevo during which more than 10,000 people died.





The following is a full report of the anniversary of the Boston Bombing by Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs

Biden and Obama have no right to say anything on this Anniversary because the whole of the American Obama Government with a great deal of cross party and Republican help to Jihad. It was Jihad which carried out this bombing and the only way to commemorate this sad event is to help Young people to understand what is Islam and what is Jihad

It must be noted that Putin and the Russians sent across to America more than enough information to have arrested these deadly brothers, and to have had the closest watch placed upon them.

How to understand what is the Jihad? First of all Islam must be understood historically and the lies of people like Karen Armstrong, the ex-nun, must be challenged. Islam in Spain is presented by Armstrong and many other people as a Paradise of multiculturalism. That is not at all what I have found int he Reading I have done. Secondly the role of Jihad today. This is very important because it links in with capitalism in its rapid moves towards Fascism (see articles on Ukraine)

Thanks to Pamela Geller for this information. She is best placed to understand.



Boston, Biden and Obama mark first anniversary of marathon bombing with denial of reality


Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 3.26.17 PMOne year after devout Muslims bombed the Boston Marathon and killed women and children and wounded hundreds, Boston “paid solemn tribute” today to the victims of the Boston bombing. But as is shown by the banning of Ayaan Hirsi Ali at one of the city’s leading universities and the city’s refusal to run AFDI’s counter-jihad ads, Boston has not yet faced what really happened there one year ago today.

President Obama said, “One year later, we also stand in awe of the men and women who continue to inspire us…..” Standing in awe of innocent people who were casualties in a jihad attack is meaningless. Nothing is said of the ideology that compels this war on freedom. Obama’s empty rhetoric was rivaled by that of his vice president: “We are America, we own the finish line.” What the hell does that even mean? Hey Biden, they bombed the finish line.

Even after people are blown to bits on an American city street, we still refuse to discuss the enemy. We are further back now than we were before 9/11.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 3.09.54 PM

“Boston marks first anniversary of marathon bombing,”  Times of Israel,  April 15, 2014

Boston paid solemn tribute Tuesday to the victims and survivors of the marathon bombings that traumatized the northeastern US city and stunned the nation one year ago.

Three people were killed and more than 260 others wounded when two pressure cooker bombs detonated near the finish line of the city’s famous marathon on April 15, 2013.

The attacks were allegedly carried out by two brothers of Chechen descent who had lived in the United States for years.

Vice President Joe Biden attended a tribute at the Hynes Convention Center just steps from the scene of the attack in the heart of the city of nearly one million.

Songs and orchestral music were interspersed with speeches and thanks to emergency workers and memories of the dead.

Former mayor Tom Menino, who was in office at the time of the attack, addressed the heartache of those who lost loved ones and people’s struggle to recover.

“This day will always be hard but this place will always be strong because we gather here today… to stand for the people in a city we love with all of our hearts,” Menino said at the ceremony.

There will be a moment of silence at 2:49 pm, the time when the first bomb exploded, and then church bells will toll across Boston.

In Washington, US President Barack Obama is to observe a moment of silence privately with aides in the Oval Office at about the same time.

Obama sent thoughts and prayers to those struggling to recover, and paid tribute to the “incredible courage and leadership of so many Bostonians in the wake of unspeakable tragedy.”

 “We offer our deepest gratitude to the courageous firefighters, police officers, medical professionals, runners and spectators who, in an instant, displayed the spirit Boston was built on — perseverance, freedom and love,” he said in a statement.

 “One year later, we also stand in awe of the men and women who continue to inspire us — learning to stand, walk, dance and run again. With each new step our country is moved by the resilience of a community and a city.”

 The two pressure-cooker bombs sent metal fragments flying through the crowd. Several of the wounded lost limbs.

 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who is now 20, and his 26-year-old brother Tamerlan were identified thanks to pictures and video footage and eventually cornered by police after a four-day manhunt that paralyzed the city.

 Tamerlan died after an exchange of fire with police, and Dzhokhar was wounded and captured. The younger Tsarnaev, a naturalized US citizen, will go on trial in November and could face the death penalty if convicted.

Biden, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick and current Boston mayor Martin Walsh were also to speak at the tribute.

There will be a flag-raising ceremony and a moment of silence will be observed at the race’s finish line.

This year, the Boston Marathon — which has been run since 1897 — will take place on Monday, April 21.

Organizers have allowed thousands more runners to register — from about 27,000 in recent years to 36,000 this year, not far off the record 38,708 who entered in 1996 in the 100th marathon.

 Security has been bolstered in the wake of the attacks, with more police on the streets, a “no-bag policy”, and glass bottles and large containers of any kind banned from the area.

The Tsarnaev brothers allegedly hid the explosive devices in backpacks.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has pleaded not guilty to 30 federal charges related to the bombings, including 17 serious charges that can carry sentences of death or life in prison.

The charges include using a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death, as well as conspiracy and bombing of a place of public use resulting in death, and carjacking.

Tsarnaev is also charged in connection with the fatal shooting of a campus police officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology during the brothers’ wild getaway attempt.

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    can’t cross the “finish line” of their administration soon enough and end the catastrophe. And that goes doubly for the moronic John Kerry who at a meeting with Turkey’s mass murdering prime minister (he was probably behind the gassing in Syria) likened the IDF commandos who in self-defense killed pro-Hamas jihadists aboard the Mavi Marmara to the Boston Bombers.


  • Nick Cameron

    Obama is the most disgusting traitor in American history.

  • Betty4440

    IF I had a family member to die that day. and knowing Biden and or obama were going to be there there would be an uprising. I don’t think it was a good thing they are both liars and they have the gall to show there face. in their hearts are praising what happened they are heartless they have already showed that.

- See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/04/boston-biden-obama-marks-first-anniversary-marathon-bombing-denial-reality.html/#sthash.k2y2Ki6q.dpuf


4international…It is the historical crisis which is driving these relentless attacks on Russia for many reasons but these are the obvious ones

  1. Russia is the home of the first and only workers revolution and the first step by Lenin and Trotsky towards Socialism (a world socialist commonwealth)
  2. Russia is a land of great commercial (for capitalism) potential. Every gallon of oil and gas pumped by Russia to the outside is like a splinter in the hand of the US and British Imperialists. They thought that was their role
  3. Russia has been greatly weakened by the crimes of Stalin and Stalinism so the US see themselves as on a winner. The US does like soft targets
  4. Putin is not a socialist or communist, in part he is a Stalinist but far more he is a strong national leader. His steadfastness in defending Russia is his strength. That is why the US Imperialists as described here seek to destroy Russian nationalism. This is what has been happening in Ukraine.
  5. This article makes one great and unforgettable point which is: that these US Government forays towards what could end in world Nuclear War are driven not by “Neo-Cons” but by the whole of the US State, with support right across the Democratic and Republican “divide” in fact the whole of the US ruling clique with the great American people and their traditions of liberty silenced by a corrupt Media. The “NeoCons” argument so beloved by western liberals is finished.


“Meet the Americans…” is a great article and every class conscious worker and youth must read it. Every Jewish person also should read this because the Fascism of Hitler and the Nazis is not one of the Great Religious Mysteries. We understand very well its origin in a capitalist system in the insoluble crises of the 1920s and 1930s. The very same people like Samantha Power are also trying to destroy Israel as they are trying to destroy Russia.



(start article here)

Meet The Americans Who Put Together The Coup In Kiev—Chapter and Verse


by Contributor • April 7, 2014


by Steve Weissman, Reader Supported News




If the US State Department’s Victoria Nuland had not said “Fuck the  EU,” few outsiders at the time would have heard of Ambassador Geoffrey  Pyatt, the man on the other end of her famously bugged telephone call.  But now Washington’s man in Kiev is gaining fame as the face of the  CIA-style “destabilization campaign” that brought down Ukraine’s  monumentally corrupt but legitimately elected President Viktor  Yanukovych.


Ray McGovern,  who worked for 27 years as an intelligence analyst for the agency, mocks -



“Geoffrey Pyatt is one of these State Department high  officials who does what he’s told and fancies himself as a kind of a CIA  operator.


He tells Democracy Now that -



It  used to be the CIA doing these things. I know  that for a fact.“


Now it’s the State Department, with its coat-and-tie  diplomats, twitter and facebook accounts, and a trick bag of goodies to  build support for American policy.


A retired apparatchik, the now repentant McGovern was  debating Yale historian Timothy Snyder, a self-described left-winger and  the author of two recent essays in The New York Review of Books – “The Haze of Propaganda” and “Fascism, Russia, and Ukraine.” Both men speak Russian, but they come from different planets.


On Planet McGovern – or my personal take on it –  realpolitik rules. The State Department controls the prime funding  sources for non-military intervention, including the controversial National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which Washington created to fund covert and clandestine action  after Ramparts magazine and others exposed how the CIA channeled money  through private foundations, including the Ford Foundation. State also  controls the far-better-funded Agency for International Development  (USAID), along with a growing network of front groups, cut-outs, and  private contractors. State coordinates with like-minded governments and  their parallel institutions, mostly in Canada and Western Europe.  State’s “democracy bureaucracy“  oversees nominally private but largely government funded groups like  Freedom House. And through Assistant Secretary of State for European and  Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland, State had Geoff Pyatt coordinate the  coup in Kiev.


