Sharon expressed this paralysis. He knew that the removal of Saddam by Bush would usher in a period of Iran dominance in Iraq and the Middle East, knew this very well based on his experience of the area, he was no fool! But he could not say so in public even though he argued with the political imbecile Bush. That seems to me to express just how unable to lead the Jewish people are all of the Jewish elites today. This leadership issue is central and creates great dangers which will only get worse!

All my reading on this subject of Israel and the way the world is attacking Israel, demands the need for a strong propaganda-like response from Israel


That is not forthcoming and under the leadership of the present groups/parties/individuals/blogs will not be forthcoming any time soon, meaning never.


That is the problem, the central problem, that dwarfs all else and is connected to Israel taking effective action to defend itself, which also it finds itself impossible to do. The Israeli elites were prepared to look elsewhere for about 7 years as the people of Sderot were bombarded weekly with hamas and Islamic Jihad rockets. They could not and did not take any action to block this which amounted to a second class citizen ship in effect being placed on these people next to this aza border.


So we have two things happening in synchronicity: the message abroad from Israel and the inability to take action to determine its future. Both of these are held together in a vicelike grip that will not let go.


The development of the world crisis of the capitalist system, with money markets as we speak more and more on edge and seemingly more vulnerable, the exposure of the world and its people to new forms of barbarity by the likes of IS flashing across our screens, and the obvious vulnerability to this by Israel, while the world as Martin Sherman says so well, corners on Israel, thus forcing Israel more and more into a Samson situation.


These are not small issues and cannot be answered in a  facile way.


This places great demands on Israeli leadership.


Here is the kicker though. It is possible for Caroline Glick to be enraged at EU reps but at the same time not to deal with the overall crisis in a comprehensive manner. (I am all for being enraged but rage in itself, like prayer, is never a strategy)


I will give two examples that point to the new aspect to the situation faced by Jews, Israel and the world.


  1. The methods of Netanyahu, ignoring then massive physical splurge on Gaza (Protective Edge) (Which episode in history has given no edge and which therefore was not protective) while at the same time tying the hands of the soldiers fighting in Gaza, have proved to be disastrously inadequate
  2. Related to that the reality in Britain, which I have looked at especially based on written reports, which were available and have been available but have not been discussed in any significant manner, that the old methods of defending Israel abroad have collapsed. I am referring to the bankrupt “friends” of Israel concept. I have showed that the “friends” quickly became the “enemies” as they effectively voted (many by abstaining) for a Palestine Jihad state. (Vote in Britain October 13)

Those two examples in our very recent past shows that there is needed an overall strategy for Israel, Jews and the rest of us, to fight this war and it simply is not there.


I think that is the starting point. The Antisemitic positions of European elites are just a symptom of this lack of strategy by the Israeli leaders. They are created because the Israeli leadership is vacuum territory.


It is impossible for Israel because there is no clear strategy inside of Israel on how it can defend itself and how the Jewish state can be brought forward in this situation. I need to return to that but the answer by Sherman to Bennett’s Saban tussle with Idyke is a starting point.


The leaders are paralysed because they do not know what to do and if they do not know what to do then they do not know what to say either


That may sound simplistic but it is true


Buchenwald Survivors Aboard the Illegal Immigrant Ship ‘Meteora’, Haifa, Israel. The British had stopped immigration (White Paper 1939 in British Parliament) into the Jewish Homeland which led directly to the murder of 6 millions of Jews by the Nazis. The British were thus involved also in the Holocaust – accomplices of the Nazis in the Holocaust. Now the British through this vote to recognize “Palestine” are setting up the Jews again and placing the Jews of the world in great danger.


Analysis by a group (actually hostile to Israel) contained vital information about the vote in Britain for a Palestinian Arab state

This shows that the Palestinian Arab Narrative has been sold skilfully and in a vacuum of leadership has become a major factor in Britain. It also shows very clearly that the “Labour Friends of Israel” and the “Conservative Friends of Israel” concept and practise is a complete fraud and has totally let down the Jews and Israel at the very moment when it counted. At that very critical moment the “Friends” either stayed away or if “Palestine Briefing” is to believed and I think they have to be THEY VOTED FOR THE PALESTINIAN JIHAD STATE

This therefore raises the issue that Maureen Lipman articulates…that the Labour Party is Antisemitic through and through. Maureen will vote for an alternative but in Britain she cannot find one. Note that the UKIP two members of Parliament Carswell and Reckless stayed away – they abstained on this vital issue concerning Jews and Israel

(Excerpts from “Palestine Briefing” article)

MPs voted in favour of the UK recognising Palestine by an unexpectedly large majority of 262 after a five-hour Commons debate called by Easington MP Grahame Morris. Commentators were quick to dismiss it as “merely an expression of Parliament’s view” that will not commit the Government because it was “only” a backbench debate.

But although the vote is not binding on the Government, it is clear that MPs have changed their views and it is only a matter of time before the Government will have to change its policies. And, although recognition is a minor issue and will not directly affect the lives of Palestinians, there is a good chance that this decisive vote will lead to stronger steps that will begin to put real pressure on the Israelis. The 274-12 vote came about because of a deep underlying shift in MPs’ attitudes to Israel, caused by their shock at the brutality of the Gaza war and their huge postbags of letters from constituents demanding action.

It emerges from the vote that:

◾Half the MPs listed as supporters of Labour Friends of Israel voted in favour of recognising Palestine despite last-minute pleas from senior Israeli politicians to vote against.

◾40 Conservative MPs – including some members of Conservative Friends of Israel – backed the recognition motion and the Conservative Home website reported that ‘support for Israel is slipping away’…

If the two ‘no’ tellers are included there were 195 Labour MPs voting for recognition – more than twice the current total of MPs who support Labour Friends of Palestine & the Middle East. While it has been Labour Party policy since 2011 to support the recognition of Palestine, first by the UN and now by the UK, there was no obligation on MPs to turn up for a backbench debate and the numbers were another indication of the rapid fall-off in uncritical support for Israel on the Labour benches. Coalition ministers were told to abstain, but Conservative and Liberal-Democrat MPs were free to vote as they liked.

The real surprise was the number of Conservatives who abstained because they were disillusioned by recent actions of the Israeli government. Typical was the distinguished chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee Sir Richard Ottaway who told the Commons that he had stood by Israel through thick and thin for 20 years but was outraged by the recent Israeli annexation of Palestinian land and “such is my anger over Israel’s behaviour in recent months that I will not oppose the motion”.

It was the highest ever attendance at a backbench debate (other than the European referendum debate which was whipped) and out of a total of 43 speeches, only six were from opponents of recognition, with the result that Conservative MPs who have previously been reluctant to express their support for the Palestinian case spoke with passion and eloquence, as though a gag had been removed.

In the event there were 195 Labour MPs supporting the motion, 40 Conservatives, 28 Liberal Democrats, nine Scottish and Welsh nationalists and four Northern Irish (2 SDLP, 1 Independent, 1 Alliance). The noes were six Conservatives, five Ulster Unionists and one Liberal Democrat. Other than the 140 MPs on the “payroll” vote of ministers and ministerial aides who are expected to abstain in backbench debates, the number of MPs who abstained or were absent was 220.  Even if they had all voted ‘no’ (and a number have said they would have voted ‘yes’ but could not be there) opponents of recognition would still have had only 232 votes against the 278 votes in favour of recognition…

Baroness Warsi, who resigned from the Government in August in protest at the strongly pro-Israeli policy, said at the time that many of her ministerial colleagues and most of the officials in the Foreign Office agreed with her, but policy came from a small group at the top. There was a natural majority not only in the country, but also in Parliament and in the Foreign Office for the recognition of Palestine, but “you’ve a small group of politicians who are keeping a close grip on this and who are not allowing public opinion, ministerial views, parliamentary views and the views of the people who work in this system.”


An article in the New York Times gave an interesting insight into how Muslim immigration has played a big role in these opportunist Labour Politicians position towards the Jews of today.

start quote

His father, the prominent Marxist historian Ralph Miliband, arrived in Britain in 1940 on one of the last boats transporting Jewish refugees from Belgium. Mr. Miliband’s mother followed in 1947 having spent World War II living under an assumed name in Belgium while other family members perished in the Holocaust.