The CIA, NSA, and Pentagon likely provided their  specialized services, while some of the private contractors exhibited  shadowy skill sets. But if McGovern knows the score, as he should,  diplomats ran the campaign to destabilize Ukraine and did the hands-on  dirty work.


Harder for some people to grasp, Ambassador Pyatt and  his team did not create the foreign policy, which was – and is – only  minimally about overthrowing Ukraine’s duly elected government to  “promote democracy.” Ever since Bill Clinton sat in the Oval Office,  Washington and its European allies have worked openly and covertly to  extend NATO to the Russian border and Black Sea Fleet, provoking a badly  wounded Russian bear. They have also worked to bring Ukraine and its  Eastern European neighbors into the neoliberal economy of the West,  isolating the Russians rather than trying to bring them into the fold.  Except for sporadic resets, anti-Russian has become the new anti-Soviet,  and “strategic containment” has been the wonky word for encircling  Russia with our military and economic power.


Nor did neoconservatives create the policy, no matter  how many progressive pundits blame them for it. NED provides cushy jobs  for old social democrats born again as neocons. Pyatt’s boss, Victoria  Nuland, is the wife and fellow-traveler of historian Robert Kagan, one  of the movement’s leading lights. And neocons are currently beating the  war drums against Russia, as much to scupper any agreements on Syria and  Iran as to encourage more Pentagon contracts for their friends and  financial backers. But, encircling Russia has never been just a neocon  thing. The policy has bi-partisan and trans-Atlantic support, including  the backing of America’s old-school nationalists, Cold War liberals,  Hillary hawks, and much of Obama’s national security team.


No matter that the policy doesn’t pass the giggle  test. Extending NATO and Western economic institutions into all of a  very divided Ukraine had less chance of working than did hopes in 2008  of bringing Georgia into NATO,  which could have given the gung-ho Georgian president Mikheil  Saakashvilli the treaty right to drag us all into World War III. To me,  that seemed like giving a ten-year-old the keys to the family Humvee.


Western provocations in Ukraine proved more  immediately counterproductive. They gave Vladimir Putin the perfect  opportunity for a pro-Russian putsch in Crimea, which he had certainly  thought of before, but never as a priority. The provocations encouraged  him to stand up as a true Russian nationalist, which will only make him  more difficult to deal with. And they gave him cover to get away with  that age-old tool of tyrants, a quickie plebiscite with an unnecessary  return to Joseph Stalin’s old dictum once popular in my homestate of Florida: “It’s not the votes that count, but who counts the votes.”


Small “d” democrats should shun such pretense. Still,  most journalists and pollsters on the scene report that – with the  exception of the historic Tatar community – the majority of Crimeans  want to join the Russian Federation, where they seem likely to stay.


Tensions will also grow as the US-picked interim prime  minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk – our man “Yats” – joins with the IMF to  impose a Greek, Spanish, or Italian style austerity. Hard-pressed  Ukranians will undoubtedly fight back, especially in the predominantly  Russian-speaking east. According to Der Spiegel,  a whopping three quarters of the people there do not support the coup  or government. What a tar patch! A domestic conflict that could split  Ukraine in two will inevitably become even further embroiled in the  geo-strategic struggle between Russia and the West.


On Planet Snyder, as in most Western media, these  realistic considerations make absolutely no difference. Ideology rules,  masked as idealism. Fine sounding abstractions fill the air. Ukrainians  are making their own history. They are acting with great courage. They  are seeking the rule of law and their rightful place in “European  Civilization.” They are defending “sovereignty” and “territorial  integrity.” Russians remain vicious. Big bad Vlad is the new Hitler. He  is seeking his own Eurasian empire (as opposed to NATO’s), which could  soon include parts of Moldova, Belarus, and Kazakhstan that the West  needs like a “lok in kop,” a hole in the head. And those watching  in the West must abandon what Snyder calls -



“our slightly self-obsessed  notions of how we control or don’t control everything.”


The professor proclaims,



“It was a classic popular revolution. An undeniably popular uprising against “an unmistakably reactionary regime.“


Writing in The Nation, Professor Stephen Cohen shreds Snyder’s argument.  My concern is more pointed. Popular uprisings deserve our support or  opposition depending on who comes to control them and to what ends. As  McGovern puts it,



“The question is: Who took them over? Who spurred  them? Who provoked them for their own particular strategic interests?”


Detailed evidence provides the answers. For all the  courage of the Ukrainian minority who took to the barricades, US  Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt and his team spurred the protests in Kiev and  exercised extensive – though never complete – control over them.  Tactically, Pyatt and his fellow diplomats showed unexpected skill.  Strategically, they should have stayed home.


Revolution on Demand


Arriving in the Ukrainian capital on August 3, Pyatt  almost immediately authorized a grant for an online television outlet  called Hromadske.TV, which would prove essential to building the  Euromaidan street demonstrations against Yanukovych. The grant was only $43,737, with an additional $4,796 by November 13. Just enough to buy the modest equipment the project needed.


Many of Hromadske’s journalists had worked in the past  with American benefactors. Editor-in-chief Roman Skrypin was a frequent  contributor to Washington’s Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty and the US-funded Ukrayinska Pravda. In 2004, he had helped create Channel 5 television, which played a major role in the Orange Revolution that the US and its European allies masterminded in 2004.


Skrypin had already gotten $10,560 from George Soros’s International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), which  came as a recommendation to Pyatt. Sometime between December and the  following April, IRF would give Hromadske another $19,183.


Hromadske’s biggest funding in that period came from the Embassy of the Netherlands, which gave a generous $95,168. As a departing US envoy to the Hague said in a secret cable that Wikileaks later made public,



“Dutch pragmatism and our similar  world-views make the Netherlands fertile ground for initiatives others  in Europe might be reluctant, at least initially, to embrace.”


For Pyatt, the payoff came on November 21, when President Yanukovych pulled back from an Association Agreement with the European Union. Within hours  Hromadske.TV went online and one of its journalists set the spark that  brought Yanukovych down.


Snyder writes -



“Enter a lonely, courageous Ukrainian rebel, a leading  investigative journalist. A dark-skinned journalist  who gets racially profiled by the regime. And a Muslim. And an Afghan.  This is Mustafa Nayem, the man who started the revolution. Using social  media, he called students and other young people to rally on the main  square of Kiev in support of a European choice for Ukraine.”


All credit to Nayem for his undeniable courage. But  bad, bad history. Snyder fails to mention that Pyatt, Soros, and the  Dutch had put Web TV at the uprising’s disposal. Without their joint  funding of Hromadske and its streaming video from the Euromaidan, the  revolution might never have been televised and Yanukovych might have  crushed the entire effort before it gained traction.


For better or for worse, popular uprisings have  changed history long before radio, television, or the Internet. The new  technologies only speed up the game. Pyatt and his team understood that  and masterfully turned soft power and the exercise of free speech,  press, and assembly into a televised revolution on demand, complete with  an instant overdub in English. Soros then funded a Ukrainian Crisis Media Center “to inform the international community about events in Ukraine,” and  I’m still trying to track down who paid for Euromaidan PR, the website  of the Official Public Relations Secretariat for the Headquarters of the  National Resistance.


Orange Revolution II


Preparing the uprising started long before Pyatt  arrived in country, and much of it revolved around a talented and  multi-lingual Ukrainian named Oleh Rybachuk, who had played several key  roles in the Orange Revolution of 2004. Strangely enough, he recently  drew attention when Pando, Silicon Valley’s online news site, attacked journalist Glenn Greenwald and the investor behind his new First Look Media,  eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. Trading brickbats over journalistic  integrity, both Pando and Greenwald missed the gist of the bigger story.


In 2004, Rybachuk headed the staff and political  campaign of the US-backed presidential candidate Victor Yushchenko. As  the generally pro-American Kyiv Post tells it, the shadowy Rybachuk was Yushchenko’s “alter ego” and “the  conduit” to the State Security Service, which



“was supplying the  Yushchenko team with useful information about Yanukovych’s actions.”


Rybachuk went on to serve under Yushchenko and Tymoshenko as deputy  prime minister in charge of integrating Ukraine into NATO and the  European Union. In line with US policy, he also pushed for privatization of Ukraine’s remaining state-owned industries.


Despite US and Western European backing, the  government proved disastrous, enabling its old rival Yanukovych to win  the presidency in the 2010 election. Western monitors generally found  the election “free and fair,” but no matter. The Americans had already  sowed the seeds either to win Yanukovych over or to throw him over,  whichever way Washington and its allies decided to go. As early as  October 2008, USAID funded one of its many private contractors – a  non-profit called Pact Inc. – to run the “Ukraine National Initiatives  to Enhance Reforms” (UNITER). Active in Africa and Central Asia, Pact  had worked in Ukraine since 2005 in campaigns against HIV/AIDS. Its new  five-year project traded in bureaucratic buzzwords like civil society,  democracy, and good governance, which on the public record State and  USAID were spending many millions of dollars a year to promote in Ukraine.