Last year that family story became a public issue when Mr. Miliband accused The Daily Mail of lying about his father after the newspaper used the headline “The man who hated Britain” for an article focusing on his left-wing beliefs.

According to those close to Mr. Miliband, he has taken a growing interest in his family history, and the visit to Israel was intended both to underscore his interest in the Middle East as a geopolitical issue and to show the public more about his family background.

In a subsequent speech in June to a party group called Labour Friends of Israel, Mr. Miliband described settlement building in the occupied territories as “a significant threat to a negotiated agreement,” and emphasized his support for a two-state solution. But he also recounted his visit in emotional terms and emphasized his attachment to Israel.

“I want you to know,” he concluded, “that if I become prime minister in less than a year’s time, I will be proud to do so as a friend of Israel, a Jew and, most of all, someone who feels so proud to be part of the community gathered here.”

With the visit and speech, Mr. Miliband seemed to be reaching out to the Jewish population, according to Mr. Pollard, one reason for the dismay felt by some at Mr. Miliband’s comments over Gaza.

Yet neither his family background nor Labour Party politics suggest that Mr. Miliband was ever likely to shrink from criticizing Israel when he disagreed with its government’s policies.

His mother, Marion Kozak, is a signatory of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, which describes itself as a network of Jews who are British or live in Britain and who “oppose Israeli policies that undermine the livelihoods, human, civil and political rights of the Palestinian people.”

Many Labour lawmakers worry about the plight of the Palestinians, and some represent constituencies with large Muslim populations, which could be crucial in the May general election.

Some, including Grahame Morris, a lawmaker who leads a group called Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East, want tougher policies against Israel.

Mr. Morris said he was “proud of Ed when he opposed Israel’s summer assault on Gaza,” but added that “there is still plenty of room for improvement” in policies and called for a “ban on trade and investment with illegal settlements in the Palestinian territories.”

Meanwhile, the junior partner in the current Conservative Party-led coalition government, the Liberal Democrats, has also been critical of Israel’s policy in Gaza.

“There is competition for Labour and Liberal Democrat voters on the center-left, and for Muslim votes, and both constituencies are much more sympathetic to the Palestinian cause,” said Toby Greene, research director for the British Israel Communications and Research Center, which aims to promote ties between Israel and Britain.

But, while there is political logic in hardening his rhetoric, Mr. Miliband may have used this tougher tone to keep internal divisions under control without actually toughening party policy against Israel.

Labour has consistently supported the principle of recognizing statehood for the Palestinians, and it was Mr. Morris — the backbench lawmaker — not Mr. Miliband who secured the recent nonbinding parliamentary resolution backing recognition of a Palestinian state.

Official pronouncements kept open the timing of recognition if Labour comes to power next year.

A version of this article appears in print on October 24, 2014, on page A14 of the New York edition with the headline: British Labour Chief, a Jew Who Criticizes Israel, Walks a Fi

Just a note of caution on the New York Times reference to Ralph Milliband, the father of Ed Milliband, present leader of Labour. They refer to him as a “Marxist”. This is certainly not accurate. There has been no Marxist Party in Britain for a century. This is the whole point of the present atrocious situation where a lying versión of history, hiding the role of the Nazi Hajj Amin el Husseini who was the founder of the Palesinian Arab concept, that is his role in the Holocaust. Those like Healy, Redgrave, Cliff, Grant, Pablo and Mendel were not Trotskyists in any way, and then there was the deathly role of Stalinism (The British CP) as well in the selling of this Big Lie of the “Palestinians” which has virtually liquidated left wing politics in Britain…In other words there is a vacuum of leadership, hence the serious quandary of people like Maureen Lipman!


The socialist party which Keir Hardie founded is now no more and is replaced by a deeply Antisemitic Party which is British Labour today – our analysis of the vote proves that beyond any argument

I lay the charge that the British Labour Party is a party of Antisemitism, an Antisemitic political party, and with that in mind and as an historical record this is how the vote went on October 13, 2014

There is not ONE Labour MP to vote against this motion. Thus the Israeli Friends of Israel is a total fraud and they are as deeply Antisemitic as is their party – the Labour Party of not so “Great” Britain (Felix Quigley)

We have tracked down the voting record of the MPs of Britain and it shows that NOT ONE Labour MP voted against the Palestine State. Repeat NOT ONE! That includes above all the so called “Labour Friends of Israel”.

(Warning it is a long list and you do not have to memorise it! But it is a record especially at the end where the MPs who voted against are listed, 14 in number I think, not one of whom is a Labourite!)

Division No. 54]


9.58 pm


Abbott, Ms Diane

Abrahams, Debbie

Ainsworth, rh Mr Bob

Alexander, rh Mr Douglas

Alexander, Heidi

Ali, Rushanara

Allen, Mr Graham

Anderson, Mr David

Ashworth, Jonathan

Bacon, Mr Richard

Bailey, Mr Adrian

Bain, Mr William

Baker, Steve

Banks, Gordon

Barron, rh Kevin

Beckett, rh Margaret

Begg, Dame Anne

Benn, rh Hilary

Benyon, Richard

Betts, Mr Clive

Birtwistle, Gordon

Blackman-Woods, Roberta

Blenkinsop, Tom

Blomfield, Paul

Bottomley, Sir Peter

Bradshaw, rh Mr Ben

Brennan, Kevin

Bridgen, Andrew

Brooke, rh Annette

Brown, Lyn

Brown, Mr Russell

Bruce, rh Sir Malcolm

Bryant, Chris

Buck, Ms Karen

Burden, Richard

Burnham, rh Andy

Byrne, rh Mr Liam

Campbell, rh Mr Alan

Campbell, rh Sir Menzies

Campbell, Mr Ronnie

Carmichael, Neil

Caton, Martin

Champion, Sarah

Chapman, Jenny

Clark, Katy

Clarke, rh Mr Tom

Coaker, Vernon

Connarty, Michael

Cooper, Rosie

Cooper, rh Yvette

Creasy, Stella

Crockart, Mike

Crouch, Tracey

Cruddas, Jon

Cryer, John

Cunningham, Mr Jim

Cunningham, Sir Tony

Curran, Margaret

Dakin, Nic

Danczuk, Simon

David, Wayne

Davidson, Mr Ian

Davies, David T. C.


Davies, Geraint

De Piero, Gloria

Denham, rh Mr John

Dobson, rh Frank

Docherty, Thomas

Donohoe, Mr Brian H.