Pact would build the base for either reform or regime  change. Only this time the spin-masters would frame their efforts as  independent of Ukraine’s politicians and political parties, whom most  Ukrainians correctly saw as hopelessly corrupt. The new hope was “to  partner with civil society, young people, and international  organizations” – as Canada’s prestigious Financial Post later paraphrased no less an authority than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


By 2009, Pact had rebranded the pliable Rybachuk as “a civil society activist,”  complete with his own NGO, Center UA (variously spelled Centre UA,  Tsenter UA, or United Actions Center UA). Pact then helped Rybachuk use  his new base to bring together as many as 60 local and national NGOs  with activists and leaders of public opinion. This was New Citizen, a non-political “civic platform” that became a major political player. At the time, Pact and Soros’s IRF were working in a joint effort to provide small grants to some 80 local NGOs. This continued the following year with additional money from the East Europe Foundation.


Rybachuk explained to the Kyiv Post that



“Ukraine has been united by common disillusionment. The country needs a more responsible citizenry to make the political elite more responsible.”


Who could argue? Certainly not Rybachuk’s Western  backers. New Citizen consistently framed its democracy agenda as part of  a greater integration within NATO, Europe, and the trans-Atlantic  world. Rybachuk himself would head the “Civil Expert Council” associated with the EU-Ukraine Cooperation Committee.


Continuing to advise on “strategic planning,”  in May 2010 Pact encouraged New Citizen “to take Access to Public  Information as the focus of their work for the next year.” The coalition  campaigned for a new Freedom of Information law, which passed. Pact  then showed New Citizen how to use the law to boost itself as a major  player, organize and train new activists, and work more closely with  compliant journalists, all of which would seriously weaken the  just-elected Yanukovych government. Part of their destabilization  included otherwise praiseworthy efforts, none more so than the movement  to “Stop Censorship.”


Rybachuk – a media expert” as well as civic activist – told the Kyiv Post in May 2010,



“Censorship is re-emerging, and the opposition is not getting covered as much. There are some similarities to what Vladimir Putin did in Russia when  he started his seizure of power by first muzzling criticism in the  media.”


One of Rybachuk’s main allies in “Stop Censorship” was  the journalist Sergii Leshchenko, who had long worked with Mustafa  Nayem at Ukrayinska Pravda, the online newsletter that NED publicly took credit for supporting. NED gave Leshchenko its Reagan  Fascell Democracy Fellowship, while New Citizen spread his brilliant  exposés of Yanukovych’s shameless corruption, focusing primarily on his  luxurious mansion at Mezhyhirya. Rybachuk’s Center UA also produced a documentary film featuring Mustafa Nayem daring to ask Yanukovych about Mezhyhirya at a  press conference. Nothing turned Ukrainians – or the world – more  against Yanukovych than the concerted exposure of his massive  corruption. This was realpolitik at its most sophisticated, since the US  and its allies funded few, if any, similar campaigns against the many  Ukrainian kleptocrats who favored Western policy.


Under the watchful eye of Pact, Rybachuk’s New Citizen  developed a project to identify the promises of Ukrainian politicians  and monitor their implementation. They called it a “Powermeter” (Vladometer), an idea they took from the American website “Obamameter.” Funding came from the US Embassy,  through its Media Development Fund, which falls under the State  Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. Other money  came from the Internews Network,  which receives its funding from the State Department, USAID, the United  States Institute of Peace (USIP) and a wide variety of other government  agencies, international organizations, and private donors. Still other  money came from Soros’s IRF.


New Citizen and its constituent organizations then  brought together 150 NGOs from over 35 cities, along with activists and  journalists like Sergii Leschchenko,  to create yet another campaign in 2011. They called it the Chesno  Movement, from the Ukrainian word for “honestly.



“Its logo was a garlic bulb,  a traditional disinfectant widely believed to ward off evil. The  movement’s purpose was “to monitor the political integrity of the  parliamentary candidates running in the 2012 elections.”


This was a mammoth project with the most sophisticated sociology.  As expected, the Chesno monitoring found few honest politicians. But it  succeeded in raising the issue of public integrity to new heights in a  country of traditionally low standards and in building political  interest in new areas of the country and among the young. The  legislative elections themselves proved grim, with President  Yanukovych’s Party of the Regions taking control of parliament.


What then of all New Citizen’s activism, monitoring,  campaigning, movement-building, and support for selective investigative  journalism? Where was all this heading? Rybachuk answered the question  in May 2012, several months before the election.


He told Canada’s Financial Post



“The Orange Revolution was a miracle, a massive peaceful protest that worked. We want to do that again and we think we will.”


He Who Pays the Piper


Rybachuk had good reason for his revolutionary  optimism. His Western donors were upping the ante. Pact Inc.  commissioned a financial audit for the Chesno campaign, covering from  October 2011 to December 2012. It showed that donors gave Rybachuk’s  Center UA and six associated groups some $800,000 for Chesno. PACT,  which regularly got its money from USAID, contributed the lion’s share, $632,813, though part of that came from the Omidyar Network, a foundation set up by Pierre and his wife.


In a March 12th press release,  the network tried to explain its contributions to Rybachuk’s Center UA,  New Citizen, and the Chesno Movement. These included a two-year grant  of $335,000, announced in September 2011, and another $769,000,  committed in July 2013. Some of the money went to expand Rybachuk’s technology platforms, as New Citizen explained.


They wrote



“New Citizen provides Ukrainians with an online  platform to cooperatively advocate for social change. On the site, users  can collectively lobby state officials to release of public  information, participate in video-advocacy campaigns, and contribute to a  diverse set of community initiatives. As a hub of social  justice advocates in Kiev, the organization hopes to define the nation’s  ‘New Citizen’ through digital media.”


Omidyar’s recent press release listed several other  donors, including the USAID-funded Pact, the Swiss and British  embassies, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, the  National Endowment for Democracy, and Soros’s International Renaissance  Foundation. The Chesno Movement also received money from the Canadian  International Development Agency (CIDA).


Figures for fiscal year 2013 are more difficult to track. Washington’s foreignassistance.gov shows USAID paying PACT in Ukraine over $7 million under the general  category of “Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance.” The data does not  indicate what part of this went to Center UA, New Citizen, or any of  their projects.


What should we make of all this funding? Some of it  looks like private philanthropy, as back in the days when the CIA  channeled its money through foundations. Was the Soros and Omidyar money  truly private or government money camouflaged to look private? That has  to remain an open question. But, with Rybachuk’s campaigns, it makes  little difference. USAID and other government funding dominated. The US  Embassy, through Pact, coordinated most of what Rybachuk did. And, to my  knowledge, neither Soros nor Omidyar ever broke from the State  Department’s central direction.


Strategic Containment, OK?


When Ambassador Pyatt arrived in Kiev, he inherited  Pact and its Rybachuk network well on its way to a second Orange  Revolution, but only if they thought they needed it to win integration  into Europe. That was always the big issue for the State Department and  the Ukrainian movement they built, far more telling than censorship,  corruption, democracy, or good governance. As late as November 14,  Rybachuk saw no reason to take to the streets, fully expecting  Yanukovych to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union at a  November 28-29 summit in Vilnius. On November 21, Yanukovych pulled  back, which Rybachuk saw as a betrayal of government promises. That is  what “brought people to the streets,” he told Kyiv Post. “It needed to  come to this.”


Euromaidan would become a “massive watchdog,” putting  pressure on the government to sign the association and free trade deal  with the EU, he said.



“We’ll be watching what the Ukrainian government  does, and making sure it does what it has to do.”


That is where the State Department’s second Orange  Revolution started. In my next article, I’ll show where it went from  there and why.




I have often wondered why on radio and televisión I have never heard organisations like the BBC ever refer to “Jihad”. What is going on? Why is this Word kept out of the discourse?


In an introduction to an article the BBC makes it clear that they take the Karen Armstrong approach to Jihad and Islam:


The literal meaning of Jihad is struggle or effort, and it means much more than holy war.

Muslims use the word Jihad to describe three different kinds of struggle:

  • A believer’s internal struggle to live out the Muslim faith as well as possible
  • The struggle to build a good Muslim society
  • Holy war: the struggle to defend Islam, with force if necessary

Many modern writers claim that the main meaning of Jihad is the internal spiritual struggle, and this is accepted by many Muslims.

However there are so many references to Jihad as a military struggle in Islamic writings that it is incorrect to claim that the interpretation of Jihad as holy war is wrong.

Jihad and the Prophet

The internal Jihad is the one that Prophet Muhammad is said to have called the greater Jihad.

But the quotation in which the Prophet says this is regarded as coming from an unreliable source by some scholars. They regard the use of Jihad to mean holy war as the more important.



Notice 3 lines up that the BBC uses this expression “the Prophet”. This may seem a small point but is a real giveaway! This figure is not the prphet say of Buddhism. Yet he is always given universal significance which is exactly also the teaching of islam.


So direct instruction as Robert Spencer shows is given to editors through their journalistic authorities.  What are the roots of this? Is it a left wing thing as the BBC is often accused of being “left wing”?


I have uncovered an article on the net which deals with Karl Marx, obviously the founder of “Marxism”, and there is this paragraph:


While defining Islam, Marx himself did put down on paper, “Der Islam ächtet die Nation der Ungläubigen und schafft einen Zustand permanenter Feindschaft zwischen Muselmanen und Ungläubigen” (in German) and its English translation states, “Islam ostracizes the nation of the unbelievers and creates a state of permanent enemyship between the moslems and the unbelievers.” 