Doran, Mr Frank

Doughty, Stephen

Dowd, Jim

Doyle, Gemma

Dromey, Jack

Duncan, rh Sir Alan

Durkan, Mark

Eagle, Ms Angela

Eagle, Maria

Edwards, Jonathan

Efford, Clive

Elliott, Julie

Esterson, Bill

Evans, Chris

Farrelly, Paul

Field, rh Mr Frank

Fitzpatrick, Jim

Flello, Robert

Flint, rh Caroline

Flynn, Paul

Fuller, Richard

Gapes, Mike

Garnier, Sir Edward

George, Andrew

Gillan, rh Mrs Cheryl

Gilmore, Sheila

Glindon, Mrs Mary

Goodman, Helen

Greatrex, Tom

Green, Kate

Greenwood, Lilian

Grieve, rh Mr Dominic

Griffith, Nia

Hames, Duncan

Hamilton, Mr David

Hancock, Mr Mike

Hanson, rh Mr David

Harman, rh Ms Harriet

Harvey, Sir Nick

Healey, rh John

Heath, Mr David

Hemming, John

Hendrick, Mark

Hepburn, Mr Stephen

Hermon, Lady

Heyes, David

Hillier, Meg

Hilling, Julie

Hodgson, Mrs Sharon

Hollobone, Mr Philip

Holloway, Mr Adam

Hood, Mr Jim

Hopkins, Kelvin

Horwood, Martin

Hosie, Stewart

Howarth, rh Mr George

Hunter, Mark

Huppert, Dr Julian

Irranca-Davies, Huw

Jackson, Glenda

Jamieson, Cathy

Jarvis, Dan

Johnson, Diana

Jones, rh Mr David

Jones, Graham

Jones, Mr Kevan

Jones, Susan Elan

Kane, Mike

Kaufman, rh Sir Gerald

Keeley, Barbara

Khan, rh Sadiq

Latham, Pauline

Lavery, Ian

Lazarowicz, Mark

Leech, Mr John

Leigh, Sir Edward

Leslie, Charlotte

Leslie, Chris

Lewell-Buck, Mrs Emma

Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian

Lilley, rh Mr Peter

Llwyd, rh Mr Elfyn

Long, Naomi

Loughton, Tim

Love, Mr Andrew

Lucas, Caroline

Lucas, Ian

Lumley, Karen

MacNeil, Mr Angus Brendan

Mactaggart, Fiona

Mahmood, Mr Khalid

Mahmood, Shabana

Main, Mrs Anne

Malhotra, Seema

Marsden, Mr Gordon

McCabe, Steve

McCarthy, Kerry

McCartney, Jason

McClymont, Gregg

McDonagh, Siobhain

McDonald, Andy

McDonnell, John

McGovern, Jim

McInnes, Liz

McKechin, Ann

McKenzie, Mr Iain

McKinnell, Catherine

Meacher, rh Mr Michael

Mearns, Ian

Menzies, Mark

Miliband, rh Edward

Miller, Andrew

Moon, Mrs Madeleine

Moore, rh Michael

Morden, Jessica

Morrice, Graeme


Morris, Grahame M.


Mudie, Mr George

Mulholland, Greg

Murray, Ian

Nandy, Lisa

Nash, Pamela

O’Donnell, Fiona

Ollerenshaw, Eric

Onwurah, Chi

Osborne, Sandra

Owen, Albert

Perkins, Toby

Phillipson, Bridget

Pound, Stephen

Pugh, John

Qureshi, Yasmin

Raynsford, rh Mr Nick

Reed, Mr Jamie

Reid, Mr Alan

Reynolds, Emma

Riordan, Mrs Linda

Ritchie, Ms Margaret

Robathan, rh Mr Andrew

Robertson, Angus

Robertson, rh Sir Hugh

Robertson, Mr Laurence

Rotheram, Steve

Roy, Mr Frank

Roy, Lindsay

Ruane, Chris

Ruddock, rh Dame Joan

Russell, Sir Bob

Sanders, Mr Adrian

Sarwar, Anas

Sawford, Andy

Seabeck, Alison

Sharma, Mr Virendra

Sheerman, Mr Barry

Sheridan, Jim

Shuker, Gavin

Skinner, Mr Dennis

Slaughter, Mr Andy

Smith, Angela

Smith, Nick

Smith, Owen

Smith, Sir Robert

Soames, rh Sir Nicholas

Stephenson, Andrew

Stewart, Bob

Straw, rh Mr Jack

Stuart, Ms Gisela

Stunell, rh Sir Andrew

Sutcliffe, Mr Gerry

Swales, Ian

Tami, Mark

Teather, Sarah

Thomas, Mr Gareth

Thornberry, Emily

Thornton, Mike

Timms, rh Stephen

Trickett, Jon

Turner, Mr Andrew

Turner, Karl

Twigg, Derek

Twigg, Stephen

Umunna, Mr Chuka

Vaz, rh Keith

Vaz, Valerie

Vickers, Martin

Walley, Joan

Ward, Mr David

Watts, Mr Dave

Weir, Mr Mike

Wharton, James

White, Chris

Whiteford, Dr Eilidh

Whitehead, Dr Alan

Williams, Hywel

Williams, Mr Mark

Williams, Roger

Williamson, Chris

Wilson, Phil

Winnick, Mr David

Winterton, rh Ms Rosie

Wishart, Pete

Wollaston, Dr Sarah

Wright, David

Wright, Mr Iain

Yeo, Mr Tim

Tellers for the Ayes:

Alex Cunningham


Crispin Blunt


Beith, rh Sir Alan

Blackman, Bob

Djanogly, Mr Jonathan

Dodds, rh Mr Nigel

Freer, Mike

McCrea, Dr William

Mills, Nigel

Offord, Dr Matthew

Paisley, Ian

Shannon, Jim

Simpson, David

Syms, Mr Robert

That this House believes that the Government should recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel, as a contribution to securing a negotiated two state solution.

The following interlude proves there are no bounds to British elitist hypocrisy. No ends to Corbyn’s ability to insult Jews!

Jeremy Corbyn (Islington North) (Lab): On a point of order, Mr Speaker. The House has voted emphatically tonight to support the recognition of the Palestinian state. That is good news, which will be well received by many people, and we should bear witness to those thousands who marched and demonstrated and those thousands who e-mailed us.

If I may, I will briefly explain why I and my hon. Friend the Member for Batley and Spen (Mike Wood) were tellers for a position that we do not actually hold. It was to ensure that democracy could take place and that Members could record their vote, because those who were opposed to the motion declined to put up tellers. We have thus ensured democracy here tonight. The constituents whom we all represent will be able to see what influence they were able to have on their Members of Parliament, ensuring that this historic vote took place.

Mr Speaker: Residents of Islington North and the nation at large are now fully apprised of the motivation of the hon. Gentleman and of his colleague. I thank him.


I oppose totally the vote in the Irish Dail on Wednesday night last to recognise a Palestine State. Why is this such a big issue anyway? It is big because it gives power to a major lie that has hit humanity in general. That is that there are a people called the Palestinians and that they have always existed. The reality and answer to this lie is that up until 1948 the Arabs in Palestine were not calling themselves “Palestinians” at all and did not even like to be called that name or anything to do with “Palestine”. The ONLY people calling themselves that were Jews and usually called Palestinian Jews. The Arabs called themselves well—Arabs!


The second part of this big lie is that the leader of the 1948 war against Israel was a man called Hajj Amin el Husseini and only 3 years before this leader was in Germany leading in the murdering of 6 million Jews. All mention of Hajj Amin el Husseini is removed from all reports and writings in Ireland on this issue.


And the third issue is that the Irish especially Sinn Fein have abandoned Irish nationalism and no longer are fighters for Irish nationalism. The “Palestinian” issue for Adams is therefore a diversion to his own betrayal of the Irish. Furthermore every Irish person knows very well this betrayal of nationalism by Adams.


There is one further issue. That is Israeli leadership. It is bankrupt. The Israelis and the Jews are now a people without a leadership which can match up to the challenges of the present and the coming struggles.


The Israelis are led by elites when they must be led now by revolutionaries.


I say this most definitely. There is only one way forward in the midst of this almost incredible crisis for Jews and Israel (Yes I know there are Israelis who do not care or do not pay attention to these votes) But they are wrong on that as well. These votes matter greatly.


Remember that the American ruling elites are always hostile to the Jews and have kept Jonathon Pollard in prison now for 30 years.


All that Pollard did was to give information to Israel about dangers to Israel from Iranian threats to the existence of Jews on this earth, information that the American elites were not passing on, a criminal act in itself. And Obama hates Jews totally.


The Jewish elites are betraying Jews as we speak. There is a man in Ireland called Alan Shatter. He is a Jew in the Dail and he did not oppose this vote in the Dail. HE COULD BUT DID NOT VOTE AGAINST IT.


This means that a new leadership must be built in Ireland which will stand in the traditions of revolutionary socialism of Lenin and especially of Leon Trotsky.


And the same must happen in Israel because I am totally dismayed by the sheer bankruptcy of the Israeli elites, such as Netanyahu, Lieberman and Bennett, while there is a distinct traitor class leadership around Livni and Labour as well as Lapid, the latter now being eclipsed by these events.


In fact now the only policy that makes sense and that is being advanced by we Trotskyists on 4international is that Israel must immediately in Ireland call for ULSTER independence, the destruction of the Good Friday Agreement that brought the terrorist sectarians of Sinn Fein into power north and south,


That means in essence building our Trotskyist 4international…the following is taken from the Adams twitter page and shows a photograph taken in the Dail where Palestinain Arabs had met with Sinn Feiners. I think the woman in the yellow coat is called popularly “Mary Lou”,  Adams is in the centre and on the very left is a real Israel hater who used to represent Monaghan 


Taliban: Malala “a soldier against Islamic society and teachings of Islam”

(This article on gets to the very heart of the issue in the world today. Malala is indeed a courageous girl and indeed is fighting against the Jihad but when it comes to Gaza she is on the side of the Jihadists. Quite amazing situation which is the product of the Palestinian Narrative brainwashing of the world. All truth is contained in understanding this situation and how it has come about!)