The new “Islam For Journalists” whitewashes jihad

By on Apr 11, 2014 at 8:25am in journalistic bias   

islamforjournalistsThe “guide for journalists” about which I previously posted here tells outright lies about Islam, as is detailed below. It says, for example, that “in the Quran, men and women are equal,” when actually it says, “Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other…” (4:34) — and in the same verse directs men to beat disobedient women.

“The New ‘Islam For Journalists’ Whitewashes Jihad,” Investor’s Business Daily, April 9 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

Political Correctness: “Top academic experts on Islam” have issued new reporting guidelines for newsrooms to improve the “accuracy” of media coverage of Islam. The reference guide is little more than a whitewash.

Titled “Islam for Journalists: A Primer on Covering Muslim Communities in the U.S.,” the digital handbook is anything but accurate, sugarcoating jihad as a “positive” exercise — a “struggle for God.”

“It is inaccurate to use the term simply as a synonym for violence,” claims the guide, published by the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication.

It gets wrong one of the most important public issues of our time.

The 9/11 attacks were conducted in the name of jihad, along with virtually every homegrown act of terror since then. That’s because jihad, according to Islamic law, means to “war against non-Muslims.”

This is made clear in the English translation of the Quran by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, who is cited in the handbook. Ali defines jihad as “warfare,” adding that “believers will either conquer or die as martyrs in the cause.” It would help if the “experts” read their source material.

They also claim, outrageously, that the terrorist group Hamas opposes jihad, and that HIV/AIDS is a bigger threat than terrorism.

Their guide counsels reporters and editors against “amplifying fears of jihad.” Yes, we don’t want to report the obvious truth about what’s motivating the terrorists.

The handbook on Islam can’t even get simple facts straight. On Page 12, under “Fact: Islam is the fastest growing religion in the U.S.,” they say 2.6 million Muslims are in America; on Page 92, they say the number is 6 million to 7 million. Which is it?

Taking cultural relativism to new lows, the guide compares Shariah law — with its beheadings, amputations and scourgings — to Christianity. “Sharia is a religious code for living, in the same way that the Bible offers a moral system for Christians.”

What about Islam’s notorious oppression of women? Surely the feminists of academia wouldn’t gloss over that.

Yet the guide says “in the Quran, men and women are equal” and “men are instructed to support their wives in all respects.”

Right, except when it comes to matters of dress, marriage, divorce, child custody, inheritance, testimony, travel and most other basic human rights.

The Quran (4:34) instructs husbands to beat their disobedient wives. No mistranslation: Ali confirms “physical correction may be administered,” on Page 195 of his “Meaning of the Holy Quran,” which is featured in a companion video for the guide. Too bad the scholars didn’t bother to read it.

Instead, they left it up to the Council on American-Islamic Relations to interpret it for them so they in turn could “inform” us journalists. The Islamist group is cited as an expert source.

No wonder CAIR is pressuring colleges to stop airing the film “Honor Diaries,” which exposes Islam’s brutality of women. No wonder the journalist guide it blesses reads like 343 pages of Islamist propaganda.

Thanks, we’ll pass.



el Sisi in Egypt against Morsi should be supported (critically)

As I understand it this is in no way an attempt to reform Islam. There is no “reformation” here. Islam is based on the words in the Quran and indeed cannot be changed or reformed in any way. So what is happening in Egypt under el Sisi is something different.


What many overlook is the historical perspective in relation to Fascism. As I understand Leon Trotsky on Fascism, Fascism was not some accidental development, but arose when the ruling capitalist class in any particular country moved away from forms of parliamentary democracy towards rule without parliament.


the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt took power by means of parliamentary elections but the great majority of Egyptians knew that Morsi was moving away from parliamentary democracy in order to introduce Sharia Law, which is a form of Fascism in our era.


So the mass of the Egyptian people rebelled against Morsi and that is the reason for the great popularity of el Sisi, not because el Sisi is a great democrat.


In any case this article by Israel National News is a good one on this subject


(start extract here)


Egypt Tries to Curb Brotherhood’s Influence Over Mosques

Egypt licenses thousands of state-approved clerics in a bid to stop places of worship from falling “into the hands of extremists.”
AAFont Size

By Elad Benari, Canada

First Publish: 4/11/2014, 11:40 PM


Muslim Brotherhood supporters at Cairo rally
Muslim Brotherhood supporters at Cairo rally

The Egyptian government has stepped up a campaign to curb Muslim Brotherhood influence over mosques, Reuters reported on Thursday.

The government said it has licensed more than 17,000 state-approved clerics to give Friday sermons to stop places of worship from falling “into the hands of extremists,” according to the report.

The military-backed authorities have been trying to bring mosques under tighter control since the army toppled Mohammed Morsi of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood last July.

All of the newly-approved clerics have been trained at Al-Azhar University, which is a respected center of Sunni Islamic learning, and institutions run by the ministry of religious endowments, according to a statement issued by the prime minister’s office on Thursday.

“That is to strengthen the ministry’s supervision over all Egypt’s mosques so that they do not fall into the hands of extremists and the unqualified” and to prevent mosques being used for “party or sectarian” purposes, it said, according to Reuters.

Last September, the religious endowments minister said unlicensed clerics would be barred from delivering sermons at mosques – long a recruiting ground for Islamist parties.

The government statement said the ministry of religious endowments had taken “a big step” towards addressing a shortfall in “qualified preachers.”

Since Morsi’s ouster, more than 1,400 people have died in street clashes and thousands have been imprisoned. 

Hundreds of Islamists have been placed on trial and some already given death sentences, a move which was criticized by the international community.


I consider this information from debkafile to be very important for those of us who back Israel and who want to keep the Jewish Homeland of Israel going. The following extract is a complicated series of points. The great majority of these from debkafile are verifiable facts which are in the public eye. Sometimes they quote from sources who they do not name but I have found that very often subsequent events bear them out.


This is the extract:


The top level of the US administration appears to have fallen into two factions pulling in opposite directions: One group, led by President Barack Obama and National Security Advisor Susan Rice, wants Israel to carry the can for progress or for obstacles in negotiations with the Palestinians, while appeasing the latter and letting Iran off the hook on the concerns of Israel (and other Mid East nations).


The opposing group, led by Secretary of State John Kerry, favors more flexibility and is trying to mediate between the White House and Jerusalem.

 National Security Adviser Rice is the toughest nut to crack in this regard.

 The rift between the two factions led to the cancellation of Kerry’s White House meeting with the president that was scheduled for Tuesday, April 8 for an evaluation of the Israel-Palestinian peace track and whether or not to end US involvement.


Rice would have urged the US to pull out and lay the blame squarely at Israel’s door.


By postponing this confrontation, Kerry bought time for another bid to salvage the negotiations. And indeed, his envoy Martin Indyk has kept low-profile talks going between the two sides.


There is every indication that Prime Minister Netanyahu is at the end of his tether on what he regards as the Obama administration’s unfair appreciation of the concessions Israel made to keep the talks alive in the face of Palestinian negativism. Sources in Jerusalem say White House lenience toward the Palestinians hardens the intransigence of their leader Mahmoud Abbas and so undermines the entire peace effort.

 At least for now, Netanyahu is taking a hard line himself, debkafile’s Jerusalem sources report. Wednesday, Netanyahu punished Abbas for his unilateral application to 15 UN agencies to bypass negotiations with a dose of his own medicine. He ordered all Israeli ministerial contacts cut off with their Palestinian peers and the cancellation of VIP privileges for Palestinian high-ups.


For a show of Israeli muscle, he ordered the Israel military spy satellite Ofek-10 to be launched from the Palmachim air base Wednesday night. By Thursday morning, it was circling in earth orbit every 99 minutes from an altitude of 600 kms. Ofek-10’s improved surveillance capabilities include high-resolution cameras able to distinguish between objects of half a meter and operate in varying lighting and weather conditions.

 That afternoon, the entry of the Samson cargo plane, the new Super Hercules C130J, into service with the Israeli Air Force took place in a public ceremony. Samson markedly extends the IAF’s ability to carry troops forces and hardware over any point in Iran. It was the first of six giant air transports to be delivered by the end of next year. The message the show was meant to convey was that Israel is again preparing to conduct a military strike on Iran’s nuclear program after being pressed by Obama into holding back for some years.


The old confrontation between Obama and Netanyahu is therefore back in full force. Will the Israeli prime minister continue to tough it out on either or both the Palestinian and Iranian nuclear tracks? That is anyone’s guess. But Wednesday, he was heard to say that a sovereign nation has the right to say no.

end of debka extract



To summarise


  1. Two factions in the US Obama regime. Susan Rice leads the most hateful to Israel group. We know her.
  2. But the other side led by Kerry and Indyk who want to keep spinning out the talks with the Palestinian Arabs…may in fact be more dangerous to Israel
  3. The Palestinian Arabs under Abbas have broken out of OSLO and the Talks and have applied to join UN groups as an independent nation. The response of Netanyahu to this is certain, to be supported, but not half or quarter sufficient.
  4. Of great importance is this because it is clearly related to the Iran suspected nuclear bomb building “Ofek-10’s improved surveillance capabilities include high-resolution cameras able to distinguish between objects of half a meter and operate in varying lighting and weather conditions.” I think this is of great importance because Israel today is not 1939 Germany, Poland and Hungary. The Jews today have a state and they are capable of defence.
  5. Then there is this “the Samson cargo plane, the new Super Hercules C130J” which is clearly related to striking the Iran Nuclear Bomb


The whole analysis by debkafile spells out that the Jews cannot compromise over the danger from a Nuclear bomb armed Iran. That is the bottom line.