MalalaMalala has donated $50,000 to UN schools in Gaza that are tools of Hamas, so it is the Taliban’s anger at Malala is short-sighted. In Gaza, she is effectively aiding the same cause for which they are fighting.

“Taliban slams Malala over Nobel prize, calls her ‘soldier against Islam,’” AFP, December 12, 2014:

The Pakistani Taliban hit out at teenage education activist Malala Yousafzai over her Nobel peace prize on Friday, slamming her as a “soldier against Islamic society”.

Malala became a global icon after she was shot and nearly killed by the Taliban in October 2012 for insisting that girls had a right to education.

The 17-year-old vowed to continue her struggle for every child’s right to go to school when she collected her Nobel at a ceremony in Oslo on Wednesday.

She is the youngest ever Nobel peace laureate, and the first Pakistani to claim the prize, but some in her home country condemn her as a Western agent — including the militants who shot her.

Muhammad Umar Khorasani, spokesperson for the main faction of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) headed by Mullah Fazlullah, told AFP that Malala had won the Nobel prize for “promoting Western culture, not education”.

Pakistan’s patriarchal society often relegates women to subservient domestic roles, but Malala has praised her father Ziauddin, a schoolteacher, for encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

The militant spokesperson singled him out for criticism.

“Malala’s father Ziauddin has made an agreement with the Western powers to destroy Pashtun culture and Pakistan,” Khorasani said, referring to the dominate ethnic group in the country’s northwest, where Malala is from.

“Her father is using Malala as a soldier against Islamic society and teachings of Islam.”…


The Russian workers in 1917 and their leaders under Lenin and Trotsky Acted. They did not wait and allowed themselves be massacred by the enemy. Israel must immediately have leaders who will start by closing down the Supreme Court of Israel. That must be done as a first step.

Time and valuable time is being wasted in Israel by the Israeli elites who are pretending to solve the situation by means of elections, while the main thing to do is to close down immediately the Supreme Court, state the boundaries of Israel as being the present including Judea and Samaria, Golan and Gaza. BOTH THESE ARE EMINENTLY DOABLLE 1. CLOSING THE SUPREME COURT 2. ISSUING A CLEAR STATMENT

I said (as a trotskyist supporter of Israel and will always be recognised as such against certain liars about Trotsky)  CLOSE IT and issue a STATEment

i issued this statement in answer to a political opponent:

So how about this as an answer:


  1. Abolish first of all the Supreme Court
  2. State the borders of Israel, forget a b and c just do it, those are the borders
  3. Arrest and imprison Abbas and others in Fatah


Take it from there bit by bit if necessary but do those things first


You will be attacked in the same way that Russia and Putin is attacked. So form a very close relationship with Russia on the basis of these issues or at least try to


Begin expulsions of dangerous Antisemites Arab and Jewish Antisemites both, and simultaneous with that offer enticements to others…expulsions are a principle and enticements are somewhat else and can take many forms


State clearly that Gaza is yours. Do nothing there yet. Stop though all transports into the Gaza enemy. Issue a statement and repeat it continually asking Arabs to confront the Antisemitism inside of the Hamas Charter


Face up as a nation to the Iranian Nuclear threat


No foreign body especially America in the shape of John Kerry to enter Israel without the most formal invitation


Strengthen ties with American people, certainly bypassing President, and not relying on Congress either. There are other methods. Such as close alliance with Breitbart, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and much assistance to these as well


Oh and close down Haaretz sending Amira Hass to Gaza with one way ticket to be reconsidered later (her fate as a traitor) when Gaza is decided


Formal alliance with el Sisi while maintaining independent role


Israel and el Sisi arming of not just the Kurds but also the Christians of Nigeria and the Christians and Alawites of Syria against the Jihad. For now Libya and Ivory Coast are lost causes as the battle was betrayed by US president Obama and Prime Minister Cameron


DO IT! AS THE SURGEON SAID LET’S DAMMED WELL DO IT! You could not ask for a more pliable and adaptable plan than that.