The negativity in the situation is that the left is corrupted by the “Palestinians” Big Lie machine, which is really the Vatican and Islam lie machine, but it is much wider than this


Contrary to people like Caroline Glick this does not mean that a new principled socialist leadership cannot be built. It can.


Jews like Trotsky are made into good Jews when they get an axe or ice pick stuck in their head… A bad Jew then became a good Jew. Kapish???



What has the above piece of fascist literature got to do with the debate over Israel and the Palestinian Arabs? Answer everything!


The debate is now in full swing. It takes one crucial form in the differences that Martin Sherman has with the new book by Caroline Glick


I and 4international are totally on the side of Martin Sherman and against Glick and the conclusions of the Glick book. These comclusions were very well described by Sherman thus:


But I have grave reservations – to understate the case – regarding what is, in fact, the center-piece of her book: Her proposal that Israel not only annex the entire area of Judea and Samaria, extend Israeli sovereignty over these territories and apply Israeli law to them, but incorporate the Arab population there as permanent residents of Israel, and offer them a path to citizenship.


It would require more than a gigantic leap of unsubstantiated hope to believe that such a measure could precipitate any result other than “Lebanonization” of Israel.


Implausible and imprudent


“Lebanonization,” as the noted New York Times columnist, the late William Safire, explained, refers to the [situation] within a single country so riven with religious and other disputes that [it] becomes impossible to govern”; and should be distinguished from “Balkanization,” which refers to splitting a country into several separate – usually rivalrous – countries.”


Were Glick’s prescription to be adopted, it is difficult to see how internecine inter-ethnic strife, which has become the hallmark of Israel’s northern neighbor, would not afflict Israel itself. Even if her demographic calculations are correct, it would induce almost intolerable pressures on the socioeconomic fabric of the country, were it to attempt to maintain itself as the nation-state of the Jewish people.


Glick does seem to be aware, at least partially, of the severity of the problems implementation of her policy prescription is likely to generate. She writes: “The main price Israel will pay for applying its laws to Judea and Samaria… will be the demographic burden of increasing its potentially hostile Arab minority by 1.66 million people.”


Elsewhere she acknowledges that there will be an “initial shock that [Israel’s] economy will likely absorb following the sudden, steep rise in the number of applications for its welfare rolls after it grants permanent residency to the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria.”


But apart from glib acknowledgment of their existence, I could find no indication of how Glick proposes that the grave societal strains she mentions (and the many that she doesn’t) will be resolved, other than an expression of optimism that they will be.


In other words Glick proceeds in her political praxis on a wing and a prayer. Sherman along with the great majority, I maintain, of Jews do not want to proceed like that.


I maintain this because the connections of Glick with the US Establishment Jewish groups give her the appearance of much and deep support. That is the Lie right there.


Sherman is right to call her.


Belman the editor of Israpundit has refused to back Sherman in this struggle. Which brings me back to that piece of Hitlerite Nazi crap at the top of this piece. That was published on Belman´s editorship of Israpundit and remains there.


This is not the kind of leadership Jews today need.


What type of leadership do Jews today need? Jews need today the leadership of a party based on the science of Marxism, which is Trotskyism.


This Trotskyist party in Israel will be based on a scientific understanding of history, meaning a treatment of history which is based on facts, and which will seek the truth about history.


In recent years writers like Andrew Bostom have made great strides in investigating what is the real nature of Islam. This has been hidden for many centuries but by going back to primary sources the truth has emerged. Islamic Spain was the most cruel of all places known to mankind. By going back to primary sources writers like Bostom, and there are now quite a few, have answered the blatant lies of people like the ex nun Karen Armstrong. This is a great asset for us Trotskyists.


Similarly we feel indebted to Martin Sherman for his challenge to Glick and to her book. Glick essentially is trying to gloss over the nature of the Palestinian Arab movement. In one sence this began with the Arab defeat of 1967. Then knowing they were defeated the Arabs turned towards creating the myth of the “Palestinians”, at first it took the form of a meme, now though it is more than a meme, it is hard ideology.


But the Palestinian Arab phenomenon as sold to the world is no more than Jihad in Alliance with Christian Antisemitism a la Vatican. It is also intermixed with the crisis of US Imperialism and with the non viability of the EU, with this crisis in capitalism producing growing trends towards war, especially towards war by NATO against Russia. So Jihad is central in many of the plans of the most reactionary fast becoming Fascist forces on earth: Islam, the EU, US Imperialism


What does Glick propose to do? Not take the fight against this ideology but lodge it ever more strongly inside the Israeli state, with up to 40 per Arab Jihadist against the unfortunate 60 per cent Jews, unfortunate because the Jews are alone, while there are billions of Muslims surrounding her.


It is the most ghastly thing that Glick has done in this book. Glick does not mean or set out to do so, but she weakens Israel as Iran helped by the US and the growing crisis between US and Russia prepares to strike Israel and Jews


Martin Sherman does not posit this issue of the Jews in the world economic capitalist crisis situation. Still he has taken a valiant step against Glick and I support him critically but unconditionally in doing this


felix quigley





This is being left out by the reactionaries who lead Israel, possibly to the Holocaust of the Jews, because these leaders are unable to lead the Jews on a decisive line against Christian and Islamic Antisemitism.


What is US Imperialism doing in the world today? Above all it is driving against both Russia and China, also possibly India. But above all against Russia because Russia is still the land in which the only successful workers revolution took place in 1917.


Capitalism and Imperialism is a system of crises, wars


That historical memory is very important. It will remain important because of that successful 1917 Revolution!


Now what is Iran? Iran today under the Mullahs is the most reactionary fascist and anti Jew country in the world. The fact that Iran is gearing towards the Nuclear Bomb is the most dangerous factor in the world and it threatens the lives of millions of Jews.


This is what is happening. The US and EU with its battering ram of NATO plan to surround Russia and to break up Russia into many pieces, and in this war they will use Muslim ethnic war against Russia, and will use Fascist countries like you have now in Ukraine and in Georgia (fascist in its orientation to NATO)


Only 4international is highlighting this, which is contained in a debka article two days ago. Russia threatened with destruction by NATO turns to Iran, and the responsibility is NATO:


The architect of Russian policy on both issues, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, gave due warning last week, when he said: “Russia wouldn’t like to use their [nuclear] talks as an element of the game of raising the stakes between Moscow and the West,” he said. “But if Russia feels forced, it would take retaliatory measures here as well.”
On the day the Iranian nuclear czar talked about Iran’s centrifuge capacity, sources in Moscow and Tehran reported that the two governments, both targets of Western sanctions, were close to a mammoth barter transaction: For 500,000 barrels of Iranian oil per day, Russia will supply goods of equivalent value including foodstuffs.
This transaction when it goes into effect will more or less scuttle the sanctions regime against Iran, including the oil embargo.
Salehi was accordingly not afraid to boast: “Enrichment activities have not ceased.”
The interim accord did not ban low-grade uranium enrichment, and that was another hole in the deal, because it allowed Iran to press forward and stockpile large quantities of the low grade material despite the fact that it can be refined to weapons grade in short order.


The following report is from the NY Times. It skips over the main issue and we on 4international place it as the main issue…did they pay?

This is typical, just typical. the El Mundo paper part of the Spanish Establishment is silent on whether money was paid to the ISIS Jihadist terrorists


Journalists Held by Militants in Syria Reunite With Family


Spanish reporter Javier Espinosa reunited with his son at an airport in Madrid on Sunday. Credit Pool photo by Paco Campos


The journalists, Javier Espinosa, the longtime Middle East correspondent for El Mundo, and the photojournalist Ricardo García Vilanova, had been trying to cross into Turkey in September after a two-week reporting trip when they were kidnapped by militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Kidnapping by insurgent and criminal groups has become so pervasive in northern Syria during the three-year war with the government of President Bashar al-Assad that many news organizations have stopped sending journalists there and aid groups have struggled to carry out their work.

More than 20 Syrian journalists and activists who work as news gatherers, as well as a dozen foreign journalists, are missing or held by insurgent groups, according to Reporters Without Borders, which calls Syria the most dangerous country for journalists. It says about 40 Syrian journalists, both professionals and “citizen journalists,” are held by the Syrian government.

Mr. Espinosa told reporters during a visit to El Mundo on Sunday that he could not discuss the circumstances of the pair’s captivity or their release, but he did not elaborate. On Sunday, the newspaper’s publisher, Casimiro García-Abadillo, thanked the Spanish government for helping to free the men. It was unclear if the men had escaped or if they had been freed through negotiations or because ransom had been paid.


(That was and is the main issue in this story…was ransom paid? Of course we on 4international sympathise with the journalists but why hide if there was a ransom paid?)

“Pure happiness” was the reaction of Mr. Espinosa’s partner, Monica García Prieto, a fellow journalist who shared it on Twitter. They have two young children.

On Saturday, a receptionist at El Mundo was shocked and then overjoyed, the newspaper reported, when the newsroom phone rang and Mr. Espinosa declared that he and his colleague were safe.

“Write down this number and call me back,” he said. “Tell Monica and our parents.”

Across Syria, efforts are underway, through mediators, to catalog, find and perhaps exchange captives, but so far, there have been no mass releases. With insurgent groups fragmented and government security agencies operating in secret and often without coordination, would-be mediators say, it is often difficult to find out who is holding a captive, let alone negotiate for reléase.




The situation in the American death cells is related to the crisis in the capitalist system and to the very nature of US capitalism. People tend to forget that. Read below the first paragraphs of the wiki entry on Sells


This is a good report by Kate Randall of wsws

Texas carries out lethal injection with drug from unidentified source

By Kate Randall
5 April 2014


Tommy Lynn Sells.jpg

The state of Texas executed Tommy Lynn Sells Thursday night using a version of the drug pentobarbital from an unnamed source. The US Supreme Court denied a request from Sells’ lawyers to block the execution on the grounds that Texas officials have refused to disclose details about the pentobarbital used in the lethal injection. Sells’ defense argued that execution with the drug could cause severe pain, constituting cruel and unusual punishment.

Sells, 49, was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1999 murder of 13-year-old Kaylene Harris. He pleaded guilty to the 1999 murder of nine-year-old Mary Beatrice Perez and received a life sentence in that case in exchange for the plea. Sells claimed to have been responsible for the deaths of as many as 70 people nationwide.

Witnesses to the execution said that Sells closed his eyes and gasped as the drug was administered at the Walls Unit in Huntsville, at around 6 p.m. local time. He then took a few deep breaths before his eyes closed and he began to snore. Sells was pronounced dead some 13 minutes after the pentobarbital was administered.

In a macabre scene repeated hundreds of times at the nation’s busiest execution chamber, families of the victims were present to witness the execution. Also present were two of the condemned man’s friends and the prison chaplain. Sells was the fifth person executed in Texas in 2014 and the 513th to be put to death in the state since the US Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976.

Out of concern over the use of pentobarbital in executions, European drug makers have stopped selling the sedative in the US market. In an effort to keep state execution chambers in operation, authorities have begun obtaining lethal mixtures of the drug from compounding pharmacies, which are less strictly regulated than other pharmaceutical companies and can be exempt from Food and Drug Administration regulation. States have refused to release the names of these companies, citing alleged threats against the pharmacies or potential lawsuits.

Texas prison officials had obtained a supply of pentobarbital from a suburban Houston compounder last year, but the drugs expired at the end of March. They obtained a new supplier elsewhere, but have refused to make the source known to the public or the attorneys of death row inmates. Tommy Sells was the first person to be executed using pentobarbital from this undisclosed source.

Attorneys for Sells and Ramiro Hernandez-Llanas, a Mexican national scheduled to be executed April 9, filed several lawsuits in an effort to compel Texas to disclose information about the source and details of the drugs to be used in their lethal injections. Last week, a district judge in Austin told Texas authorities to reveal information about the drugs to the two men’s lawyers, but did not order the information to be made public. Texas officials appealed that decision and it was stayed by the state’s Supreme Court.

On Wednesday, the day before Sells’ execution, a federal judge in Houston issued a temporary injunction halting both executions until the two prisoners’ attorneys had been provided information about the source and quality of the drugs. A federal appeals court reversed that decision within hours, which meant that Sells’ execution could go forward.

The appeals court ruled that the plaintiffs were “speculating” about the risk of severe pain with use of the new drugs and that “speculation is not enough.” Lawyers representing the state argued that tests showed the drugs were of acceptable quality, while refusing to make this information public.

In their client’s last-minute appeal to the US Supreme Court, Sells’ lawyers listed as defendants a number of Texas officials and “unknown executioners.” They petitioned to know the source of the pentobarbital to be used in the lethal injection, details of how it was prepared, and who had tested it.

Citing constitutional protections against “cruel and unusual punishment” set forth in the Eighth Amendment, they argued that Sells “has a constitutional interest—and consequent due process rights—in not being executed in a tortuous manner.” The Supreme Court declined this request. Last month, the high court rejected a similar request from a death row inmate in Missouri who was subsequently executed.

Due to drug shortages, states have scrambled to concoct new lethal mixtures for executions. Until 2010, most states used a three-drug protocol including an anesthetic (pentobarbital or, formerly, sodium thiopental), a paralytic agent (pancuronium bromide), and an agent to stop the heart and cause death (potassium chloride).

According to the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC), eight of the 32 states that practice capital punishment have either used or intend to use compounding pharmacies to obtain their drugs for lethal injection. State authorities have continued to utilize various untested chemical mixtures in lethal injections despite substantial evidence that their use causes pain and suffering.

On January 9, Oklahoma inmate Michael Lee Wilson, 38, died by lethal injection of a three-drug mixture of pentobarbital. Witnesses reported he cried out, “I feel my whole body burning” following the lethal injection, before being pronounced dead several minutes later. (See: “US states turn to unregulated compounding facilities to make drugs for lethal injections.”)

Ohio executed Dennis McGuire, 53, on January 16 using an experimental two-drug mixture. He writhed in agony for 25 minutes before being pronounced dead, according to those witnessing his lethal injection. (See: “The horror in Ohio’s death chamber.”)

Executions in the US have dropped from a high of 98 in 1999 to 39 last year, in part due to legal battles over methods of execution. Public support for the barbaric practice has declined as well, as growing numbers of cases point to wrongful convictions and the likely executions of innocent people.

But the state killing machine grinds on. According to DPIC, as of last year 3,095 prisoners languished on death rows nationwide. Since reinstitution of the death penalty, 1,374 men and women have been sent to their deaths, including the mentally impaired, foreign nationals denied their consular rights, and those convicted of crimes committed as juveniles.


From Wikipedia on Sells


Sells and his twin sister, Tammy Jean, contracted meningitis[citation needed] when they turned 18 months old. While Sells suffered a high fever, he survived. His sister, however, died from the disease. Shortly thereafter, Tommy Sells was sent to live with his aunt Bonnie Woodall in Holcomb, Missouri, where he lived until he was five years old. When Sells was eight, he began spending time with a man named Willis Clark, from a neighboring city. Clark would later be suspected of child molestation.[2]:4

Sells started traveling to find work. Because he was homeless at the time, he hitched rides, hopped trains and at one point stole a vehicle. He held several different jobs, often doing menial labor.[citation needed]






The Israeli Jewish issue and the “Palestinians” so called raise the biggest issues in the world. All political groups and political tendencies come to try to understand this issue with their own backgrounds and particular biases. I emphasise that includes all Jews and all Jewish groups also.


Our bias if you like is that we see the state of Israel as closely tied to the Holocaust of the Jews, that the Jews have a right to their own Jewish state and on this particular área of the world to which they were always associated. The Palestinians, the Palestinian Arabs, is an Antisemitic construction and before the defeat of the Arabs in 1967 there was no “Palestinian” as is meant today. There were Jewish Palestinians and there were Arab Palestinians, and moreover int eh strictest sense the Arabs did not even like or use that term. It is a construct. But it has been sold cleverly and persistently, and it has been made into a typical meme by a wide swathe of western public opinión


It is quite amazing how these memes take shape in our modern sciety. It is so easy. This is indicative of the low level of human culture under capitalism in decline. The latest is the way that the concept that Iran is pursuing nuclear power and not the nuclear bomb has taken hold. Thousands of times the Iranian leaders have threatened Israel with total destruction. Only occasionally have these leaders strayed into the concept of threatening Jews and not Israel with destruction. This plays into the corresponding meme which was launched by a deadly and brutally Antisemitic Stalinism in Moscow when post the 1967 defeat, in which they also were defeated because they were supplying Nasser et al, spread this lie about Zionism. This gives the Iranian Islam the opening to destroy Israel as the Zionist state. In fact Zionism is a form of national liberation of a people, and is no different at all from say Irish nationalism.


These are vital issues for Jews today to understand, and at least begin to understand. For example there is a whole industry which is promoting the concept that Obama is a communist. He had a relationship with a man called Frank Marshall Davis but who was this man? Was he a communist? The answer raises the issue of Trotskyism and Stalinism because Davis was associated only with the Communist Party of America which is a Stalinist organization, and it was from this organization that the plot to murder Leon Trotsky was organized.


Raise this concept which threatens the meme that Obama is a Communist and you find that these American “Anti Jihadists” runa  mile. jews have got to watch these goings on closely.


In the following report from http://www.debka.com on 3 April 2014 i refuse to draw any distinction between Bush and Obama. Bush too threatened Israel in the same way that Obama and Kerry do




 Gen. Martin Dempsey meets Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon

Gen. Martin Dempsey meets Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon

Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff, flew out of Israel Wednesday, April 2, from three days of talks with Israeli leaders, asserting: “I think they are satisfied we have the capability [to use a military option against Iran]. I think they believe we will use it.”

debkafile sources tracking his talks did not receive that impression from Israeli officials. They did not subscribe to his statement that “Israel and the United States are in broad agreement about the threat that Iran poses to the region and how to deal with it.”
The US general admitted there were differences but added that Israel and the United States are closer now in their assessments of the threat Iran poses and America’s willingness to act. “They just wanted to know that we are maintaining and continuing to refine our military options,” he said.