Where you go wrong Mr Belman is messing around with these phoney a b and c entities which are also OSLO entities


Lastly explain everything in the open and to the Israeli people and to all Arabs also in the área.


In that context with a new government in power introduce Sherman’s Hisbara concepts with enormous emphasis on the role of Hajj Amin el Husseini in the Holocaust, and also linking the role of the Jewish state as nation to active AND OPEN support for selected national liberation struggles, especially Basque, Catalonian, Ulster, Welsh, Scottish and Corsican. Arm Kurds to the gills…


This was written in response to the sadly deluded Ted belman of Israpundit who wrote what I think of as rubbish in the following:

During this time we should set up a program whereby every Arab in what we annex, be offered money to leave just as Sherman proposes. Assuming that such Arabs do take the bait and leave then we can expand the program for the Arabs in the rest of the area when we are ready.

Then annex it all. I don’t want to offer citizenship. I don’t want to induce them to stay as Bennett suggests.

This must be done in the correct manner. For instance if we annex a revised area C first, will the Supreme Court allow us to offer money only to these Arabs and not to anyone else living in Israel or the illegal aliens. Will the Court insist we offer them a path to citizenship? Perhaps we will have to get them to move out before annexation? (end quote)

(taken from Dec 11 Israpundit


UK Labour Party: “UKIP has evil money grabbing jews in their party”

Pamela is drawing attention to the role of the Labour Party in Britain towards the Jews of Israel and towards the state of Israel. This is a vital issue. Historically the Labour Party has been antisemitic and connected with that antisemitism the direct agent of British Imperialism inside the British workers movement.
Labour headquarters

 These were the people that the British government was trying to appease when it banned Robert Spencer and me from entering the UK. They have opened their doors to Jew-haters and jihadis. How will that work our for them? In a future of blood and savagery.

And British Jewish leadership cowers before these cretins. Just yesterday it was widely reported that the Zionist Federation in the UK canceled Israeli scholar Dr. Mordechai Kedar from a number of lectures at synagogues because of his “links” to me.

“London Labour – ‘UKIP full of money grabbing Jews,’” Nope, Not Hope, December 4, 2014:

Updated @00:30 – Labour Press Office denies account is official Labour Party one. It is still followed by Shadow Ministers, MPs, MEPs, Cllrs and CLPs, who are this morning being treated to a series of fascists posts decrying ‘white genocide’. We wonder whether the Daily Mirror will be so quick to publish the details of this account as they were to publish details of a series of fake UKIP accounts apparently set up by the same person earlier this week? A Labour Party twitter account has accused UKIP of being ‘full of money-grabbing Jews’ in a
disgraceful attack on UKIP candidate Shneur Odze this evening.Mr Odze, who earlier this week organised a ‘Friends of Israel in UKIP’ event attended by several MEPs and senior activists, is a longstanding member of UKIP who now resides in the North West. He is the most prominent of UKIPs many Jewish members.the Twitter account in question – @LabourLondon – describes itself as the ‘Official North London Labour presence. It is followed by Labour’s Welsh Assembly Group, journalist Dan Hodges, and others including Meg Hillier MP, Jude Kirton-Darling MEP, Alison Seabeck MP, Dan Jarvis MP, Ian Lavery MP, Steve Reed MP, Sadiq Khan MP,  Cllr Tudor Evans, and Constituency Labour Parties including Barnet, Brent, Norwich, East Lothian, Redbridge, Labour Youth, Ipswich, Bedford, Aylesbury, SE Region and SW Region. Can we look forward to the howls of outrage and demands for an apology from Hope not Hate?

Update – The offending tweet was removed around 21:30 last night, and replaced with the following:

By 00:30, the Labour Party Press Office was denying that Labour were responsible for the account, and saying that they had nothing to do with it.

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