Two German Jewish families at a gathering before the war. Only two people in this group survived the Holocaust. Germany, 1928.

— US Holocaust Memorial Museum





John Kerry who is the tool of Obama is trying to force Israel to accept the release of murderers of Jews in Israel. These murderers of Jews in Israel have been called “Palestinians” since the Arab defeat in 1967. He is doing this by dangling in front of Bibi Netanyahu, a really weak Jewish leader, the reléase of Jonathon Pollard who has been in an American prison for spying on America in order to help an ally of America which is Israel for a total of 30 years.


First of all Jonathan Pollard should never have been jailed and instead should have been given a US medal because he was helping Israel against Iran, and specifically against the danger from Iranian Nuclear Bomb. All Americans worth their salt must also recognise that Pollard was also helping the American people. That is the key issue that has to be fought out.


Pollard is now 59. He has been in American prison for those horrific 30 years while others who spied for friendly countries of America have been out in about 5 years.


This shows that America is a deeply Antisemitic country


This gives the lie to the Left Fascists such as on wsws who claim that the US is controlled by the Jews. They intimate that in everything they write.


Such is the depth of Antisemitism in America that the date which Kerry was “dangling” in front of Bibi was November 2015. That date is there because of the US Intelligence hatred of Israel and hatred of the jews


The Fascists in the PLO behind Abbas know very well that world opinión which has bought into the PLO Big Lie supports him


This guy Kerry knows this too. He leans on this. And he spent Monday and yesterday leaning hard on Netanyahu and thus using the Pollard issue to wring huge concessions out of Israel


But the US is weak because of these reasons


1. Pollard who is a true patriot will have none of this


2. The Israeli people and especially youth have at last realised that the US Governments of all shades are Antisemitic


3. And thus the traitor Bibi knows that if he were to give in to Obama then he Obama is finished as far as the Israeli people are concerned


The biggest enemy in the West is the Fascist Stalinist type left


This is why building http://www.4international.me is the way forward. Join us!




I uncovered this from The Irish Catholic which involves Bishop Leahy of Limerick who obviously is completely betraying the Christians of Nigeria as they are being slaughtered by Jihad


European bishops in dialogue on relations with Muslims
 where is Leahy!

“Islam in Europe is a significant and growing phenomenon that deserves greater attention,” said Bishop Brendan Leahy of Limerick, following a three-day meeting in London to reflect on pastoral issues relating to dialogue between Christians and Muslims.

The gathering was organised by the Council of European Conferences of Bishops and Bishop Leahy was representing the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference. Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious dialogue was present throughout and one of the guest speakers was Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Britain’s first female Muslim minister.

Central to the days’ reflection was the important Church document ‘Dialogue and Proclamation’ that promotes these two essential elements of all interaction with people of other religious conviction. “Dialogue takes many forms – a dialogue of life, of social projects, of spiritual experience, of theology – but in its truest form dialogue also involves proclamation in the sense of each one sharing their deepest-held beliefs,” said Bishop Leahy. “For Catholics this means respectfully proclaiming through dialogue the faith we profess.”


The gathering was an occasion for the participants to share how this dialogue is going in their country. “What came across was the need not to generalise. Context is very important. Each input given showed a different dimension of the relations of Catholics and Muslims,” Bishop Leahy said.

Bishop George Frendo, Auxiliary Bishop of Tirana, the capital of Albania, spoke of the very positive Christian-Muslim relations in that country. The situation in Germany is one of a fast-growing Muslim population with issues arising in terms of providing Muslim teachers for schools. The British experience as presented by Archbishop Kevin McDonald and Bishop Paul Hendricks is one of positive relations.


They pointed out that often Islamic communities themselves are quite varied since the mosques are often linked to people from specific countries and indeed regions within countries.

All the representatives present spoke of concern about faith and young people. There is a clear sense that young Catholics often are not secure in their own faith and that has consequences for dialogue.

It was also acknowledged that Muslims too speak of concerns they have regarding the transmission of the Faith to younger generations.

“All in all, the meeting was a worthwhile moment to pause and move out of our immediate Church environment to consider again those around us of other religious backgrounds. 

“It is clear that Islam in Europe is a significant and growing phenomenon that deserves greater attention on the part of Catholics,” Bishop Leahy said.



Shariah to existence…We will enter Churches and slaughter Christians.”


The blood frenzy continues faster and more furious. Nigeria’s army is outmanned and outgunned and the world ignores the mass slaughter of non-Muslims. The UN and OIC operate as a de facto caliphate. The silence of the West is monstrous.

“Boko Haram Derides Nigerian Police In Video, Says Churches, Christians And Nigerian State Remain Targets,” Sahara Reporters, March 28 2014 (thanks to Shoebat.com):

The Jamaʻat Ahl as-Sunnah lid-daʻwa wal-Jihād, widely known as Boko Haram, has derided the Nigerian Police ‘women’ in a video detailing how the sect attacked Giwa Barracks, Maiduguri on March 14,  2014.

The 24-minute video appears to confirm the sect’s sophistication as well as its access to modern weaponry.

The video shows the sect exhibiting their warfare techniques, shooting targets from specialized armed vans, as well as holding and firing grenades from the ground. It also shows the sect’s commanders coordinating operations by giving orders.

The footage contains details of how the sect launched attacks from several directions in and around the military barracks. It also shows hundreds of people the sect claimed to have freed from detention by the Nigerian military.

Warning Nigerian police officers to stay off their path, the sect sang, “Police give us way, you are too weak and small to stop us. You are all women and we understand you.”

The sect sang that their demand for Sharia cannot be compromised. They restated that their targets remained churches, Christians and the Nigerian state. Part of the song stated, “We are working for Allah and must bring Shariah to existence; we are committed to protecting Muslims from being annihilated by infidels. We are going to kill them. We will enter Churches and slaughter Christians and barracks. We are calling on all Muslims to come out and fight Jihad. If you joke, these infidels will annihilate Muslims. You see how they are killing our women and children.”

The group boasted that it had demonstrated its prowess in Borno, Bauchi and Abuja, and the infidels of Plateau, Kaduna, Adamawa and Gombe.

They vowed to fight for Shariah will all their might until success was achieved.

The Nigerian military was yet to react officially to the clip since it was posted yesterday.

- See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/03/nigeria-devout-muslims-say-working-allah-must-bring-shariah-existence-will-enter-churches-slaughter-christians.html/#sthash.3zanbhCL.dpuf



This is a response from Nigerian Bishops


12 March 2014

Nigeria’s largest church network is calling on the country’s president for more protection from Boko Haram attacks.

“We will not keep silence amidst persecution Christians are facing,” Rev. Ayo Oritsejafor, president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, told World Watch Monitor on 7 March.

“The killings in Northern Nigeria are condemnable and act of wickedness to humanity,” Oritsejafor said. “It is unfortunate that worshippers are being killed in their homes and places of worship. We are not happy with this trend and will continue to pray to God to bring an end to this excruciating situation we are going through in Northern Nigeria.”

Oritsejafor appealed to government and security agencies to be proactive towards protecting lives and properties, and to prosecute the perpetrators.

Across Plateau state, at least 163 people have been killed in attacks by suspected Fulanis since the beginning of the year. Each wave of violence brings renewed criticism, from the Christian Association of Nigeria and other quarters, that Nigerian security forces are not doing enough to stop the killings.

On 9 March, President Goodluck Jonathan called for more prayer to defeat the insurgency.

“We need more prayers to end terrorism. With prayers and the measures put in place, we will surmount the challenges”, the president said in a speech at the opening session of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, in Abuja, the federal capital.


And as an experiment I placed these words into google


“catholic bishops ireland on nigeria violence”


I got nothing which suggests that the Irish Catholic Church says nothing about the attacks of Jihad on Nigerian Christians

Perfect, complete, immutable and valid for all of eternity — no Moslem can declare it “out of date”

The Daniel referred to below is Daniel Pipes who believes that Islam can be reformed


See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regensburg_lecture where Pope Benedict was very much in advance politically of Daniel Pipes. The Pope later met widespread terror threats not just to him of course but to his flock and back peddled. But he had said much the same as in this quote below


Daniel, you write: “Religious thinkers are in the business of constantly adapting their faith to current realities and Muslims can do so by deeming Koran 9:29 out of date, abrogate it, or render it metaphorical. Contra Ibrahim, clarity does not exclude shifts in interpretation.”
There is good reason to disagree with you. Muslims cannot abrogate anything in the Koran. Only Allah can do that. Because every word of the Koran is considered by all religious Moslems to be the literal word of god — perfect, complete, immutable and valid for all of eternity — no Moslem can declare it “out of date”. That is tantamount to apostasy. As for rendering it “metaphorical”, how is that possible when the Koran is considered Allah’s literal word wherever it is possible to read it literally? That is the way the greatest Islamic religious scholars have done it for 1400 years. How can you say that today’s Islamic religious authorities can overturn this age-old doctrine when all of them support it?

There is not a shred of evidence that Islam’s doctrines from the Koran and the Sunnah can be reformed. That is only your ungrounded faith and hope. I wouldn’t bet a penny on it.
There are moderate Moslems, that is, people who identify themselves as Moslems but who do not follow the doctrines of Islam. But, there is no such thing as “moderate Islam”, nor is there any evidence that ever there will be.



Iran’s Final Solution for IsraelAndrew Bostom Tuesday, April 8, 2014  7:30 p.m. Luxe Sunset Boulevard11461 Sunset Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90049 

The so-called “P5 +1″ interim agreement with Iran was announced on November 24, 2013, amidst great fanfare, and giddy expectations of continued diplomatic success. Ostensibly, these negotiations were going to eliminate Iran’s ability to produce nuclear weapons, and constrain the regime’s hegemonic aspirations, including its oft-repeated bellicose threats to destroy the Jewish State of Israel.


Less than three months later, punctuated by cries of “down with the U.S.”-and “Death to Israel”-Iranians took to the streets en masse, February 11, 2014, commemorating the 35th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic putsch, which firmly re-established Iran’s legacy of centuries of Shiite theocracy, transiently interrupted by the 54-year reign (r. 1925-1979) of the 20th century Pahlavi Shahs.


Many alarming developments since the P5 +1 deal was announced epitomize the abject failure of a delusive and dangerous policymaking mindset I have dubbed, “The ‘Trusting Khomeini’ Syndrome,” in my new book Iran’s Final Solution For Israel. This “Syndrome” is named after infamous Princeton International Law Professor Richard Falk’s February 16, 1979 essay, “Trusting Khomeini,” dutifully published in the The New York Times. The parlous denial-born of willful doctrinal and historical negationism-evident in Falk’s February, 1979 essay, now shapes formal U.S. policy toward Iran, merely updated as “Trusting Khamenei,” Iran’s current “Supreme Leader,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who succeeded Ayatollah Khomeini. I further maintain that the sine qua non of this crippling mindset-bowdlerization of Islam-currently dominates policymaking circles, running the gamut from Left to Right.

To understand the profound dangers of policies toward the self-proclaimed Islamic Republic of Iran which remain willfully blind to Islam, I will address the following questions:


What is the Sharia? What are the uniquely Islamic institutions of jihad, and its corollary institution, dhimm­itude, and how do these institutions relate to the Sharia? What are the similarities and differences comparing Sunni (the [vast] majority sect of Islam) and Shiite (Shi’ism being Islam’s largest minority sect) doctrine on jihad and dhimm­itude? What is the Shiite doctrine of najis? What are the major antisemitic motifs in Islam’s canonical texts-the Koran itself (i.e., as glossed in the major Koranic commentaries, classical and modern), as well as the “Traditions” of Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, and the nascent Muslim community? What are the similarities and differences comparing Sunni and Shiite eschatology-end of times theology-and how central are the Jews to this doctrine (i.e., what is their described role, and fate?), from the Sunni and Shiite perspectives? How were these doctrines applied in Iran, and what was their effect upon the Jews of Iran, between the 16th, and early 20th centuries? Are these living doctrines, espoused and presently applied in contemporary Iran? For example, has the Sharia been applied in Iran since 1979 (especially vis-à-vis non-Muslims), and what is its current popularity in the Islamic Republic (as measured objectively, not anecdotally)? Most importantly, how is Iran’s historical application of these doctrines, in aggregate, to its Jewish minority population, relevant-and manifest-in the contemporary Islamic Republic’s posture toward Israel, and the U.S.?



Thought the petition, described below, might be of interest to a few not on this mailing list.

Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 00:52:59 +0100
Subject: Irish4Israel Newsletter.
From: irish4israel@gmail.com

Dear All 
The Royal British Institute of Architects has called for the International Union of Architects to expel Israel.Please sign this petition to the International Union of Architects and ask them not to expel Israel.Sign the petition here and share on Facebook and Twitter.
File:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-N0827-318, KZ Auschwitz, Ankunft ungarischer Juden.jpg
There is a second petition here   .You can also write to them here
Can we ask did any of you receive a reply from NUIG regarding Joseph Loughnane ?
Thank you to all those of you who emailed the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Irish Ambassador to the UN last week. 

Check out this great video of Tel Aviv-Happy.

On Sunday 4th at 6.30 in Foley’s Bar in Dublin Ariel Tsion of Beit Moriah will be giving a talk on the work of his organisation. Here is the Facebook event .This event is not an Irish4Israel event but has been organised by Naomi Gibson. You can learn more about Beit Moriah from their website. Spread the word.
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Shalom agus Slán
Barry Williams


The goose-stepping Hitler Youth are stepping up their war on the Jews, and increasingly college campuses are training ground for haters and destroyers. It’s not just in Europe, the U.K., Ireland, et al, but here in America, too.

Adam Kredo reported at the Washington Free Beacon last week that “pro-Palestinian activists on the University of Michigan campus have had the cops called on them for threatening pro-Israel students and staging a sit-in over the student government’s refusal to back an anti-Israel initiative to divest from the Jewish state. University of Michigan police were contacted Wednesday evening after two pro-Palestinian activists allegedly threatened a student who refused to support their boycott initiative.”

The steaming pile of annihilationism comes wrapped in the pretty bow of BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction the Jewish state) rhetoric. The good news is that the Nuremberg-inspired BDS measure was ultimately roundly and soundly defeated at a contentious (aren’t they always?) vote at the University of Michigan. Yet so threatening were the pro-jihad students and agitators that the vote was by secret ballot, so as to ensure that no one would be targeted for revenge.

One photo of a thug leader of the BDS movement at the University of Michigan is illustrative of the kind of intimidation and threats that Jewish students on college campuses face on a regular basis. These genocide fetishists think their Jew-hatred is pious and sanctioned by Allah.

And this particular SS-inspired thug is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Students Association (of course). Here is the University of Michigan’s MSA Facebook profile pic.

Destroying the Jewish state is their mission. Take a look at any and all of the MSAs (or any Muslim group for that matter) initiatives and actions. It’s all destruction, hate and libel.

The MSA was a parent group of the Islamic Society of North America, one of the many Muslim groups named as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing trial. The Holy Land Foundation, once the largest Islamic charity in the U.S., was funneling charitable contributions to Hamas. The MSA was also named as an allied group in the captured internal Muslim Brotherhood document that says that the Brotherhood’s mission in the U.S. is “a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.”

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books – featured at the WND Superstore

Now MSA members are terrorizing Jewish students on campus, and the Jewish kids don’t know what hit them. They are ill-equipped, ill-prepared. Their lackluster and nonsensical Jewish education prepares them for submission, not warfare. But warfare is what this is. Yazan Kherallah, the Muslim University of Michigan student who posed with a knife, stabbing an Israeli piece of fruit, should be met with Jewish kids entering the IDF and learning how to operate an Uzi. That’s what this requires.

Meanwhile, students at Loyola University of Chicago last week passed a surprise anti-Israel divestment resolution. After all the sturm and drang of Muslim persecution of Catholics and other Christians worldwide, and the bloody history of the Islamic jihad against Catholics, the Catholics at Loyola University in Chicago have served themselves up as a willing sacrifice to Islamic supremacism.

How many Christians have been slaughtered, oppressed and subjugated under Islam? Untold millions – but these tools are doing what they are told, condemning the Jews. After failing at the University of Michigan and elsewhere, the killers succeeded at Loyola.

The college campuses must be held accountable. They need to be sued for incitement to violence. And they need to bring some fairness into their “academic” work, which is mostly just propaganda these days. For every terrorist supporter they have like Tariq Ramadan, they have to have Robert Spencer. For every Reza Aslan, they have to have Ibn Warraq. For every Lamis Deek, they have to have Pamela Geller.

We must demand an Academic Accountability Initiative, or AAI. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, if you have one kid in college, tell them they must sponsor an AAI resolution, or no college for them.

And Jewish lay leadership has to draw the line and say, “No more.” Many have criticized me for my vocal denunciations of American Jewish leadership. Many Jews have been my most vocal critics: The Toronto Board of Rabbis, the embarrassingly self-loathing Union of Reform Judaism, lost and dangerous New York Rabbis, UJA- LA, etc. It is not me that they expose; it is themselves.

It would make sense that if you oppose my work, you support jihad and Jew hatred. The Boston’s Combined Jewish Philanthropies, UJA and Harvard University’s Hillel recently sponsored a trip that included a visit to the grave of one of the world’s most notorious Jew-murdering jihadis, Yasir Arafat.

So it is no surprise that the next generation of Jews spawned by these cretins is leading BDS movements.

These quisling Jews are a pox on our house. Twinning with jihad mosques, stepping and fetching for Muslim Brotherhood groups, they are this century’s kapos – aiding and abetting our executioners. How is this funding a trip to Arafat’s tomb different from Jews in Germany paying homage to the Nazis before the slaughter began?

Today’s slaughter of the Jews is ongoing, with the promise of complete annihilation. And it is beginning with the harassment and persecution of Jews on today’s college campuses. That is where it should stop. But for that to happen, both Jewish and non-Jewish leaders have to want it to stop. Apparently, they don’t

- See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/03/pamela-geller-wnd-u-s-muslim-students-violently-threaten-pro-israel-peers.html/#sthash.FQW4449l.dpufI have met this in Ireland. On the website http://www.indymedia.ie any person who speaks up on behalf of Israel is labelled as a “zionazi” and then the abuse is continual. I am a gentile and I have had this kind of abuse continually as have scores of others. The aim is intimidation.